Chapter 806 – Destroy The Heavens!

Almighty Sword Domain


Once his sword intent fell to the 1st level, a terrifying aura suddenly erupted from within Yang Ye.

The Half-Saint Realm!

After igniting 12 levels of Sword Intent, Yang Ye broke through the shackles of the ninth rank of the Monarch Realm, and he attained the Half-Saint Realm!

At this moment, everyone here was stunned.

The Sword Spirit spoke solemnly, “The consequences will be extremely severe!”

Yang Ye gazed at the dense expanse of dark violet divine lightning in the sky, and he said, “At least it’s better than death!”

As he spoke, his figure flashed up into the sky, and then he stomped space with his right foot while a mysterious force instantly appeared here.

The Sword Domain!

After he attained the Half-Saint Realm, Yang Ye’s Sword Domain could envelop an area of around 10,000 kilometers. The bolts of divine lightning immediately slowed down upon entering Yang Ye’s Sword Domain. Yang Ye was utilizing the Sword Domain to suppress them. Of course, he had to pay a huge price to do that. His lifespan was vanishing bit by bit….

If he hadn’t attained the Half-Saint Realm, and if his strength hadn’t become countless times stronger than before, he wouldn’t be able to endure the strength of the divine lightning at all!

“It’s useless. You can’t destroy the Eye of the Heaven Dao!” The Hallowed Lord shook his head.

They really were shocked that Yang Ye had broken through into the Half-Saint Realm. However, none of them felt that he could destroy the Eye of the Heaven Dao. After all, those old men and Xu Qianye’s attacks were sufficient to kill Saint Realm experts. No matter how strong Yang Ye was, he was only a Half-Saint in the end!

Yang Ye was very clearly aware of that as well. He knew that his current strength wasn’t inferior to a high-grade Half-Saint, and it might even be stronger than a high-grade Half-Saint. However, it was far from being capable of destroying the Heaven’s Eye.

Yang Ye glanced at the experts below and said, “I can only hold on for 15 minutes at most. After that, I won’t be able to stop them from descending anymore. If all of you can’t destroy it in that time, then all of us will face death!”

“We can’t!” Xu Qianye said, “Unless we attain the Saint Realm, then perhaps we can give it a try!”

“So be it!” Yang Ye’s furious roar resounded through the sky. Right when all of them were puzzled, strands of violet energy suddenly erupted from within Yang Ye, and then they rained down from the sky!

The main reason Yang Ye had ignited his sword intent and attained the Half-Saint Realm was to obtain Primordial Violet Energy. Just as he wanted, Primordial Violet Energy appeared incessantly within him once he attained the Half-Saint Realm, and it filled the world in the 1st level of the Primordial Pagoda.

Everyone here was petrified when they saw the violet energy raining down through the sky, and it didn’t take long for their bodies to start trembling. This included the Hallowed Lord and Xu Qianye.

“This… this is Quintessence Violet Energy! How… how could this be possible?” The Hallowed Lord’s voice was trembling.

“It’s Quintessence Violet Energy! It’s Quintessence Violet Energy!” All the Half-Saints here seemed to have gone mad, and many even started shouting and crying with excitement. At this moment, they didn’t seem like Half-Saint experts at all.

There was no Quintessence Violet Energy in this world. It meant that they could only attain the Half-Saint Realm in their lifetimes, and it meant that they would one day transform into a pile of dirt.

Now, they saw Quintessence Violet Energy that could help them break through the shackles upon them. So, how could they not feel excited and overjoyed?

“This is his secret?” Elder Mu spoke softly.

Lu Yan said, “I understand now…. Alas, now that it’s exposed, I wonder what will happen.” There was deep worry in Lu Yan’s eyes.

“Quickly! I can’t hold on for too long!” Yang Ye’s anxious voice resounded in the sky.

All of them instantly returned to their senses when they heard him. After all, if the divine lightning was allowed to descend, then they would probably be obliterated even if they attained the Saint Realm. The important matter at hand was to attain the Saint Realm and destroy the Eye of the Heaven Dao. Only then would they have a chance at survival!

All of them absorbed the violet energy like madmen, and it didn’t take long for a shocking scene to appear.


A terrifying aura that surged through the world suddenly appeared. Xu Qianye had attained the Saint Realm.


The Hallowed Lord attained the Saint Realm.

Saint Realm experts appeared in succession.

Many Half-Saint experts here had very solid foundations and cultivations. Because they couldn’t attain the Saint Realm, so they’d constantly tempered their strength for over 10,000 years. This made their cultivations and strength to arrive at a critical point, and all they lacked was Quintessence Violet Energy to complete the advancement.

Now, they had it, so they naturally attained the Saint Realm.

In less than 100 breaths of time, a few hundred Saint Realm experts had appeared!

Meanwhile, the dark violet bolts of divine lightning were only less than 3km away from them.

Time was of the essence. All those experts who’s attained the Saint Realm started to attack the Heaven’s Eye like madmen, and thunderous rumbling resounded throughout the sky. After all, hundreds of Saint Realm experts were attacking in unison, so how could it not be a shocking sight?

Meanwhile, the violet energy in the surroundings suddenly vanished.

Some Half-Saints who still hadn’t attained the Saint Realm were instantly infuriated, and they glared angrily at Yang Ye, “The Quintessence Violet Energy! Yang Ye! Hand over the Quintessence Violet Energy!” They seemed to be filled with such insanity that it looked like they would swarm him if he dared to refuse.

