Chapter 805 – The Eye Of The Heaven Dao!

Almighty Sword Domain

“Heaven’s Eye….” Qin Bufan’s countenance actually turned completely pale when he witnessed this scene.

It wasn’t just Qin Bufan. Yang Ye noticed to his astonishment that even Lu Yan, Shen Mo, and the blind old man had turned ghastly pale.

“What is that?” Yang Ye had a solemn expression on his face because his intuition told him that the situation had become severe.

Qin Bufan shook his head while a trace of despair appeared in his eyes, “The Heaven’s Eye is called the Eye of the Heaven Dao. That’s something that only appears in the fucking legends! I’ve traveled through countless worlds, yet I’ve never seen the Eye of the Heaven Dao. Motherfucker! I never expected that it would actually appear here today! Fucking hell!”

“Is it very strong?” Yang Ye frowned.

“It isn’t just strong!” Qin Bufan laughed bitterly, “That Lightning of Obliteration was very strong, right? But that was nothing when compared to the Eye of the Heaven Dao. Let me explain it like this. Not to mention destroying our world, the Eye of the Heaven Dao can even destroy an entire stellar region. I can’t fucking figure out why the Heaven Dao of the Outer Heavens would even make the Eye of the Heaven Dao appear here!?”

“It’s quite strange!” Lu Yan spoke abruptly in a low voice, “Logically speaking, it’s impossible for the Heaven Dao of the Outer Heavens to send down the Eye of the Heaven Dao even if we slaughtered everyone on the continent. There’s usually only one reason why the Eye of the Heaven Dao appears, and it’s because it feels very threatened!”

Qin Bufan, Shen Mo, and the others looked at Yin’yin when they heard Lu Yan. It wasn’t just them, even the Hallowed Lord and Xu Qianye who stood in midair were looking at Yin’yin as well.

Yin’yin glanced at them, and then went over to Yang Ye and grabbed his hand. It seemed like she would feel safe while she was holding his hand.

Yang Ye smiled at her, and then gazed at the others and said, “Everyone, regardless of whether Yin’yin really is a threat to the Heaven Dao of the Outer Heavens, I think that it still wouldn’t allow us to live, right?”

“Perhaps the Eye of the Heaven Dao will vanish if she dies!” A Half-Saint of the Hallowed Grounds spoke abruptly.

“Don’t you fucking try to do anything to her!” Yang Ye suddenly gazed at that Half-Saint while a ferocious expression appeared on his face.

That Half-Saint’s eyelids twitched while his face became slightly unsightly, “Yang Ye, perhaps all of us will be able to survive if she dies. Protecting her is like going against all of us. We can crush you in an instant if we want to!”

“Then why don’t you give it a try!?” Yang Ye suddenly shouted, “Xiao Ying!”

As soon as Yang Ye spoke, Xiao Ying and the countless Half-Saint Fire Spirits appeared behind Yang Ye. Coupled with the 1,000 plus mid-grade Half-Saint Sword Servants he possessed, Yang Ye had around 5,000 Half-Saints on his side. Moreover, over 1,000 of them were mid-grade Half-Saints. While their overall strength was inferior to the Hallowed Grounds and defiant profounders, it was sufficient to rival them!

The atmosphere became tense.

Suddenly, the Hallowed Lord said, “If we fight and kill each other now, then we’ll really die today. Perhaps we’ll have a chance at survival if we work together!”

Yang Ye’s countenance eased up when he heard the Hallowed Lord, and he said, “Everyone, you should have noticed that the Heaven Dao doesn’t just want to destroy any one of us. It wants to destroy the entire continent.”


Suddenly, the enormous eye in the sky suddenly cracked open. Everyone here trembled beneath its gaze, and a strand of terror arose from deep within their souls.

Ants…. They felt like they were ants!

At this moment, such a thought had appeared in the minds of everyone. Not to mention resist it, they didn’t even dare to look at that eye!

“Summon the Saber Monarch, the Ancient Hallowed Lord, and the Four Ancestors!” Meanwhile, the Hallowed Lord’s voice resounded through the sky.

As soon as he finished speaking, 6 rays of white light instantly shot up from within the Ancient City of Hallows which was over 500km away. Those rays of white light flashed before they appeared in the sky above the Hallowed Lord.

The white light dispersed, and 6 old men appeared before everyone.

“This is the Hallowed Grounds’ true trump card!” Qin Bufan spoke solemnly. “All of them were peerless experts of this world in the past, and they utilized a secret technique to merge a strand of their soul into their strongest attacks before they perished. After that, they were preserved with another secret technique. They are equivalent to single-use Saint Realm experts!”

Yang Ye suddenly asked, “What about the trump card of the defiant profounders?”

He knew that since the Hallowed Grounds had a trump card, then the defiant profounders definitely had some as well. Otherwise, the Hallowed Grounds could have just summoned these past Saint Realm experts and wouldn’t the defiant profounders have been crushed on the spot?

“You might have the chance to witness it later!”

The 6 old men floated in the air. A white robed old man amongst them glanced at the surroundings before finally looking up into the sky. His pupils constricted slightly when he saw the Heaven’s Eye, and he said, “The Heaven’s Eye…. How could this be possible?”

At this moment, the other old men who stood by the white robed old man revealed shock as well. Obviously, they hadn’t expected to see the Heaven’s Eye of legend!


