Chapter 807 – The Saints Fall!

Almighty Sword Domain


Deafening rumbling resounded from afar as a dazzling ray of light swept through the sky and covered it.

Even though it was dazzling, no one closed their eyes, and they stared fixedly at the sky instead.

A short while passed before the light vanished, and their hearts sank as well. Moreover, their faces were beyond unsightly. Because the Eye of the Heaven Dao was still there, and there were just more cracks on it.

The atmosphere here was deathly silent.

A short moment passed before the Hallowed Lord’s aura suddenly rose explosively while the same flames appeared on him as well. He glanced at all the other Saints here and said, “We’re going to die anyway. So I choose to die fighting!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he shot into the sky, and he transformed into a 30km long golden streak that smashed against the Heaven’s Eye in the end.


Another huge explosion resounded.

However, the Heaven’s Eye was still there in the air!

This time, the hope in the hearts of many was completely destroyed.

We’ll die! All of us will! We’ll die no matter what!

“Since only death awaits us, then I’ll make you fucking suffer even if I die!” It was Supreme Exalt He who spoke these words. At this moment, he’d started to ignite his soul just like the Hallowed Lord and Xu Qianye had.

Yang Ye gazed at Supreme Exalt He. At this moment, Supreme Exalt He had an extraordinarily insane and ferocious expression on his face, and his eyes were filled with despair instead. Yang Ye glanced at the other Saints in the surroundings, and he noticed that all of them were the same. Actually, it wasn’t just them, even Yang Ye felt quite filled with despair at this moment!

What sort of existences were the Hallowed Lord and Xu Qianye? How terrifying were their strengths when they ignited their souls after attaining the Saint Realm? However, they were still merely able to shake the Eye of the Heaven Dao.

Once despair appeared in the heart, then all men would go berserk!

“Haha! Fucking heavens! I’m coming for you!” Supreme Exalt He shot into the sky, and he used the stronger attack in his lifetime against the Eye of the Heaven Dao!

The sky trembled while more cracks appeared on the Heaven’s Eye.

At this moment, the dark violet bolts of divine lightning were merely less than 150m away from them. So long as it descended to the ground, then the world would be instantly obliterated and all of them wouldn’t be able to escape death!

“We’ve been trapped for 100,000 years. Yet the time we’re finally free is the time we die. How laughable! How sad! Heavens! Bring it on!” A defiant profounder started to ignite his soul as well, and then he shot into the sky and smashed against the Eye of the Heaven Dao. After that defiant profounder shot up into the air, more and more figures charged up in succession!

It wasn’t just the defiant profounders, even the Saints of the Hallowed Grounds started to ignite their souls because they were truly filled with despair.

“After cultivating for tens of thousands of years, all I got in return is death. I’m not willing to accept this! AHHHH! Heavens! Since you want to kill me, then I’ll make you suffer too!” A Saint from the Hallowed Grounds seemed as if he’d gone mad, and he ignited his soul as he shot up into the sky and collided with the Eye of the Heaven Dao.

“Freedom after 100,000 years! I’ll destroy the heavens if I have a next life!” A defiant profounder ignited his soul and collided with the Heaven’s Eye as well.

Saint Realm experts ignited their souls in succession, and then rays of light shot into the sky and smashed against the Heaven’s Eye. Numerous explosions resounded throughout the sky. However, the self-detonation of so many Saint Realm experts merely made more cracks on the Eye of the Heaven Dao.

“Little Fellow….” Suddenly, Elder Mu said, “If… if you’re able to survive, then do something for me!”

Yang Ye was shocked and said, “Elder Mu… you….”

Elder Mu smiled and said, “Yes, I recalled who I am after I attained the Saint Realm. There are 4 great clans in the Outer Heavens, and one of them is the Mu Clan, my clan. If you survive and are able to head to the Outer Heavens, then help me see if someone called A’Qing is still in the Mu Clan. If she is, then tell her that I won’t be able to return; if she isn’t, then help me slaughter the Mu Clan. Alright?”

“Elder Mu….” Yang Ye’s heart was filled with sorrow, and he was about to say something when Elder Mu waved his hand, “All of this is fate. I thought that I’ve taken control of my own fate, but in the end, I’m still in its control.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Elder Mu’s body instantly transformed into a fireball that shot into the sky and collided with the Eye of the Heaven Dao.


Yang Ye closed his eyes while pain surged through his heart, and 2 streams of tears flowed out from his eyes.

“Hey….” Meanwhile, Shen Mo appeared by Yang Ye’s side and said, “While we aren’t really close, I want to ask you to do something for me. If you survive, then take this to Zhuge Yun of the Zhuge Clan which is one of the 4 great clans of the Outer Heavens. She’s my younger sister. Don’t tell her that I’m gone because that’s really too humiliating. Besides that, don’t have any thoughts about her! Otherwise, I won’t forgive you even if I have to become a ghost to haunt you!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he didn’t wait for Yang Ye’s agreement or refusal. He just flicked with his finger, and a golden scroll shot into Yang Ye’s hand before he charged up into the sky. He pressed his fingers together to form the shape of a blade, and then he made a slicing motion on his palm, causing a strand of blood to spray into the air.

