Chapter 801 – The Wrath Of The Heavens!

Almighty Sword Domain

“What lightning is that!?”

Everyone here was astounded when they saw a Half-Saint being annihilated in an instant, and even Yang Ye was very shocked. After all it was a Half-Saint, and it was even a defiant profounder. But he’d actually been instantly annihilated by a single bolt of lightning!

“There’s a difference in strength between Heaven Daos as well. So, there’s a difference in strength between heavenly wrath too. This divine punishment is being sent down from the Heaven Dao of the Outer Heavens. So, not to mention a Half-Saint, it can even kill Saint Realm experts.” Shen Mo’s gaze carried a wisp of sorrow as he gazed at the enormous lightning vortex in the sky, “They are right. It really is the Heaven Dao of the Outer Heavens that intends to annihilate us. We’re finished….”

“We’re finished?” Yang Ye seemed to be dazed as he gazed at the huge lightning vortex. The aura it emanated was much stronger than any expert he’d seen in this world. Simply speaking, it wasn’t something that Half-Saints could resist.

The lightning vortex was growing in size while bolt after bolt of lightning surged down from it, and anyone struck by the bolts of lightning was instantly obliterated without exception!

Meanwhile, 2 figures appeared in the air.

One wore a white robe and a white mask; the other wore a black robe, had a saber hanging on his waist, and there were no eyes in his eye sockets.

The Hallowed Lord of the Hallowed Grounds and the Saber Emperor, Xu Qianye!

The strongest supreme experts in the world!

However, it was exactly such experts who seemed like ants beneath the lightning that covered the sky.

More and more experts arrived here. There were experts from the Hallowed Grounds and defiant profounders as well. Even Elder Mu, Lu Yan, and the others from Profounder Continent were here.

As they looked up at the enormous lightning vortex in the sky, despair appeared in all their eyes.

Regardless of whether it was the defiant profounders’ fault, the Hallowed Grounds’ fault, or the Outer Heavens’ fault. It didn’t matter anymore. What mattered was that this world was on the verge of destruction.

Those bolts of lightning were striking down at random. They weren’t aimed at punishing a single person or power of this world, it was punishment for the entire continent.

Suddenly, Xu Qianye drew his saber, and as he pointed it up towards the sky, the blood, baleful energy, and resentment that formed the blood red veil in the sky converged into a torrent that surged towards his saber. Moreover, the blood on the ground below was vanishing at a visible speed as well.

It didn’t take long for his saber to turn blood red.

“That technique is called Godslaughter Slash!” Suddenly, a voice resounded by Yang Ye’s ear. Yang Ye turned around and was slightly stunned because he noticed that it was actually Qin Bufan who he hadn’t seen for a very long time.

Qin Bufan continued, “There are no Saints in our world, and there are only gods and immortals. That saber technique was created by an extremely formidable demon. How formidable was he? He was the type that could slaughter saints like they were dogs. As for gods and immortals, I’ll refrain from explaining it to you. In any case, that attack is even capable of killing a Saint!”

“Would we be able to survive if we destroy the Heaven Dao?” asked Yang Ye.

“In theory!” Qin Bufan continued, “The Saber Emperor intended to wait until the blood, resentment, and baleful energy were accumulated to a certain extent, and then slash open both the Heavenpath and the Saints of the Outer Heavens who guard the Heavenpath. However, we never expected that the Heaven Dao of the Outer Heavens would act before that happened. Looks like it sensed danger in advance.”

“It has a consciousness of its own?” asked Yang Ye.

Qin Bufan shook his head and said, “I’ve never seen a Heaven Dao that possesses a true consciousness of its own. All of their actions are instinctive. They exist to maintain the balance in the world, and the reason it’s acting this time is because we’ve killed too many and severely damaged the balance in this stellar region. Besides that, do you know about fate and destiny? I know that you definitely don’t believe in that, and you feel that all of it is in your control and not the heavens. Right?”

Yang Ye nodded.

Qin Bufan said, “In the beginning, I didn’t believe it as well. However, once you attain a certain realm of cultivation, you’ll realize that it actually exists. It’s like an invisible hand that controls everything in the world, and we address it in a simplified manner as the Heaven Dao. Besides a few extraordinary and almighty figures, no one else in the boundless universe can avoid being under its control!”

“Our world had a Heaven Dao too, but it’s dead!” said Yang Ye.

Qin Bufan shook his head, “The Heaven Dao of this world could be considered to be a Heaven Dao indeed. However, it’s too weak when compared to the Heaven Dao of the Outer Heavens. Actually, this world we live in is under the governance of the Outer Heavens’ Heaven Dao. It isn’t just our world, even the Heaven Dao of our world was a subordinary of the Outer Heavens’ Heaven Dao. Haha! Doesn’t it feel really surprising? Even Heaven Daos have ranks of hierarchy.”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Indeed. But according to what you said, there are even stronger Heaven Daos beyond the Heaven Dao of the Outer Heavens?”

“Of course!” Qin Bufan continued, “They exist everywhere throughout the boundless universe! Now, you understand why cultivating is considered a path of fighting against the heavens?”

