Chapter 810 – The Sword Emperor! Lu Wan’er!

Almighty Sword Domain

Book 7 — The Outer Heavens

Three days later!

Yang Ye obtained quite a bit of information. This world was called the Radiant Dimension. As for whether it was the Outer Heavens that the people of Profounder Continent spoke about, he wasn’t really sure.

The Radiant Dimension had 5 prefectures. The Pine Prefecture, the Cloud Prefecture, the Wave Prefecture, the Darkness Prefecture, and the Central Divine Prefecture. Every single prefecture was extremely vast, and there was once a Saint Realm expert that hadn’t even been able to explore the entire Central Divine Prefecture after dedicating his entire lifetime to it!

He was in the Pine Prefecture right now. There were no kingdoms in this prefecture, and there were only countless sects and clans. All of these clans and sects were strictly divided into ranks, and these ranks were the Bronze Rank, the Silver Rank, the Gold Rank, the Platinum Rank, the Diamond Rank, and the Titanium Rank.

The Fan Clan which he resided in was one of those clans, but it was a small clan that couldn’t even be considered to be a Bronze Rank clan!

Something worth mentioning was that the realms of cultivations for the cultivators here wasn’t very different to the profounders of Profounder Continent. The only difference was that there weren’t 9 ranks in every realm of cultivation beneath the Half-Saint Realm. All of them were compressed into 3 ranks, the high rank, mid rank, and low rank. It was the same for cultivation techniques, combat techniques, and treasures!

Yang Ye sat cross-legged on the bed in his room, and his eyes were closed as he carefully scanned his injuries.

He had no doubt that the injuries and side effects he suffered right now were the worst he’d ever suffered. His sword intent had dropped to the 1st level while his cultivation was dropped to the Mortal Realm. The most serious part was that his meridians were broken apart, so he couldn’t even absorb spirit energy. Since he couldn’t do that, he couldn’t access the Primordial Pagoda again, and he couldn’t utilize the Primordial Violet Energy within it to recover!

There was one more thing that was even worse and even more urgent. He only had less than 3 months to live!

That was a very troublesome and difficult problem!

Of course, the important matter at hand was to recover his strength as soon as possible.

If he didn’t have strength in this unfamiliar world, then he might not even live for 3 months. However, he couldn’t resolve this problem right now because the Primordial Pagoda couldn’t be accessed. Besides the ancient sheath, he truly had nothing left in his possession. After all, all his spirit stones, techniques, and treasures were stored within the Primordial Pagoda.

Looks like I have to temporarily put aside my desire to search for Yuxi and An Nanjing. My main goal should be to find a way to keep myself alive and recover my strength! After he figured it all out, Yang Ye walked over to the copper mirror in his room. An extremely ugly person was reflected in the mirror. He had white hair, and the left side of his face seemed to have been slashed by a sharp blade and was covered in scars, and those scars crisscrossed throughout the left side of his face. Even Yang Ye was shocked by his own appearance!

It wasn’t just his face, even his entire body was covered in such scars. It was like he’d been cut a million times. He knew that it was definitely caused by some sort of unknown force while he was unconscious.

If I’m ugly, then I am! Yang Ye shook his head, and then he turned around and left the room.

Since he recovered the ability to move, the Fan Clan had given him a job, and it was to take care of the horses. He wasn’t against it, and he had no intention to leave for now. If he left the Fan Clan in his current state, then he would die before he even realized it. Moreover, the ancient sheath was still in that woman, Fan Li’s, possession.

The Fan Clan was naturally nothing in Pine Prefecture, but it could be considered as one of the overlords in Skywind City.

The spirit energy in the Radiant Dimension really was much denser than the spirit energy on Profounder Continent. Even the Hallowed Grounds’ spirit energy couldn’t compare to it. So, cultivating here was definitely much faster than it was on the continent. Of course, there was a flaw in this, and it was that the foundations of many cultivators here couldn’t compare to the profounders of Profounder Continent.

