Chapter 798 – Why Should I Save All Of You?

Almighty Sword Domain

In the beginning, the profounders of Profounder Continent were bewildered, and they were stunned on the spot.

Meanwhile, as soon as the group of defiant profounders entered the crowd, they were like a huge pack of wolves that had entered an enormous flock of sheep, and a slaughter ensued….

Everywhere they passed, they left countless corpses in their wake!

“They’re the defiant profounders!”

Countless profounders were shocked and horrified!

They didn’t have the time to think why there were defiant profounders here. When they saw how unstoppable the defiant profounders were, all of them didn’t choose to fight back, they chose to flee instead!

Countless people fled madly towards the surroundings. Because there were so many of them, so it was utter chaos there. Many even didn’t hesitate to attack the people in front of them in order to flee. In their opinion, the most important thing was to be able to flee. Because those 3,000 defiant profounders were like gods of death, and they were utterly impossible to resist!

Because of the chaos, it could be said that they’d even started to kill each other.

Many were about to escape. However, a blood red glow suddenly appeared at the edges of the ocean of people, and it trapped them within it.

Some immediately started attacking the barrier. However, they noticed to their despair that it didn’t even tremble before their attacks. Even if they were attacking it together, they were still unable to shake it at all!


All of them were filled with despair!

Many chose to fight desperately when they had no other choice, and they turned around and charged at the defiant profounders!

“Kill! Let’s take them down with us!”

In the beginning, only a few charged forward, but it didn’t take long for countless people to charge towards the defiant profounders. One after the other charged towards the defiant profounders, but all they got in return was death after death.

There were 3,000 defiant profounders at the Half-Saint Realm, and many were even mid-grade Half-Saints. However, Profounder Continent only had a few dozen Half-Saints on their side while the others were profounders at the Monarch Realm, Exalt Realm, and below. There was a huge disparity amongst the two groups, so the outcome was obvious.

After they noticed that even detonating themselves was incapable of harming the defiant profounders, many profounders from Profounder Continent truly started to feel despair.

“Why? Why?”


Countless people roared hysterically with rage. They gazed at Supreme Exalt He’s group, but all they received in return were cold smiles.

As he watched them from above, Supreme Exalt He’s voice resounded, “The calamity of this world is about to arrive, and all of you shall play the part of using your flesh and blood to create a path for us that leads to the Outer Heavens. That’s an honor for all of you, so why struggle? In any case, ants like all of you will have no chance on the path to immortality. Since it’s like that, why don’t you just get reincarnated right now?”

“Hallowed Grounds! Fuck your ancestors!”

“Hallowed Grounds, I won’t let you go even if I die! AHHHH!”

“Hallowed Grounds, I curse all of you! I curse all of you to die a graveless death! All of you will die a graveless death!”


Countless people were overwhelmed with rage, and they gazed at Supreme Exalt He’s group with resentment. When compared to the defiant profounders, they hated that group from the Hallowed Grounds even more.

The slaughter was still continuing. The defiant profounders were slaughtering all who stood before them, and they were practically killing over 10,000 every instant. Blood truly flowed into a river there while countless strands of resentment and baleful energy filled the sky, causing a thin blood red veil to appear in the air. Moreover, as more and more perished, the blood red veil grew darker and thicker!

Yang Ye gazed indifferently at all of this, and he was very calm. It was just like when they’d cursed him earlier, there wasn’t even a shred of emotion on his face.

“Yang Ye!” Suddenly, a voice resounded.

Yang Ye looked over towards the source of the voice, and he noticed that it was that Half-Saint from the devil race. He gazed at Yang Ye with an anxious and regretful expression, “Yang Ye, I know that you’re definitely able to save us. Please lend us a hand!”

The other profounders from Profounder Continent seemed like they’d grabbed onto that last life saving straw when they heard this, and they gazed at Yang Ye.

“Sword Master, we realize our mistake. Please save us!”

“Sword Master, please save us!”

Many people knelt down.

“Hahaha!” Supreme Exalt He’s roaring laughter resounded. He pointed at Yang Ye and said, “He can’t even save himself, but all of you are actually asking him to save all of you? How laughable and sad!”

Meanwhile, the Half-Saint from the devil race stared fixedly at Yang Ye as he said, “Yang Ye, I know that you’re definitely able to do it, right?” His voice was trembling, and it seemed like he feared to hear an answer that was unlike what he hoped for.

Yang Ye nodded as all the profounders from Profounder Continent gazed at him.]

Countless people started crying out of joy, and it was tears of joy from surviving calamity.

Even that Half-Saint from the devil race couldn’t help but smile.

However, Yang Ye suddenly said, “While I can save all of you, why should I?”

The expressions on their faces froze, and then an instantly of absolute silence ensued.

