Chapter 802 – Heavens! How Unfair You Are!

Almighty Sword Domain

Should I ask Lei Lin to try if she can swallow it? Such a thought suddenly appeared in Yang Ye’s mind, but it didn’t take long for him to shake his head and discard such a naïve thought.

Even though Lei Lin could devour lightning, it depended on the lightning. This lightning before them was something that could even kill Saint Realm experts! So, it would be no different than courting death if he were to ask her to do that.

“Attack together!”

The Hallowed Lord’s voice resounded once more, and then all the Half-Saints here executed their strongest attacks and blasted them up into the sky.


“Hellshackle Finger!

“Souleater Slash!”

Over 10,000 Half-Saints attacked in unison. So, how terrifying was such a scene?

Countless attacks blasted against the pillar of lightning while explosive rumbling resounded through the sky.

Finally, it exploded apart under the might of their joint forces, and it transformed into countless arcs of lightning that descended to the ground.

“AHHH!” Countless shrill cries resounded. Any who were struck by those bolts of lightning were instantly obliterated, and that even included some Half-Saints!

Even though they’d blasted the pillar of lightning apart, a few thousand Half-Saints had perished!


Meanwhile, the huge lightning vortex in the sky suddenly expanded, and it instantly covered the entire sky. After that, countless fine bolts of lightning rained down like a storm!

At this moment, the entire continent and Hallowed Grounds were both trembling.

It was like doomsday had truly arrived!

Even though Half-Saints couldn’t resist the lightning, they could rely on their strength to dodge them. While it was only a temporary measure, existences below the Half-Saint Realm weren’t so lucky. They weren’t even able to dodge!

Countless shrill cries and sorrowful howls resounded incessantly through every corner of the continent and the Hallowed Grounds.

A wisp of ferocity flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes when he witnessed this scene. He looked up at the endless vortex in the sky and roared furiously, “The Hallowed Grounds sinned, and so did the defiant profounders, but what wrong have those ordinary people committed? Heavens! How unfair you are!”

“Trying to reason with it? There must be something wrong with your head!” Qin Bufan shook his head. Right at this moment, the vortex in the sky suddenly stopped revolving. Qin Bufan couldn’t help but be stunned by this, and he spoke with astonishment, “It really worked?”

Yang Ye was stunned as well. But in the next moment, the vortex started revolving madly once more, and then even more lightning rained down. At the same time, a pillar of lightning that was over 1km long suddenly emerged from the vortex, and it descended towards Yang Ye!

“What the fuck!” Qin Bufan was horrified, and he flashed far away from Yang Ye. He said, “You really are a maleficent existence. Nothing good ever comes from being near you! I almost got scared to death!”

It wasn’t just Yang Ye who was stunned when he saw that pillar of lightning descend towards him, even the other experts in the surroundings were stunned.

In the past, people said that one would suffer the wrath of the heavens if one cursed the heavens, and many didn’t believe that. However, they believed it now!

Elder Mu and Lu Yan were horrified, and they hurriedly flashed over to the sky above Yang Ye. At the same time, Yin’yin appeared there as well. The 3 of them launched their strongest attacks at the pillar of lightning.


A huge explosion resounded while the 3 of them were blasted down from the sky, and the pillar of lightning continued down towards Yang Ye without losing speed at all.

A fierce glow flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes. While he knew that he was no match for it, he didn’t have the habit to surrender. However, right when he was about to attack, the Hallowed Lord suddenly appeared in front of him. At the same time, the experts of the Hallowed Grounds and the defiant profounders appeared in the air above Yang Ye as well. After that, all of them attacked in unison once more.

The pillar of lightning was dispersed, but almost 3,000 Half-Saints perished while countless ordinary people lost their lives.

At this moment, blood was flowing down from beneath the Hallowed Lord’s mask.

The Hallowed Lord spoke slowly, “Regardless of the enmity between us in the past, we should join forces against our common enemy right now. Our enemy isn’t the Outer Heavens but its Heaven Dao. If we don’t work together, then everyone will die here today!”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “As you wish!”

As he spoke, he went over to Elder Mu, Lu Yan, and Yin’yin. All 3 of them were severely injured, and their bodies were covered in blood. It was especially so for Yin’yin. Her entire dress had turned scarlet red, and her hands had split apart and were covered in dense cracks. It seemed like they would shatter at any moment.

She immediately jumped into Yang Ye’s arms when she saw him. On the other hand, Yang Ye’s body trembled slightly because Yin’yin’s body was still covered in lightning!

“My hands. Big Brother, my hands….” Yin’yin cried with absolute sorrow. At this moment, she didn’t seem like a peerless expert at all.

Yang Ye rubbed her head, and then grabbed her hands. The Primordial Violet Energy within him entered into her hands, and it didn’t take long for them to recover at an extremely swift speed.

Yin’yin immediately cracked a smile when she saw that her hands were fine.

Yang Ye grinned, and then he gazed at Elder Mu and Lu Yan, “Elder Mu, Senior Lu, are both of you alright?”

