Chapter 809 – Heavenrend! InVader's Thoughts

Almighty Sword Domain

A sword howl shot into the sky. Merely the sword howl shattered the hundreds of dark violet bolts of divine lightning in the air above Yang Ye, and Yang Ye’s own clothes exploded apart. Moreover, cracks were spreading like a spiderweb throughout his body while blood surged out incessantly from them! 

However, his sword had only been drawn halfway!

As if it sensed how terrifying Yang Ye’s attack was, the ethereal eye in the sky blinked, and then a dark violet bolt of divine lightning which was over 3km long emerged from it. However, doing that made it even more ethereal, and it seemed like it would disperse from the slightest gust of wind.

Of course, Yang Ye was in an even worse state than it. At this moment, it wasn’t just his body that had cracked apart, even his face and hands were in a similar state. Moreover, more and more cracks were appearing, causing him to seem extremely terrifying.

Yang Ye stared fixedly at the Eye of the Heaven Sao while he held tightly onto the hilt of the Sword Precursor, and his hand was trembling.

“Big Brother….” Yin’yin tears immediately started flowing when she saw Yang Ye in such a state. A short while passed before she raised her head and looked up into the sky, and her face was covered in fury.

“I’ll eat you!” Yin’yin shot up into the air while an enormous mouth that blotted out the sky appeared above her, and it shot towards the enormous bolt of divine lightning.


The enormous mouth was instantly blasted into pieces, and then the huge dark violet bolt of divine lightning continued down towards Yin’yin, causing her face to turn ghastly pale.

“Yin’yin!” Yang Ye was overwhelmed with rage and worry. Suddenly, a ray of white light appeared in the sky, and it instantly arrived in front of Yin’yin. After that, it enveloped her before it flashed once more, and it vanished into the sky.

“Grandpa Whitebeard….” Yang Ye faintly heard Yin’yin’s cry when the white light was about to vanish.

Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief when he saw this. He knew that it was definitely the old man who’d thought Yin’yin the Heaven Devourer Technique, and he felt that the old man’s strength was sufficient to keep Yin’yin safe!

Meanwhile, the divine lightning had arrived above Yang Ye’s head, and it was less than 300m away! 

Yang Ye took a deep breath while resolve flashed through his eyes. He knew that he didn’t have much time left because he was starting to suffer the backlash from the Intent Ignition technique. He had 10 breaths of time at most before his cultivation would drop to god knows where. Moreover, he might even explode and die on the spot! 

So, when he thought of that, a wisp of ferocity flashed through his eyes, and he gripped the sword tightly and pulled! 


The Sword Precursor was accompanied by a sword howl as it shot out from the ancient sheath and charged up into the sky. The sword howl surged through the world and caused the heavens and the earth to tremble. Besides the enormous bolt of dark violet divine lightning above Yang Ye, all the other divine lightning were instantly blasted into pieces, and they transformed into bits of energy that covered the sky. As for the Sword Precursor, it emanated a dazzling glow as it shot up into the sky.

A moment of silence ensued when it came into contact with the enormous bolt of divine lightning, and then it sliced through the divine lightning with ease!

The Sword Precursor sliced through the sky and stabbed the Eye of the Heaven Dao!


Countless strands of sword energy sprayed out from the Sword Precursor, and one after the other smashed against the eye.


It only took 3 breaths of time for the Eye of the Heaven Dao to explode into pieces before Yang Ye’s eyes.


After that, another enormous explosion resounded, and then everything within Yang Ye’s field of vision warped as rumbling resounded by his ear.

He wanted to do something about it, but he was rendered completely helpless. Because he couldn’t even lift a finger. It wasn’t just his fingers that he couldn’t move, he couldn’t even open his eyes! 

After his eyes closed, Yang Ye felt pain, extreme pain. It was so strong that it actually allowed him to regain slight consciousness when he was on the verge of fainting. He wasn’t able to open his eyes, and he could only feel that something in the surroundings seemed to be tearing him open, and the sharp pain that struck deep within his bones caused him to desire immediate death!Time flowed by slowly. However, the sharp pain still remained, and it was even growing stronger. On the contrary, his consciousness was growing more and more blurry, and even the sharp pain that struck deep within his bones couldn’t clear his mind. 

Yang Ye thought about many things before he fell fully unconscious. There was An Nanjing, Xiao Yuxi, Ding Shaoyao, Yang Nianxue….

Suddenly, Yang Ye felt like he was pushed by something, and then his consciousness grew completely blurred before he fell unconscious.

Suddenly, Yang Ye heard voices. He wanted to open his eyes, but he couldn’t no matter what. He wanted to move his limbs, but they felt like they didn’t even belong to him.

What’s going on? Yang Ye was horrified. However, he quickly calmed himself down. Another long period passed before his hard work paid off, and he could finally open his eyes slowly.

A ray of light appeared in his field of vision. It was extremely dazzling, and it made him close his eyes again. At this moment, while his mind was still extremely heavy, he heaved a huge sigh of relief in his heart. 

