Chapter 799 – The Outer Heavens Has Arrived!

Almighty Sword Domain

When a person was in despair, then so long as that person was given a slight chance at survival, it wouldn’t matter if that person was asked to kill or even cannibalize. That person wouldn’t hesitate at all.

At this moment, the profounders of Profounder Continent didn’t even think if Supreme Exalt He was telling the truth. In their opinion, he’d given them hope. They were like drowning people who’d suddenly grabbed onto an aquatic plant. They wouldn’t care whether the plant could really support their weight and save them, all they would do is grab onto it with all their might!

Because it was their last bit of hope.

The defiant profounders stopped slaughtering them, but they didn’t leave as well. The defiant profounders just floated in the sky above them, and every single one of them was holding a crimson red sickle!

Supreme Exalt he waved his right hand, and the teleportation formations returned to normal. As soon as that happened, people started appearing incessantly from them.

All of those people were stunned on the spot when they noticed the situation here.

“Kill!” Someone amongst the group shouted, and then attacks instantly covered the heavens and the earth as they smashed down towards the profounders on the stone platform….

Just like that, a slaughter continued.

“Yang Ye, please lend us a hand and rescue my Ding Clan for Shaoyao’s sake!” Suddenly, Ding Yuan appeared before the barrier of light in front of Yang Ye, and he knelt down. Some young profounders from the Ding Clan were right behind him. At this moment, all of their faces were covered in terror, and they knelt down with Ding Yuan. However, their bodies were trembling violently from the intense terror they felt, and some were even crying!

Yang Ye opened his eyes and gazed at them, but there was only indifference in his eyes.

“I beg you! I don’t ask that you save me. All I ask is that you can rescue these descendants of my Ding Clan. Shaoyao’s younger brother and younger sister are amongst them. I hope you can save them for her. I bet you!” Ding Yuan kowtowed as he spoke.

Suddenly, Ding Shaoyao appeared here.

The members of the Ding Clan were stunned when they saw her, and then they were overjoyed.

“Big Sister, save me, save me….”

“Shaoyao, you’re still alive. That can’t be any better. Our Ding Clan has hope now, our Ding Clan has hope now. Hahaha!”

“Thank the heavens! Thank the heavens!”

At this moment, countless members of the Ding Clan cried tears of joy, and it included Ding Yuan.

Ding Shaoyao’s gaze descended upon Ding Yuan, and she said, “I make you the patriarch because I attached importance to how prudent you were. But I never expected that I was mistaken in the end, causing my Ding Clan to suffer such a calamity.”

A guilty expression appeared on Ding Yuan’s face while the other disciples of the Ding Clan lowered their heads. Based on the situation they faced at that time, they would have objected even if Ding Yuan refused to join the Hallowed Grounds. It could be said that no one could suppress the people with wild ambition once Ding Shaoyao was gone.

Ding Yuan was about to speak when Ding Shaoyao waved her hand at him, and then she gazed at Yang Ye. She didn’t speak a single one, and she just knelt before him in silence.

All the members of the Ding Clan lowered their heads when they witnessed this scene, and even Ding Yuan was no exception.

Yang Ye stood up and walked over to Ding Shaoyao. He helped her up and said, “There’s really no need for that between the two of us. To be honest, I really feel quite uncomfortable when you act like that!”

Ding Shaoyao said, “I heard what they said before, and I know that they deserve death. However, I owe the Ding Clan for bringing me up, and I truly can’t just watch them die.”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “I would save them even if you didn’t say anything.”

She was slightly stunned, and then she seemed to have thought of something. She just glanced at Yang Ye in silence.

Yang Ye turned around to look at the members of the Ding Clan, “Truthfully speaking, since the moment they came to the Hallowed Grounds, their fate meant nothing to me anymore. They can die or live, but I chose to let them live. Because they are your family, and you’ll definitely be sad if I just let them die!”

The members of the Ding Clan heaved huge sighs of relief. Meanwhile, Ding Shaoyao gazed at him but still remained silent.

“They can live?” Suddenly, Supreme Exalt He arrived here, and he said, “Yang Ye, I’m actually quite curious. How are you going to save them?”

“I’m very curious as well!” Shen Mo arrived here as well. He sized up Yang Ye and said, “If someone else spoke such words, I would definitely scoff at it. But you are no fool, so since you dared to say that, then you definitely are confident in your ability. I really want to know how you’ll break open this formation of mine!”

Yang Ye walked over to the barrier of light, placed his hand against it, and then strands of sword intent merged into it!

“Break!” Yang Ye spoke in a slightly loud voice, and then the barrier of light which trapped Yang Ye instantly shattered apart before the gazes of Shen Mo and Supreme Exalt He. Yang Ye waved his hand, and he knocked the members of the Ding Clan unconscious before placing them within the Primordial Pagoda. After that, he gazed at Shen Mo and said, “See, it wasn’t very difficult!”

