Chapter 789 – Flood The City With Blood!

Almighty Sword Domain

The white haired man wore a black robe. Besides his unusual hair, his dressing was completely like the other defiant profounders.

He was Yang Ye, of course.

After he heard the conversation between Zhu Yu and Lin Kai, a plan had appeared in his mind. That plan was to add fuel to the flames between the Hallowed Grounds and the defiant profounders. Only if they were engaged in battle would they have no time to pay attention to Profounder Continent, and only then would he have even more time to prepare!

The defiant profounders could do nothing to the people within the Ancient City of Hallows if they refused to leave the city, and they could only slaughter the experts outside the city. But once all the experts outside the city and within the Hallowed Grounds had been annihilated, the next target of the defiant profounders would be Profounder Continent.

So, he had to add fuel to the flames between them and make that flame blaze!

Many defiant profounders frowned when they saw Yang Ye because they couldn’t sense his realm of cultivation. However, that was exactly why he seemed mysterious in their eyes.

Many defiant profounders immediately moved aside when they saw Yang Ye walking towards the city.

As soon as Yang Ye arrived before the city gates, a barrier of light that was formed from talisman markings appeared around the city walls, and the powerful energy contained within it caused Yang Ye’s brows to knit together.

Just a single glance allowed Yang Ye to realize that it was an extraordinarily powerful formation, and he couldn’t break through it even if he executed the Tri-Apex Sword Technique!

If it was in the past, then he would naturally be helpless against such a formation. Yet now….

More and more profounders were gathering atop the city walls. At this moment, the experts of the Hallowed Grounds weren’t laughing with ridicule. Because anyone who could attain the Monarch Realm and above was no fool. Since that white haired man had dared to step forward and speak about breaking open the formation, they felt that he definitely had some ability. So, worry had started to appear in the eyes of many. Because once the formation was destroyed and the defiant profounders swarmed into the city, then it would definitely be a calamity for them!

“Quickly notify Supreme Exalt He and Mu!” A Half-Saint of the Hallowed Grounds immediately decided to notify the supreme exalts. After all, they could only feel truly at ease if the 2 supreme exalts were here.

Meanwhile, more and more defiant profounders were gathering below, and their numbers had almost doubled to 2,000. Moreover, all of their gazes were on Yang Ye.

The experts of the Hallowed Guards were fully vigilant while the defiant profounders were staying prepared at all times. They were prepared to enter the city and kill at any moment!

Yang Ye took a deep breath, and then he tapped his sword against the barrier of light while everyone watched.


Ripples appeared on the barrier of light, but it wasn’t damaged at all. The experts on the city wall immediately heaved sighs of relief. However, Yang Ye suddenly took his sword in both hands and swiftly twisted it. A strand of Decay Sword Intent shot deep into the barrier of light from the tip of his sword.

In an instant, the barrier of light melted like snow in hot oil!

The expressions of the experts on the city walls changed drastically when they witnessed this scene, whereas the defiant profounders below were overjoyed!

“Brothers! Come with me and kill!” After the hole in the barrier light expanded to a diameter of around 6m, Yang Ye immediately withdrew his sword, and then he transformed into a ray of light that shot through the barrier and entered the city. It wasn’t that he refused to make the hole bigger, it was truly impossible for him to do so. Because the formation was too powerful and creating such a hole was the limits of his ability!

After Yang Ye charged in, countless other defiant profounders behind him immediately charged into the city as well!

“Kill! Annihilate all these bastards of the Hallowed Grounds! Keep on talking shit! Go on! HAHAHA!” It only took a few breaths of time for countless defiant profounders to charge into the city.

It was naturally impossible for the experts of the Hallowed Grounds to just stand by idly and wait for death to arrive. So, countless Half-Saints flashed out from the city and entered into battle with the defiant profounders outside the city.

As soon as Yang Ye entered the city, he immediately concealed himself because he didn’t want to take the lead and bear the brunt of the retaliation from the Hallowed Grounds. Of course, he didn’t leave either. He hid in the shadows and collected the spoils of the battle.

He was undoubtedly the one to gain the most from the battle between these 2 forces!

It only took less than 15 minutes for him to gather over 50 corpses of Half-Saints. Moreover, more and more Half-Saints were still perishing. This excited Yang Ye to the point he almost cried out with joy.

The Hallowed Grounds and the defiant profounders were growing weaker while his side was growing stronger. Yang Ye was confident that if he was given a little more time, then Profounder Continent would definitely be able to turn the situation around and transform into a powerful force!

While he gathered the corpses of Half-Saints, Yang Ye was carefully observing the battle. He noticed that the defiant profounders really were much stronger than the experts of the Hallowed Grounds. Under the condition that they were all in the same grade of the Half-Saint Realm, the Hallowed Grounds would need 2 to 3 Half-Saints to resist a single defiant profounder, and it would take the joint forces of at least 5 Half-Saints of the Hallowed Grounds to kill a single defiant profounder!

Bang! Bang!

Countless Half-Saints were fighting throughout the city, and it was obvious how destructive such battles were. Besides the city walls, the buildings in an area of a few thousand kilometers within the Ancient City of Hallows had been transformed into powder.

Of course, more and more Half-Saints were dying from both sides. At this moment, Yang Ye had gathered almost 500 corpses, and over 100 of them were defiant profounders!

