Chapter 816 – The High Rank Of The First Heaven Realm!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye looked over to the source of the voice, and he saw Lin Ning being surrounded by a few dozen white apes. Moreover, his left hand had vanished while blood was spraying out incessantly from his shoulder.

Yu Lang and Fan Li weren’t in a better state at all. At this moment, they were completely locked in battle with a group of white apes. However, while they were in a difficult situation, it wasn’t as terrible as Lin Ning.

Li Qingyi surprised Yang Ye a little because she was actually fighting both those enormous mutated white apes on her own. After all, they were equivalent to high rank Exalt Realm experts. Moreover, they were very strong. At the very least, they were much stronger than the Exalt Realm demon beasts of Profounder Continent.

However, Li Qingyi was only at the mid rank of the Exalt Realm, yet she was able to single-handedly fight 2 of them who were a rank higher than herself. Yang Ye had no doubt that she was the strongest amongst this group!

Meanwhile, white apes surged over incessantly. They didn’t attack chaotically, and they slowly surrounded Li Qingyi’s group in an orderly fashion.

They’re accumulating strength and creating pressure for them! The corners of Yang Ye’s eyes twitched slightly. These white apes were even more terrifying when they didn’t charge directly at their enemies. Because they were slowly surrounding their enemies, and it would undoubtedly make Li Qingyi and the others stay constantly vigilant towards their surroundings. Such a method would gradually cause Li Qingyi’s group to suffer from mental pressure!

This incident isn’t normal!

Yang Ye withdrew his attention and glanced at the surroundings. After that, he took Fan Meng’s hand and pulled her up onto a tree on their left. After that, he spoke in a low voice, “Hold your breath and concentrate. Don’t make a sound!”

After what she experienced earlier, Fan Meng could be said to have slight blind confidence towards Yang Ye, so she immediately did as he said.

Yang Ye didn’t spare a glance at Li Qingyi and the others, he released his senses instead and scanned the surroundings. His current strength allowed the energy of his soul to envelop an area of at least 5km. Unfortunately, he hadn’t been able to detect anything after a short while of searching!

Meanwhile, the white apes had fully surrounded Li Qingyi’s group. They just stood in the surroundings yet didn’t charge forward, and they started howling incessantly instead.

Yang Ye withdrew his attention from the battle and gazed at Fan Meng, “Do you have energy stones? The more the better. Give them all to me!” He was at the mid rank of the First Heaven Realm now, and he wasn’t too far from the King Realm. He only had to attain it and he would have the ability to protect himself.

Perhaps it was extremely difficult for others to improve their cultivations, but it wasn’t difficult at all to him. Because he’d attained those realms of cultivation in the past. Regardless of whether it was his mental state or comprehensions, he possessed them both. All he lacked was spirit energy! So long as he could absorb sufficient spirit energy, then it wouldn’t be difficult at all for him to raise his cultivation to the peak of the Monarch Realm!

“Energy stones?” Fan Meng was stunned, and then she quickly produced a huge pile of energy stones and said, “These are all that I have. Oh, they’re yours now!”

Yang Ye was delighted when he saw them because there actually were 10 extreme-grade energy stones in the pile while the rest were top-grade energy stones. There were over 1,000 of them!

“My clan has a low grade Spirit Vein, so we have no lack for these things. I can give even more to you once we return!” said Fan Meng.

“That’s not a bad idea!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye picked them up and started swallowing them while Fan Meng watched with astonishment.

Fan Meng was flabbergasted. A long time passed before she gulped, “That doesn’t seem like the right way to use them….”

Yang Ye robbed his eyes at her. He naturally knew that it wasn’t the right way, but what else could he do? It was the only way he could use them. He didn’t explain and just swallowed a few more. As soon as they entered his body, they instantly transformed into countless strands of profound energy, and then the profound energy was further converted into threads of violet profound energy.

In next to no time, Yang Ye attained the high rank of the First Heaven Realm, and he was only a step away from the King Realm!


Suddenly, Lin Ning wasn’t able to react in time, and he was struck on the back by a white ape. A

shrill cry resounded as his figure was blasted flying.

“Young Miss Li, save me!” Lin Ning couldn’t be bothered about maintaining an elegant demeanor when he saw the white apes charging at him, and he ran as he cried for help.

Meanwhile, Fan Li and Li Qingyi weren’t doing good as well. Both of them were holding on bitterly, and both defeat and death were only a matter of time.

Fan Meng naturally couldn’t just stand by idly when her older sister was surrounded by so many enemies. Right when she was about to charge down the tree, Yang Ye stopped her and said, “If you head down there with your current strength, then you won’t just be unable to save her, you’ll even cause trouble for her and quicken her death!”

“But I can’t just watch like this!” Fan Meng glanced at Yang Ye and spoke softly, “Yang Ye… you… you are that strong, so you’re definitely able to save my big sister, right? I know that her attitude towards you was bad, but she didn’t have any ill intent. She was just worried about me…. If… if you’re really angry, then I’ll apologize on her behalf. Or you can even hit me to vent. But please save her, alright?”

She didn’t have ill intent? Yang Ye shook his head, Right…. She has been trying to kill me on numerous occasions all along the way, yet that isn’t ill intent?