Both of them shook their heads lightly. After that, Lu Yan said, “That little girl is really strong. She actually resisted 70% of the lightning on her own just now. Otherwise, both me and Elder Mu might have lost our lives.” When he spoke up to this point, he looked up into the sky and said, “We might really die here if that Saber Emperor fails!”

Yang Ye looked up into the sky when he heard this. At this moment, the blood red saber in Xu Qianye’s grasp was almost 10km long, and it laid across the horizon. It was an extremely terrifying sight to behold.

On the other hand, the Hallowed Lord, the experts of the Hallowed Grounds, and the defiant profounders stood in the sky above Xu Qianye, and they helped him resist the effects of the lightning that were flowing down towards him. Of course, they had to pay a huge price, and Half-Saints were falling at practically every single moment.


Suddenly, the ground exploded apart, and then Xiao Ying and countless lava beings appeared here. Everyone here was stunned by their sudden and unexpected arrival. There was an endless river of boiling lava behind Xiao Ying’s group. The lava was surging out incessantly from underground, and it was like a torrent as it instantly swallowed countless profounders.

Everyone here was astounded, and they hurriedly flew up into the air.

“Xiao Ying, what are you doing here?” Yang Ye gazed at Xiao Ying with astonishment. Does she intend to take revenge at a time like this?

Everyone was looking at her as well, and their gazes were filled with enmity.

Xiao Ying shook her head and said, “The lightning doesn’t vanish upon striking the ground. It goes deep beneath the ground and destroys the earth’s crust. The lightning has pierced through the entire ground, so endless lava will surge out from the depths of the earth until it floods this entire world!

Yang Ye asked, “You’re a fire element Sprite King, can’t you stop it?”

“I’m not a god!” She continued, “I can stop a portion of it, but the ground throughout this world has been pierced, so lava will surge out endlessly. I’m helpless to stop it….”

“It wouldn’t make a difference even if she can stop it!” Meanwhile, Qin Bufan suddenly said, “It wants to destroy this entire world. If I’m not wrong, that fellow is definitely take revenge for the Heaven Dao of this world.”

Yang Ye replied, “That sounds like bullshit. You make it sound like a person!”

Qin Bufan shook his head and said, “Believe me. While the Heaven Dao doesn’t possess a true consciousness like humans, it isn’t completely without one either. In any case, it’s an extremely mysterious existence that’s capable of anything.”

Lu Yan looked up into the sky, “Now, we can only hope that the Saber Emperor can shatter it with his technique!”

Everyone else looked up at the sky as well. Obviously, the Saber Emperor was their last hope. If he failed, then all of them would face death!

More and more were dying beneath the tribulation lightning while Xu Qianye’s blood red saber was still growing larger and larger.

“Give me 300 breaths of time!” Xu Qianye’s voice suddenly resounded.

As soon as he spoke, a dark black pillar of lightning suddenly descended from the sky. It wasn’t very large, but the energy it contained was much more terrifying than all the previous pillars of lightning. Countless felt horrified when they laid eyes on it, and that included the Hallowed Lord whose pupils had constricted to the size of needles!

“Grandmaster Shen Mo!” The Hallowed Lord’s voice resounded once more.

A wisp of a savage glow flashed through Shen Mo who stood on the black Qilin. He flashed up into the sky, pointed one hand up towards the sky, and pointed the other down towards the ground. “World Talisman!”

In an instant, the spirit energy in an area of a few thousand kilometers converged towards Shen Mo, and they gradually formed a grand formation made of countless mysterious symbols,

“Lend me a hand!” Shen Mo shouted loudly.

All of the others didn’t dare hesitate at all, and they poured all their profounder energy towards Shen Mo.

With the support from everyone’s profound energy, the circle of symbols grew larger and larger. In the end, they watched as the dark black pillar of lightning smashed against the circle of symbols.


As soon as they came into contact, the grand formation instantly shattered into pieces while numerous mouthfuls of Blood Essence sprayed from Shen Mo’s mouth as he crashed down to the ground. Fortunately, the pillar of lightning had been dispersed, and it transformed into countless arcs of electricity that shot towards the surroundings. Even then, over 2,000 Half-Saints had still perished!

“How terrible….” Qin Bufan shook his head as he stood by Yang Ye’s side.

Yang Ye glanced at him and said, “You can’t just stand here and talk. You’re a Half-Saint at any rate, so go at it!”

“All experts ascend the stage at the last moment!” Qin Bufan spoke in an extremely serious tone.

“Just say you’re afraid of death!” Yang Ye spoke indifferently.


Suddenly, the huge vortex in the sky stopped abruptly, and then it split apart before a dark violet bolt of lighting which was shaped like a sword emerged slowly from within it.

As soon as it appeared here, even some Half-Saints weren’t able to endure the aura it emanated, and their bodies exploded apart!

“Yang Ye, I know you have some sort of trump card. Let me tell you in all seriousness that if you don’t utilize it, then all of us will truly die. That’s a fucking bolt of the Lightning of Obliteration! What the fuck! The Heaven Dao really intends to destroy this world! It isn’t joking at all!” A trace of terror appeared in Qin Bufan’s eyes as he gazed at the violet divine lightning in the sky.

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