In short, the Radiant Dimension was definitely better than Profounder Continent. After all, the spirit energy here was truly too abundant.

The Fan Clan’s horses were naturally no ordinary horses. They were pegasus horses that were ranked, and they were equivalent to Exalt Rank demon beasts. However, they were comparatively gentle and weren’t aggressive. Their only virtue was their speed, and it far surpassed the speed of an ordinary Exalt Realm expert.

Yang Ye had just arrived at the stables when an old man who seemed like a manager hurriedly walked over with an anxious expression, “Little Yang, quickly feed the horses. The Eldest Young Miss and Young Miss Li from Stellar Sky City intend to head out to the city in a while. Hurry up. They’re about to get here….” The old man swiftly vanished from Yang Ye’s field of vision.

Yang Ye was slightly stunned, and then he shook his head and smiled. The old man was the manager of the Fan Clan’s stables, and they called him Manager Ma. The old man had taken care of him when he’d just arrived here.

While the Fan Clan’s strength wasn’t really great, it was very wealthy. It was considered the wealthiest clan in Skywind City, and it showed from how they fed the horses with top-grade energy stones!

It didn’t take long for 3 women to appear within Yang Ye’s field of vision. Yang Ye and the others who took care of the horses stood aside, and there was a pegasus by each of their sides. All of them kept their heads lowered and seemed extremely respectful as that was what Manager Ma had ordered. Of course, Yang Ye stood quite behind, so he didn’t have his head lowered and was looking at them.

The woman at the center of the group was that woman who took his ancient sheath, and she was Fan Li, the eldest young miss of the Fan Clan. There was a young girl around the age of 16 on Fan Li’s left, and the young girl was holding a sword in her hand. The young girl’s appearance was very similar to Fan Li, and Yang Ye knew that she was the second young miss of the Fan Clan, Fan Meng.

A woman in a green dress was on Fan Li’s right. She was extremely beautiful, and she had an extraordinary bearing that rivalled Fan Li.

Fan Meng suddenly spoke, “Big Sister, I want to go with both of you later!”

Fan Li’s beautiful brows creased as she said, “It’s too dangerous!”


Suddenly, a sword howl resounded from Fan Meng’s sword, and both Fan Li and the other woman were slightly stunned. It didn’t take long for a wisp of pleasant surprise to flash through Fan Li’s eyes, “Your sword intent has arrived at the 4th level?”

Fan Meng had a complacent expression in her eyes, “Of course. I attained the 4th level 2 days ago. See, Big Sister! While I’m only at the low rank of the Spirit Realm, I don’t even have to fear a high rank Spirit Realm expert. So, let me go with both of you, alright? I can help!”

Meanwhile, the woman by Fan Li’s side spoke, “She was able to attain the 4th level of sword intent at just the age of 16. Little Meng’s natural talent isn’t bad. If she can attain the 6th level this year, then she’ll be able to join the Ancient Sword School, and if she works hard, she might even be able to surpass the Sword Emperor, Lu Wan’er!”

Lu Wan’er! Yang Ye’s pupils constricted slightly. He hadn’t expected that he would actually hear about Lu Wan’er while he was here. At the same time, he heaved a huge sigh of relief because since Lu Wan’er was safe, then An Nanjing and the others were probably safe as well.

Yang Ye took a few steps forward, and he gazed at them as he wanted to hear even more information about Lu Wan’er.

Fan Li shook her head and said, “Lu Wan’er is only 20 now, but she’s already at the Monarch Realm, and her sword intent attained the 1st level of the Heaven Rank 3 years ago. Moreover, she possesses the Void Sword Physique. While Little Meng’s natural talent in the Sword Dao isn’t bad, she’s much more inferior to Lu Wan’er.”

3 years ago? Yang Ye’s brows knit together slightly. Was I unconscious for 3 years?