Yang Ye continued, “One can do something against calamity that comes from nature, but one is done for if the calamity is his own making. Since the moment all of you came to the Hallowed Grounds, any relationship between us ceased to exist. To be honest, I’m even grateful to the Hallowed Grounds. Because they allowed me to realize that I, Yang Ye, am the bane of Profounder Continent, I’m a maleficent existence that brings only harm to all of you. Earlier, all of you said that the Hallowed Grounds is your savior. Oh, they are just over there. Ask them for help!”

Save them? What a joke! Why would he do that? So that they could stab him in the back?

Yang Ye could excuse many things when he faced one of his own. However, he wouldn’t put up with anything for his enemies, and these people from Profounder Continent were his enemies.

“Yang Ye! I curse you to die a horrible death!” Suddenly, one of the profounders from Profounder Continent roared furiously and charged at Yang Ye.

“Yang Ye, since you refuse to lend us a hand, I curse you! I curse you to die a graveless death!”

“Yang Ye, I won’t let you go even if I die! AH!! I won’t!”

After feeling like they were rescued from a hopeless situation, they noticed that another hopeless situation appeared right before them, and it made many go mad. At this moment, they stopped hating the Hallowed Grounds, and they had even more hatred for Yang Ye who could save them yet refused.

Countless people charged at Yang Ye as they wanted to kill this fellow who was watching them die. At this moment, many of them were thinking that since he refused to save them, they intended to drag him down with them!

When they charged over to Yang Ye, they were stopped by a blood red barrier of light, and they attacked it madly. However, they failed to break through it and could only look at Yang Ye with resentment, and they used both their gazes and mouths to attack Yang Ye. It was like the situation they were facing right now was Yang Ye’s doing!

“Humans….” Yang Ye slowly closed his eyes. Needless to say, he was shocked by the actions of these profounders from Profounder Continent.

When a person faced a hopeless situation, the extents that person would be willing to go to would be constantly increased. So, that person would be capable of anything when that happened!

“Hahaha!” Supreme Exalt He roared with laughter once more. “Grandmaster Shen Mo, since they want to kill Yang Ye so desperately, then give them a chance!”

Shen Mo glanced at Supreme Exalt He, and then he waved his right hand and the barrier of light that trapped Yang Ye instantly vanished.

“AH!! Kill Yang Ye! Kill Yang Ye!” As soon as it vanished, countless people pounced at Yang Ye!


A ray of light flashed, and then the heads of a few hundred were separated from their bodies.


Another ray of light flashed, and then almost 1,000 were slashed in half by the waist!

At this moment, the minds of many cleared up. They seemed to have recalled what sort of person Yang Ye was. After all, he’d once slaughtered an entire city in Profounder Continent!

Yang Ye held his sword in hand as he walked step by step towards them, “Come! Why aren’t you charging at me? Didn’t all of you want to kill me? Didn’t you?” As he spoke, he swung his sword once more, and then a ray of light flashed forward and made a few hundred more heads fly into the air!

Many of them were horrified, and they moved backwards incessantly!

Meanwhile, some of the profounders at the front of the group suddenly knelt on the ground and said, “Sword Master, we beg you to lend us a hand. We’ll do anything for you in the future….”

More and more were kneeling to Yang Ye.

A wisp of sadness flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes when he witnessed this scene. Because they were truly beyond saving. After all, they’d wanted to kill him just a moment ago, yet not that they couldn’t, they tried to beg him for help.

Should they be saved? Could they be saved?

Yang Ye shook his head because he felt that they shouldn’t be saved and were beyond saving. Not only would he have many more burdens if he saved them, they might stab him in the back at any time!

Yang Ye sat cross-legged on the ground with his sword held in his hand, and he slowly closed his eyes.

Despair instantly covered their faces when they witnessed this scene.

“Hmph!” Meanwhile, Supreme Exalt He suddenly said, “Yang Ye, don’t act like you can save them. Let me tell you that they aren’t the only ones who’ll be dying today. Even you are going to die, and no one will be able to save you!”

As he spoke, he gazed at Shen Mo. The latter understood his intentions. Shen Mo withdrew a talisman and tossed it at Yang Ye, causing a blood red barrier to appear once more around him.

Yang Ye laughed with ridicule at the barrier, but he remained silent.

Yang Ye’s refusal to help them made them lose hope in being able to survive. All of them went mad, and they were about to fight the defiant profounders to the death. However, Supreme Exalt He spoke abruptly, “I can give all of you a chance to live!”

All of them immediately stopped moving and gazed at him.

Even ants wanted to live, let alone humans!

Supreme Exalt He laughed coldly, “I’ll reopen the teleportation formation, and people will teleport over incessantly from the other side. What all of you have to do is kill them until there are no more left. Only then can you truly join my Hallowed Grounds. Now, it’s time to display your loyalty to my Hallowed Grounds!”

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