Chapter 817 – The King Realm!

Almighty Sword Domain

They dashed towards the south, and they ran for over 50km before they finally stopped.


As soon as they did, Fan Li tossed Yang Ye away, and he smashed against the ground and caused a huge amount of dust and dirt to shoot up into the air. Fan Meng was shocked and was about to help Yang Ye up. However, Fan Li forcefully held her back and glared fiercely at him. But Fan Meng acted in an unexpectedly forceful manner and pushed Fan Li’s hand away before going over to Yang Ye and helping him up.

The killing intent in Fan Li’s eyes was almost material when she witnessed this scene!

Yang Ye was looking at Fan Li as well, and he gradually clenched his fist while the Unfettered One’s sword intent started trembling within his mind. So long as she fared to move against him, then he would definitely obliterate her!

“Save me! Save me….” Meanwhile, Lin Ning’s voice resounded. All of them looked over and saw him howling as he laid on the ground. He’d lost an arm and a leg, and while the bleeding had been stopped, they had no doubt that he couldn’t fight anymore. Unless he had a medicinal pill or treasure that could regrow his limbs, otherwise, he was crippled.

Li Qingyi shook her head as she gazed at him. She knew that Lin Ning was finished. Because Lin Ning didn’t have such a treasure or pill, and he couldn’t even afford one.

“Young Miss Fan, I know you definitely have a Spirit Regrowth Pill. Please… please save me. I’m willing to do anything for your Fan Clan….” Lin Ning gazed at Fan Li with a pleading expression in his eyes.

Li Qingyi shook her head when she witnessed this scene, and her impression of Lin Ning had dropped to a negative level.

Fan Yi shook her head as well. The Fan Clan did have such a pill, but she didn’t want to give it to Lin Ning. Because it wasn’t worth it. After all, so long as she willed it, she could use such a pill to recruit a high rank Exalt Realm expert!

“Brother Yu, Brother Yu….” Lin Ning gazed at Yu Lang who remained silent until now, “Brother Yu, we’ve known each other for quite some time. Please lend me a hand. I will definitely not forget your kindness!”

Yu Lang fell silent for a short while, and then he gazed at Li Qingyi, “Young Miss Li, Brother Li and I entered Broken Sky Mountain Range to help you deal with the Golden-striped Spirit Ape. Now that he has fallen into such a state, I hope that Young Miss Li will lend a hand. Otherwise, only death will await him in this boundless mountain range!”

Li Qingyi glanced at Yu Lang and spoke flatly, “I paid half your compensation before we came here, and I told you of the dangers of this trip. However, both of you still accepted the payment. What? Now that something has happened, you intend to blame it all on me?”

Yu Lang hurriedly shook his head and said, “I dare not. It’s that we can’t just watch as Brother Li dies, right?”

Li Qingyi fell silent for a long time before she said, “The Spirit Regrowth Pill is a Spirit Pill, and I’m sure you know how precious such a pill is. Just that pill alone is sufficient for me to make 3 Exalt Realm experts fight a battle for me. However, you’re right. We can’t just watch Brother Li die. So, why don’t we do this? I’ll convert the pill into extreme-grade energy stones, and we’ll each bear half the costs. Alright? It isn’t very expensive, it’s just around 1,000 extreme-grade energy stones. You just have to pay 500 extreme-grade energy stones!”

500 extreme-grade energy stones…. Yu Lang’s eyelids twitched. It wasn’t a small amount to him. He was naturally capable of producing such an amount if he sold everything he had, but was it worth it?

Yu Lang fell silent.

Everyone else fell silent as well, including Lin Ning.

Suddenly, Fan Meng said, “We should save him!”

Everyone including Yang Ye looked at her when they heard her.

Fan Meng explained, “We’re a group now. If we abandon him now, then a crack will appear in our group, and we’ll fear each other and be on guard against each other. At this moment, we’re facing an unknown enemy. Do you think we’ll be able to leave this mountain range if there are issues within our own group? So, even if it’s for our own sake, we still have to save him!”

Everyone gazed at Fan Meng for a short while, and then Li Qingyi suddenly chuckled, “Young Miss Fan, I really never noticed that this little girl from your clan was actually capable of thinking so far ahead. How truly interesting!”

There was a trace of a smile and gentleness in Fan Li’s eyes because Fan Meng’s ability to think of that proved that she’d grown up.

There was gratefulness in Lin Ning’s eyes because he knew that he would be saved!

Li Qingyi withdrew a pill and gave it to Lin Ning. Of course, everyone here shared the cost equally.

Lin Ning’s hand and leg started to grow at a visible speed.

Meanwhile, Li Qingyu suddenly gazed at Yang Ye and said, “You didn’t want us to head in that direction earlier. How did you know that there was danger there?”

The others instantly gazed at Yang Ye when they heard her.

Yang Ye glanced at them and said, “I told all of you. I’m able to sense danger. I sensed that there was danger in that direction, and that’s why I said that.”

“Really?” Li Qingyi was slightly doubtful.

Yang Ye said, “What else?”

“How presumptuous!” Meanwhile, Lin Ning who’d regrown his limbs shouted with fury, “How dare you talk to Young Miss Li like that?”

“Did he say something wrong?” Fan Meng stood in front of Yang Ye and glared angrily at Lin Ning.

