Chapter 80 – Life and Death Arena?

Almighty Sword Domain

This familiar voice belonged to none other than Qingxue who’d invited him to join her group in the outer court that day. At this moment, Qingxue had a livid expression on her face while she argued with a man that stood before her. Moreover, there were respectively a few tens of outer court disciples standing behind Qingxue and this man.

Yang Ye didn’t know this man that was arguing with Qingxue. However, Yang Ye knew another man that stood by that man’s side and was pointing at Qingxue while speaking in an intense manner because this person was precisely Jiang Yuan who’d entered into conflict with him on that day.

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment before he walked over.

Yang Ye had just arrived behind all of them when he heard Jiang Yuan speak fiercely. “Qingxue, I’ll give you one last chance. Lead all of your members and join my group or dismiss your group. Otherwise, there’ll be no place for you in the Sword Sect in the future.”

Jiang Yuan had been covetous towards Qingxue’s group for a long time. Amongst all the new small groups that were established in the outer court, only Qingxue’s group had the strength to go against his group. So long as he made this group join his own, then once the older batch of outer court disciples and those geniuses on the Outer Court Rankings became inner court disciples, he would control the outer court.

Qingxue paid no attention to Jiang Yuan, and she gazed at that man by Jiang Yuan’s side instead while a wisp of fear flashed in her eyes. She said in a low voice, “Senior Brother Jang Wen, you’re an expert on the Outer Court Rankings and a senior amongst outer court disciples. Could it be that you’re interested in these small scale arguments between our small groups?”

The young man called Jang Wen smiled and said, “Junior Sister Qingxue, even you’re aware that even though I’m only ranked at the 26th position on the Outer Court Rankings, it wouldn’t be difficult for me to become an inner court disciple during the Inner Court Exam two months from now.”

“Then why has Senior Brother Jang come here with Jiang Yuan to oppress Junior Sister?” Qingxue was puzzled.

Jang Wen sized up Qingxue with his gaze, and then he said, “Junior Sister Qingxue, I’m not interested in these small scale arguments between your groups, and I’m only interested in you. So long as you’re willing to become my Dao Companion, then it wouldn’t be anything difficult even if you ask me to subdue all the other small groups!”

He wasn’t bragging because all the strong senior outer court disciples were basically working hard for the exam that would begin in two months, and those disciples wouldn’t be interested in these small groups. So, if he made a move against them, then he would absolutely be like the autumn wind that swept away the dry leaves.

Jiang Yuan’s expression hanged when he heard Jang Wen. He’d paid a huge price in order to make this expert from the Outer Court Ranking help him, and he was originally hoping that Jang Wen would help him unify all the new disciples in the outer court. However, never had he imagined that Jang Wen would actually intend to go back on his word for a woman.

On the other hand, all the outer court disciples behind Qingxue were filled with righteous indignation, and they glared angrily at Jang Wen. If they weren’t afraid of him because he was ranked on the Outer Court Rankings, they would have charged over a long time ago.

Jang Wen seemed as if he didn’t notice their furious expressions at all, and he just continued sizing Qingxue up. He’d originally intended to help Jiang Yuan deal with this small group, but he’s immediately changed his mind when he saw Qingxue. There were very few female disciples in the Sword Sect, and those that were so beautiful were even rarer. So, his heart was moved since the instant he laid eyes upon her.

Qingxue’s expression was extremely gloomy, and then a wisp of a ridiculing smile arose on the corners of her mouth as she gazed at Jang Wen. “This is the bearing of an expert on the Outer Court Rankings? It’s truly inferior to a lowly villain in a town. You’re actually forcing others to become your Dao Companion. How shameful and disgusting! It looks to me like you’re even inferior to Jiang Yuan. At the very least, he isn’t despicable to such an extent!”

“How satisfying!” said Jiang Yuan in his heart. Compared to Qingxue, he hated this expert by his side even more. Indeed, anyone that paid money to get help yet found out their help intended to assist the enemy would feel displeased.

Jang Wen’s eyes narrowed, and then a cold glow flashed within them. He said, “Junior Sister Qingxue, you have to take responsibility for what you said. Besides that, Senior Brother isn’t forcing you. Senior Brother only said that I hope you’ll be my Dao Companion, yet you humiliated me. So, you have to either apologize to me or accept my challenge. Right, a challenge at the Life and Death Arena!”

When they heard Jang Wen, the group behind Qingxue exploded into an expanse of clamorous noise. After that, when they recovered from their hearts, they instantly started cursing in their hearts about how shameless Jang Wen was. Even some of the disciples behind Jiang Yuan revealed expressions of detest towards Jang Wen. Because Jang Wen was a dignified outer court disciple on the Outer Court Ranking, yet he’d actually challenged a new outer court disciple, and he even wanted to challenge that disciple on the Life and Death Arena. This was truly too shameless!

Qingxue’s expression was livid. She’d never expected that Jang Wen would actually be so shameless. Apologize? That was absolutely impossible! Yet if she accepted his challenge and went to the Life and Death Arena, then even if Jang Wen didn’t kill her, he would probably humiliate her to his heart’s content.

Of course, she could choose to refuse his challenge. But she couldn’t. Because this group of hers had just been established, and if she shrunk back from battle, then she could dream of being able to recruit anyone else in the Sword Sect after that.

