Chapter 780 – A Pillar Of Blood!

Almighty Sword Domain

A sword howl resounded through the sky, and then a ray of light flashed before Yang Ye appeared behind Xuan Ming.

Xuan Ming’s voice stopped abruptly.

His figure stiffened on the spot while disbelief filled his eyes. Because there was a huge hole in his chest, and powerful sword intent was destroying everything within him.

I’m dead?

I died just like that?How could he? How could he dare to do this?

Even now, Xuan Ming was still unable to accept the reality that he was dead. As far as he was concerned, Yang Ye should bow to the Hallowed Grounds and do all he could to beg for mercy. Because Yang Ye’s younger sister and wife were in the Hallowed Halls’ hands. That was exactly why he’d asked to wait here for Yang Ye. He wanted to watch Yang Ye being humiliated, watch how Yang Ye begged for mercy, and watch how living became worse than death for Yang Ye!

His hatred for Yang Ye could be said to be the strongest throughout the Hallowed Grounds. Yang Ye hadn’t just killed his senior brother, Yang Ye had even almost killed him on numerous occasions. Besides that, the experts of the Hallowed Grounds laughed at him because of Yang Ye. They said that both he and his senior brother were dignified Half-Saints, yet they were actually unable to deal with a single Monarch Realm profounder!

Yang Ye hadn’t just killed his senior brother, Yang Ye had caused him to be completely humiliated in the Hallowed Grounds. Such enmity and hatred made him constantly think about how to kill Yang Ye and how to make Yang Ye’s life worse than death!

He’d thought of countless methods to humiliate Yang Ye before he came here. He was very confident that Yang Ye wouldn’t dare to attack them. Because the Hallowed Grounds has Yang Ye’s younger sister and wife.

But the facts proved that he was wrong.


Suddenly, a sword was pressed against Xuan Ming’s neck. Yang Ye had a ferocious expression in his eyes as he said, “Are you even worthy of threatening me with them? Trust me, you aren’t the first to die, and you won’t be the last! I swear that if the defiant profounders can’t annihilate the Hallowed Grounds, then I’ll do it!”


Xuan Ming’s head flew up into the air.

“Yang Ye! How dare you….” The other 2 Half-Saints who came here with Xuan Ming were horrified. They didn’t attack, and they turned around and intended to flee instead. However, a group of Sword Servants surrounded them.

Less than 2 breaths of time passed before both of them were killed.

“Your rage and murderous intent are too strong!” The Sword Spirit spoke abruptly. Yang Ye had constantly displayed a very calm appearance before this. Only when they arrived here and met Xuan Ming’s group did she finally realize that it wasn’t calmness at all. He was suppressing his emotions. Now, he couldn’t suppress it any longer!

“If anything happens to Shaoyao and my younger sister, then I’ll annihilate every single member of the Hallowed Halls that participated in this!” Every person had a taboo. Yang Ye’s taboo was his younger sister and his women.

The Sword Spirit shook her head slightly. She knew that it was impossible for the Hallowed Grounds and Profounder Continent to be reconciled now.

A short while passed before Yang Ye finally suppressed the killing intent in his heart. He said, “How many Sword Servants do I have right now?”

“Almost 50. That black robed old man is the strongest amongst them. To be frank, just this little bit of strength is utterly insufficient to fight the Hallowed Grounds!” The Sword Spirit continued, “If you want to save them, then it’s absolutely impossible to do it by force!”

“I intend to sneak into the Ancient City of Hallows!” Yang Ye spoke in a low voice.

“No!” The Sword Spirit immediately objected, “While you can conceal your aura. It doesn’t matter if it’s your sword, physical strength, or physical defenses. If any one of them is even slightly exposed, then you’ll definitely die a graveless death.”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “I know. It’s very risky, but we don’t have much time. The danger Shaoyao and Little Yao face grows with every second we delay. I must save them quickly. I’ve made my decision. You can leave if you think that it’s dangerous. I won’t stop you.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye’s figure flashed and transformed into a ray of light that shot towards the horizon.