Suddenly, a bolt of violet divine lightning suddenly shot out from within the eye. It was extremely swift and instantly arrived above the white robed old man. A solemn expression arose in the old man’s eyes as he tapped his finger upward, and then a white speck of light flashed out from the tip of his finger and smashed against the violet divine lightning.


An enormous explosion resounded through the sky, and the world quaked!

The violet bolt of divine lightning blasted the speck of white light apart, and then it continued down towards the white robed old man at extremely high speed. Fortunately, the other old men by the white robed old man’s side seemed to be prepared, and a strand of saber energy and 4 enormous energy palms shot through the sky as soon as the white speck of light was blasted apart. Their attacks smashed against the divine lightning.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Numerous explosions resounded through the sky while the space there was shattered into bits by the energy surging through the area, causing a black hole to cover the sky. It was a truly shocking sight to behold!

A long time passed before the sky returned to normal. The divine light had vanished, but the figures of all 6 old men had started to become translucent. It seemed like they would perish at any moment!

The white robed old man and the others glanced at the surroundings, and their eyes carried reluctance within them. The continent was their home. They’d protected it in the past and done so much for it….

“The Heaven Dao is heartless! It should be destroyed!” As soon as the white robed old man spoke, all 6 of them transformed into white rays of light that shot into the sky and smashed against the Eye of the Heaven Dao.

However, the eye merely trembled slightly….

The self-detonation of 6 former supreme experts of the continent had merely made it tremble slightly….

At this moment, the minds of everyone here had gone blank!

“Divine Generals!” Suddenly, Xu Qianye’s voice resounded, and then 9 men appeared behind him.

“Merge!” As soon as he finished speaking, everyone watched with astonishment as those 9 men actually merged into Xu Qianye. In an instant, his figure grew explosively by a few times in size. At the same time, his aura rose explosively as well, and it wasn’t something that a Half-Saint should possess at all!

At this moment, Yang Ye finally understood why Lu Yan said that if the defiant profounders were willing to pay a certain price, then they could even fight Saint Realm experts.

“Slash!” Even though Xu Qianye spoke these words, nine voices resounded here. As soon as they finished speaking, a short saber suddenly appeared in Xu Qianye’s grasp, and he slashed it upwards.


Nine strands of saber energy overlapped as they shot out. They tore through the sky like a white shooting star before finally colliding with the Heaven’s Eye!

“Again!” Xu Qianye’s voice resounded once more, and then another 9 overlapped strands of saber energy shot up into the air!


Xu Qianye’s voice resounded over and over again while countless strands of saber energy tore ceaselessly through the sky and struck the Eye of the Heaven Dao. At the same time, enormous explosions were resounding incessantly in the sky.

Everyone in the surroundings were staring fixedly at the Eye of the Heaven Dao. Its aura was gradually weakening as Xu Qianye attacked it like a madman….

After some time passed….

“Clang!” The sound of metal shattering resounded through the sky. Everyone was shocked by this sound and looked over to Xu Qianye. They noticed to their astonishment that Xu Qianye’s saber had actually shattered apart. At the same time, figure after figure flew out from within him and crashed down from midair.

At this moment, those 9 people seemed extremely old as if they’d experienced the passage of a few hundred years.

“They ignited their remaining lifespan to increase their strength, and then utilized a secret technique to provide that strength to the Saber Emperor, allowing the Saber Emperor to temporarily possess the strength to slaughter Saints. The price for such strength is the lives of 9 high-grade Half-Saints!” Qin Bufan spoke solemnly from Yang Ye’s side.

Of course, no one cared about the lives of those 9 experts right now. The gazes of everyone was fixed on the Eye of the Heaven Dao.

After the saber energy dispersed, their countenances instantly turned ghastly pale. Because the enormous Eye of the Heaven Dao was still looking down upon them from the sky like an elephant looking down at ants!

Of course, they were able to discern that its aura had weakened greatly. But so what?”


Suddenly, a dark violet pillar of lightning emerged from within the eye, and then it trembled for a moment and split into 2. After that, those 2 pillars of lightning trembled slightly before splitting into 4 instead….

In less than 3 breaths of time, the entire sky was covered in dark violet pillars of lightning!

“Help….” Qin Bufan’s face had turned ghastly pale while despair appeared in his eyes.

It wasn’t just Qin Bufan. Everyone else had a similar reaction to this scene, and that included the Hallowed Lord and Xu Qianye.

“Are you still not going to act?” Meanwhile, Xiao Ying suddenly roared furiously at Yang Ye.

The gazes of everyone here converged on Yang Ye when they heard her.

Yang Ye took a deep breath. He knew that they would be finished if he still held back!

It really is time to fight desperately….

Yang Ye’s figure flashed up into the air while everyone watched him.

“Intent Ignition!”

Yang Ye’s furious howl resounded through the sky.


Yang Ye’s sword intent suddenly dropped from the 3rd level of the Heaven Rank to the 2nd level of the Heaven Rank!

“Intent Ignition!” Yang Ye’s voice resounded once more, and his sword intent dropped to the 1st level of the Heaven Rank!

“Intent Ignition!” It was now at the Earth Rank.

“Intent Ignition!”

“Intent Ignition!”




In 3 breaths of time, Yang Ye’s sword intent had dropped to the 1st level….

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