Chapter 781 – A Hopeless Situation!

Almighty Sword Domain

Accompanying his voice was a large palm that instantly slapped down upon that spot.

However, it was completely empty!

Supreme Exalt He withdrew his palm and gazed at the Divine Talisman Master, “Brother Shen Mo….”

The others gazed at the man called Shen Mo as well, and their eyes carried questioning gazes as well.

Shen Mo shook his head and said, “My soul is much stronger than all of you. I’m not mistaken!” When he spoke up to this point, he withdrew a talisman and tossed it up into the air. The talisman exploded into the air and emanated countless rays of dazzling light that covered the entire hall.

Shen Mo’s brows slowly knit together as he gazed at the surroundings for some time. A short while later, he shook his head and said, “Perhaps I was mistaken!” He sat back down once he finished speaking.

Supreme Exalt He nodded and said, “I’m sure all of you understand that if the Heavenpath isn’t opened, then we would still face death even if we annihilate the defiant profounders. I presume many of you think that the Outer Heavens might let us out if we annihilate the defiant profounders in this world. That isn’t completely unlikely. However, what if they refuse to let us out? Wouldn’t our fate be in the hands of others? What do all of you think?”

All of them fell silent.

“But many people have to be killed, and it even includes the people on your side!” said Yin’yin.

The corners of Supreme Exalt He’s eyelids twitched slightly. He didn’t dare underestimate that little girl as well. After all, he’d personally experienced how terrifying she was.

Supreme Exalt He replied, “If we don’t do this, then it might be all of us who dies instead. Conversely, if we do this, then we have a chance at keeping all those at the Half-Saint Realm alive. Even though many will still die, at least some would be able to survive, right?”

Yin’yin asked, “Sacrificing them for a chance at survival? Is that what you mean?”

Supreme Exalt He replied, “Every man for himself. We have no other choice since we were born in this world.”

“Oh,” replied Yin’yin. She didn’t speak another word, and she just sat on her chair and played with the 2 spatial rings in her hand.

Supreme Exalt He glanced at the others in the hall and said, “The Hallowed Lord wouldn’t have chosen this path if we were strong enough. But all of you should have seen what happened. The defiant profounders were far more terrifying than we imagined. Even if all the experts in the Ancient City of Hallows join the battle, and all the secret trump cards of the various races and clans are used, the best outcome would be that we take the defiant profounders down with us. Are all of you willing to see that happen?”

The members of Nameless City didn’t speak a word. Because they didn’t belong to this world at all, and there was no one here that they cared about. They had no sense of responsibility or belonging here, so they remained silent, and silence represented approval.

The hall remained silent for a long time before a grey robed old man said, “Is this the Hallowed Lord’s decision?”

“Yes!” answered Supreme Exalt He.

The grey robed old man continued, “A have a question. If the Outer Heavens acts, then wouldn’t it mean that Quintessence Violet Energy would descend to this world, and then the defiant profounders would become Saints?”

Supreme Exalt He replied, “We’ve thought of that a long time ago. At that time, the defiant profounders would be able to attain the Saint Realm, and we would naturally be able to do the same. All Half-Saints would have the opportunity to become Saints. At that time, we can seize the moment when the experts of the Outer Heavens are fighting the defiant profounders to leave this world. Because we would be entirely capable of shattering space with the strengths we possessed at that time, and we can travel to the world outside our world! If the Outer Heavens doesn’t act, then we’ll wait for the defiant profounders to slaughter everyone on Profounder Continent and utilize their resentment, baleful energy, and blood energy to forcefully destroy the Heavenpath!”

A long moment of silence ensued before the grey robed old man nodded and said, “The devil race agrees!”

“The demon race agrees as well….” Another voice resounded.

“The Man Clan agrees….”

All of them reached an agreement.

Supreme Exalt He started smiling, “The Hallowed Lord created a spatial passageway earlier, and both I and Brother Mu traveled to Profounder Continent!”

He waved his right hand when he spoke up to this point, and then Little Yao and Ding Shaoyao appeared here. He said, “One of them is Yang Ye’s younger sister while the other is his woman. Yang Ye will definitely fall under our control with them in our hands. Once Yang Ye arrives here, I’ll force him to order the experts of Profounder Continent to fight the defiant profounders to the death. At that time, we’ll be able to cause deaths while weakening the defiant profounders. It’s like killing two birds with one stone!”

The grey robed old man from the devil race asked, “Will he come?”

“He definitely will!” Supreme Exalt He’s voice was filled with confidence.

“Guards! Lock these 2 women up in the Prison of Damnation!” Supreme Exalt He continued, “While we can’t kill them, we can still make them suffer. Tell those fellows in the prison that they can do as they please, but don’t kill them. Besides that, seal their cultivations and render them immobile. Don’t allow them to take their own lives!”

It didn’t take long for 2 experts from the Hallowed Halls to appear here, and they took Little Yao and Ding Shaoyao away.

Ding Shaoyao suddenly glanced towards a certain corner when they were being taken away.

Supreme Exalt He and the others continued their discussion for quite some time before all of them left.

After they left, killing intent surged explosively in the eyes of Yang Ye who was hiding in the shadows.

He’s almost been noticed just now. He’d moved the instant that Shen Mo spoke, and that was why he’d been able to avoid Supreme Exalt He’s attack. As for when Shen Mo used that talisman, he’d immediately hid within the Primordial Pagoda.