He was slightly stunned when he saw her protecting Yang Ye, and then he said, “Young Miss Fan Meng, you must remember your identity. You’re the second young miss of the Fan Clan, if news of you protecting a servant like this were to spread, it would be bad for your reputation!”

“It’s none of your business!” Fan Meng grunted coldly and said, “To think that I just spoke on your behalf. I really wasted my breath on you!”

The expression on Lin Ning’s face became unsightly, but he didn’t dare flare up at Fan Meng, and he just glared fiercely at Yang Ye.

Fan Li glanced coldly at Yang Ye as well, and her gaze was even more hostile.

Li Qingyi took a deep and long glance at Yang Ye, and then she said, “Forget it. No matter what, we’re all on the same boat now, so let’s not cause conflict amongst us.”

When she spoke up to this point, she raised her head, looked up into the sky, and then her jet black brows knit together, “Night is about to arrive, and that’s when the demon beasts are the most active. We must find a place to rest and set out in the morning for Spirit Ape Mountain!”

Meanwhile, Lin Ning hesitated for a moment before he said, “Young Miss Li, we’re still continuing on our journey?”

Li Qingyi glanced coldly at him and said, “What?”

Lin Ning instantly shuddered when he met her gaze, but he still said, “Young Miss Li, those white apes were clearly waiting to ambush us. In other words, someone or some demon beast is targeting us. If we don’t figure it out and just head straight for Spirit Ape Mountain, then we’ll probably die before we even get there!”

Yu Lang nodded to display his agreement.

Li Qingyi replied indifferently, “Both of you can leave, but hand over the deposit I gave both of you!”

Lin Ning and Yu Lang instantly revealed embarrassed expressions when they heard that. A short while passed before Lin Ning said, “Since we’ve taken Young Miss Li’s money, then we naturally have to complete the job. But….”

“There are no buts!” Li Qingyi interrupted them and said, “No matter how dangerous it is, we must go to Spirit Ape Mountain. I will definitely compensate both of you well if we can obtain what I need!”

Lin Ning and Yu Lang exchanged glances, and then they nodded. They naturally didn’t dare to go back on their word. After all, not to mention the forces that stood behind Li Qingyi, just her own strength wasn’t something they could resist.

When she saw that they had no further objections, Li Qingyi gazed at Fan Li. The latter spoke solemnly, “I don’t have a choice!”

Li Qingyi nodded and said, “Don’t worry, Young Miss Fan. So long as I’m able to succeed, then I’ll step forward and resolve the threats of the Ye Clan! However, I hope Young Miss Fan won’t hold back when I need you to pay that price tomorrow!”

“Of course!” Fan Li nodded.

They continued on their journey, and Li Qingyi finally found a basin. It wasn’t very huge, and it was only around 300m in width and length. There was a dense forest all around it, and there was a distance of over 30m between the basin’s edges and the forest. They naturally didn’t dare rest in the forest, so they chose the side of the basin.

Yang Ye glanced up at the sky. While the veil of night had descended, he could still see the endless mountains in the distance. He was even more certain that Skywind City was surrounded by endless mountains. While he hadn’t noticed any formidable demon beasts in these mountains for now, he had no doubt that Monarch Realm demon beasts definitely existed here!

In other words, even if he attained the King Realm, it wouldn’t be easy for him to leave the mountain range! Of course, it wasn’t very difficult!

Yang Ye didn’t sit with Li Qingyi and the others, and he went slightly far away from them. He sat cross-legged on the ground and ceaselessly swallowed the energy stones in his possession, and then converted them into his violet profound energy.

Late at night. The mountains weren’t very calm anymore.

The roars of countless demon beasts resounded deep within the mountains. Some of the roars were close while others were far away, but the members of their group weren’t bothered by it because all those demon beasts were mostly at the King Realm. There were only one or two at the Exalt Realm. As for the Monarch Realm, there wasn’t a single one.

Suddenly, Fan Li appeared in front of Yang Ye.

Yang Ye opened his eyes and gazed at her. The latter looked at him for a long time before she said, “I don’t know why Little Meng is so protective of you, but all I want to say is that my younger sister is very naïve, but I’m not at all!”


Meanwhile, Yang Ye let out a breath of foul air while a wisp of happiness flashed through his eyes!

After he swallowed all the top-grade energy stones he had, he’d finally attained the King Realm!

He suppressed the happiness in his heart when he heard her, and then he slowly stood up and looked her in the eyes, “What are you trying to say?”

Fan Li said, “Aren’t you getting close to her and gaining her favor for the sake of wealth? Don’t tell me that it wasn’t you who tricked her and took all her energy stones.”

As she spoke, she withdrew a spatial ring and threw it onto the ground before Yang Ye. She continued, “There are 500 top-grade energy stones in there. It’s enough for you to live 10 lifetimes. Take it and fuck off right now. Don’t ever appear before my eyes. Otherwise, you won’t be able to enjoy death even if you beg for it!”

Yang Ye glanced at the spatial ring before his feet, and then he said, “The reason you’re still alive is because you have a naïve little sister. Because you have a naïve little sister, I’ll give you a chance right now. Return my sword sheath to me, and then I’ll leave. Otherwise, you’ll be begging to make me leave!”

Fan Li hadn’t even spoken when Lin Ning suddenly pointed his finger at Yang Ye and roared with fury, “How dare you! You dog! Who do you think you are to actually speak like that to Young Miss Fan….”


Suddenly, a ray of light flashed!

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