Chapter 797 – The Pillar Of Blood!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye grunted coldly as he gazed at the trembling space around him, and then his sword intent surged out and merged into those areas of space. In an instant, those trembling areas of space became calm.

“AH!!!” Numerous horrified voices resounded from deep within space.

Yang Ye laughed coldly as he put the Sword Servants and the black robed man’s corpse away, and then he turned around and vanished on the spot.

The black robed man was a high-grade Half-Saint, at least. Yang Ye would definitely be incapable of defeating him in a one on one battle. However, the black robed man didn’t have the slightest ability to resist when facing over 1,000 mid-grade Half-Saint Sword Servants.

A high-grade Half-Saints!

With a high-grade Half-Saint and over 1,000 mid-grade Half-Saint Sword Servants at his disposal, Yang Ye was confident that he could kill Supreme Exalt He if they met again. Of course, the precondition was that Supreme Exalt He didn’t take any precautions. Otherwise, while Supreme Exalt He might be unable to fight his forces, it shouldn’t be a problem for him to flee.

Not too long after Yang Ye left, a group of black robed men appeared where he was just moments ago.

One of them asked, “What happened just now?”

“Space seemed to have been sealed by some unknown force!”

“What happened to Fifth Brother and the others?”

“All of them died within the chaotic flow of space. Divine General Feng is probably dead as well. That fellow, Yang Ye, might have a supreme expert by his side. Otherwise, with the strength he possesses right now, it would be utterly impossible for him to seal the surrounding space to the point that we couldn’t even tear it open, let alone kill Divine General Feng!”

A long period of silence ensued.

“We underestimated him. He was able to survive the Hallowed Grounds’ attacks on numerous occasions. So, if he either has the assistance of a supreme expert or he possesses some sort of shocking trump card. No matter which it is, he isn’t someone we can fight. Let’s leave. While that pill is precious, we need to be alive to use it!”

It didn’t take long for them to vanish from there.

Yang Ye traveled all the way south, and he arrived at the teleportation formation which led to Profounder Continent.

There was a very tall stone platform not too far away from him, and almost 100 teleportation formations sat on that stone platform. At this moment, they were flickering incessantly as profounder after profounder from Profounder Continent walked out from them, and then they walked towards the plains below the platform. There was a dense expanse of people on the plains, and most of them were profounders at the King Realm or above!

On a small mountain to the left of the teleportation formations was over 3,000 white robed old, and Yang Ye saw the Supreme Exalts of the Hallowed Grounds there; on a small mountain on the right were 3,000 black robed people, and their auras were extremely formidable and far surpassed the Hallowed Grounds’ forces. Both sides didn’t attack each other, and they were watching the crowd from Profounder Continent instead!

Yang Ye was looking at them as well, and there were many familiar faces amongst the crowd.

Yang Ye fell silent as he gazed at them, but there wasn’t even the slightest trace of emotion on his face.

More and more people were arriving at the Hallowed Grounds. All of their faces were covered in excitement and wild joy when they arrived. Because in their opinion, their lives would be protected once they arrived at the Hallowed Grounds. At the same time, they could enjoy the dense spirit energy in the Hallowed Grounds.


Suddenly, a loud roar resounded in the sky. All of them looked over and saw a huge black Qilin striding through the air, and there was a man on its back.

The Divine Talisman Master, Shen Mo!

Shen Mo glanced at the surroundings. In the end, his gaze descended upon where Yang Ye stood. Yang Ye’s heart trembled when he noticed this, and he was about to retreat when Shen Mo spoke, “Yang Ye, since you’ve come, then why hide yourself?”

As soon as he finished speaking, a ray of dazzling light suddenly erupted, and then Yang Ye appeared before everyone.

At this moment, the gazes of everyone here shot towards Yang Ye, and it included the defiant profounders.

“Yang Ye!” A ferocious expression appeared in Supreme Exalt He’s eyes when he saw Yang Ye, and both he and the other experts of the Hallowed Grounds instantly appeared around Yang Ye. They were about to attack but Shen Mo suddenly spoke, “There’s no rush to kill him. In any case, it’s impossible for him to escape my Earth Energy Cage Formation.”

Earth Energy Cage Formation? Yang Ye’s brows knit together slightly, and he took a step forward. In an instant, a blood red circle of light instantly appeared on the ground. The circle was covered in strange symbols, and they were flowing about while threads of mysterious energy flowed out from within the circle of light and symbols. In the end, all of the energy converged beneath his feet, and it formed a blood red barrier of light that trapped him within it.

Yang Ye smashed his fist forward!

The blood red barrier of light droned and trembled slightly while some cracks even appeared on it. However, it didn’t take long for the cracks to vanish. Moreover, the blood red barrier of light grew even stronger and thicker.

Shen Mo smiled, “It’s no use. Not to mention you, even a high-grade Half-Saint can dream of blasting it open with ease!”

“That can’t be any better!” Supreme Exalt He spoke abruptly, “Yang Ye. Actually, I don’t want to kill you just like that. Because a show is about to begin, and it would be even more interesting if you’re here to watch.” A strange smile appeared on Supreme Exalt He’s face.

Many profounders from Profounder Continent recognized Yang Ye at this moment, and an uproar erupted.

“It’s Yang Ye! While he has white hair now, it really is Yang Ye….”

