Chapter 814 – Using The Situation To Do The Deed!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye flew over 1km back, and he smashed through numerous trees before he crashed to the ground.

The blood within his body roiled while stars seemed to be blinking in his eyes. He felt extreme pain surge through his entire body while his consciousness started to become blurry!

This time, Yang Ye was really quite furious.

Suddenly, Fan Li appeared in front of him, and then she spoke coldly, “I told you that you should remember your place. But now it seems like you didn’t take it seriously. Since it’s like that, I can’t keep you alive!”

As she spoke, she slowly raised her right hand, and then a gust of wind flashed down towards him.

A trace of ferociousness flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes as he prepared himself to activate the Unfettered One’s sword intent. Even though he would have to pay a price that he couldn’t endure, he had no other choice right now.

Right when he was about to use it to instantly annihilate her, Fan Meng suddenly appeared in front of him. She hurriedly helped him up and said, “Are… are you alright?”

Yang Ye rolled his eyes when he heard her. Do I look like I’m alright? Can’t you see that I can’t even stand properly?

Meanwhile, Fan Li suddenly spoke coldly, “Little Meng! More aside!”

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly while the sword intent in his mind was ready to be shot out at any moment.

Fan Meng took a deep breath, and then she turned around to gaze at Fan Li, “Big Sister, why do you always have to act like you’re always right? Do you even know what happened just now? You know nothing! If it wasn’t for….”

“How dare you!” Fan Li suddenly interrupted Fan Meng while flames of rage burned in her eyes, “You’re actually talking back to me for him?”

Fang Meng seemed to be quite afraid of her older sister, but she didn’t shrink back and continued, “If it wasn’t for him, then I….”

“Little Meng, just keep quiet!” Suddenly, a white robed man walked over and mediated, “Do you know how worried your older sister was? Earlier, we were about to win a battle, but she suddenly received a transmission from you, and she immediately gave up on it. Moreover, she even asked us to rush over with her because she was worried that something would happen to you. However, we didn’t see anyone when we arrived here, but we saw you….”

When he spoke up to this point, the white robed man glanced at Yang Ye who stood behind Fang Meng, and he said, “Little Meng, just tell us how your sister will be able to hold her head up high when you acted like that with that lowly bastard? Would the Fan Clan be able to avoid humiliation? You’re not young anymore, and you should know how to act.”

Fan Meng glanced at Fan Li, and then she lowered her head slightly and said, “Big Sister, I’m sorry!”

The flames of rage in Fan Li’s eyes reduced slightly when she heard this, and her voice became slightly softer, “Move aside. He doesn’t know his place and has even spoiled your name. I can’t let him live!”

“No!” Fan Meng instantly became unyielding, “Big Sister, you… you can’t kill him. I….” She wanted to tell them what had happened just now, but she wasn’t able to do so. Because she knew very well that even if she did tell them, none of them would believe her. Moreover, Yang Ye might even be in danger because of that!

“Move aside!” Fan Li’s gaze gradually grew icy cold.

Even though Fan Meng feared her older sister, she still refused to move aside.

Killing intent appeared in Fan Li’s eyes. Of course, it was aimed at Yang Ye. However, she hadn’t noticed that it was the same for Yang Ye.

Suddenly, Li Qingyi’s voice resounded, “There are signs of battle here!”

All of them looked over and saw countless broken arrows all over the ground. Fan Li’s jet black brows knit together when she noticed them, and then she turned around to look at Fan Meng, “What happened here?”

Fan Meng heaved a sigh of relief when she noticed that her older sister didn’t seem to have any intention to attack anymore. She said, “We encountered Liu Wufeng just now!”

Besides Li Qingyi, the expressions of Fan Li and the other 2 men changed when they heard that name.

Meanwhile, Li Qingyi said, “While Liu Wufeng is only an independent cultivator, his archery is quite good. At the very least, there are no more than 5 Exalt Realm cultivators throughout Skywind City that can defeat him. Based on the scene here, he probably executed his Arrow Convergence Technique. However, he failed.”

When she spoke up to this point, she gazed at Fan Meng and said, “Who saved both of you?”

Fan Li and the others gazed at Fan Meng. Fan Meng fell silent. She really wanted to say that it was Yang Ye, but she stopped herself. Because they would definitely not believe her. Moreover, based on the conversation between Yang Ye and Liu Wufeng, she knew that Yang Ye didn’t want to expose himself. So, she said, “He… he saved us and left. I… I don’t know who he was….”

Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief when he heard her. It wasn’t that he wanted to keep a low profile, it was because he had no choice but to do so. Even though he knew that this world was the Outer Heavens now, it was still too unfamiliar to him. Just like this encounter. After he left Skywind City, he noticed that the city was actually surrounded by mountains!

It was surrounded by endless mountains, and he couldn’t see the end of them!

Besides that, he sensed many obscure yet powerful auras within these mountains. At the very least, they were extremely strong for him in his current state.

If his secrets were to be exposed right now, then it wouldn’t be beneficial to him at all.

Li Qingyi nodded lightly when she heard Fan Meng, and she said, “I presume it was definitely a Monarch Realm expert since he was able to deal with Liu Wufeng’s technique with such ease, and he was probably not an ordinary Monarch Realm expert. I really want to get to know him if I have the chance!”

Fan meng puckered her lips. The Monarch Realm? He’s only at the Mortal Realm….