Right when Qingxue was in a difficult position, a voice suddenly resounded. “I’ll accept your challenge on her behalf!”

When they heard this voice, everyone was shocked. Jiang Yuan and Jang Wen frowned while Qingxue was delighted in her heart instead because this voice belonged to Yang Ye.

Everyone looked over to the source of the voice, and they exploded into an uproar when they noticed it was Yang Ye.

“It’s Yang Ye! It’s actually him! Haha! There’s a show to watch now!”

“Don’t get happy too soon. That Jang Wen is an expert at the third rank of the First Heaven Realm. On the other hand, Yang Ye is still at the Mortal Realm. Can he defeat Jang Wen?”

“You probably don’t understand! Yang Ye is a formidable figure that was capable of passing through the 22nd level. Do you know what the 22nd level means? You know Jiang Yuan, right? Jiang Yuan was only able to ascend to the 16th level with a strength at the First Heaven Realm, whereas, Yang Ye was able to pass through the 22nd level. Do you know what this means?”

“It means my ass! Get to the point, alright? Stop blabbering!”

“It means that Yang Ye’s strength had already far exceeded ordinary experts at the First Heaven Realm. However, I never expected that Yang Ye would actually stand up for our Big Sister Qingxue. Could it be that he has taken a liking to Big Sister Qingxue? My god! Please don’t do that! Big Sister Qingxue is mine….”

“Why don’t you take a look in the mirror. You look like a pig. How could Big Sister Qingxue like you?”

Amidst their discussions, Yang Ye had already arrived by Qingxue’s side, and he nodded slightly to her. Earlier, he hadn’t made an appearance mainly because he wanted to see how Qingxue would face Jang Wen’s conditions. If Qingxue really agreed to it, then he could only say that he’d misjudged her. Fortunately, Qingxue whom he’d taken to be a friend hadn’t disappointed him.

Qingxue smiled and nodded as well when she saw Yang Ye. For some unknown reason, she had a feeling that Jang Wen who was on the Outer Court Rankings would absolutely not be a match for Yang Ye. Of course, if she didn’t witness the scene on that day when Yang Ye instantly crushed Jiang Yuan, she wouldn’t have such a feeling.

“You’re Yang Ye?” Meanwhile, Jang Wen gazed at Yang Ye and asked in a low voice. He was extremely fearful of Yang Ye as well. Not to mention him, even everyone else was afraid of Yang Ye because this was an existence that surpassed that demonic woman in natural talent and potential!

Yang Ye turned around to look at Jang Wen before he said, “Qingxue is my friend, and I’m a member of Qingxue’s group. So, let’s just let this matter go here, and don’t come looking for trouble with her and this group in the future, alright?”

When he heard Yang Ye’s tone that gave off a slight impression of weakness, Jang Wen instantly felt filled with confidence, and he immediately said, “Let it go? She humiliated me in front of everyone just now, so how can we let this matter go?”

It’s another one of those fellows that don’t respond to reason! Yang Ye instantly came to an understanding, and he immediately nodded and said, “Since it’s like that, then let’s go to the Life and Death Arena!”

Jang Wen’s eyelids twitched when he heard this, and he said in a low voice, “Yang Ye, this is a matter between Qingxue and me. Do you really intend to interfere?”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “I’ve already told you that Qingxue is my friend. Alright, don’t waste your breath, let’s go to the Life and Death Arena?”

Yang Ye would never waste his breath when facing someone that didn’t respond to reason because it was truly an extremely stupid thing to do.

A cold light flashed in Jang Wen’s eyes when he saw Yang Ye act in such an overbearing manner, and he said with a gloomy expression, “Yang Ye, I admit that your strength and natural talent isn’t bad. But don’t think that you can bully disciples on the Outer Court Rankings because of that. The geniuses and experts on the Outer Court Rankings are beyond your imagination!”

When he heard Jang Wen try to scare him off, Yang Ye laughed with ridicule and said, “You truly praise yourself too much. Can you even represent the entire Outer Court Rankings? Alright, please cut the crap. Will you come with me to the Life and Death Arena or not? Can you give me an answer?”

“Give him an answer! Will you go or not? Weren’t you so confident just now?”

“Exactly! What’s wrong? You’re scared now? If you’re not afraid, then go on! Isn’t it just the Life and Death Arena?”

“Are all the disciples on the Outer Court Rankings existences that bully the weak but fear the strong? You challenge someone when that person is weaker than you, yet you shrink back when someone else is strong than you? If everyone on the Outer Court Rankings is like you, then I wouldn’t fight to get on the Outer Court Rankings in the future no matter what!”

For a time, all the disciples behind Qingxue started ridiculing him successively.

Jang Wen clenched his fists tightly when he heard them, and the bulged up veins on his forehead displayed that he was angry. There were numerous moments where he’d almost agreed, yet reason told him that he couldn’t agree to it because he didn’t have any confidence in being able to defeat someone that had passed through the 22nd level of the Sword Servant Pagoda!

After a long time, Jang Wen took a deep breath, and then he glanced resentfully at Yang Ye before he turned around and intended to walk away.

However, right when Jang Wen had turned around, Yang Ye called out to him. “Wait!”

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