Chapter 81 – Sword School

Almighty Sword Domain

Jang Wen turned around to look at Yang Ye while the veins on his forehead bulged, and his eyes seemed as if they could spray fire. He said in a low voice, “What?”

As soon as he finished speaking, the Profound Energy within his body surged, and he seemed as if he was on the very edge of going berserk.

Yang Ye disregarded Jang Wen’s rage and said indifferently, “Apologize to Qingxue.”

“Yang Ye, don’t go too far!” Jang Wen glared fiercely at Yang Ye and spoke furiously.

Qingxue seemed to want to say something, yet Yang Ye shook his head lightly towards her, and then he looked at Jang Wen and said, “If you don’t apologize, then I’ll challenge you to a battle on the Life and Death Arena, and I’ll kill you.”

At that moment he saw Qingxue, a thought had arisen in Yang Ye’s heart, and it was a thought to establish his own forces, or perhaps it could be said to establish his own network of relationships. Only by gathering formidable forces and possessing a vast network of relationships would he be able to deal with a colossus like the Flower Palace in the future. Otherwise, if he relied on himself, then not to mention going against the Flower Palace, it would even be difficult for him to survive the pressure that the Flower Palace would place upon him.

This incident that occurred before him was an opportunity, it was an opportunity for him to make a show of strength and draw them over to his side! Even though the strengths of these outer court disciples were extremely weak right now, most of them would become the pillars of the Sword Sect in the future. So, if he could draw them over to his side now, then he would definitely receive help when he dealt with the Flower Palace in the future.

Perhaps all of these thoughts wouldn’t be realized in the future, but Yang Ye had to grab every single opportunity he had. So, he didn’t intend to let the matter go this time!

All the other outer court disciples were shocked when they heard Yang Ye because Yang Ye was actually so confident. Yang Ye wasn’t invincible even if he’d passed through the 22nd level. After all, Jang Wen was a third rank First Heaven Realm expert! Is he really confident in his ability to kill Jang Wen?

After they recovered from their shock, all of them felt excited and delighted. Especially those disciples that stood behind Qingxue. They’d been pressed by Jang Wen earlier to the point they almost felt suffocated. Now, when they saw that Jang Wen actually had his face slapped on the spot by Yang Ye, it was like drinking icy cold water in summer — awesome!

On the other hand, those disciples behind Jiang Yuan revealed expressions of admiration in their gazes towards Yang Ye, and some of them seemed to be lost in thought as if they were considering something.

Why did the new outer court disciples form these small groups? It was for the sake of preventing themselves from being bullied, and it was for the sake of possessing the authority to have a say in things. Now, when they saw Yang Ye helping Qingxue’s group, all those disciples standing behind Jiang Yuan couldn’t help but think that if the senior outer court disciples bullied them, would Jiang Yuan be able to stand up for them and help them vent their anger?

The answer was no! Even though Jiang Yuan was ranked at the first position during the outer court competition, it was obvious from Jiang Yuan’s attitude towards Jang Wen. So, when they thought up to here, numerous outer court disciples behind Jiang Yuan had already confirmed their slightly hesitant thoughts from before.

Jiang Yuan’s heart sank when he noticed their expressions. He knew that this newly formed group of his was probably finished!

Yang Ye had noticed the expressions of those outer court disciples as well, and this was exactly the outcome he wanted!

He turned around to look at Jang Wen. At this moment, Jang Wen’s expression was livid while his fists were clenched together tightly, and Jang Wen was staring fixedly at Yang Ye as if he intended to utilize his gaze to kill Yang Ye.

The flames of rage in Jang Wen’s heart were burning to the limit right now, and he truly wanted to chop Yang Ye to death on the spot because Yang Ye was truly going too far. However, reason told him that he couldn’t do that. Especially when he recalled what happened to Duan Jun that day, then it wasn’t that he was unable, but rather he didn’t dare.

However, when he noticed the ridiculing expressions from all the other outer court disciples, Jang Wen’s reason was burnt away by the flames of rage in his heart. He was a disciple on the Outer Court Rankings, and he couldn’t lose face like this. If he apologized under Yang Ye’s coercion, then he would become the laughingstock of the entire Outer Court.

Right when Jang Wen was about to act in an unyielding manner, a group of outer court disciples walked over here.

When they saw this group of outer court disciples, the expressions of all the outer court disciples behind Qingxue turned grim, and fearful expressions arose in their eyes. Because they didn’t know this group of outer court disciples, so it meant that all of them were senior outer court disciples.

Jang Wen heaved a sigh of relief when he saw these people because he didn’t have to ascend the Life and Death Arena with Yang Ye. He hadn’t fought Yang Ye in the past, yet he knew how terrifying that demonic woman was. Yet even with that demonic woman’s ability, she wasn’t able to pass through the 22nd level at that time while Yang Ye had succeeded instead. So, Yang Ye’s strength was obvious.

Jang Wen paid no further attention to Yang Ye, and he hurriedly walked over to greet those outer court disciples. He said respectfully to the disciple in the lead, “Greetings, Senior Brother Qin Feng!”

He had no choice but to respect this person that stood before him. Because this person was Qin Feng who was ranked at the 2nd position on the Outer Court Rankings. Presently, besides that demonic woman, Qin Feng was the strongest amongst the outer court disciples.

