Chapter 778 – The Hallowed Grounds’ True Intentions!

Almighty Sword Domain

Suddenly, a sword howl shot into the sky.

Everyone here looked towards where Yang Ye stood, but Yang Ye had vanished from there. They were astonished by this scene and hurriedly looked off into the horizon. They saw the black shadow that led the group was falling down from the sky, but a ray of light flashed when the black figure almost fell into the ocean, and then he vanished.

All the spectators here were astounded, even the man with a feather fan.

He was killed in an instant?He instantly annihilated a defiant profounder at the Half-Saint Realm with a single swing of his sword?

All of their expressions turned extremely solemn.

Yang Ye was about to launch another attack, but the man with a feather fan and the other 4 defiant profounders obstructed Yang Ye’s path. At the same time, another 10 black figures descended behind the man with a feather fan.

15 defiant profounders!

They didn’t attack, and they just stared fixedly at Yang Ye. While they wanted to kill him, they were no fools. Since this fellow standing before them had been able to instantly annihilate a companion of theirs, it represented that his strength far surpassed any one of them.

“Who are you!?” asked the man in a low voice.

Yang Ye said, “I actually felt quite a bit of pity for all of you. After all, you were sealed for 100,000 years. But now, I don’t feel even a shred of pity. If I were born 100,000 years earlier, I would have definitely annihilated all of you!”

The Hallowed Grounds was terrible, but the defiant profounders were worse. After all, the Hallowed Grounds only wanted to kill Yang Ye and the people related to Yang Ye, but they had no intention of destroying the continent. However, the defiant profounders were different. They truly desired to destroy the continent!

Could he let them destroy the continent?

The answer was no, of course. His loved ones and those who stood by his side resided on Profounder Continent. If the Hallowed Grounds wanted to destroy the continent, then he would annihilate the Hallowed Grounds; if the defiant profounders wanted to destroy the continent, then he would annihilate the defiant profounders.

“”You’re very strong, so I’m not confident in my ability to kill you!” The man with a feather fan spoke fiercely, “However, there’s 15 of us. Can you fight all 15 of us?”

Yang Ye shook his head while a wisp of disdain flashed through his eyes. He said, “Even though Qin Bufan is a defiant profounder as well, he has his pride, and he has never shown any fear even if he encounters those who were stronger than him. But all of you…. Looks like there are outstanding people and trash amongst the defiant profounders. It just so happens that all of you are the trash! You want to compete in numbers? Then let’s compete!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye waved his right hand and the 29 Half-Saint Sword Servants he had appeared by his side.

29 mid-grade Half-Saints!

Qianlan and Mu Qingfeng’s pupils constricted when they witnessed this scene, and there was disbelief in their eyes. On the other hand, the expressions of the defiant profounders here changed drastically. They gazed at Yang Ye’s Sword Servants with astonishment.

“Kill them all!” Yang Ye didn’t waste his breath and ordered the Sword Servants to attack. The 29 Half-Saint Sword Servants immediately pounced at the defiant profounders. It didn’t take long for Yang Ye’s brows to gradually knit together. Because while the Sword Servants had the advantage in numbers, they were actually unable to gain even the slightest advantage in the battle. On the contrary, the defiant profounders showed signs of gaining the upper hand instead.

All 29 of those Sword Servants were mid-grade Half-Saints. However, even the strongest amongst the defiant profounders here, the man with the feather fan, was only a mid-grade Half-Saint.

“I finally realized that it isn’t the defiant profounders who are weak, it’s you who is too strong.” Mu Qingfeng spoke in a serious tone. Yang Ye’s ability to instantly annihilate defiant profounders in succession had made her feel that the defiant profounders seemed to have become weaker. Now, she understood that the defiant profounders hadn’t become weaker, and it was Yang Ye who was too strong.

At this moment, Yang Ye realized that the defiant profounders weren’t weak at all, and they could even be considered to be extremely strong. Not only were they capable of fighting 2 of his Sword Servants with ease, they even showed signs of suppressing those Sword Servants. If he hadn’t used his strongest attack every single time before this, then it would have been utterly impossible for him to kill the defiant profounders. In the end, besides his own strength, the reason he could instantly kill the defiant profounders was because they’d underestimated him.

Indeed, they would underestimate him when they noticed that he was only at the sixth rank of the Monarch Realm, and it was usually too late for them to put up their guard once he drew his sword. Because Yang Ye’s sword was very swift and very powerful!

Yang Ye joined the battle as well. Just as he’d expected, it was quite difficult for him to deal with them if he didn’t utilize the Critical Strike technique, Lightspeed, and the Tri-Apex Sword Technique.

Of course, even if he didn’t use his strongest attack, it was impossible for them to defeat him while he relied on his peak 12th level sword intent, the Herculean Armor, and his physical defense and strength.

Once Yang Ye joined the battle, the situation was instantly turned around because the defiant profounders started to fall.

In less than 15 minutes, only 5 of the defiant profounders remained while Yang Ye had another 25 Sword Servants. He’d been able to accomplish this because he’d joined the battle and kept them busy. Otherwise, all 29 of his Sword Servants might have been annihilated!

