Chapter 82 – Incomplete Copy

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye refused Qingxue’s request for him to set the rules of the Sword School with her. He knew nothing about managing, so he’d directly refused. However, he didn’t refuse Qingxue’s request for him to be the Vice School Master of the Sword School. Actually, Qingxue had suggested that he should take the position of School Master, yet he’d refused the position.

Yang Ye understood Qingxue’s intentions. She wanted him to be the master of the Sword School so that he would be completely tied together with it. After all, the Sword School needed someone that could deter the outer court disciples, and he was undoubtedly extremely suitable for the task. However, in Yang Ye’s opinion, the status of School Master was a form of restraint.

He wanted to establish connections and a force that could help him in the future. However, he’d never thought about utilizing the Sword School to go against the Flower Palace, because it wasn’t realistic at all. Moreover, he was clearly aware of his own ability. If he took charge of managing the newly established Sword School, then chaos would definitely ensue. On the other hand, managing these members was only a trivial matter to Qingxue who was from a large clan.

So, Yang Ye had refused the position of School Master. In his opinion, it was sufficient so long as he had a network of relationships within the sword sect in the future, whereas, he had to work hard to become strong now!

After he finished bidding his farewells to Qingxue and the others, Yang Ye arrived at Cool Breeze Gorge, and then he started cultivating in his sword techniques.

After he obtained these sword techniques, Yang Ye was constantly devoid of time to practice them properly because of the Outer Court Exam and the incidents that occurred at his home. Thus, besides the Basic Sword Technique, he’d only dabbled in the other sword techniques. So, Yang Ye had decided to cultivate bitterly in these sword techniques and attain a certain level of mastery in them.

This time, he didn’t have much time as well. Because the date of the Inner Court Exam was in a little over 20 days, and it would also be the time of his battle on the Life and Death Arena with Liu Qingyu. Yang Ye had naturally not forgotten this culprit, Liu Qingyu. However, since Liu Qingyu had returned to the Sword Sect, Yang Ye had no way of killing Liu Qingyu immediately. Moreover, he wasn’t completely confident in his ability to kill Liu Qingyu. After all, the geniuses on the Outer Court Rankings weren’t trash.

Actually, Yang Ye wasn’t completely confident as well when he faced Jang Wen just now. Even though he felt that both Jang Wen and Liu Qingyu weren’t as formidable as that Sword Servant at the First Heaven Realm within the Sword Servant Pagoda, he didn’t know if they had trump cards! They would absolutely not fight in an upright and normal manner like the Sword Servant!

So, he’d decided to utilize this period of time to diligently practice all of his sword techniques. Especially the Heavenrend Drawing Technique and the Reactive Strike that he’d created. He’d resolved to merge these two techniques together and then train in it to an adept level! As for the Sword Control Technique, it was just like the Sword Chest, it was his trump card, and he wouldn't utilize it carelessly!

Yang Ye withdrew his sword, walked over to an Ironshell Tree that required at least four or five adults to wrap their arms around it, and then he closed his eyes before he started to recall the key points of the Heavenrend Drawing Technique.

At a certain moment after around an hour had passed, Yang Ye’s eyes suddenly opened.


He drew his sword and then sheathed it. His movements were extremely swift!


The Ironshell Tree before Yang Ye rumbled and collapsed, causing leaves to be blasted into the air.

Yang Ye was slightly delighted in his heart when he saw this. It was because of the effects of this move, and it was because he’d noticed that it was indeed possible to increase the strength of his attack by a great deal at the instant he drew his sword according to the drawing technique, and it was that explosive force he was looking for. However, his speed wasn’t sufficiently swift because according to the description of the Heavenrend Drawing Technique, he would have only attained an initial grasp of the technique when not a single sound could be heard while he drew his sword.

Drawing the sword without making a sound? How fast would it need to be to accomplish that?

Yang Ye had originally thought that the Reactive Strike he created was already very swift, but when he saw this description, he noticed that his Reactive Strike was still not fast enough, and it had to be improved!

During the following period of time, besides eating, Yang Ye spend all of his time on cultivating. Yang Ye’s time was arranged in this way. In the morning, he trained diligently in the Reactive Strike and Heavenrend Drawing Technique. At noon, he started to train hard in the Sword Control Technique, whereas, he cultivated the Gale Steps at night. Throughout the period of 24 hours in a day, Yang Ye merely rested for four hours, and he utilized 20 hours on cultivating.

Under such painstaking cultivation, Yang Ye grew more and more skilled in his drawing technique after 10 days passed by. The sound created at the moment he drew his sword grew softer and softer, but that sheathe of his could be considered to be utterly destroyed. On the other hand, his Sword Control Technique had extended from its previous scope of 3 meters to a scope of 6 meters. He was able to control his sword in an area of 6 meters to carry out some basic movements.

Moreover, Yang Ye noticed a problem as well. The difference in the difficulty of controlling a real sword and an energy sword with the Sword Control Technique was like the difference between the heavens and the earth. He was able to control energy swords at will, but it seemed extremely strenuous as soon as he tried to control real swords, and this caused him to feel slightly puzzled.