Yang Ye looked up into the sky and said, “All I want is for me and those I care about to remain alive. Unfortunately, it seemed to be a very difficult goal!”

“You’ve started to fight the heavens since you started cultivating!” said Qin Bufan.

“All I know is that I’ll kill anyone who tries to kill me!” Yang Ye slowly tightened his grip on his sword while a ferocious expression appeared in his eyes.

Meanwhile, Su Qingshi, Qin Xiyue, Yang Nianxue, and Bao’er appeared by Yang Ye’s side. Yang Nianxue immediately jumped into Yang Ye’s arms when she saw him, and then she started crying. She cried as she complained, “I’m afraid. Daddy, I’m so afraid….”

Yang Ye patted her lightly on the back, and then he gazed at Su Qingshi and Qin Xiyue. He said, “Head in. If I live, then all of us will live. If I die, then we’ll die together!”

They embraced him lightly, and then they entered the Primordial Pagoda with Yang Nianxue and Bao’er.

“Big Brother, that thing is very formidable!” Meanwhile, Yin’yin suddenly appeared by Yang Ye’s side, and the blind old man and headless person weren’t too far away.

Yang Ye stretched out his hand and rubbed her head, “Are you afraid?”

She nodded.

Yang Ye said, “It’ll be fine. We’ll definitely be able to survive! Definitely!”

“I truly admire you. You’re always able to stay that confident!” Qin Bufan continued, “To be honest, I’m not confident at being able to leave alive. If we’re all at the Saint Realm, then we might have a chance. Yet now, we really have no chance…. Even if we have the Saber Emperor on our side!”

All of them looked up into the sky towards Xu Qianye. At this moment, Xu Qianye was holding a blood red saber that was around 10km long and 300m wide. Moreover, the terrifying aura it emanated caused many here to be unable to help but tremble with fear. Yang Ye had a solemn expression on his face as well. Because it was absolutely not an attack that a Half-Saint could resist!

The lighting vortex seemed to feel threatened, and a huge pillar of lightning descended from it and flashed towards Xu Qianye.

“Everyone from the Ancient City of Hallows, heed my command. Lend me a hand!” The voice of the white robed man, the Hallowed Lord of the Hallowed Halls, suddenly resounded. As soon as he finished speaking, 4 old men suddenly appeared by his side. Yang Ye recognized one of the old men as the Pavilion Master of the Technique Pavilion.

After those 4 old men appeared, it was Supreme Exalt He and the other Half-Saints from the Ancient City of Hallows. Moreover, even the defiant profounders appeared around the white robed man.

The white robed man waved his right hand, and then a huge and ancient golden mirror appeared in the sky. As soon as it appeared there, the white robed man and the over 10,000 Half-Saints in the surroundings acted in unison. Countless strands of profound energy surged into the mirror. In an instant, a ray of golden light arose from the golden mirror, but it was a very weak ray of golden light.

“It still isn’t enough!” He suddenly roared fiercely.

Yang Ye gazed at Elder Mu and Lu Yan. Both of them nodded, and then they slapped their palms towards the mirror while their profound energy surged like a torrent towards the mirror.

Yin’yin, the blind old man, and the headless person from Nameless City did the same.

At this moment, practically all the top-rate experts of the continent and the Hallowed Grounds had lent the white robed man a hand!

The golden mirror suddenly emanated a huge golden pillar of light, and it shot into the sky towards the pillar of lightning.

It was an attack created by the joint forces of all the experts from the continent and the Hallowed Grounds. So, how terrifying was it? The horrifying power continued within the golden pillar of light was simply capable of destroying the world. It caused the entire sky and earth to quake violently as if they were about to collapse at any moment.

Everyone watched as the golden beam of light smashed against the pillar of lightning.


A deafening explosion resounded through the sky as countless bolts of electricity and golden energy dispersed towards the surroundings. Moreover, the entire sky trembled violently as if it was on the verge of collapse.

Meanwhile, the ancient mirror in the white robed man’s hand suddenly shattered apart, and the others behind him even spat out mouthfuls of blood….

Everyone watching from the ground below was horrified!

After all, the joint forces of countless supreme experts had actually been unable to resist the wrath of the heavens!

Many people started to reveal despair in their eyes, and that included the Half-Saints. For the very first time, they felt that they were truly weak like ants while they stood before the wrath of the Heaven Dao!

Suddenly, the vortex in the sky started to revolve, and then another enormous pillar of lightning emerged from it. This time, it was even larger than before, and it was a darker shade as well. Moreover, its was even more terrifying than the last one!

Qin Bufan suddenly said, “I think we’re about to be doomed. What do you think?”

Yang Ye nodded with absolute agreement. After all, that pillar of lightning was something that could annihilate them in an instant!

The pupils of everyone including the Hallowed Lord constricted when they saw that pillar of lightning, and he turned to gaze at Xu Qianye. At this moment, Xu Qianye was still absorbing the blood, resentment, and baleful energy in the surroundings.

He still needed time!

So, how would they resist it?!

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