Chapter 815 – Gaining Strength!

Almighty Sword Domain

Just like that, Yang Ye started following them on their way.

Of course, he didn’t do it willingly. He had no other choice. After all, their fists were stronger than his!

But it didn’t take long before Yang Ye became willing instead. Because the Inner Cores of the demon beasts which Fan Li’s group killed all along the way had entered into his pockets. Of course, it was mainly because the cultivations of those demon beasts were too low, and Fan Li’s group felt that such inner cores were beneath their consideration. So, Yang Ye gained instead.

The inner cores were useless to Fan Li’s group, but they were very useful to Yang Ye right now. He’d thought that those 1,000 top-grade energy stones he obtained would be sufficient to advance into the King Realm, but he noticed that even after he secretly swallowed over 500 of them all along the way, he’d merely attained the low rank of the First Heaven Realm!

He was very uncertain if the remaining 500 plus top-grade energy stones he had would even be able to advance his cultivation to the mid rank of the First Heaven Realm!

Fortunately, he gained a huge number of inner cores all along the way, and it made him feel much more confident. So long as he attained the King Realm, then he would have the strength to protect himself, and he could leave Skywind City to look for Xiao Yuxi and the others. As for Fan Li…. To be honest, while she’d acted against him on many occasions, he hadn’t even taken her seriously.

To be a little arrogant, she wasn’t even worthy of being his enemy. She was just a conceited woman!

He wasn’t being conceited himself because it was a fact!

Even though there were 2 whole realms of cultivation between him and Fan Li, he was confident that killing her would be beyond easy once he attained the King Realm.

For some unknown reason, Fan Li’s group weren’t flying through the air, and they were walking instead. Fan Li and the others were walking ahead while Yang Ye followed slowly from behind. So long as they killed demon beasts, Yang Ye would immediately cut it open and take its core….

“Young Miss Fan, that servant of yours is really smart. If he’s able to survive this trip, then it wouldn’t even be a problem for him to be a small-time rich man.

The white robed man glanced at Yang Ye who was collecting inner cores behind them, and he smiled indifferently while the ridicule in the corners of his eyes wasn’t concealed at all.

The yellow robed man added, “The reason nobodies are nobodies is because they are willing to be ordinary and never think about self-improvement. Moreover, they feel happy upon obtaining a little bit of treasures, yet they don’t realize that what they gain isn’t even trash in the eyes of others. How sad.”

“Brother Yu Lang is absolutely right!” The white robed man gazed at Yang Ye and chuckled, “He seems to be only around the age of 20, but he’s just at the Mortal Realm. Haha! Even the servant in my clan who cleans the chamber pots is stronger than him. Even though fortune is very important, hard work is even more important. To think that I, Lin Ning, am just an independent cultivator who has no one to rely on or any formidable inheritances, but haven’t I attained the Exalt Realm as well?”

As he spoke, he glanced at Li Qingyi and Fan Li out of the corner of his eyes.

However, he was disappointed to notice that they didn’t react to his words at all, whereas Fan Meng was glaring angrily at the 2 of them.

Lin Ning and Yu Lang stopped wasting their breaths when it only incurred Fan Meng’s anger. However, their eyes carried a trace of gloominess when they looked at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye had naturally heard their conversation, but he acted like he hadn’t and just continued picking the inner cores. After swallowing the remaining top-grade energy stones and some inner cores, Yang Ye was at the mid rank of the First Heaven Realm. However, Fan Li and the others weren’t able to see through his intentional concealment of his cultivation!

Fan Meng had wanted to go to Yang Ye on many occasions throughout this period, but Fan Li stopped her, causing Fan Meng to pucker her lips all along the way.

Suddenly, Yang Ye stopped moving, and he glanced at the surroundings before he frowned.

At the same time, Li Qingyi suddenly stopped, and then she glanced at the surroundings and said, “Be careful. This should be the White Ape Clan’s territory. They live in groups, so let’s move quickly and avoid alarming them.

Fan Li and the others nodded when they heard her, and then they sped up. However, Yang Ye moved backward repeatedly. His actions didn’t escape their notice, and Fan Li flashed over to him and spoke coldly, “What are you doing?”

“I’m afraid. All… all of you can go without me!” For the sake of proving that he really was afraid, Yang Ye’s body started to tremble while terror appeared in his eyes.

A wisp of detest flashed through Fan Li’s eyes when she saw Yang Ye act in such a way. On the other hand, Li Qingyi’s beautiful brows knit together. As for Yu Lang and Lin Ning, they started laughing with ridicule.

Fan Meng walked over to Yang Ye. She was just about to speak when Fan Li pulled her to the side and glared at Fan Meng, “Stay away from him!”

Fan Meng puckered her lips yet didn’t dare go against her older sister. She could just look at Yang Ye from afar and ask, “What… what are you afraid of?”

“Death!” Yang Ye answered without the slightest hesitation.

“Hahaha!” Lin Ning suddenly started laughing, and he laughed for some time before he pointed at Yang Ye and said, “Young Miss Fan, this servant of yours is really too useless. As your friend, I have to say that such a servant is truly a humiliation. It’s best to just kill him and prevent him from spoiling the reputation of your Fan Clan!”