However, he quickly came to an understanding. It was because the energy swords were immaterial. So, it was naturally comparatively easier to control immaterial objects. However, real swords were different, they were material objects and had weights of their own.

After he figured this out, Yang Ye temporarily gave up on training with energy swords. Because the might of an energy sword wasn’t as formidable as a real sword in the end. After all, energy swords couldn’t exist in the air for extended periods of time while real swords could.

Of course, Yang Ye hadn’t given up completely on energy swords. After all, if he was able to control over 100 energy swords, then it would be extremely terrifying as well.

As for the Gale Steps technique, his accomplishments were pretty huge as well. If Yang Ye utilized the Gale Steps technique now, then he could leave a faint afterimage behind!

Both the Gale Steps and Heavenrend Drawing Technique stressed upon explosive force. So, when the combination of Yang Ye’s Reactive Strike and Heavenrend Drawing Technique were further combined with the Gale Steps and Yang Ye’s terrifying physical strength, the might it created was extremely terrifying. Yang Ye believed that if some First Heaven Realm experts underestimated him, then it would be very likely for them to be annihilated with a single strike.

Of course, it wasn’t those First Heaven Realm experts with solid cultivations like the Sword Servants. However, even if it was in a large sect like the Sword Sect, First Heaven Realm experts with completely solid cultivations like the Sword Servants were extremely rare.

In short, Yang Ye’s improvement in these 10 days was extremely great.

On this day, when Yang Ye was diligently cultivating his sword techniques in Cool Breeze Gorge, Su Qingshi had brought Little Yao here.

When she saw him, Little Yao instantly pounced into Yang Ye’s embrace, and then she started crying.

As he embraced Little Yao in his arms, Yang Ye was slightly on the verge of tears. The string of mishaps that occurred to his family was undoubtedly a huge blow to Little Yao who was only a little over 10. At the same time, he felt deeply guilty because if he possessed sufficient strength, then his mother wouldn’t have been captured by the Flower Palace.

When he thought of the Flower Palace, a gold glow flashed in Yang Ye’s eyes. He resolved that he would definitely make the Flower Palace pay!

After a long time, Yang Ye pushed Little Yao away lightly, and then he wiped off the tears on her face. Suddenly, Yang Ye’s eyes lit up, and he cried out involuntarily, “Little Yao, you’re already a Profounder?”

Indeed, Yang Ye had sensed the fluctuations of Profound Energy within Little Yao’s body.

At this moment, Su Qingshi said from the side, “Your mother was right, Little Yao’s natural talent is extremely good, and her speed of cultivation is extraordinarily swift. Moreover, she cultivates very diligently as well. She has already attained the first rank of the Mortal Realm in a short period of ten days.”

Yang Ye was delighted when he heard this, and he said seriously to Su Qingshi, “Thank you!”

He felt heartfelt gratitude towards her. Because of Su Qingshi, there would definitely be no one in the Sword Sect who dared to bully Little Yao. Moreover, Su Qingshi’s strength was so formidable, so if Little Yao cultivated by Su Qingshi’s side, then her speed of cultivation would definitely be much swifter than ordinary outer court disciples.

Su Qingshi glanced at Yang Ye and said, “It’s nothing. I really like her as well!”

Yang Ye smiled, and then he looked at Little Yao and said, “Little Yao, you have to work hard and cultivate by Big Sister Su’s side. Do you understand?”

Little Yao nodded and said, “Big Brother, I’ll work hard! Once Little Yao becomes an expert, I’ll go save mother with Big Brother, and we’ll beat down all those baddies!”

As she finished speaking, a strand of coldness flashed in Little Yao’s eyes. Obviously, she felt extremely hatred towards those members of the Flower Palace as well.

Yang Ye rubbed Little Yao’s read and said with a smile, “Alright! After Little Yao becomes an expert, Little Yao can follow Big Brother to rescue mother! At that time, our family won’t separate again!”

After talking with Little Yao for a while, Yang Ye thanked Su Qingshi once more. “Thank you for taking care of Little Yao!”

If Su Qingshi didn’t agree to take care of Little Yao, then for the sake of taking care of her, he wouldn’t have any time to cultivate at all, and if he didn’t have any time to cultivate, how could he possibly rescue his mother?

Su Qingshi’s beautiful brows knit together slightly when she heard Yang Ye thank her again. She was slightly displeased and said, “I told you, I really like Little Yao as well. Right, that technique I saw you cultivating just now was pretty strong. Was it the Heavenrend Drawing Technique?”

Yang Ye said, “Not entirely. I’m only relying on that instant of explosive force provided by the drawing technique.”

Su Qingshi nodded lightly when she heard this, and then she said, “No wonder. Because it was different from the Heavenrend Drawing Technique that I know.”

When she spoke up to here, she gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Do you know that the Sword Sect’s Heavenrend Drawing Technique is an incomplete copy?”

“An incomplete copy?”

Yang Ye was shocked in his heart.

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