Chapter 813 – Even If I Have No Strength!

Almighty Sword Domain

“The Divine Archer Liu Wufeng. He’s said to be the number one expert at the Exalt Realm within our city. Even my big sister is extremely fearful of him!” Fan Meng was afraid that Yang Ye would underestimate the enemy, so she hurriedly spoke in a low voice, “I… I’ve sent a transmission talisman to my big sister. We’ll be saved once she arrives!”

“The number one expert in the Exalt Realm? Hahaha….” Yang Ye was stunned for a moment, and then he started roaring with laughter.

This time, it wasn’t just Liu Wufeng who was stunned, even Fan Meng was dazed.

Yang Ye laughed for a while before he walked slowly towards Liu Wufeng while pulling Fan Meng along with him. He said, “One strike of my sword. Resist just a single strike and I’ll spare your life!” His tone was carefree as if Liu Wufeng was trash.

Fan Meng blinked while a trace of admiration appeared in her eyes.

While he’s only at the Mortal Realm, his bearing is absolutely not something a Mortal Realm cultivator can possess. That arrow of mine should have been crushed by him. He’s absolutely not ordinary since he was able to do that with such ease!

Liu Wufeng didn’t attack, and his expression grew even more serious.

Yang Ye continued leading Fan Meng towards Liu Wufeng. Even though he didn’t emanate any aura, Liu Wufeng felt like a mountain was pressing down upon him, and even his heartbeat started to slow down.

Liu Wufeng’s expression was growing more and more solemn while the admiration in Fan Meng’s eyes was growing stronger.

Sweat actually started to gradually appear on Liu Wufeng’s face, but he didn’t flee because he knew that he would be finished if he fled now.

Actually, Yang Ye was quite anxious in his heart as well. He was placing psychological pressure on Liu Wufeng now. It could be considered as psychological pressure if one wanted to make it sound nice, but in truth, he was actually just frightening Liu Wufeng. So long as Liu Wufeng attacked, then the psychological pressure Yang Ye created would instantly collapse on itself. Of course, he could utilize the Unfettered One’s sword intent to kill Liu Wufeng. However, he truly didn’t want to use that sword intent unless he had no other choice.

He wasn’t in the same state anymore. If he were to activate that sword intent now, then he would definitely suffer backlash from it. After all, he was only at the 1st level of sword intent. Actually strictly speaking, he wasn’t even at the 1st level. So, the consequences of forcefully utilizing sword intent which surpassed the 3rd level of the Heaven Rank would definitely be dire!

Liu Wufeng’s face was covered in cold sweat when Yang Ye arrived just around 20m away from him. Moreover, there were even threads of blood in his eyes. However, he didn’t flee.

Yang Ye nodded lightly in his heart when he saw that. Perhaps Liu Wufeng wasn’t very strong, but his willpower and disposition were very good.


Suddenly, an aura surged out from Liu Wufeng.

The mid rank of the Exalt Realm!

He’d actually advanced beneath the pressure Yang Ye exerted upon him!

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched slightly. My act is quite a failure. Not only did I fail to scare him away, I allowed him to advance! Now I’m really in trouble.

Fan Meng’s face turned pale. Liu Wufeng wasn’t aware of the current state of Yang Ye’s body, but she was. If Liu Wufeng attacked, then both of them would definitely die.

“Huff….” Liu Wufeng released a sigh, and his entire body relaxed. The pressure he felt earlier had vanished as well. He gazed at Yang Ye again, but the solemn expression in his eyes had vanished and only burning battle intent remained. “I have the strength to fight even if I face a low rank Monarch Realm expert!” As he spoke, he withdrew a dark green arrow and knocked it on his bow!

Fan Meng’s lips shivered as she held tightly onto Yang Ye’s hand.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye shook his head and smiled, “Your disposition and willpower aren’t bad. If you survive today, then you’ll definitely accomplish something in your life.”

He grabbed the sword on Fan Meng’s waist while he spoke. As soon as he did, the sword suddenly emanated a sword howl and even started to tremble!

At this moment, it seemed like it had come to life!

Liu Wufeng’s pupils constricted while a solemn expression arose deep within his eyes.

On the other hand, Fan Meng gazed at Yang Ye with disbelief, and her eyes were covered in shock and bewilderment.

Yang Ye chuckled, and then he continued walking towards Liu Wufeng while pulling Fan Meng along, “I’d originally intended to kill you in an instant. But I cherish geniuses. Wouldn’t it be a pity to end you just like that?” As he spoke, he stopped moving and stabbed the sword on the ground. After that, he picked up a stick that was around a meter long.

Liu Wufeng and Fan Meng were puzzled by Yang Ye’s actions, and they just stared at him. It was especially so for Liu Wufeng. At this moment, the solemn expression in his eyes was even greater than before. Because this ugly white haired freak didn’t seem like an ordinary fellow.

After he picked it up, Yang Ye pushed the stick into Fan Meng’s right hand before moving behind her. He wrapped his left hand around her slim waist while his right hand took her right hand which held the stick.

Fan Meng blushed from the scent of a man that came from behind her, and she was about to resist when Yang Ye suddenly raised her right hand and pointed it at Liu Wufeng. He said, “I would be bullying you if I fought you. Come, I won’t utilize my profound energy or sword intent. I’ll let this junior disciple of mine fight you. It just so happens to be a great opportunity for her to learn how to use the sword!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye moved his head close to her ear and whispered, “Circulate your profound energy and enhance the stick with your sword intent. Don’t let your thoughts run wild! Focus!”

