Chapter 788 – Grandpa Hallowed Grounds!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye went into ‘hunt and kill mode’.

Now, he killed every single defiant profounder he saw, and if he met experts of the Hallowed Grounds, he killed them as well!

Regardless of whether it was the Hallowed Grounds or the defiant profounders, they sought to utilize the blood, resentment, and baleful energy of billions to form a pillar of blood. But Profounder Continent was a place that Yang Ye wanted to protect. So, both the Hallowed Grounds and the defiant profounders were his enemies.

With the aid of over 50 Half-Saint Sword Servants, the Stone of Suppression, and the Sword Spirit, it didn’t matter even if he encountered formidable defiant profounders because they were practically incapable of resisting him. It was even the same when he faced mid-grade Half-Saints amongst the defiant profounders.

In just a short period of 5 days, Yang Ye had gained over 20 new Sword Servants, and many of them were mid-grade Half-Saints!

Yang Ye sat cross-legged on a mountain peak while the energy of the heavens and the earth around him converged incessantly towards him.

In the last 5 days, the only thing he’d been doing besides hunting and killing defiant profounders was cultivating like a madman. Because even more Primordial Violet Energy would appear within him every single time his cultivation improved, and it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the cultivations of the Half-Saint Sword Servants within him advanced by leaps and bounds upon absorbing the Primordial Violet Energy!

Profounder Continent had too few Half-Saints. Not only were there so little, their quality was far inferior to that of the Hallowed Grounds and the defiant profounders. If it wasn’t for the fact that the teleportation formation could only teleport 100 people at a time, Profounder Continent wouldn’t have even the slightest chance.

Of course, the main reason why Profounder Continent was still safe was because the defiant profounders had placed all their efforts on the Hallowed Grounds. Once they finished slaughtering all the inhabitants of the Hallowed Grounds, their next target would be the continent! At that time, it would be a moment of life and death for the continent!

Yang Ye was very well aware that he didn’t have much time left!

“Huff!” Yang Ye opened his eyes and let out a breath of foul air. He said, “Looks like it isn’t that easy to increase my strength. Fortunately, I’m still able to obtain a small amount of Primordial Violet Energy even if my strength doesn’t increase. The only unfortunate part is that it isn’t as much as when my cultivation improves. Forget it. I can’t rush such things!”

Meanwhile, the Sword Spirit appeared by his side.

She said, “I’ve refined all the defiant profounders we killed lately into Sword Servants!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he completed the refinement before tossing all of them into the Primordial Pagoda so that they could absorb the Primordial Violet Energy there to improve their strengths.

Yang Ye looked up at the sky, and then he frowned while a trace of worry flashed through his eyes. Because the sky was truly blood red at this moment, and he could sense dense baleful energy and resentment within it. Moreover, the smell of blood was simply nauseating.

“Besides the Ancient City of Hallows, all the other inhabitants of the Hallowed Grounds are probably dead! We don’t have much time left!” said the Sword Spirit.

“I know!” Yang Ye continued, “It seems like the true objective of the defiant profounders isn’t to destroy the Hallowed Grounds. Otherwise, they would have attacked it a long time ago. Their true objective is probably to break open the Heavenpath, obtain Quintessence Violet Energy, immediately attain the Saint Realm, and then attack the Outer Heavens!”

“That’s the Hallowed Grounds’ objective as well!” The Sword Spirit said, “You want to protect Profounder Continent, and that means that you have to go against the Hallowed Grounds and the defiant profounders at the same time. To be honest, I don’t think you have even the slightest chance in such a situation!”

“I still intend to try!” Yang Ye took a deep breath and said, “Moreover, even if I abandon Profounder Continent and don’t go against the Hallowed Grounds or the defiant profounders, but what about them? Would they let me live? They won’t! Regardless of whether it’s the Hallowed Grounds or the defiant profounders, they won’t let us live!”

The Sword Spirit intended to say something, but a ray of light suddenly appeared in the distant sky. They exchanged glances, and then Yang Ye immediately concealed himself in the shadows.

It didn’t take long for 2 black robed men to appear where Yang Ye and the Sword Spirit were.

They were defiant profounders!

Both of them glanced at the surroundings, and then one of them frowned and said, “Zhu Yu, did you make a mistake?”

The man called Zhu Yu shook his head and said, “You know that my cultivation technique is quite unique. Otherwise, the Exalted Monarch wouldn’t have sent me to search for the one who has been killing our people. I clearly sensed that someone was here, but why did that feeling vanish completely when we arrived here?”

“Who do you think is killing our people all over the Hallowed Grounds?” The black robed man spoke abruptly.

“Besides the Hallowed Grounds, do we have any other enemies here?” Zhu Yu continued, “Even though the Half-Saints of the Hallowed Grounds are inferior to us, there are some supreme experts amongst them. Like the Hallowed Lord and the Supreme Exalts. We would definitely be no match for them if we encountered them.”

The black robed man grunted coldly and said, “I don’t know what the Exalted Emperor is doing. Our strength is entirely sufficient to break through the grand formation outside the city. But he refuses to attack the city and insists on keeping them alive.”

“Be careful of what you say!” Zhu Yu spoke solemnly, “Lin Kai, don’t speak about the Exalted Emperor again. You should be clearly aware of his methods. Keep your mouth shut if you don’t want to die a horrible death!”