Yang Ye shook his head decisively and said, “Even you should have noticed that I’m so weak right now. I’d be giving my life away if I head down there now. I can't do anything for her!” He was telling the truth. He was only at the high rank of the First Heaven Realm right now. It wouldn’t be a problem for him to kill some white apes if he went down there, but that was completely useless. After all, there were over a thousand of them here!

“You can do like you did earlier!” Fan Meng hurriedly said, “I’ll provide the profound energy and sword intent while you hold my hand. We can join forces again!”

Yang Ye remained silent. Fan Meng was only at the Spirit Realm, but because she used the sword as well, he really could use her as a medium to execute powerful techniques. However, he didn’t want to save them. No, it should be said that he might even kill them himself once he recovered his strength.

The thing he hated the most was people showing off in front of him, and it just so happened that they were constantly doing that!

Yang Ye still remained silent. Fan Meng lowered her head and spoke softly, “I know that you’re definitely angry at my big sister, and I know that your anger is justified after how she treated you. But… but I can’t just watch as she dies. Yang Ye, I beg you. I beg you to save her, alright!?”

Yang Ye gazed at Fan Meng for a short while, and he sighed softly when he recalled how she blocked that strike of Fan Li’s whip for him, “They are acting quite strangely. If I’m not wrong, then someone is definitely controlling them, or there’s a powerful demon beast commanding them. It’s pointless no matter how many we kill. The only way to survive is to flee, flee with all out might. Your older sister and that woman, Li Qingyi, definitely have trump cards. Make them utilize those trump cards immediately and charge towards the south!”

Fan Meng was delighted, and she hurriedly shouted at Li Qingyi and the others, “Big Sister, Big Sister Li, quickly use your trump cards and run to the south!”

Yang Ye’s face darkened. She really lacks common sense. How could they possibly believe her just like that!?

As expected, Li Qingyi and Fan Li paid no attention to her. Moreover, Fan Li even glared at her. Besides that, her shout had caused some of the white apes that surrounded Li Qingyi’s group to pounce at Yang Ye and her!

Fan Meng blinked while she gazed at Yang Ye with an innocent expression on her face!

Yang Ye glanced at her. He was naturally aware that she was forcing him to help. He shook his head, gazed at Li Qingyi, and then his lips suddenly started moving….

At the same time, an aged voice suddenly resounded in Li Qingyi’s mind, “You fool! If you don’t want to die, then immediately use your trump card and fight your way out towards the south. Stop fighting with those 2 big fellows and lead them away as quickly as possible!”

A voice transmission!

Li Qingyi’s expression changed, and then she glanced at the surroundings yet noticed nothing. Her expression became extremely solemn because one had to be at the Exalt Realm at least to send out voice transmissions. In other words, there was another Exalt Realm expert here! Moreover, even she wasn’t able to locate that expert. That represented that this mysterious expert’s strength might be beyond her own!

Suddenly, that aged voice resounded once more by her ears, “Just use your brain and think. These demon beasts were clearly lying in ambush here. That shows that someone is targeting your group. Now, they are in the shadows while you are out in the open. They’ll definitely have a backup plan even if you can kill these 2 Exalt Realm demon beasts!”

Even though she was fighting those 2 white apes, her gaze was incessantly sweeping the surroundings. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anyone suspicious throughout the surroundings.

“AH!!” Suddenly, Lin Ning’s shrill cry resounded. All of them looked over and saw that Lin Ning’s right leg had actually been torn off!

Li Qingyi stopped hesitating when she witnessed this scene. Her profound energy surged into her palms, and then she slapped them forward!

“Void Shadow Palm!” As soon as she finished speaking, the space before her trembled, and then countless shadow palms shot out from her palms. Both the Exalt Realm white apes before her were immediately blasted flying while the other inferior white apes nearby were either killed or injured.

“Let’s go!” Li Qingyi flashed over to Li Ning. She carried him up, flickered a flew times, and vanished towards the south. Yu Lang hastily followed them. On the other hand, Fan Li went over to Fan Meng, and she was just about to take Fan Meng with her when Fan Meng pointed at Yang Ye, “Big sister, take him too or I won’t go with you!”

Yang Ye was rather touched when he heard this. While she was very crafty, she had a good heart.

Fan Li was exasperated, but she didn’t have the time to reproach Fan Meng at a time like this. She glared fiercely at Yang Ye instead, and it was a murderous one!

In the end, she grabbed Fan Meng and Yang Ye in each of her hands before flashing towards the south!

However, Yang Ye suddenly glanced towards a certain direction when they left. A pair of eyes were looking at him from there, and they carried a trace of surprise!

The white apes didn’t pursue them. They stopped on the spot and laid flat on the ground. Even the 2 Exalt Realm white apes.

Two breaths of time later, a woman who rode a lion which was covered in flames arrived here. She wore a violet robe, and her violet gauze veil obscured her appearance.

“Interesting. Someone at the high rank of the First Heaven Realm actually noticed me….” The woman’s voice resounded.

Yang Ye’s jaw would definitely drop to the ground if he heard her. Because she’d seen through his strength!

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