Chapter 779 – Entering The Hallowed Grounds Again!

Almighty Sword Domain

As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Yan vanished on the spot.

But it wasn’t long before he appeared in front of Yang Ye again. However, he had quite an unsightly expression on his face.

“Someone from the Hallowed Grounds created a spatial passageway, and 2 supreme experts came to the city. They took Ding Shaoyao and… and Little Yao. If I hadn’t returned in time, then even Su Qingshi and Xiao Yuxi would probably have been captured by them as well.”

Lu Yan spoke in a low voice, “Before they left, they said that if you want to save the two of them, then you must head to the Hallowed Grounds, and you must bring the Stone of Suppression along.”

Mu Qingfeng instantly revealed shock and terror in her eyes when she heard Lu Yan.

“Looks like I was still too naïve!” Yang Ye took a deep breath and said, “The Hallowed Grounds. Good. Very good….”

Yang Ye’s voice was very calm, but everyone here felt a strand of indescribable coldness.

“So the Hallowed Grounds wanted to use us to crush Profounder Continent!” Meanwhile, the black robed old man suddenly said, “You’ve been used by the Hallowed Grounds, and so have we. Wouldn’t we be allowing the Hallowed Grounds to succeed if we were to fight and kill each other? How about we retreat from Profounder Continent right now?”

“Kill them!” It was Yang Ye who spoke these words. Forgive and forget? What a joke!

They’d naturally chosen to do that because Elder Mu and Lu Yan were here. Once they were allowed to leave, it would absolutely be no different than breeding calamity for the future. Moreover, when the defiant profounders arrived here again, it wouldn’t be just a few dozen, it would be thousands!

In his opinion, the Hallowed Grounds was his enemy, and the defiant profounders were his enemy as well!

Elder Mu and Lu Yan didn’t hesitate to attack.

“Do you really think we fear you? I’ll definitely wash the entire continent in blood once I’ve killed all of you today!” The black robed old man roared furiously, and then a huge explosion resounded in the horizon.

“Yang Ye….” Mu Qingfeng gazed at Yang Ye, and there was shock, terror, and vigilance in her eyes.

Yang Ye waved his hand and said, “You can leave!”

“You… you aren’t going to kill me?” Mu Qingfeng revealed a trace of surprise in her eyes.

“Were you aware of their true intentions?” Yang Ye gazed at Mu Qingfeng as he asked this question.

She shook her head and said, “They really did send me here to see peace with Profounder Continent. But now it would seem like that wasn’t their objective. It was merely to utilize the relationship between my Lunar Rite Hall and you to trick into going to the Hallowed Grounds. If the defiant profounders hadn’t arrived here, then you should probably be at the Hallowed Grounds by now. At that time, coupled with the fact that your loved ones would be in their hands, they would threaten you to fight on their behalf even if they don’t kill you!”

“Send a message to the Hallowed Grounds for me. Tell them that I’ll be going to the Hallowed Grounds very soon. Besides that, if anything happens to Little Yao and Shaoyao, then I’ll be a worse defiant profounder than the defiant profounders. Trust me, I’m capable of anything and everything!” Yang Ye had his eyes closed while powerful sword intent surged incessantly from within him, and even the space around him trembled.

Mu Qingfeng gazed at Yang Ye for a short while, and then she sighed softly, “I never expected it to be like this. I’m sorry….” She left once she finished speaking.

Meanwhile, the battle had come to an end as well.

All the defiant profounders had perished. While they were very strong, and it was especially so for the black robed old man. However, how could they be a match for Elder Mu and Lu Yan?

Elder Mu and Lu Yan were on par with Supreme Exalt He!

Yang Ye put their corpses away, and then he gazed at the members of the Mermaid Clan. Besides Qianlan, all the others from the Mermaid Clan hurriedly bowed slightly to Yang Ye and said, “Sword Master, thank you for saving our lives!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then his gaze descended onto Qianlan. He naturally recognized her because she was the one who’d given him the Watersoul that day. However, she was very weak then.

“You’re from the Nether Pavilion? What’s your relationship to Nether Maiden?” asked Yang Ye.

“Mortal enemies!” replied Qianlan.

“Why?” Yang Ye frowned.

She answered, “I can’t tell you that!”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “What do you plan to do now?”

She replied, “Kill the defiant profounders and take revenge!”

Yang Ye said, “How about returning to Ancient Domain City with me?”

Qianlan shook her head and said, “I want to guard this place. Otherwise, even more members of the oceanic clans will die if the defiant profounders come here!”

Yang Ye said, “You’re right!” When he spoke up to this point, he gazed at Elder Mu and Lu Yan, “Elder Mu, Senior Lu, can you destroy that teleportation formation that links the continent to the Hallowed Grounds?”

Lu Yan shook his head and said, “It was created by a supreme expert of the Outer Heavens all those years ago, and it contains the energy of the Laws. I can’t destroy it with the strength I possess right now. Unless I recover to my peak strength.”

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a short while and said, “Move Ancient Domain City here. From now onwards, the territory of the oceanic clans will be the first line of defense of Profounder Continent, and it’ll be the last line of defense as well! If we survive, then we’ll survive together; if we die, then we’ll die together!”

“Thank you! Sword Master!” All the members of the Mermaid Clan immediately kowtowed to Yang Ye. Because it was impossible for the oceanic clans to move into the city. But once the defiant profounders arrived at the continent, then the first to suffer calamity was definitely the oceanic clans. Yet now, Yang Ye was moving Ancient Domain City here, and it proved that Yang Ye really intended to live and die with the oceanic clans.