Fan Li’s face was quite unsightly. She wanted to attack but Fan Meng was standing in front of Yang Ye. She said, “Big Sister, Yang Ye said that there’s danger ahead, then there definitely is danger. Why don’t we go around that area?”

“Shut up!” Fan Li suddenly shouted, “Have you not brought enough shame to yourself?”

Fan Meng’s eyes instantly turned red from the grievances she experienced, “I… how did I bring shame to anyone? Yang… Yang Ye wouldn’t just say that if he wasn’t sure….”

“You!” Fan Li raised her hand and almost swung her palm against Fan Meng’s face. However, she stopped herself when she saw the scar her whip left behind on Fan Meng’s chest. However, she was still quite angry, and it caused her chest to rise and fall repeatedly.

Meanwhile, Li Qingyi walked over, “The White Ape Clan’s members are mostly at the King Realm, and there are very few at the Exalt Realm. However, they live in groups, so it’ll be quite troublesome if they lock their sights on us. But it’s far from sufficient to be a threat for us.”

“I’m sorry for making Young Miss Li witness such a scene!” Fan Li glanced coldly at Yang Ye and said, “Since you’re afraid of death, then you can stay here by yourself.”

“Stay here by himself?” Lin Ning chuckled, “Why don’t you just kill him, Young Miss Fan? If he’d left here by himself, then any wild beast would be enough to end his life.”

Yang Ye glanced at them, and then his gaze descended onto Fan Meng. He said, “I’m very sensitive to danger. Trust me. The things ahead will be very troublesome to deal with. We can just go around them!”

“Trust you?” Lin Ning grunted coldly, “Who do you think you are? An ant at the Mortal Realm actually dares to talk big before a group of Exalt Realm experts? How laughable!”

Yang Ye shrugged and said, “Then go on ahead!” To be honest, he hoped all of them died, but he couldn’t bear to see Fan Meng be in danger. That was why he warned them!

“I believe him!” Meanwhile, Fan Meng spoke abruptly. However, she only got a glare from Fan Li in return. That made her hurriedly lower her head again.

Yang Ye shook his head slightly when he witnessed this scene, and then he gazed at Li Qingyi and said, “Since I was able to survive while I’m in such a state, I definitely have some ability. My ability is to sense danger, and the path ahead feels dangerous to me. We can just go around this area. It won’t take too much time!”

He knew that Li Qingyi was the true leader of the group, and Fan Meng couldn’t only avoid falling into a dangerous situation if Li Qingyi agreed.

“Danger?” Lin Ning laughed coldly, “For you, maybe. After all, even a wild beast is a threat to you! You have to realize that you’re not like us. We’re Exalt Realm experts and you’re only at the Mortal Realm. Being a threat to you and a threat to us is a completely different thing!”

Yang Ye didn’t even spare him a glance and just gazed at Li Qingyi.

Suddenly, Yu Lang said, “Miss Li, even though we’re only at the Exalt Realm, our group’s strength is even sufficient to fight a Monarch Realm expert. If word spreads that we went around this area because a Mortal Realm cultivator said that it’s dangerous, then how would we maintain our foothold in the city? Moreover, it would definitely affect Miss Li’s reputation!”

Li Qingyi glanced at Yang Ye and said, “Let’s go!” She turned around and walked away once she finished speaking.

Lin Ning gazed at Yang Ye and laughed coldly, “Just stay here by yourself. I hope we’ll still be able to see you on the way back!” As soon as he finished speaking, his figure flashed off towards Li Qingyi.

Yu Lang glanced indifferently at Yang Ye, and then he immediately followed Li Qingyi as well.

“Let’s go!” Fan Li took Fan Meng’s hand and intended to take her along. However, Fan Meng refused to move. This made Fan Li’s face immediately turn cold, and she spoke angrily, “What exactly do you want? Have you not had enough of acting willfully? When are you going to grow up?”

Fan Meng started crying, “I… I’ve already tried my very best. I just don’t want you to be in danger. I…. Why do you have to be so mean to me…?”

“You’ve only known him for a few hours. What exactly did he give you to make you trust him like this?” Fan Li pointed at Yang Ye. She’d calmed down but the killing intent in her eyes had grown even stronger.


Suddenly, a huge explosion resounded from afar, and the entire ground trembled while countless trees exploded apart. After that, Li Qingyi, Li Ning, and Yu Lang appeared within their fields of vision. However, there were 2 colossi that were huge like hills chasing after them!

Those colossi were completely snow white, but their heads and limbs were dark blue. Moreover, a huge group of white apes were following behind those 2 colossi.

“Mutated White Ape Kings, and 2 of them….” At this moment, Fan Li’s face instantly turned snow white.

On the other hand, Fan Meng was completely stunned.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly grabbed Fan Meng’s arm and started running….

“A bunch of idiots. I told them not to go, yet they just had to. Let’s see what all of you do now!” Yang Ye pulled Fan Meng along as he ran madly. But it didn’t take long for him to stop because rumbling resounded throughout the surroundings. After that, a huge expanse of trees started to fall in the distance.

“AH!! Save me!” Meanwhile, a shrill cry resounded from behind them.

Yang Ye discerned it as Lin Ning’s voice!

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