“Then what about the state both of you were in!?” Suddenly, Fan Li’s gaze descended onto Yang Ye, and it was hostile. Moreover, her tone carried killing intent.

Yang Ye’s heart shook because it was obvious that she still didn’t want to let him go. Of course, Yang Ye had never thought about letting her go. He wasn’t one who would just let others bully him. If it was in the past, then he wouldn’t have hesitated to activate the Unfettered One’s sword intent to annihilate her, even if he had to pay a price!

But after he experienced so much, he wasn’t that impulsive anymore. While it was satisfying to be impulsive, it wasn’t worth it if the price he had to pay was extremely huge!

Fan Meng knew that her older sister would definitely not spare Yang Ye if she didn’t give her older sister a proper explanation. She thought for a moment, and then said, “It was because he was trying to save me!”

Yang Ye smiled bitterly. Does anyone even save someone like that? While that’s the truth, would your older sister believe you?

However, Fan Li surprisingly believed her.

Fan Li glanced at Yang Ye and nodded, “You did well to protect your master. I differentiate clearly between reward and punishment. These 100 top-grade energy stones are your reward!” As she spoke, she waved her hand, and 100 top-grade energy stones appeared before Yang Ye.

Yang Ye was slightly stunned and extremely puzzled. But it didn’t take long for him to understand what was going on. She was a smart woman, and she was doing all of this to cover up what had happened. After all, if there wasn’t a reasonable explanation, then it would be a lethal blow to Fan Meng’s reputation.

Li Qingyi glanced at Fan Li and smiled silently.

Suddenly, Fan Li withdrew a whip and said, “I said that I differentiate clearly between reward and punishment. Since there are rewards, there naturally is punishment. You stole a horse and left the clan without permission, and that’s something that servants aren’t supposed to do. Moreover, you even caused Little Meng to almost lose her life. Your punishment is 100 strikes of my whip!” She immediately swung her right arm while she spoke.


The sound of air being torn apart resounded, and then the sound of the whip colliding with flesh resounded. However, Yang Ye was fine because Fan Meng was standing in front of him.

A blood red scar had appeared on her!

Everyone here was stunned. Especially Fan Li. She hadn’t expected that her younger sister would actually block her whip for the sake of that ugly servant of their clan. All of this made her mind go blank for a moment.

Yang Ye was stunned as well, and then angry suddenly arose within him. He pulled Fan Meng behind himself and was about to speak. However, Fan Meng pulled him behind herself again, and then she gazed at her older sister, “Big Sister, he saved me. Don’t make things difficult for him, alright? Consider it as me begging you not to!”

Fan Li was stunned as she gazed at the scar on Fan Meng’s chest. A short while passed before she took a deep breath and said, “Let’s drop this matter right now!” As she spoke, she hurriedly withdrew a medicinal pill and gave it to Fan Meng.

“It’s actually a 1st grade pill, a Blood Stasis Pill!” The white robed man had surprise in his eyes when he saw the pill, “Young Miss Fan really is wealthy. You even have such medicinal pills!”

The other yellow robed man had surprise in his eyes as well. Because medicinal pills could be considered as rare treasures to them! After all, any medicinal pill, even the lowest grade Mortal Pill was extremely rare in Skywind City. Because there were no Alchemists in Skywind City! So, there were many occasions where one couldn’t get a medicinal pill even if one had the money for it!

A medicinal pill? Yang Ye’s eyes suddenly lit up. I can refine pills too…. Moreover, it just so happened that he recalled that many pills could repair the meridians. Besides that, he could even sell them. After all, he needed a huge amount of energy stones right now!

Yang Ye couldn’t help but feel excited when he thought up to this point.

“It’s just a medicinal pill. How could it possibly be worthy of Brother Lin and Brother Yu?” Fan Li took Fan Meng’s hand, and there was pain and regret in her eyes.

Both of them just smiled and didn’t speak a word.

Meanwhile, Li Qingyi spoke abruptly, “Since we’re done here, then let’s head out right away!”

Fan Meng hurriedly said, “Big Sister, I want to go as well!”

Fan Li immediately refused, “No!”

Meanwhile, Li Qingyi suddenly spoke, “Young Miss Fan, there is something that I don’t know if I should say!”

Fan Li glanced at her and said, “Please go ahead!”

Li Qingyi nodded and said, “Your sister’s natural talent isn’t bad, but she hadn’t left your clan to temper herself. She’s like a flower that has only lived in a greenhouse. To be honest, that’s extremely harmful to her growth. Just think about it, even if a sword cultivator has comprehended sword intent, how strong would that sword cultivator be if that sword cultivator hasn’t experienced life and death battles?”

Fan Meng nodded forcefully as well!

Fan Li fell silent for a short while, and then she nodded to Fan Meng.

Fan Meng was overjoyed and quickly hugged Fan Li.

The white robed man pointed at Yang Ye and said, “Then what about him?”

Yang Ye hurriedly said, “I’ll leave!”

He had top grade energy stones now, so all he had to do was absorb the energy within them as soon as possible and recover his strength. So long as he attained the King Realm, then he would have the ability to protect himself, even in this mountain range!

“No!” Fan Li spoke flatly, “You have to follow us because we just happen to lack someone to do things for us!”

She intends to use that as an excuse to get me killed! Yang Ye’s heart shook while a cold glow flashed through the depths of his eyes. Even though he didn’t know what their objective was, he had no doubt that it was definitely something dangerous. So, wasn’t she trying to get him killed by bringing along someone like him who was at the Mortal Realm?

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