“Hmph! So what if it’s him? He can’t even protect himself now. Fortunately, I chose to join the Hallowed Grounds. I wouldn’t even know how I died if I were to have entrusted my hopes on him!”

“Brother Lin is right. Fortunately, we surrendered to the Hallowed Grounds. Otherwise, the day the Hallowed Grounds attacks Profounder Continent would be the day that we lose our lives!”

“I looked rather favorably upon him in the past. Alas, I never expected that he would actually fall into the Hallowed Grounds’ hands in the end. But it’s good that he has. I presume that the Hallowed Grounds won’t vent their rage on us now, and we can avoid him seeking revenge from us in the future!”

“Indeed. He’s an extremely vengeful person. Our actions are equivalent to betraying Profounder Continent and him. If he lives, how could we possibly survive with that character of his?”

“HAHAHA!!” Supreme Exalt He suddenly started roaring with laughter. He pointed at the profounders from Profounder Continent and said, “Yang Ye, see that. These are the people you wanted to protect. How laughable! How sad! HAHAHAHA!”

Yang Ye paid no attention to Supreme Exalt He, and he gazed at the Ding Clan’s Patriarch, Ding Yuan, instead, “Shaoyao won’t allow you to do this!”

“She isn’t the one who makes the decisions in my Ding Clan!” Ding Yuan grunted coldly and said, “Yang Ye, you can’t even protect yourself now. So what right do you have to make us continue fighting with our lives for you?”

“Exactly!” Another Half-Saint from Profounder Continent suddenly said, “Yang Ye, in the end, the Hallowed Grounds attacked Profounder Continent mainly because of you. If you didn’t offend the Hallowed Grounds, then how could it have attacked the continent? Now that you’ve fallen into the hands of the Hallowed Grounds, it’s an extremely good news for the continent, and it’s the same for us. Because we don’t have to die with you!”

“Alas!” The Half-Saint from the devil race suddenly shook his head and said, “Yang Ye, no matter what, we wouldn’t be able to fight the Hallowed Grounds even if we stayed with you, let alone the defiant profounders. We have no choice but to follow the Hallowed Grounds in order to have a chance against the defiant profounders, and only then would we have a chance at survival.”

“Right! You can’t even protect yourself yet want us to stay with you? You’re truly quite shameless! The Sword Emperor? Ptooey!”

“If you hadn’t killed the members of the Hallowed Grounds that day, then perhaps we would have come to the Hallowed Grounds a long time ago. Yang Ye! You’re the bane of Profounder Continent!”

“He’s right! If it wasn’t for you, we would have come to the Hallowed Grounds a long time ago, and perhaps we would have attained the Monarch Realm with the resources that the Hallowed Grounds possesses!”

“It’s really quite laughable. He lords over the continent, yet he’s a captive at the Hallowed Grounds. The most laughable part is that he actually wants us to continue fighting with our lives on the line for him. Do you think this is Profounder Continent? Do you think you still have 2 extraordinary experts standing behind you now? Open your eyes and have a look. This is the Hallowed Grounds, and you’re nothing to them!”

Perhaps they were trying to curry favor with the Hallowed Grounds, or perhaps they had other intentions. The profounders of Profounder Continent had actually started to curse Yang Ye, and it was truly a grand scene to hear the curses of countless converge together!

“HAHAHA!” Supreme Exalt He and the other members of the Hallowed Grounds were roaring madly with laughter, and their laughter resounded throughout the surroundings.

One the other side, there was even some laughter coming from the group of defiant profounders as well.

Yang Ye remained silent and just allowed them to curse him as much as they wanted. He didn’t feel any anger, and all he felt was pity. It wasn’t for himself but for those standing down there.

He sought to have a clear conscience whenever he did anything. He felt that he hadn’t wronged them, and it was just they who had chosen a different path. Everyone had the right to choose their own path. Of course, everyone had to pay the price for their choices.

He gazed at the teleportation formations. People were still appearing incessantly from them. Right now, the Hallowed Grounds seemed like paradise for the profounders of the continent.

More and more were arriving. It seemed like a dense ocean of people when he looked down from above, and he couldn’t see the end of the ocean they formed.

There were experts of the Hallowed Grounds guarding the ends of the crowd. According to the Hallowed Grounds, they weren’t allowed to move around as they pleased, and they didn’t provide a reason for that. However, the profounders of the continent didn’t dare question such a directive, and they just gathered together. Some stronger profounders flew up into the sky, but there were experts standing on guard in the air as well.

The atmosphere here gradually felt slightly off.

Some profounders from the continent felt that something was slightly off, and they intended to leave. However, they were forced back as soon as they tried to, and if they tried to leave by force… then the over 100 corpses below the platform was the example of the consequences!

Not only was the atmosphere off, it grew heavier and heavier.

Because everyone felt that something was off.

Suddenly, Supreme Exalt He appeared on the platform, and then he waved his right hand. Pillars of energy instantly sealed the teleportation formations, and no one could be teleported here anymore.

“There’s a billion here…. The show is about to begin!” As soon as Supreme Exalt He finished speaking, the defiant profounders on the distant mountain suddenly flashed down from it, and then they charged towards the crowd from Profounder Continent!

“The Pillar of Blood!” Countless defiant profounders roared with fury!

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