“I don’t have anymore!” Yang Ye shook his head. He wasn’t lying as he really had no more. He’d released all the Primordial Violet Energy he had. After all, it was pointless to keep any under such circumstances. Because if these Saint Realm experts couldn’t destroy the Eye of the Heaven Dao, then everyone here would die!

“How can you not have anymore? How could that be? Are you keep it from us?” A Half-Saint expert roared furiously at Yang Ye like a madman, and the others who weren’t able to attain the Saint Realm glared angrily at him as well. It seemed like they were prepared to charge at him.

Yang Ye was instantly infuriated when he heard this. He gazed at the group of Half-Saints as he spoke ferociously, “All of you should realize that I don’t fucking owe all of you anything! That Quintessence Violet Energy was mine! I gave it to all of you because it was the right thing to do; but it’s my right not to give it to all of you as well! If you continue making noise, then the Heaven Dao won’t have to slaughter all of you because I’ll do it!”

The expressions of those Half-Saints changed. At this moment, their minds had cleared up slightly. That fellow who stood before them wasn’t easy to deal with at all. However, the temptation from attaining the Saint Realm was something they couldn’t resist. They were willing to take any risks in order to attain the Saint Realm, and they were willing to do anything!

Some of them exchanged glances, and a trace of ferocity flashed through their eyes. Right when some were unwillingly giving up on attaining the Saint Realm, one of them roared fiercely, “Everyone, that fellow, Yang Ye, definitely has more Quintessence Violet Energy! We just have to capture him, and then we’ll be able to attain the Saint Realm with the Quintessence Violet Energy he has. The Saint Realm is right before us! Everyone! Charge with me!”

As he spoke, a few of them charged up into the sky towards Yang Ye. Meanwhile, the others behind them were still hesitating, but their desires overcame their minds when they heard that the chance to attain the Saint Realm was right before them. At this moment, they threw all caution to the wind, and they charged towards Yang Ye as well.

This time, over a thousand Half-Saints charged towards Yang Ye.

“You’re courting death!” A cold grunt resounded, and then a huge palm swept through the sky, and those Half-Saints were instantly obliterated by it.

Lu Yan and Elder Mu appeared by Yang Ye’s side, and then Lu Yan spoke coldly, “All of you weren’t able to attain the Saint Realm because you were too weak, yet you actually blame others for it!? You really deserve death!”

Yang Ye asked, “Senior Lu, Elder Mu, both of you attained the Saint Realm?”

Lu Yan replied, “Wouldn’t we have wasted our lives if we couldn’t attain the Saint Realm after gaining Quintessence Violet Energy?”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he looked up into the sky. At this moment, countless Saint Realm experts were attacking the Heaven’s Eye like madmen. The entire sky was covered in attacks, and it was utterly impossible to see the state of the situation.

Yang Ye asked, “Will we be able to destroy it?”

Lu Yan pondered deeply for a short while and said, “It’s difficult, very difficult!”

Yang Ye’s heart shook. Meanwhile, the Hallowed Lord suddenly appeared in front of Yang Ye. He gazed at the dark violet bolts of divine lightning that were less than 1km away from them, and then a wisp of bewilderment flashed through his eyes. A short while passed before he said, “We can’t destroy it. It isn’t something that a Saint Realm expert can fight!”

Meanwhile, those Saint Realm experts in the sky had retreated and appeared by Yang Ye’s side.

It didn’t take long for the attacks in the sky to disperse. Yang Ye looked over and noticed that the Heaven’s Eye was still there, and there were only some cracks on it. However, those cracks were very tiny.

Xu Qianye spoke solemnly, “Our joint forces are capable of causing some damage to it, but it’s pointless because we don’t have enough time!”

Yang Ye asked, “Can all of you shatter space and escape this world?”

The Hallowed Lord shook his head and said, “It won’t work. The energy of the Heaven’s Eye has enveloped this entire world. The only way to leave is to destroy it!”

Yang Ye spoke solemnly, “So we’re waiting for death to arrive?”

“There’s something even more terrifying than death in this world!” Qin Bufan suddenly spoke, “In our world, they say that there’s a cycle of reincarnation. So long as one dies normally, then one can be reincarnated. However, if we’re killed by those bolts of dark violet divine lightning, then we’ll be truly obliterated without any chance of reincarnation.”

“I don’t have any other ideas!” Yang Ye said, “I’ve exposed all my secrets, so don’t hope that I’ll be able to do something!”

Meanwhile, the dark violet bolts of divine lightning were less than 300m away from them. Even with the suppression of the Sword Domain, they still felt an extremely formidable pressure press down upon them, and it caused despair to arise once more in their eyes.

A long moment of silence ensued.

“If I have a next life, I swear to destroy the Heavens! Soul Ignition!” Xu Qianye’s voice suddenly resounded.

Everyone else was shocked by this development. They looked up and saw that blazing flames had actually appeared on him, and his aura was rising explosively!

“Soul Ignition….” All of them were astounded. After all, Soul Ignition was a method that burned away the soul to increase a profounder’s strength. Of course, there was a price to pay for using such a technique, and it was death!

All of them hadn’t imagined that Xu Qianye would actually be so resolute!

It didn’t take long for Xu Qianye to become a ball of flames, and a bolt of dark violet divine lightning above him was actually blasted into pieces!

“Godslaughter Slash!” As soon as he spoke, his figure that had transformed into a ball of flames shot into the sky and collided with the Eye of the Heaven Dao!

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