Chapter 787 – Then I’ll Take It By Force!

Almighty Sword Domain

A white robed old man and a black robed old man stood in midair high above Lunar Rite Hall.

The black robed old man frowned as he looked at Lunar Rite Hall that had been blasted apart. He said, “They’re all dead?”

The white robed old man grunted coldly and said, “How could they possibly survive when I was the one who attacked? The Lunar Rite Hall was really audacious to actually dare to kill a member of my Gu Clan. I really was too impulsive. I shouldn’t have annihilated them in an instant. I should have captured them, extracted their souls, and used their souls to light soul lanterns!”

The black robed old man shook his head while his brows were knit even more tightly together. He said, “Gu Tan, do you feel like something is slightly off?”

“What is?” asked the white robed old man.

The black robed old man replied, “You really are able to instantly annihilate them with your strength, but you didn’t use your full strength. Under such circumstances, many of them should have definitely been able to survive. I’m not doubting your strength, but you should be clearly aware that many members of Lunar Rite Hall are quite strong.”

Gu Tan pondered deeply for a moment, and then his divine sense swept out into the ruins of Lunar Rite Hall. A long time passed before he withdrew his divine sense, and a ferocious expression appeared in his eyes, “There are no corpses or traces of blood at all. Someone saved them!”

“Who do you think it is?” The black robed old man’s face had become solemn.

Even though Gu Tan’s eyes had a ferocious expression, there was also a tinge of solemness in there. After all, that person had been able to rescue a few hundred people before them without making a single sound, that showed that the person’s strength might far surpass them!

“Could it be Supreme Exalt He or the others?” asked the black robed man.

Gu Tan shook his head and said, “No. If it was him, then he would only have to say the word. After all, how could we not give him face?”

The black robed old man sighed softly, “Forget it. Let’s not pursue the matter. Even Half-Saints aren’t safe in this world now. We should quickly head back and cultivate so that we can step foot into the realm of high-grade Half-Saints as soon as possible. At least we might have a chance at survival then.”


Suddenly, a very fine and soft sound arose from the ruins. It was extremely soft, but Gu Tan and the other black robed old man had heard it.

“Get the fuck out here!” Gu Tan roared furiously as he slapped his palm down, and the ruins below instantly exploded apart.


That soft sound appeared in the distance!

Gu Tan and the black robed old man exchanged glances, and then they didn’t hesitate to chase after it.

It didn’t take long for them to arrive before the city gates.

“He left the city!” The black robed old man spoke in a low voice, “Should we pursue?”

One could only leave and couldn't enter through the grand formation around the city.

“Yes!” A ferocious expression arose in Gu Tan’s eyes, “He seems to only possess a formidable concealment technique, but his strength should only be ordinary. Otherwise, he would absolutely not flee.”

The black robed old man said, “Gu Tan, forget it. He seems to be slightly mysterious. We’ve destroyed Lunar Rite Hall, and it can be considered as avenging our juniors. Since he wants to save those members of Lunar Rite Hall, then just let him. In any case, the members of Lunar Rite Hall wouldn’t dare to show themselves in the city anymore, and only death would await them outside the city and its grand formation!”

“They were rescued right under our noses. That’s like a slap to our faces. Once news of this spreads, we’ll definitely become the laughingstock of this city. If you’re afraid, then just head back. I’ll pursue him on my own!” Gu Tan’s figure flashed out of the city once he finished speaking.

The black robed old man hesitated for a moment before following Gu Tan. The Gu Clan was the number one clan in the Hallowed Grounds, and he really didn’t want to offend it.

Just like that, both of them pursued Yang Ye until they arrived in the mountains over a thousand kilometers away.

“Gu Tan, he seems to be drawing us over here on purpose!” The black robed old man glanced at the surroundings, and his eyes were filled with vigilance.

At this moment, Gu Tan noticed that the situation was bad as well. Because a sound would resound every single time that they were about to lose track of Yang Ye, and it allowed them to locate their target once more. Just as the black robed man said, he felt that something was off as well. So, Gu Tan aroused the intent to retreat when he thought of that.

Suddenly, a mysterious force appeared on them, and they instantly dropped down to the Monarch Realm!

“The Stone of Suppression! You’re Yang Ye!” The black robed old man was horrified, and even his voice was trembling. He didn’t even hesitate to turn around with the intention of fleeing. At the same time, 50 Half-Saints appeared around them, and most of these Half-Saints were mid-grade Half-Saints!

We’re finished! Both Gu Tan and the black robed old man had despair on their faces.

Five breaths of time later, Yang Ye and the Sword Spirit appeared where Gu Tan and the black robed old man stood just moments ago. As for the 2 old men, both of them were dead.

“You took quite a risk just now!” The Sword Spirit spoke in a low voice, “Even though you used the Stone of Suppression to suppress their cultivations and the Sword Domain to isolate them from the outside world, do you realize that the slightly mishap might have allowed those 2 Supreme Exalts of the Hallowed Halls to arrive here in an instant? Even though you have around 50 Half-Saint Sword Servants and the Stone of Suppression, not to mention those 2 Supreme Exalts, even one of them would be sufficient to make you suffer a miserable defeat!”