Fan Meng grunted coldly and said, “Don’t look down on me, Big Sister. I’m only 16 now. I’ll definitely be stronger than Lu Wan’er when I’m 20!”

Fan Li rubbed her younger sister’s head while a trace of affection flashed through her eyes, “If you really want to help big sister, then work hard on your cultivation, attain the 6th level of sword intent, and join the Ancient Sword School.”

“Big Sister won’t have to marry that scoundrel from the Lin Clan if I join the Ancient Sword School, right?” Fan Meng raised her head to gaze at Fan Li while she spoke seriously.

Fan Li was slightly stunned, and then her face turned cold as she shouted, “Don’t speak such words!”

“It’s the truth!” Fan Meng continued, “You never liked him. If the Lin Clan didn’t threaten us, then you….”


Fan Li suddenly slapped Fan Meng and shouted furiously, “Go back now!”

Fan Meng was stunned, and then she burst into tears before turning around and running away.

The woman in a green dress shot a glance at Fan Li when she witnessed this scene, and she just smiled in silence.

Fan Li turned around to look at the woman in a green dress, “I’m sorry you had to see that, Young Miss Li Qingyi. I failed to educate her well!”

Li Qingyi smiled and said, “Don’t mention it. Your sister is a genius, and her natural talent will definitely allow her to enter the Ancient Sword School in the future. So long as she does, then the Fan Clan will be the number one clan in Skywind City. Of course, if she really can’t join the Ancient Sword School, then the doors of my Stellar Sky City will always be open for her!”

“Thank you for the kind words!” Fan Li turned around to gaze at the horses at the side, and she said, “Our journey to Broken Sky Mountain Range is a long one, so choose a mount, Young Miss Li.”

Li Qingyi’s gaze swept through the horses. In the end, her gaze descended onto the pegasus by Yang Ye’s side, “I’ll take that one!”

Yang Ye led the horse over to her when he heard her, and then he was about to turn around and leave. However, Li Qingyi suddenly said, “Stop!”

Yang Ye stopped and turned around to look at her, “Yes, Young Miss Li?”

Manager Ma hurriedly went over to Yang Ye’s side when he witnessed this scene, and he spoke softly, “Little Yang, you have to kneel when you speak to the young misses. Quickly….”

Kneel? Yang Ye’s brows knit together slightly, and then he shook his head. Manager Ma’s face instantly turned pale when he witnessed this scene, and then he kept shooting warning glances at Yang Ye.

Li Qingyi smiled, and then she gazed at Fan Li and said, “Young Miss Fan, this servant of yours is quite interesting!”

Fan Li gazed at Yang Ye and said, “I’ll give you one last chance!”

Yang Ye knew that she would definitely strike him if he didn’t kneel. She was at the Exalt Realm while he was only at the Mortal Realm, so he would definitely not be a match for her. Even then, could he kneel?

“Kill him!” Fan Li spoke indifferently when she saw Yang Ye remain silent, and her gaze was icy cold and completely without emotions.

What the fuck! The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched. She really doesn’t treat us as living people!

It was definitely impossible for him to fight her. Since he couldn’t use his hand, he could only use his mouth. When he saw 2 guards approaching, Yang Ye hurriedly gazed at Li Qingyi and said, “Young Miss Li, I… I like you….”

Everyone here was stunned!

Yang Ye’s own mind was blank at this moment. What did I just say?

Author’s Note — Such segments are common in fantasy novels. When they ascend from a lower dimension to a higher dimension, the main character usually transforms from a powerful expert into a weakling. It’s the same for the supreme experts of the lower dimension, they become weak and common like dogs in the higher dimension. I’m sure you’ve read similar segments in other novels. I myself love reading, especially fantasy novels, but even I want to curse at such plots. So, I don’t intend to write something like that. Of course, this world is definitely different from Profounder Continent, and you’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg. Allow me to slowly reveal it to you.

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