Chapter 804 – Summon The Sword Saint!

Almighty Sword Domain

“Don’t let that lightning drop down! Give me another 100 breaths of time!” Suddenly, Xu Qianye’s voice resounded.

Everyone here instantly returned to their senses when they heard him. After all, if the Lightning of Obliteration struck the ground, then the entire Hallowed Grounds might be instantly transformed into ashes. At that time, the continent would shatter into bits and everyone would die!

“Let’s join forces!” The Hallowed Lord appeared by Yang Ye’s side. At the same time, the experts of the Hallowed Grounds and the defiant profounders appeared all around Yang Ye.

Humans were mostly selfish, but there were many occasions that they would unite as one and erupt with boundless strength. It was exactly why humans were able to survive in the boundless universe.

“Heaven Incinerator!”

“Benevolence Point!”


At this moment, everyone executed their strongest attacks. However, even the joint forces of over 10,000 Half-Saints merely caused the Lightning of Obliteration to tremble slightly, and it even started descending faster!

Everyone was horrified!

At this moment, Yang Ye didn’t dare conceal his strength anymore. He waved his right hand and over 1,000 mid-grade Half-Saints appeared here before all of them joined forces once more.

However, they noticed to their despair that their joint forces were utterly useless against the Lightning of Obliteration!

“Summon the Sword Saint!” The Hallowed Lord’s voice suddenly resounded in the sky.

The four Pavilion Masters who stayed by the Hallowed Lord’s side were shocked, and one of them said, “Hallowed Lord, it isn’t the time for that. If we use it now, then….”

The Hallowed Lord waved his hand and said, “If we don’t use it now, then we might not have another chance!”

Their bodies trembled slightly when they heard this, and then they exchanged glances before they nodded and spoke in unison, “Summon the Sword Saint!”

Their voices shot into the sky!


As soon as they finished speaking, a resounding sword howl suddenly arose from the Ancient City of Hallows, and it surged through the world! After that, a white ray of light shot up from the city, and it tore through space and appeared in the sky above them.

The white light dispersed to reveal an old man who held a sword in his hand.

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted slightly because the old man was the same old man he’d met at the bottom of the Netherworld Ocean, the 2nd master of the Sword Spirit. Yang Ye was extremely puzzled because the old man had said that he’d vanished completely from this world! So, Yang Ye wondered what he was doing here!

Meanwhile, the Sword Spirit suddenly appeared by Yang Ye’s side, and her eyes actually turned crimson red as she looked at the old man in midair. Rays of light surged from within her, and she was about to attack. Yang Ye was shocked when he noticed such a scene, and he hurriedly grabbed her hand. The latter gazed at Yang Ye with ghastly killing intent in her eyes, but Yang Ye still held on tightly to her hand.

“Let go!” The Sword Spirit’s voice was extremely cold, and the killing intent in her eyes grew thicker and thicker.

Yang Ye shook his head. He wasn’t afraid that the Sword Spirit would kill the old man; he was afraid that the Sword Spirit would be killed by the old man. The aura emanated from the old man even caused his heart to tremble, and he was sure that the Sword Spirit was absolutely no match for the old man!

Yang Ye said, “Regardless of what he has done, he’s dead.”

The Sword Spirit’s hand trembled slightly as she slowly closed her eyes, and the light she emanated started to gradually dim down. Yang Ye heaved a soft sigh of relief when he saw that.

The old man’s gaze swept through the surroundings before finally stopping on the defiant profounders for a moment. After that, he raised his head and looked up at the Lightning of Obliteration. There was a trace of sorrow in his eyes as he said, “The continent was bound to face a calamity, but I never expected that it wouldn’t come from the defiant profounders but the Heaven Dao of the Outer Heavens!”

“Senior, please lend us a hand!” The Hallowed Lord bowed to the old man and spoke in a rather respectful tone.

“The sole reason for my existence is to provide one last bit of help to the continent.” As soon as he finished speaking, dazzling light suddenly erupted from the old man, and it was accompanied by a sword howl. The old man’s figure transformed into a ray of light that shot up into the sky.

The ray of light smashed against the Lightning of Obliteration.


A huge explosion erupted in the sky. The Sword Saint and the dark violet bolt of divine lightning exploded apart, and then countless waves of energy overlapped as they swept through the sky. The space throughout the sky rippled like waves, and it was an extremely horrifying sight.

The countless profounders below heaved sighs of relief when they witnessed this scene. But right at this moment, countless fine bolts of dark violet divine lightning shot out from the waves of energy, and they poured down like rain. They formed such a swift and dense rain that the expressions of everyone here changed drastically.

“Watch out! Don’t let them hit you!” The Hallowed Lord’s voice carried a trace of anxiousness and terror.

However, he was still a little too late. Some Half-Saints weren’t able to dodge in time, and they were struck by the dark violet bolts of lightning and were killed on the spot. They didn’t even have the chance to let out a shrill cry.