Lin Kai grunted coldly and said, “It’s the truth. Our strength is sufficient to annihilate the damnable Hallowed Grounds. So long the Hallowed Grounds is destroyed, then we can crush Profounder Continent in an instant. At that time, we’ll be able to gather the baleful energy, resentment, and blood of tens of billions to break open the Heavenpath. Once that is done, we’ll be able to instantly recover our past strength, and we’ll truly be free!”

Zhu Yu looked up towards the sky, and his eyes carried a trace of deliverance, “Right. That person ordered us to come here and search for the Primordial Pagoda all those years ago. We traveled through countless stellar regions yet didn’t even lay eyes on its shadow, and we even went through countless difficulties for it. Now, that terrifying thing within us is gone, and we’re finally free….”

Lin Kai said, “The reason we’re following Xu Qianye is because we hope that he’ll lead us to destroy the Heavenpath. But even you should have realized that he’s delaying. I think that he’s definitely hiding something!”

“Shut your mouth!” Zhu Yu suddenly roared, “Die yourself if you want to! Don’t drag me down with you!”

As he spoke, his figure flashed with the intention of leaving. Suddenly, both their expressions changed drastically before a ray of light flashed.


Zhu Yu’s body instantly stiffened, and there was a hole on his chest!

A ray of white light flashed before Zhu Yu’s corpse vanished on the spot. After that, a ray of light vanished into the sky. At the same time, a voice resounded from afar, “This is the strength of the defiant profounders? What a joke! You’re so weak yet actually dare speak about crushing my Hallowed Grounds? How laughable! Go and tell that fellow, the Exalted Emperor, that he should walk to the Ancient City of Hallows on his knees and seek judgment. Otherwise, I’ll fucking kill every single defiant profounder I see until all of you go extinct!”

Lin Kai was first stunned, and then his face immediately darkened when he heard those words. It became as unsightly as unsightly could be, and besides being unsightly, his face had ferocity, a trace of humiliation, and a trace of terror on it as well.

Zhu Yu had been instantly annihilated, yet he hadn’t even caught the shadow of the assailant! How could he not feel humiliated or terrified?

It didn’t take long for all of Lin Kai’s emotions to be transformed into rage, monstrous rage!

“Hallowed Grounds! You’re courting death!” Lin Kai’s voice resounded like the furious roar of a wild beast.

Two hours later, another defiant profounder was killed a few thousand kilometers away. There was a row of words written with blood by that defiant profounder’s corpse — It was I, your Grandpa, the Hallowed Grounds! You defiant profounders are so weak. If you dare speak about crushing my Hallowed Grounds again, then the next to die will be you!”

Just like that, a few dozen defiant profounders died in a single day, and every single one of their corpses was accompanied by a similar row of words.

The people in the Ancient City of Hallows were seething with excitement.

Even the people who were fighting for the Saint Spirit Fruit had stopped.

“Who is it? Could it be Supreme Exalt He? That was fucking amazing! He killed a few dozen defiant profounders in a single day. I thought that they were formidable, but now it would seem like they’re so weak! Hahaha!”

“If it wasn’t Supreme Exalt He, then it was Supreme Exalt Mu. Did all of you notice? They’ve been leaving the city every single day. Why have they been leaving the city? It’s definitely because they went to kill the defiant profounders! All hail Supreme Exalt He! All hail Supreme Exalt Mu!”

“All hail Supreme Exalt He! All hail Supreme Exalt Mu!”

The city was filled with cheering, and the gloomy atmosphere of blood and battle had vanished!

The atmosphere amongst the defiant profounders was naturally the complete opposite.

After they found out that numerous defiant profounders had been killed by a mysterious expert of the Hallowed Grounds, countless defiant profounders had gathered outside the Ancient City of Hallows. Moreover, more and more defiant profounders were rushing to the city. It only took a short period of 2 hours for over a thousand defiant profounders to gather outside the city. Moreover, there were many mid-grade Half-Saints amongst them!

“Haha! See, they’re like cornered beasts that intend to take desperate measures! They can’t wait to try and bite us!”

Profounders of the Hallowed Grounds stood on the city walls and roared with laughter at the defiant profounders.

“It was I, your Grandpa, the Hallowed Grounds! You defiant profounders are so weak. If you dare speak about crushing my Hallowed Grounds again, then the next to die will be you!” One of them pointed at the defiant profounders below the city and roared with laughter, “Did you hear that. If you dare to speak about crushing my Hallowed Grounds again, then the next to die will be you, all of you! HAHAHA!”

“You’re courting death!” Someone roared furiously from amidst the group of defiant profounders, and he slapped his palm towards the city. An enormous energy palm flashed off and smashed against the city wall.

Suddenly, a barrier of light appeared around the city, and the enormous energy palm merely caused a wave of rumbling to resound upon striking the barrier of light. The city walls weren’t damaged at all!

“Haha! Come on! Use a bit more strength! Have you not eaten?” The profounders on the city walls roared even more madly with laughter, and it seemed like they were venting all the depression they accumulated from being oppressed by the defiant profounders throughout these days.

All the defiant profounders on the ground below revealed terrifyingly ferocious expressions on their faces, and there were only flames of rage burning in their eyes!

“It’s just a grand formation! I’ll fucking break it open!” Meanwhile, a voice suddenly resounded from within the group of defiant profounders. Everyone looked towards the source of the voice, and they saw a white haired man walking slowly towards the city gate.

There was a sword in the white haired man’s hand!

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