Even though she wasn’t used to this, Fan Meng knew that she had no other choice now. So, she could only do as Yang Ye said.

Yang Ye held tightly onto her waist while he slowly moved her right hand, and he gazed at Liu Wufeng and said, “Come?”

Liu Wufeng gazed at Yang Ye for a short while. When he noticed that Yang Ye really hadn’t circulated any profound energy or sword intent, he couldn’t help but become slightly hesitant. Because this proved that Yang Ye was completely unafraid. However, he was truly unwilling to leave just like that. He hesitated for a moment before a cold glow flashed through his eyes, and then his arrow shot out towards the center of Fan Meng’s forehead.

The arrow was swift like a bolt of lightning, and it even rumbled through the air.

Fan Meng’s body trembled slightly while terror appeared in her eyes. Because not to mention resisting it, she couldn’t even see it clearly. But right at this moment, she felt her hand move.


A clear and melodious sound resounded as Liu Wufeng’s arrow stopped just over 30 inches before Fan Meng. Fan Meng looked over and saw that the branch in her hand had suddenly stabbed at a position half an inch behind the tip of the arrow. Fan Meng’s eyes lit up when she noticed this because it was the weakest point on the arrow!

Striking that position was similar to striking the heart of a snake, and it was extremely effective!

Liu Wufeng’s expression became unprecedentedly solemn when he witnessed this scene. He was sure that the white haired man who stood before him was no ordinary person, and the man’s strength might really surpass his own. However, he was still quite unwilling to give up! He was unwilling to allow his arrows to be stopped with such ease!

So, he knocked another arrow and shot it.

The arrow left a long green streak behind it as it shot through here. Everywhere it passed, space was torn into pieces while the air in its path exploded apart.

Fan Meng had turned completely pale because she felt a powerful aura press down upon her when that arrow left the bowstring, and that arrow made her incapable of even arousing the thought to resist. She knew that it was a form of pressure. While Liu Wufeng hadn’t comprehended Archery Intent, it carried its own pressure and aura!

Moreover, it was extremely strong to the point that it wasn’t inferior to her 4th level sword intent! Coupled with the fact that his cultivation surpassed hers, she wasn’t a match for him once she lost the advantage that her sword intent gave her!

Suddenly, she felt her hand move again, and then….

Liu Wufeng’s arrow stopped in front of her again, and then the green glow it emanated dispersed before it fell to the ground. However, Fan Meng’s palm had split open and blood was slowly seeping out from there.

Yang Ye gazed at Liu Wufeng and spoke slowly, “The force it carries is alright, but its aura and speed are insufficient. Moreover, your technique is too simple and not cunning enough. When you don’t have the advantage in speed and strength, then a technique that’s too simple is also too useless. This current technique you’re using is exactly that, too useless. Not to mention 2 shots, I can even deal with 200 shots with absolute ease!”

Liu Wufeng pondered deeply for a short while, and then he raised his head and looked at Yang Ye. A cold glow flashed through his eyes. He knocked his arrows, and then he flicked repeatedly with his fingers….

Arrow after arrow shot towards Yang Ye. All of them weren’t shot out in a single line, and they shot towards Yang Ye and Fan Meng from various different angles. It was even to the extent that some arrows would suddenly turn when they were about to arrive before Fan Meng, and then they attacked from a completely different angle.

If Liu Wufeng’s previous technique was simple, then this was complicated. Moreover, it was extremely complicated. Because every single one of them seemed like they were being controlled, and they were dancing around Yang Ye and Fan Meng!

Fan Meng was utterly stunned by this scene. She didn’t know how to deal with such an attack at all! She turned her head slightly to gaze at Yang Ye, yet she noticed that Yang Ye had actually closed his eyes slightly.

After that, her hand started to move.

The stick stabbed forward, flicked, swept horizontally, tapped light to the side, slashed forcefully….

As her hand moved, arrow after arrow dropped incessantly to the ground, and it didn’t take long for all the arrows to drop to the ground.

“The Enlightened Sword Heart…. The ability to overcome all techniques….” Liu Wufeng’s face turned slightly pale when he witnessed this scene, and his eyes were filled with disbelief.

On the other hand, Fan Meng was utterly stunned. Her eyes were opened wide, and she seemed like she’d been petrified.

Yang Ye slowly opened his eyes, gazed at Liu Wufeng, and said, “Even though your strength is a little weak, your disposition and natural talent aren’t bad. It really is a waste to kill you, so leave. Right, don’t tell anyone about me. Otherwise, you’ll die before you know it!”

Liu Wufeng took a deep breath, and then he bowed to Yang Ye, “Thank you, Senior, for sparing my life!”

He turned around after he spoke and intended to leave. However, he stopped after taking 2 steps, and he said, “Miss Fan, be wary of the Ye Clan!” As soon as he finished speaking, his figure flashed and vanished from their field of vision.

Yang Ye immediately heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Liu Wufeng leave.

Suddenly, a few figures appeared here. It was Fan Li, Li Qingyi, and 2 other young men.

They were stunned when they saw Yang Ye and Fan Meng. Because Yang Ye was holding Fan Meng tightly from behind, and his left hand was even wrapped around her waist while his right hand was holding her hand!

“You dog! How dare you!” Fan Li’s furious roar suddenly resounded, and then a mouthful of blood sprayed from Yang Ye’s mouth as his figure flew off into the distance!

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