Even though he didn’t know what talisman that was, he didn’t dare act carelessly. Because that man was a Divine Talisman Master, and he was even one who had come from the Outer Heavens. Sure enough, when the divine talisman emanated those rays of light, Yang Ye knew that he would definitely have been unable to continue hiding if he hadn’t hidden within the Primordial Pagoda.

The conversation between Supreme Exalt He and the others just now caused waves of shock to surge through Yang Ye’s heart. He hadn’t expected that the Hallowed Grounds actually intended to sacrifice everyone below the Half-Saint Realm.

If word of this were to spread…. Yang Ye shook his head. Even if it were to spread, would anyone believe it? The people within the city would absolutely not!

Moreover, he wasn’t trying to be the savior of this world.

Yang Ye’s figure flashed, and he went after the 2 men who’d taken Little Yao and Ding Shaoyao earlier.

If anything happens to Little Yao and Shaoyao, then I’ll immediately create 2 Saints and annihilate the entire Hallowed Grounds! Yang Ye rose his speed to its limits while boundless killing intent surged through his heart. However, he forcefully suppressed all of it.

It didn’t take long for Yang Ye to arrive at the so-called Prison of Damnation.

Because he was concealing himself with the Sword Domain, he was able to enter it with ease.

It didn’t take long for Yang Ye to see Ding Shaoyao and Little Yao. At this moment, a group of men with bare upper bodies had surrounded them while they lay there at the center without being able to move at all. Only their eyes could move, and their eyes were filled with sadness.

One of the men’s hands moved towards Ding Shaoyao.

Suddenly, his hand just flew off into the air, and then a few rays of light flashed before all of them fell soundlessly to the ground.

Ding Shaoyao and Little Yao’s eyes were filled with bewilderment. Meanwhile, Yang Ye’s voice resounded in their minds, “It’s me. Don’t be afraid. I’ll take both of you out of here right now!”

The 2 of them instantly vanished on the spot once he finished speaking.

After he placed them within the Primordial Pagoda, Yang Ye’s figure flashed and shot out of the prison as swiftly as he could. However, a ray of light struck him when he’d just left the prison.

Yang Ye closed his eyes and said in his heart, Dammit!

As expected, the 2 Supreme Exalts of the Hallowed Grounds were standing in front of him when he opened his eyes again. Besides the 2 of them, the others who were in the hall earlier were standing here as well. However, Yin’yin wasn’t present.

14 of the strongest experts in this world!

“Yang Ye, I never expected it to really be you, and I never expected that you would really dare to come here. I truly never expected this! I never expected this at all!” Even though Yang Ye was using a completely different appearance right now, Supreme Exalt He seemed to know that it was Yang Ye who was standing before him.

Yang Ye glanced at the people here, and then his skin wriggled slightly before his original appearance was restored.

“It’s you!” The Divine Talisman Master’s voice carried a trace of surprise when he saw Yang Ye’s appearance.

Yang Ye said, “I’m quite curious. How exactly did all of you notice me?”

“It was me, of course!” Shen Mo smiled and said, “As a Divine Talisman Master, how could I have made a low level mistake like sensing something by mistake? Actually, I’m really very curious. How exactly did you avoid my Divine Light Talisman’s radiance in the hall just now? Even a Saint Rank movement technique wouldn’t be able to avoid its radiance, yet you were able to do just that!”

“You want to know?” Yang Ye said, “Why don’t we go somewhere by ourselves and I’ll explain it slowly. Alright?”

Shen Mo shook his head, “Don’t try to make me help you. There’s no relationship between us, so I won’t. Moreover, you seem to be quite composed, so I think you should have some sort of trump card. I’m really quite curious. What exactly is your trump card that it actually allows you to remain composed while facing so many supreme experts!?”

Yang Ye glanced at them and said, “What trump card could I possibly have? Not to mention that I’m all alone, your joint forces are even sufficient to blast the Hallowed Grounds into pieces.”

Meanwhile, Supreme Exalt He said, “Yang Ye, hand the Stone of Suppression over. Out of consideration for the fact that you’re an outstanding genius, I won’t give you a death that’s too painful.” He was very clearly aware that Yang Ye had definitely heard what they’d discussed just now. So, Yang Ye had to die no matter what.

Yang Ye replied, “But I don’t want to die!”

Supreme Exalt He laughed with ridicule and said, “I know. No one wants to die. However, can you avoid death now? Not to mention that you’re all alone, even if those 2 experts who back you are here, they still wouldn’t be able to save you. Hand the Stone of Suppression over and allow yourself to die a dignified death. Otherwise, you won’t be able to die even if you beg for it!”

“I still want to give it a try!” As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, the Sword Spirit appeared by his side, and then her voice resounded, “Five Element Sword….”

“You’re not going anywhere!”

“Spatial Confinement!”

The Sword Spirit hadn’t even finished speaking when all the others besides Shen Mo immediately acted. It was so swift that over a dozen palms and fists had arrived in front of Yang Ye and the Sword Spirit. Moreover, the space around them was instantly sealed by a strand of mysterious and unfathomable energy. It was like an iron wall, and it was so strong that despair appeared in the Sword Spirit’s eyes.

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