“I offer up my blood as offering to the universe, I offer up my body to condense the Divine Talisman! Condense!” Shen Mu formed a strange seal in midair, and then all the spirit energy in the surroundings suddenly surged madly towards him. In the end, all of it entered his body, and then a shocking scene appeared. Numerous strange symbols actually appeared throughout his body!

Shen Mo’s entire body was gradually covered in strange symbols, and he simply seemed like a human talisman!

“Yang Ye, I’ll leave it to you….” As soon as he finished speaking, he’d appeared high above in the sky, and he left a trail of talismans behind in his wake!


The sky trembled as more cracks appeared on the Heaven’s Eye!

Their actions were no different than a group of ants trying to topple an elephant. If they had a choice, many would naturally not act in this way. However, they had no choice right now!

“All of them feel that you’ll be able to leave this world and reach the Outer Heavens!” Suddenly, Xiao Ying appeared by Yang Ye’s side, and Lei Lin was on her right. Lei Lin immediately ran over to Yang Ye when she saw him, but she didn’t say anything, and her eyes were filled with fear. While she was a lightning element Sprite King, Lightning of Obliteration wasn’t something she could absorb at all!

“Why?” Yang Ye’s face was icy cold as he stared fixedly at the Eye of the Heaven Dao in the sky.

“Because no one can see through you!” Xiao Ying continued, “No one expected you to possess Quintessence Violet Energy, including me. We don’t know what secrets you carry, but we have no doubt that you’re the most likely to survive amongst all the people left in this world.”

Xiao Ying walked over to Lei Lin while she spoke, and then she rubbed Lei Lin’s head and said, “Silly girl, if you have the chance to leave this world, then don’t ever trust anyone but him. No one else. Understand?”

Lei Lin seemed to have noticed something, and she suddenly nodded while tears surged out incessantly from her eyes, “Xiao Ying, we… we’ll be fine…. I… I won’t let anything happen to you….”

Xiao Yin rubbed Lei Lin’s head, and then she transformed into a flaming ray of light that charged up into the sky.


A huge explosion resounded, and then an ocean of flames covered the entire sky.

“Xiao Ying….” Lei Lin started crying and was about to charge up as well, but Yang Ye held tightly onto her.

“Big Brother…. Save… save Xiao Ying….” Lei Lin held Yang Ye’s hand with all her strength, and her tears flowed down like a torrent.

Yang Ye shook his head, and then he waved his right hand and placed her within the Primordial Pagoda.

The flames in the sky dispersed. Xiao Ying was gone, but the Eye of the Heaven Dao was still looking down upon them from the sky.

“Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Everything is temporary….” After Xiao Ying, the headless person from Nameless City suddenly strode step by step towards the Eye of the Heaven Dao.

Along with an explosion, more cracks appeared on it.

“The heavens desire our death, so we have no choice but to die….” The blind old man sighed, and then he started to ignite his soul.

“Blind Grandpa….” Sorrow appeared in Yin’yin’s eyes when she witnessed this scene.

The blind old man shook his head, and then he shot into the sky and collided with the Heaven’s Eye, causing even more cracks to appear on it.

Meanwhile, the dark violet bolts of divine lightning within Yang Ye’s Sword Domain were only around 60m away from them, and the shadow of death enveloped them. Some who were hesitant earlier stopped hesitating, and they ignited their souls and shot up into the sky!

“Hey! If you survive, then help me do something!” Qin Bufan suddenly walked over to Yang Ye and said, “There are countless stellar regions throughout the boundless universe. There’s a stellar region called the Milky Way Stellar Region. There’s a planet there that’s blue like water, and there’s a nation on that planet. That nation is called Cathay. Help me pass a message to Shui Lanxian who resides in the Shui Clan within the capital of Cathay. Tell her to marry someone else….” When he spoke up to this point, a wisp of a gentle expression appeared in Qin Bufan’s eyes.

Yang Ye asked, “Can she live for 100,000 years?”

Qin Bufan shook his head, “We arrived at this stellar region by traversing a black hole and entering a Temporal Tunnel. 100,000 years here might only be around 10 years there. Of course, there’s a huge price to pay in order to complete such travel. All those years ago, we would have been utterly incapable of traversing that black hole if we didn’t possess our undying physique. Don’t think that it’s inconceivable because there are much more inconceivable things throughout the boundless universe.”

Yang Ye said, “All of you’ve given me your last words, so who will I give mine to?”

Qin Bufan replied, “To be honest, I don’t think that you’ll be able to leave this world. After all, you’re only a Half-Saint now, and I can slap you to death with ease right now…. Actually, I only want to die in peace!”

Yang Ye gazed at him for a short while, and then he said, “I’ll definitely pass your message if I have the chance!”

“Thank you….” Qin Bufan smiled before his body started to burn as well.

A short while passed before another explosion resounded in the sky, and even more cracks appeared on the eye in the sky.

It didn’t take long for only a few to remain here.

“Big Brother…. Yin’yin can’t bear to part with you!” Yin’yin suddenly grabbed Yang Ye’s hand, and then her body actually started to burn as well.

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