At this moment, both Supreme Exalt He and Shen Mo had extremely solemn expressions on their faces. Both of them stared fixedly at Yang Ye, and a short while passed before Supreme Exalt He took a deep breath and said, “Yang Ye, while I really can’t stand the sight of you, I have to admit that you truly are an extraordinary genius. You actually comprehended 3rd level Heaven Rank sword intent at such a young age. You truly are extraordinary!”

Shen Mo nodded and said, “Your natural talent is at the absolute top even at the Outer Heavens. Unfortunately, you were born in this world. Otherwise, your future would definitely be limitless!”

Yang Ye looked towards the teleportation formations. At this moment, people were still appearing incessantly from them. However, countless people immediately swarmed them once they arrived here. They weren’t even able to see the so-called paradise in their hearts before they died.

The veil of blood in the sky grew thicker and thicker, and the entire world beneath it was scarlet red. Meanwhile, the blood below the stone platform was already half a meter deep, and the dense smell of blood made everyone fell like they were in a pool of blood.

Yang Ye hadn’t seen what hell was like, but he felt that even hell wouldn’t be much worse. The Hallowed Grounds was like hell in the world of mortals.

“They say that you, Yang Ye, are ruthless, but I don’t really think so!” Meanwhile, Supreme Exalt He spoke, “You still have unnecessary softheartedness. The calamity is coming, even if they don’t die right now, they’ll still die when the world collapses. If they aren’t sacrificed now, then it wouldn’t just be they who died in the end, even all of us would die with them!”

“I never expected that the Hallowed Grounds would actually join forces with the defiant profounders!” Yang Ye looked at the defiant profounders in the distance and said, “What I never expected even more was that there arrogant and unyielding defiant profounders would actually be willing to join forces with the Hallowed Grounds.”

Supreme Exalt He said, “In overall, my Hallowed Grounds’ strength is inferior to the defiant profounders, but if my Hallowed Grounds is determined to fight them to the death, then the outcome would definitely be one where both sides suffer heavy losses. They don’t want that to happen, and neither do we. Everyone wants to live. So, joining forces was inevitable under such circumstances!”

“Aren’t you betraying the Outer Heavens by doing that?” asked Yang Ye.

“Betraying them?” Supreme Exalt He laughed coldly and said, “Looks like you don’t know about the history of our world at all. Do you know that it was they who drove all the defiant profounders to our continent all those years ago? The experts of the continent during that time had no choice but to join forces and seal the defiant profounders in exchange for peace on the continent. But who knew that once the defiant profounders were sealed, those experts either died or vanished! In the end, we noticed that there weren’t any living Half-Saints left in this world. Moreover, there was a so-called Heavenpath obstructing the path out of our world!”

Supreme Exalt He took a deep breath when he spoke up to this point, and then he looked up into the sky, “It can be said that those people from the Outer Heavens are a common enemy of both us and the defiant profounders.”

“But what if the pillar of blood fails?”

“If it fails?” Supreme Exalt He chuckled, but his smile carried a trace of ferocity and sadness. He pointed at those profounders who were killing each other and said, “Actually, there’s no difference between us and them. Even if there’s no way through this path, we still have to take it. Because it’s the only path we have. Just like all of them who are killing each other right now. We have no other choice!”

When he spoke up to this point, he gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Yang Ye, if you were to ascend to the Outer Heavens, then you’ll definitely rise to greatness with the natural talent you possess. So, why fight us? Moreover, you’re utterly incapable of stopping us with the strength you possess right now. So long as you agree to join my Hallowed Grounds, I can make the decision to spare you life and even let bygones be bygones!”

He had to take Yang Ye completely seriously when he noticed Yang Ye’s 3rd level Heaven Rank sword intent. It could be said that if Yang Ye attained the Half-Saint Realm, then even he would really fear Yang Ye! No one could truly understand how terrifying a sword cultivator with 3rd level Heaven Rank sword intent was. Moreover, that sword cultivator even possessed the Sword Domain!

Yang Ye didn’t answer Supreme Exalt He, and he just looked at the stone platform in the distance. Countless people were still emerging incessantly from the teleportation formations.

Yang Ye felt quite lost at this moment. Because he was very clearly aware that if they were allowed to choose on their own, then at least 90% of the profounders from Profounder Continent would choose the Hallowed Grounds.

Even if he faced pressure from both the Hallowed Ground and the defiant profounders, he still hadn’t chosen to abandon the continent. Yet now, the continent had chosen to abandon him!

More and more were dying, and the blood here almost converged into an ocean.


Suddenly, a huge explosion resounded in the sky, and it shocked everyone here. All of them including Supreme Exalt He’s group and all the defiant profounders looked up into the sky. At this moment, there was shock and bewilderment in their eyes.

They watched as the blood red veil in the sky seemed as if it was cut open by a sharp blade, and a gap formed on it. After that, 5 rays of light descended through it!

“The experts of the Outer Heavens are here….” Supreme Exalt He’s face turned pale.

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