Even Half-Saints suffered such a fate, and it was worse for those below the Half-Saint Realm….

Yang Ye’s current strength allowed his vision to gaze through a distance of over 5,000km. However, at this moment, his field of vision was filled with a dense expanse of corpses. All of them were either killed by the pressure emanated by the lightning or were struck by the lightning!

It was like hell! At this moment, Profounder Continent and the Hallowed Grounds were like hell, and countless people were dying every single moment.

After that Sword Saint had destroyed the Lightning of Obliteration, the lightning vortex in the sky had suddenly stopped revolving, and the sky returned to normal. However, the oppressive pressure they felt grew stronger as if the sky was about to collapse.

Everyone knew that it was the calm before the storm, and all their gazes shot towards Xu Qianye. At this moment, the blood red saber in Xu Qianye’s hand was over 300km long, and the bloody aura it emanated was so thick that it could be smelled throughout the Hallowed Grounds.

Because people were ceaselessly perishing throughout the world, so endless resentment, blood, and baleful energy were converging towards the blood red saber, causing it to seem even more terrifying!

Every single living person here had their gazes focused on the blood red saber because it could be said to be their last hope. If it couldn’t destroy the Heaven Dao of the Outer Heavens, then they had no doubt that they would die!

All of them were waiting.

Suddenly, the lightning vortex in the sky suddenly started revolving once more while strands of terrifying pressure surged out from within it, causing even the sky and the ground to quake. Everyone could faintly discern something wriggling about within the depths of the vortex, and it seemed like the vortex was forming an even more terrifying form of lightning.

On the ground below, lava was flowing endlessly out of the ground, causing the ground to seem like a world of lava. Moreover, the blazing temperatures created by the lava caused the comparatively weaker profounders amongst the lucky survivors to perish on the spot.

The shadow of death enveloped them all, and it caused despair to arise in all their hearts!

“He didn’t forget to protect this world even in death!” Suddenly, the Sword Spirit said, “The laughable thing is that this world will be destroyed regardless of what he did.”

“You’re still angry?”

The Sword Spirit replied in an indifferent tone, “It’s pointless now. This time, he really vanished from this world, and he won’t even have a chance to be reborn!”

Yang Ye suddenly said, “Would you still acknowledge him as your master if you could do it all again?”

Yang Ye thought that she would immediately express rejection towards accepting him as her master, but he was surprised to notice that she didn’t speak and just remained silent.

Yang Ye came to a slight understanding. He realized that the reason the Sword Spirit hated that old man so much was because she really cared about him. After all, there would be no hate if there was no concern.

Yang Ye was very grateful to the Sword Spirit because she’d really helped him on numerous occasions all along the way. He’d never thought about taking possession of her. To put it simply, he would be very happy if she was willing to stay, but he wouldn’t be very disappointed or sad if she chose to leave. Because while she was a sword, she was practically no different to a person. She should have the right to choose her own future!

Yang Ye looked up at the sky, and he spoke while looking at the lightning vortex that blotted out the sky, “Can the true Heavenrend rend the heavens?”

The Sword Spirit’s eyelids twitched. She gazed at him and said, “What are you thinking of doing?”

He replied, “Sword Spirit, if you’re able to leave this world with your life, then what would you do?”

She was slightly stunned. She pondered deeply for a short while and said, “I’ll take a look at the Outer Heavens and then travel through the stellar region!” When she spoke up to this point, she gazed at Yang Ye and asked, “What about you?”

“I’ll go look for An Nanjing, Yuxi, and Shaoyao!” Yang Ye said, “But that seems to be quite difficult to accomplish!”

The Sword Spirit nodded in response. She looked up at Xu Qianye and said, “Do you think that he’ll be able to succeed?”

“It’s very strong!” She continued, “It can slaughter a Saint!”

Yang Ye nodded lightly and said, “I hope he’ll succeed. Otherwise….”

“Heavens!” Right at this moment, Xu Qianye’s voice resounded. Everyone here looked over and noticed that the enormous blood red saber in his hand was shrinking rapidly. It didn’t take long for the enormous blood red sword to return to its original size. However, it was scarlet red as if it was made from blood.

“I’ll destroy you with this!” As soon as he finished speaking, the blood red saber tore through the sky and carried a veil of blood with it as it shot up into the sky. Everywhere it passed, the sky was instantly dyed red like it was washed with blood, and it was an utterly horrifying sight!

Everyone here watched as the blood red saber collided with the lightning vortex.

A short moment of silence ensued….


A huge explosion resounded, and then a large hole was torn open on the vortex, allowing light to rain down from the hole. Countless people felt overjoyed when they witnessed this scene.

In next to no time, the hole grew larger and larger, and the entire vortex swiftly dispersed, causing countless to cry tears of joy.

However, right at this moment, everyone was stunned on the spot as they looked up at the sky with disbelief.

After the lightning vortex dispersed completely, an enormous eye that was over 1km long had appeared before everyone’s eyes.

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