He tried hard to recall what exactly had occurred before this, but he couldn’t recall anything no matter how hard he tried. His memory stopped at the moment the Eye of the Heaven Dao was slashed apart, and the remaining part was completely blank.

One who survives great calamity is destined for good fortune! Yang Ye stopped thinking about that. All he knew was that he was alive, and the important matter at hand was to recover. He scanned his body, and then a strand of panic instantly surged out from his heart and covered his entire body! 

My sword intent has fallen to the 1st level!

My cultivation has fallen to the 1st rank of the Mortal Realm! 

My meridians have shattered. It isn’t just my meridians, even all my bones have split apart. That’s why I can’t move! 

Of course, all of that wasn’t a huge deal. The main problem was that the Primordial Pagoda had actually returned back to the form of the tiny vortex!

He couldn’t get in anymore!

Qingshi! Little Yao! Xiyue! Lei Lin! What am I to do about all of them? Will they be fine? 

Yang Ye was truly struck with panic when he thought about all of them. He hadn’t expected the Primordial Pagoda to actually transform back into the tiny vortex!A short while passed before Yang Ye worked hard to calm himself. He knew that he absolutely couldn’t fall into a state of panic right now.

The 1st level of the Primordial Pagoda is a world of its own. Qingshi and the others should be fine in there. I’m probably the reason why it’s in the form of the tiny vortex again, and I must recover my strength to access the pagoda again! 

Yang Ye wasn’t trying to console himself. After all, the little girl, Xiao Qi, had been in there for so long. So, he felt that Su Qingshi and the others would be fine as well. However, their strengths were far inferior to Xiao Qi, and Xiao Qi was a comparatively special existence. So, he was very well aware that he had to regain access to it as soon as possible. Otherwise, Su Qingshi and the others would definitely be in danger!

I have to recover my strength! Yang Ye couldn’t help but feel troubled when he thought up to this point. After all, he couldn’t even absorb spirit energy right now!

Not only was he unable to absorb spirit energy, he didn’t even have the ability to move! In short, he was a true cripple right now! 

The Sword Spirit! Suddenly, Yang Ye thought of the Sword Spirit. What happened to her?

He hurriedly tried to contact her. However, he received no reply at all.

Yang Ye was quite anxious. Fortunately, it didn’t take long for him to sense that there was something pressing down on him, and he used all his willpower to move his hand to his chest. He instantly heaved a huge sigh of relief when he touched the thing on his chest because it was the ancient sheath!

“Eh? What a strange sword sheath!” Suddenly, a female voice that was extremely pleasant to the ear resounded from the side, and then a wave of refreshing fragrance assaulted his nose. 

“Young Miss Fan, please watch yourself!” Meanwhile, the icy cold voice of a man entered Yang Ye’s ears, and then….


Yang Ye suddenly felt sharp pain come from his stomach, and then his figure was blasted flying and only stopped upon crashing against a wall!


Yang Ye couldn’t help but gasp because it felt like his bones were about to shatter. He slowly opened his eyes and saw a man and a woman. The woman was extremely beautiful. Her face was fair and smooth, her eyes tender like water, but they carried faint coldness and seemed to be able to see through everything. She wore a light green dress that was dragged against the ground while a green belt with cloud patterns was wrapped around her waist, causing the curves of her waist to be even more prominent.

Of course, Yang Ye’s gaze didn’t stop on the women, and it had descended onto the man instead. He just glanced at the man’s face before he withdrew his gaze.

“Ye Lang! He’s just a beggar!” The woman glanced indifferently at the man and spoke flatly.

“No man is allowed to get close to Young Miss Fan. That’s the Young Master’s orders!” replied the man.

“Do you think that I would take interest in a beggar?” The woman glanced at Ye Lang, and then she walked over to Yang Ye and gestured with her hand. The ancient sheath flew over into her grasp. She sized it up for a moment, and then her brows knit together slightly. A long time passed before she flicked a white pill into Yang Ye’s mouth and said, “While this pill can’t repair your meridians, it should be sufficient to repair your bones. My Fan Clan lacks a horse keeper. You should be able to do the job once you’ve recovered!” 

As she spoke, she held Yang Ye’s ancient sheath in her hand as she turned around and left. The man glanced at Yang Ye as a cold glow flashed through his eyes. However, he hesitated for a moment when he noticed Yang Ye’s cultivation and the state Yang Ye’s body was in. He shook his head, turned around, and left in the end.

He felt that he really didn’t have to act against a cripple!

It didn’t take long for 2 men to arrive by Yang Ye’s side, and they carried him away.

While the woman had taken the ancient sheath, Yang Ye didn’t feel sad at all. Because he was pleasantly surprised to notice his broken bones slowly healing upon consuming that medicinal pill. In other words, while he couldn’t recover his strength yet, he had the ability to move now!

Of course, there was an even more important matter that he needed to attend to, and it was to figure out exactly where he was! 

—  End of Book Six —

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