Lu Yan and Elder Mu nodded as well because they too agreed with Yang Ye’s decision. Firstly, moving Ancient Domain City here could protect the oceanic clans. Secondly, it was equivalent to cutting all means of retreat. If they were able to guard this area, then everyone would be able to live; if they failed, then everyone would die together. Because it was the first and the last line of defense. So, even those experts who were in hiding would definitely come to help. Because if they didn’t and the line of defense was breached, then it represented that the entire continent was lost. At that time, no one would be able to survive!

Qianlan glanced at Yang Ye yet didn’t speak a word.

“Elder Mu and I will head to the Hallowed Grounds with you!” Meanwhile, Lu Yan spoke abruptly.

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “This place can only be protected if Elder Mu and Senior Lu are here. If both of you leave, then we might lose the continent in an instant. I know what both of you are worried about. Don’t worry. While my current desire to slaughter the Hallowed Grounds is greater than the defiant profounders, I won’t act rashly”

Lu Yan said, “The situation isn’t that bad. The main reason why they captured Ding Shaoyao and Little Yao is to regain the Stone of Suppression. They probably intend to use them to threaten you so that you would lead Profounder Continent to fight to the death for the Hallowed Grounds. It can be considered as a form of cooperation as well. However, they’ll be in complete control!”

Elder Mu said, “I don’t support the idea of joining forces with the Hallowed Grounds. We’ll definitely become nothing more than cannon fodder if we are to join forces with them. Regardless of whether it’s the defiant profounders or the Hallowed Grounds, not a single one of them can be trusted. In short, we’re in quite a bad situation right now. So, you must think before you do anything. Otherwise, many will die!”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Don’t worry. I’ll be careful. I’ll leave Qingshi, Yuxi, and the others to Elder Mu and Senior Lu!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye’s figure vanished into the horizon.

“Why did you choose to stay by his side?” Lu Yan spoke abruptly once Yang Ye left.

“He might be our only chance to leave this world!” replied Elder Mu.

Lu Yan said, “I knew you would definitely be aware that he has that treasure with him!”

Elder Mu said, “What exactly is that treasure? Why did so many people fight for it?”

Lu Yan shook his head and said, “Even I don’t know what exactly it is. However, my Young Master, Yang Ye’s father, should be aware. In short, regardless of what it is, it’s just as you said, it might be our one and only chance to leave this world. Alas, actually I’m quite pleased with this Young Master of mine, Yang Ye. He possesses extraordinary natural talent. While it’s nothing in the Yang Clan, he really is not bad to have attained such accomplishment in this world. Unfortunately, if he doesn’t change his character, then he’ll probably suffer in the future. Not to mention those madmen from the Yang Clan, even the Outer Heavens and the defiant profounders would be able to make him suffer a great deal!”

“If the young aren’t courageous and bold, then they wouldn’t be the young anymore!” Elder Mu said, “Maturity is a process that requires time. As for suffering, as far as I’m concerned, it’s best for the young to suffer a little. It’s beneficial, isn’t it?”

Lu Yan chuckled and said, “Let not talk about that anymore. We have to be vigilant from now on and prevent the Hallowed Grounds from taking us by surprise. Otherwise, I don’t know how insane he’ll become.”

“You seem to not be worried about him at all!” Elder Mu spoke abruptly.

“While he’s quite rash, he isn’t a fool. It’s the Hallowed Grounds that should be worried. If he truly goes crazy, then he would be much more terrifying than the defiant profounders!” replied Lu Yan.

“Is the Yang Clan filled with madmen like him?” asked Elder Mu.

Lu Yan had a solemn expression on his face as he answered Elder Mu, “They aren’t just mad, they are simply insane!”

After he arrived at the Hallowed Grounds, Yang Ye didn’t head straight for the Hallowed Halls. Because if he went there right away, then not only would he be unable to rescue Ding Shaoyao and Little Yao, he would even lose his life as well. He wasn’t that stupid!

Yang Ye summoned the Sword Spirit and said, “Have you finished refining those defiant profounders?” He’d handed the corpses of all those defiant profounders from before to the Sword Spirit. Now that he had the Sword Spirit by his side again, he naturally left the refinement of Sword Servants to her.

She nodded and said, “Let me warn you first. If you charge into the Ancient City of Hallows right now, then all I can say to you is farewell. I won’t accompany you to give your life away!”

“Is there any way to conceal my aura so the experts of the Hallowed Grounds can’t notice me?” asked Yang Ye.

She replied, “Use the Sword Domain!”

Yang Ye spoke solemnly, “While I’ve advanced by 2 ranks and gained 100 years of life, can I even afford to use the Sword Domain?” He hadn’t forgotten that merely utilizing it for a moment that day had caused a few hundred years of his lifespan to be exhausted.

She said, “Fool! I didn’t ask you to use it in battle. You just have to activate it and envelop yourself. If you don’t use it in battle and don’t rely on the energy of the Laws, then you won’t lose your lifespan at all!”

“I can do that?” Yang Ye frowned.

“Why would I lie to you?” She was slightly angry.

Yang Ye was about to speak when a few rays of light approached from the horizon, and it wasn’t long before 3 people appeared before Yang Ye.

Yang Ye clenched the ancient sheath tightly with his left hand because they were members of the Hallowed Grounds. Moreover, one of them was an old enemy of his, Xuan Ming!

“Yang Ye! To think you’ve fallen to such a state!” Xuan Ming had indescribable delight all over his face as he said, “Aren’t you very strong? Aren’t you very arrogant? Why don’t you show me how strong you are? Why don’t you show me how arrogant you are? Huh? Why aren’t you speaking? Have you become mute? Come on! Speak! Hahaha!”

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