“How dare you!” Suddenly, a furious howl resounded from outside the city, and then Supreme Exalt He and Supreme Exalt Mu appeared within the city. At the same time, those experts from Nameless City, and even Yin’yin were by their side.


Supreme Exalt He swung his palm downwards, and 2 defiant profounders were instantly slapped into pieces. The other defiant profounders immediately stopped fighting when they witnessed this scene, and they gazed at Supreme Exalt He with solemn expressions on their faces.

Yang Ye’s heart shook when he saw Supreme Exalt He and the others, and he cursed in his heart. He had no doubt that all of this would stop here. After all, even if a corpse was lying right in front of him, he wouldn’t dare touch it while Supreme Exalt He and Supreme Exalt Mu were here.

Once Supreme Exalt He’s group arrived, the 2 forces in battle had split apart and stood in confrontation with each other.

Unexpectedly, Supreme Exalt He’s group didn’t attack the defiant profounders.

Supreme Exalt He merely glanced coldly at the defiant profounders, and then his gaze swept through the Half-Saints of the Hallowed Grounds before he said, “What’s going on?”

“They broke through the formation!” said one of the Half-Saints.

“The Saber Emperor, Xu Qianye?” The expressions on the faces of Supreme Exalt He and the others changed slightly. If there was someone amongst the defiant profounders that they feared and even felt terrified about, then it was definitely the leader of the defiant profounders, the Saber Emperor, Xu Qianye. After all, he was an existence who could fight the Hallowed Lord!

That Half-Saint shook his head and said, “It wasn’t. It was a white haired defiant profounder. He broke open the formation with a single stab of his sword.”

“A white haired defiant profounder?”

Supreme Exalt He and the others frowned. Supreme Exalt He was just about to speak when someone amongst the profounders of the Hallowed Grounds shouted, “Supreme Exalt He, Supreme Exalt Mu, kill the defiant profounders and make the might of our Hallowed Grounds known! Kill the defiant profounders! Kill the defiant profounders….”

“Kill the defiant profounders!”


All the experts of the Hallowed Grounds started to shout loudly as well. The defiant profounders hated them, and they hated the defiant profounders as well. During this period of time, countless people related to them had died at the hands of the defiant profounders, and it was even to the extent that their loved ones were amongst the dead. So, how could they not hate the defiant profounders?

Supreme Exalt He and Supreme Exalt Mu’s faces were unsightly. They weren’t afraid of these defiant profounders because there were no supreme experts amongst them. The Hallowed Grounds would definitely win the battle. However, they didn’t want to. Because the outcome of that would be one where both sides were heavily injured. Moreover, once they killed these defiant profounders, then it would definitely draw over even more defiant profounders!

“He’s that Supreme Exalt He who insulted all of us!” Meanwhile, someone suddenly pointed at Supreme Exalt He from amongst the group of defiant profounders. In an instant, the gazes of countless defiant profounders descended onto Supreme Exalt He, and their eyes were filled with ghastly killing intent. If they weren’t afraid of the strength possessed by Supreme Exalt He and the others, they would have attacked by now.

Supreme Exalt He frowned. He wasn’t able to figure out why they were so hostile to him. After all, every single one of them seemed as if they wished for nothing more than to drink his blood!

The defiant profounders feared Supreme Exalt He’s group, and Supreme Exalt He’s group feared the defiant profounders as well. They naturally could gain victory over this group of defiant profounders. But if they did kill these defiant profounders, it would be no different than destroying the peace that had been maintained between both sides for so long. It would spoil their plans!

“Let’s retreat for now!” Someone spoke abruptly from amidst the defiant profounders.

The other defiant profounders exchanged glances, and they nodded. Too few of them had come to attack the city this time. After all, there were only about 2,000 here. Moreover, they didn’t have any high-grade Half-Saints amongst them. All of them were ordinary and mid-grade Half-Saints.

While they were arrogant and proud, they were no fools. Fighting the Hallowed Grounds to the death with so few forces was undoubtedly a foolish action!

Supreme Exalt He instantly heaved a sigh of relief when he noticed that they intended to retreat. He didn’t want to fight them either. Because suffering heavy losses on both sides wasn’t beneficial to either side. That was exactly why they’d been hiding within the city!

At this moment, the retreat of the defiant profounders was undoubtedly the best outcome.

Right when they were about to retreat, an unexpected event suddenly occurred. A ray of light suddenly shot out from the group of experts from the Hallowed Grounds, and it instantly smashed against the chest of one of the defiant profounders. That defiant profounder wasn’t harmed, and only his shirt was blasted apart.

Everyone here was stunned.

After being stunned for a moment, that defiant profounder immediately flared up, “The Hallowed Grounds won’t let us leave! Kill! One is enough, two is a gain for us! Kill!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he immediately charged forward!

As for the defiant profounders who stood around him, they charged forward as well. Obviously, they felt that the Hallowed Grounds refused to let them leave. Since it was like that, it was better to take at least one member of the Hallowed Grounds down with them!

“Who did that!?” Supreme Exalt He was furious. However, he didn’t have the time to consider that question because numerous defiant profounders had charged over to him.


Suddenly, numerous defiant profounders flashed in from the city gates, and there were even a few high-grade Half-Saints amongst them!

“Flood the city with blood!” Someone howled amidst the battle!

Supreme Exalt He’s face instantly warped when he heard this voice, and he roared with fury, “Yang Ye! I’ll tear you into pieces!”

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