Qin Feng glanced indifferently at Jang Wen, and then he looked at Yang Ye and said, “I heard you’d returned, so I came here especially to look for you. Do you have the time for a spar?”

He wanted to see exactly how formidable Yang Ye’s strength was since Yang Ye was able to break that demonic woman’s record!

Yang Ye glanced at Jang Wen, and then he said, “You’re standing up for him?”

Qin Feng shook his head and said, “I have nothing to do with him. I only came here to ask you for a spar!”

When he heard this, Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to nod before he said, “Alright!”

Qin Feng nodded lightly when he heard Yang Ye agree, and then he said, “Come look for me when you advance into the First Heaven Realm!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he looked at Jang Wen and said, “You’re truly a disgrace to all the disciples on the Outer Court Rankings!”

The other outer court disciples behind Qin Feng revealed disdainful expressions in their eyes as well. They’d never expected that Jang Wen would actually interfere in the struggles between the new outer court disciples. After all, according to the rules of the sect, once a new batch of outer court disciples joined the sect, then the senior outer court disciples had to withdraw themselves and give this stage that is the outer court to those new outer court disciples.

This was a rule that was passed down in the Sword Sect. When all of them had entered the outer court as new outer court disciples, the senior outer court disciples had done the same as well. Moreover, after the new outer court disciples joined the sect, the Inner Court Exam would begin in two months. So, while all of them placed their attention on the inner court, how could any one of them have the time to pay attention to these new outer court disciples?

However, Jang Wen was one such weirdo, and he really came to interfere in the matters of the new outer court disciples and bullied the weak. Moreover, he didn’t even have the courage to accept a challenge!

Qin Feng glanced indifferently at Jang Wen who had an unsightly expression on his face, and then Qin Feng led the others and left. If Yang Ye was bullying another outer court disciple that was weak, then as one of the leading figures on the Outer Court Rankings, he would definitely stand up for that person. However, the problem was that Jang Wen had bullied the weak. So, if he stood out and helped Jang Wen, then even if he won the battle, he would completely lose all face.

Qingxue and the other disciples heaved sighs of relief when they saw Qin Feng and the others leave. Fortunately, not all of the disciples on the Outer Court Rankings were shameless like Jang Wen. Otherwise, all of them would definitely have no way to survive.

Yang Ye looked at Jang Wen who had an unsightly expression and said, “Apologize?”

“Apologize! Apologize….”

“Dammit! Don’t even dream of leaving today if you don’t apologize to Big Sister Qingxue!”

“Apologize! Apologize to Big Sister Qingxue!”

For a time, all the outer court disciples behind Qingxue had encircled Jang Wen, and they ceaselessly requested that Jang Wen apologize.

A wisp of happiness flashed in Qingxue’s eyes when she noticed that the members of her group had actually united. This newly established group of hers lacked unity and cohesion the most, and she’d intended to slowly foster it by heading to the Grand Myriad Mountains with all of them to temper themselves as a group. However, she’d never imagined that it had actually been formed with merely a few words from Yang Ye.

Jiang Yuan’s expression turned slightly unsightly when he saw Qingxue’s group acting in such a united manner. He glanced at Yang Ye, and then he led his group to turn around and leave.

With Yang Ye here, it was impossible to win in a one on one battle, so only a group battle was possible. However, Qingxue’s group was so united right now while many members of his group had the intention to leave the group, so how could they fight against each other? So, he could only lead them away because if he didn’t leave now, then there would probably be even more of his members that were affected by Qingxue’s group.

As for Jang Wen, he’d forgotten about the existence of such a person since a long time ago.

At this moment, Jang Wen who was encircled by them had stopped feeling hatred and rage, and he was slightly fearful instead. He’d never expected that these new outer court disciples would actually unite together. He knew that if he didn’t apologize, then these outer court disciples would definitely make a move against him. Even though the Sword Sect prohibited disciples from fighting anywhere else besides the Life and Death Arena, the precondition to that was that someone didn’t incur public wrath!

Jang Wen took a deep breath, and then he looked at Qingxue and said, “Sorry!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he glanced resentfully at Yang Ye before he turned around and left!

All of them cheered when they heard Jang Wen apologize before he left. This incident allowed them to realize that so long as they were united, then even disciples on the Outer Court Rankings would be unable to bully them. Of course, they knew that he’d mostly apologized because of Yang Ye.

When they thought up to here, the gazes all of them shot at Yang Ye carried respect.

Qingxue smiled as she gazed at all of the other disciples that seemed excited, and she said, “Brother Yang, our group doesn’t have a name. So, why don’t you give it a name?”

When he noticed the gazes of anticipation everyone shot at him, Yang Ye abandoned his intentions to refuse. He thought for a moment, and then he said in a low voice, “We’re disciples of the Sword Sect, and all of us use the sword. So, how about we call it the Sword School?”

“The Sword School?” Qingxue pondered deeply for a moment, and then she looked at the others and said, “What do all of you think?”

All of them thought for a moment, and then they nodded.

Qingxue smiled when she saw this, and then she said in a loud and clear voice, “Alright, then we’re the Sword School from now on!”

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