Yang Ye nodded and replied, “I know. But it would be a waste to give up on 2 Half-Saint Sword Servants. So, I decided to make a gamble!”

The Sword Spirit shook her head, and then she glanced at him and said, “Fine, I won’t say anything about that, but I really don’t know why you took the risk of being discovered by the Hallowed Grounds in order to rescue those people from Lunar Rite Hall! Even though most of them are at the Monarch Realm, what can Monarch Realm experts do at this moment in time? They aren’t even qualified to be cannon fodder!”

Yang Ye suddenly walked over to her when he heard this, and he just stared her in the eyes. The Sword Spirit didn’t shrink back and met his gaze while she said, “What? Did I say something wrong? Tell me, what can they do for Profounder Continent once they get there? Nothing! Conversely, they might be a burden for us!”

Yang Ye gazed at her for quite some time before he said, “Sword Spirit, you’re not human, so I understand why you think like that and say that. However, you must understand that not everything in this world has to be worth it in order to be done.”

The Sword Spirit said coldly, “Useless kindness while ignoring what really matters!”

Yang Ye shook his head, and he didn’t argue with her. The Sword Spirit’s character had changed drastically upon fusing with her main body in the Sword Precursor. So, wasting his breath on her was completely pointless. Yang Ye waved his right hand, and then Mu Qingfeng appeared here. However, she was unconscious. Yang Ye looked at the Sword Spirit, and she grunted coldly before she flicked with her finger. A strand of sword energy entered the center of Mu Qingfeng’s forehead, and then it didn’t take long for her to regain consciousness.

Mu Qingfeng glanced at the surroundings and said, “We’ve left the city?”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Even though you’ve left the city, I can’t send all of you to Profounder Continent. Because the experts of the Hallowed Grounds are definitely waiting to ambush me at the teleportation formation. On the other hand, if I leave all of you to head there by yourselves, then with the strength all of you possess, it’s probably very likely that you’ll be annihilated if you encounter any defiant profounders. So, you have 2 choices. The first is to look for a place to hide for now. The second is that I’ll take all of you with me. However, all of you have to stay unconscious!”

Mu Qingfeng fell silent for a long time, and then she said, “You can’t be protecting us forever. Only strength can guarantee our survival in these current times. So, let us go on our own. We’ll survive with our own ability. As for the danger we might face, that’s a form of tempering to us!”

Yang Ye gazed at her for a long time before he waved his right hand, and then all the members of Lunar Rite Hall appeared here. He said, “I respect your decision, and I feel that it’s the right one. Relying on others during such chaotic times will never work. We have no choice but to rely on our own hard work to survive! The door to Profounder Continent will always be open to all of you, and you can go there whenever you like!”

Mu Qingfeng nodded and said, “What are you planning on doing now?”

Yang Ye said, “I was just about to ask you something. I know that the Hallowed Grounds has a treasure called the Divine Spirit Fruit that can increase one’s lifespan. Do you know where they keep it?”

“The Divine Spirit Fruit?” Mu Qingfeng was slightly stunned and said, “The lifespan of someone you care about is almost exhausted?”

Yang Ye shook his head and pointed at his own hair, “I’m the one without much lifespan left. I headed to the Ancient City of Hallows earlier just for the sake of the Divine Spirit Fruit!”

Mu Qingfeng sized up Yang Ye’s white hair and said, “So that’s why. I thought you made yourself look like that on purpose, but I never imagined that it would be because of that.” When she spoke up to this point, she hesitated for a moment before she flipped her palm. A crystalline and translucent fruit appeared on her palm as she said, “This is a Divine Spirit Fruit!”

Yang Ye was stunned, and so was the Sword Spirit.

Mu Qingfeng said, “This was originally prepared for my grandfather, but he was killed before he could consume it. I have no use for it as well, so take it!”

Yang Ye didn’t refuse. He took the Divine Spirit Fruit and swallowed it immediately.

A short while passed before the Sword Spirit said, “10 years. You have 10 years of life now. Don’t rashly activate the Sword Domain against an enemy you can’t fight again. Otherwise, you might not be so lucky again!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he withdrew 10 1,000 year old Firecrystals and passed it to Mu Qingfeng, “I won’t just take your Divine Spirit Fruit for nothing. These Firecrystals should be of use to you.”

She didn’t refuse because it was just as Yang Ye said. They really were very useful to her!

Yang Ye glanced at Mu Qingfeng and the others, and then he said, “Good luck! I hope we’ll be able to meet again.” As he spoke, Yang Ye’s figure flashed and transformed into a ray of light that vanished into the horizon.

Meanwhile, the others who laid behind Mu Qingfeng had regained their consciousnesses!

Mu Qingfeng withdrew her gaze, turned around, and gazed at them as she said, “Now, if we don’t become strong, then only one outcome awaits us. Death! So, if you don’t want to die, then fight and cultivate desperately like your life depends on it!”

As they flew in the air, the Sword Spirit suddenly asked, “What do you plan to do now?”

Yang Ye replied, “I want to form an army of high-grade Half-Saints. I don’t have any candidates now, so I can only ask for some from the Hallowed Grounds and the defiant profounders!”

“Do you think they would give that to you?” said the Sword Spirit.

“They won’t? Then I’ll take it by force!”

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