The Sword Spirit remained silent on the spot for a short while, and then she transformed into a ray of light that shot after Yang Ye. She was very well aware that if she were to give up on Yang Ye, then it might be impossible for her to find another strong sword cultivator in this world. Moreover, she was very clearly aware of his temper. If she chose to leave now, then it would be equivalent to breaking off all connections with Yang Ye.”

Yang Ye was very clearly aware how dangerous it was. He could change his appearance and conceal his aura, but so long as his identity was exposed, then he would be in the Hallowed Grounds’ control. After all, he would have no choice once the Hallowed Grounds used Little Yao and Ding Shaoyao to threaten him. So, he absolutely couldn’t expose his true identity before he rescued them.

When he saw her chase after him, Yang Ye said, “You didn’t have to come with me!”

“Do you think I would if it wasn’t for the fact that you can help me recover!?” The Sword Spirit glared at Yang Ye with slight displeasure, and then she transformed into a ray of light that entered his body.

Yang Ye stopped over 500km away from the Ancient City of Hallows because he would be an obvious target if he were to continue traveling on his sword.

Yang Ye looked up at the blood red sky and the smell of blood that covered the surroundings, and he frowned. He knew that besides the Ancient City of Hallows, there were almost no other living beings left throughout the Hallowed Grounds.

“The defiant profounders absolutely can’t be allowed to enter Profounder Continent!” Yang Ye was very well aware that once the defiant profounders entered Profounder Continent, then the horrible state the Hallowed Grounds was in right now was the best example of what would become of Profounder Continent.

Yang Ye changed his appearance and clothes before he walked towards the Ancient City of Hallows.

It was long before he arrived near the city, and his expression instantly changed.

There were heads outside the entrance to the city. A dense expanse of heads. There were heads of people of all ages and genders. Every single one of them was placed before the gates of the city, and there were a few hundreds of thousands of them!

Yang Ye felt that he was ruthless in the past. Yet now, he noticed that he was absolutely inferior when compared to these defiant profounders!

There were many people standing on the walls of the city. There were members of the Dragon Race, Demon Race, and even more humans. At this moment, all their eyes were crimson red because they knew the owners of many of those heads below the city walls, or perhaps those heads even belonged to someone close to them.

Three black robed young men were standing outside the city. One of them pointed at the heads and said towards the city, “See that? All of them died because of all of you. Because all of you didn’t go and protect them. Of course, all of you were right to do so. After all, you can’t even protect yourselves, so how can you protect them? HAHAHA!”

He roared with laughter for a while before he continued, “See? There are only 3 of us here, but all of you still dare not leave the city. How sad is that? Don’t you have a huge amount of geniuses? Come! Get our here and let us witness your strength! Don’t worry, we definitely won’t act like cowards and gang up on you!”

Suddenly, the city gate opened, and then a woman walked out. It was Nether Maiden.

The contempt on the black robed man’s face vanished when he saw Nether Maiden. Meanwhile, she didn’t waste her breath at all, and her iron chain shot forward and transformed into shadows that covered the sky as it enveloped down upon him.

The shock in Yang Ye’s heart grew stronger and stronger as he watched their battle. The black robed man’s strength had slightly exceeded his expectations because he was actually able to fight Nether Maiden equally.

However, it didn’t take long for Yang Ye to withdraw his gaze. After all, he hadn’t come here to watch the show.

He waved his right hand and the Sword Spirit appeared by his side.

“Take me in there!” Yang Ye looked her in the eye and said, “I know you definitely have a way in!”

“I don’t!” She refused.

“Consider it as me begging you this time!” said Yang Ye.

She gazed at him for a short while and said, “Do you know that nothing can happen to you at all. You’ve seen how terrifying the defiant profounders and the Hallowed Grounds are. Both these forces desire the destruction of Profounder Continent, and the continent would be finished if anything happens to you. Even if you refuse to consider your own safety, you should think about your wives on the continent!”

Yang Ye asked, “You want me to do nothing to save them from death?”

She replied, “No, I’m asking you to give it further thought and think of a safe way!”

He shook his head and said, “There’s no time. There really is no time. Every moment I waste is another moment for the danger they face to grow. I don’t need you to go in there with me. You just have to send me in. I know you’re definitely able to accomplish that!”