“Let’s head back to the Hallowed Grounds!” The man with a feather fan ordered with a savage expression on his face. Because even he would die here if they continued fighting. The other 4 defiant profounders didn’t dare continue fighting as well, and they immediately intended to retreat.

“Trash!” Suddenly, a furious shout resounded from the horizon. It rumbled like lightning and rippled through space.

Their expressions changed slightly when they heard this voice, but the defiant profounders didn’t dare retreat again.

Yang Ye’s expression had changed slightly as well. A black robed man had appeared before him, and the old man had a Sword Servant in his hand. The Sword Servant was like a helpless little chick in the old man’s hand, and it couldn’t resist at all.


An explosion resounded as the Sword Servant was transformed into ashes.

Yang Ye’s heart shook. While the feeling the black robed old man gave him wasn’t capable of rivalling Supreme Exalt He or Yin’yin, he still sensed extremely threatened by the old man.

“It’s an elder level expert of the defiant profounders!” Mu Qingfeng spoke solemnly, “The strongest amongst the defiant profounders is the one called the Saber Emperor, Xu Qianye. Beneath him are the 10 divine generals. Every single one of them is a high-grade Half-Saint that are equal to experts like Supreme Exalt He. Further beneath the hierarchy are the elders. I don’t know exactly how many elders there are, but every single one of them wears a black robe. According to the Hallowed Grounds estimates, they should be high-grade Half-Saints as well. However, they are inferior to the 10 divine generals, and it’s probably because of their own cultivation techniques and natural talent!”

The black robed old man glanced at Yang Ye, and then his gaze shot towards the distance. It was in the direction of the southern territory. It was towards Ancient Domain City!

“I never imagined that there would actually be so many living beings here!” A wisp of greed flashed through his eyes, “This really is a paradise!”

“It will be your hell!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye suddenly drew the intent sword within the ancient sheath, and a ray of light shot towards the black robed old man.

He’d executed Heavenrend. 20 overlapped Heavenrends enhanced by the Critical Strike technique and Lightspeed. This was his actual strongest attack!

The sword energy tore through space, and it arrived in front of the black robed old man in less than an instant. The old man’s expression instantly changed drastically when he saw this attack. He knew that he’d truly underestimate this ant before him who was only at the Monarch Realm.


The old man was blasted flying, and he flew for almost 3km before his figure finally stopped.

The other defiant profounders were flabbergasted.

“How dare you!” The old man’s furious howl resounded from the horizon, and then a withered claw tore through space and clawed at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly when he saw this attack. He’d thought that his strongest attack would be able to kill the black robed old man, but he hadn’t expected that he’d merely been able to injure the old man.

Just this outcome allowed Yang Ye to instantly understand that the old man’s strength far surpassed his own!

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and swiftly drew his sword again. A ray of sword energy shot out from the ancient sheath and smashed against the withered claw, causing an enormous explosion before both attacks dispersed in midair.

Yang Ye withdrew the Stone of Suppression. He was utterly incapable of surmounting his realm of cultivation to defeat a high-grade Half-Saint without it.

The black robed old man who was about to launch another attack seemed to be slightly stunned when Yang Ye withdrew the Stone of Suppression, and then a solemn expression appeared in his eyes, “It’s actually the Stone of Suppression. It’s actually in your possession. No wonder the Hallowed Grounds didn’t utilize it during the battle with us that day.”

Right when Yang Ye was about to attack, another black shadow shot out from the island in the distance!

Another defiant profounder?

At this moment, it wasn’t just Yang Ye who frowned, even the black robed old man and the other defiant profounders frowned as well.

Numerous black shadows shot out from the island, and only a moment passed before over 40 defiant profounders appeared before Yang Ye.

All of them were slightly stunned when they saw the black robed old man and the others. Obviously, they hadn’t expected to see the black robed old man and the others here.

Yang Ye’s brows knit even more tightly together when he saw them act in this way. His intuition told him that something was wrong.

“What are all of you doing here?” asked the black robed old man in a low voice.

One of them replied, “We were pursuing a fellow who fled from the Hallowed Grounds!”

The black robed old man’s eyes narrowed slightly, and then he gazed at the man who held a feather fan and said, “What about you?”

He pointed at Mu Qingfeng and said, “We were pursuing her!”

Suddenly, a wave of spatial fluctuation arose behind Yang Ye, and then both Elder Mu and Lu Yan appeared by Yang Ye’s side.

The expressions of the black robed old man and the others changed once more when they saw Lu Yan and Elder Mu, and then the old man spoke in a serious tone, “I understand now. The Hallowed Grounds drew us over here on purpose. They want us and these people from Profounder Continent to fight and kill each other!”

The Hallowed Grounds led the defiant profounders here on purpose?

They are diverting the calamity they face to Profounder Continent? And they are using both our sides to kill each other?

Yang Ye’s expression was extremely unsightly.

Suddenly, Lu Yan and Elder Mu suddenly turned to look towards Ancient Domain City, and Lu Yan said, “Shit! An expert who’s not from Profounder Continent has appeared in the city!”

“Is it a defiant profounder?” asked Yang Ye.

“It’s a member of the Hallowed Grounds. We’ve been tricked! The Hallowed Grounds doesn’t want to bury the hatchet with you, they want Profounder Continent and the defiant profounders to fight each other before they reap the benefits!”

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