She remained silent for a long while before she sighed softly. After that, she formed a seal, and a ray of light flashed briefly. A circle of swords appeared beneath Yang Ye and her feet, and then they vanished on the spot.

A long time passed before Yang Ye opened his eyes once more, and then he glanced at the surroundings. At this moment, he was within the city, and the Sword Spirit had gone to hide within him.

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings once more, and then he walked towards the Hallowed Halls’ Divine Palace.

The Divine Palace was the main hall of the Hallowed Halls. It was where most of the experts of the Hallowed Halls resided, and it was where the elders of the Hallowed Halls carried out their meetings. If he wanted to know where Ding Shaoyao and Little Yao were, then he had no choice but to head there.

It didn’t take long for Yang Ye to arrive before a hall, and he completely concealed himself. Of course, such concealment wasn’t even able to deceive an Exalt Realm profounder. However, it was enhanced by his Sword Domain now, so not to mention an Exalt Realm profounder, even Supreme Exalt He couldn’t detect his presence!

Yang Ye walked straight into the hall. Countless powerful auras assaulted him as soon as he entered the hall, and he immediately felt like he was on the verge of being suffocated.

At this moment, there were 15 people in the hall, and he recognized a few. There were the 2 Supreme Exalts of the Hallowed Halls, the blind old man from Nameless City, and even Yin’yin.

“Supreme Exalt He, you summoned us here in the name of the Hallowed Lord. But why don’t I see him here?” asked the blind old man.

Supreme Exalt He replied, “The Hallowed Lord is in closed door cultivation. Now, I’m managing everything within the city. I hope that all of you will cooperate with me!” After all, every single one of the people here wasn’t weaker than him, so he naturally didn’t dare to order them around.

“Tell us what this is about!” said the blind old man.

Supreme Exalt He nodded and said, “All of you’ve witnessed the strengths of the defiant profounders. They are experts from the ancient times, and our Half-Saints are like Monarch Realm experts before them. The gap between our strengths is truly too huge. We have no other choice but to rely on external forces to kill the defiant profounders!”

“The Outer Heavens?” The blind old man said, “They won’t lend us a hand. They want us to take the defiant profounders down with us, and then they’ll clean up the survivors! Actually, they don’t even have to come because this world will collapse soon, and the defiant profounders will naturally vanish then.”

“I know that they won’t come. So, we have to force them to!” replied Supreme Exalt He.

“What do you mean?” The person who asked this question was the Divine Talisman Master who rode the black Qilin that day.

A slightly savage smile appeared on the corners of Supreme Exalt He’s mouth, “A pillar of blood! It’s common knowledge that the miserable death of a person would form a certain amount of resentment, blood energy, and baleful energy. Of course, that is nothing to us. But have all of you considered that while the baleful energy and resentment of a single person is very weak, what about the resentment and baleful energy of 100 million, a billion, or even tens of billions?”

The expressions of everyone here changed, and they gazed at Supreme Exalt He with shock.

Supreme Exalt He continued, “When the resentment, baleful energy, and blood energy of tens of billions of people gather in this world, and then someone guides that energy. Then how terrifying would it be? Not to mention a single Heavenpath, it could even destroy 100 Heavenpaths! The reason the defiant profounders are killing like madmen is actually for this exact same reason! They want to use the baleful energy, resentment, and blood energy to break through the Heavenpath!”

When he spoke up to this point, a wisp of insanity surged onto his face, and he continued, “The Hallowed Grounds only has less than 10 billion inhabitants. Now, at least over 5 billion are dead. That’s far from sufficient. So….”

“So, you drew the defiant profounders towards Profounder Continent, right?” said the blind old man.

Supreme Exalt He said, “Profounder Continent has a few tens of billions of inhabitants at the very least. If all of them die, then I think even the Outer Heavens wouldn’t be able to stand by idly anymore.”

Yang Ye’s heart shook when he heard this, and then killing intent flashed into his eyes. That killing intent had only just flashed into his eyes when Yang Ye cried out in his heart, Shit!

As he expected….

“Someone is here!” It was the Divine Talisman Master who spoke these words, and his gaze had descended on the exact same position where Yang Ye stood.

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