Chapter 820 – Feeding Yang Ye To Demon Beasts!

Almighty Sword Domain

After they left the woman’s field of vision, Yang Ye immediately flashed over to Li Qingyi’s back, and then he jumped on her back. After that, Yang Ye spat out 3 mouthfuls of blood and instantly dyed her clothes red.

Fan Li and Feng Meng were astounded while Li Qingyi seemed to have understood something. She said, “We have to leave quickly!” As she spoke, her profound energy surged into her legs, and she raised her speed to its limits and transformed into a gust of wind that flashed towards the distance.

Fan Meng and Fan Li seemed to have realized something as well, and they quickly chased after Li Qingyi.

Yang Ye’s body was in quite a bad state right now. If it wasn’t for the tempering he experienced from the Primordial Violet Energy, the Dragon Ancestor’s blood, and various other treasures, he might have really died earlier. His body was once comparable to a Half-Saint, but after he ignited 12 levels of his sword intent and forcefully executed Heavenrend, his body was severely damaged and was practically returned to its original state.

While he’d restored his strength to the King Realm just now, the meridians and various injuries within him hadn’t been repaired at all. So, when he utilized sword energy by force, the process of transferring profound energy through his meridians had caused his meridians to warp severely. Fortunately, his meridians were very flexible and tough, otherwise, the meridians of any other person would have been shattered into bits!

Even though his hadn’t been shattered into bits, it was still in a terrible state. The sharp pain from his warped meridians was simply impossible to describe with words!

“Stop!” Yang Ye suddenly spoke while they were dashing madly, and Li Qingyi immediately stopped on the spot.

Yang Ye forcefully endured the sharp pain that sunk deep to the bones, and his eyes were slightly shut while his divine sense swept out. A short while passed before he pointed to the left, “Head in that direction!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye instantly fainted.

They looked towards the direction that Yang Ye had pointed towards, and they became slightly hesitant when they noticed what laid in that direction. Because it was a huge swamp, and there were things swimming through the swamp. There were even some powerful auras.

“I trust him!” Fan Meng suddenly made her stand clear.

Fan Li glanced at Yang Ye and remained silent. Obviously, she was forfeiting her right to vote.

Li Qingyi pondered deeply for a few moments, and then she suddenly gazed at Fan Meng, “Tell me the truth. Was it Yang Ye that scared Liu Wufeng off earlier?”

Fan Meng knew that she couldn’t conceal it now, so she immediately nodded, “You’ve probably realized that he suffered a very severe injury. So, when he held me earlier, he was using me as a medium to fight Liu Wufeng.” When she spoke up to this point, there was an aggrieved expression in Fan Meng’s eyes as she gazed at Fan Li.

Fan Li said, “Why didn’t you tell me!?”

“Would you have believed me?”

Fan Li wanted to say something about it, but Li Qingyi shook her head, “Let’s not talk about all of that now. He’s very strong, and he probably encountered something that made his cultivation drop to such an extent, and he even suffered extremely severe injuries. However, there’s no doubt that the discerning ability and judgment of such a person is definitely above ours. So, there’s definitely a reason why he chose that direction. Let’s go!”

It didn’t take long for them to enter the swamp. Of course, they’d stopped walking, and they were flying now. While Li Qingyi and Fan Li could tear space open and teleport through it, they didn’t dare to do so within this boundless mountain range. Because the slightest mistake could cause them to teleport into the lair of a demon beast. Wouldn’t that be no different than giving their lives away?

Moreover, teleporting would create fluctuations in space, and Zi Xin who was pursuing them would be able to sense those fluctuations!

“We must wake him up!” After they entered the swamp, Li Qingyi suddenly gazed at Fan Li and said, “While I have some medicinal pills in my possession, they aren’t healing pills. Young Miss Fan, do you still have more Blood Stasis Pills?”

“Yes!” It wasn’t Fan Li but Fan Meng who spoke those words.

Fan Li glanced at Yang Ye, hesitated for a moment, and then flicked a pill over to Li Qingyi. Li Qingyi nodded and flicked it into Yang Ye’s mouth. However, Yang Ye still didn’t wake up after around 10 minutes passed.

“How heavy are his injuries? Why is even a Spirit Pill incapable of showing any effects?” Li Qingyi’s brows knit tightly together.

“Feed him energy stones!” Fan Meng suddenly said, “He wasn’t strong in the beginning, but he became strong after eating a huge amount of energy stones, and he wasn’t even able to instantly kill that huge snake earlier!”

Li Qingyi gazed at Fan Meng, “Are you sure that energy stones can be eaten?”

Fan Meng nodded. She wasn’t lying because she’d watched him eat them.

Li Qingyi pondered deeply for an instant and said, “Feed them to him….”

Just like that, they traveled as they fed extreme-grade energy stones to Yang Ye. After eating almost 1,000 extreme-grade energy stones, Yang Ye still hadn’t woken up, but he’d advanced to the mid rank of the King Realm. Witnessing that caused all 3 of them to be stunned for a very long time!

“You can advance from eating energy stones?” Li Qingyi gazed at Fan Meng while the latter had a dazed expression on her face.

“He’s a freak!” said Fan Li.

Li Qingyi nodded with agreement and said, “Continue feeding them to him!”

“I don’t have anymore!” Fan Meng shrugged helplessly.

Li Qingyi gazed at Fan Li. Fan Li shook her head as well, “I didn’t bring many with me, and he has finished all that I did!”

A spatial ring flew over to Fan Meng while Li Qingyi said, “There are almost 1,000 extreme-grade energy stones in there. Feed them to him. Let’s see how many he can eat!”

Fan Meng hurriedly started feeding Yang Ye again.

It didn’t take long for Yang Ye to finish those energy stones, yet he still hadn’t woken up.

Fan Meng gazed at Li Qingyi, and her gaze seemed to carry a question — ‘Do you have anymore?’.

“Didn’t that woman give him a spatial ring just now? Why keep all those extreme-grade energy stones and inner cores from Exalt Realm demon beasts? Feed all of them to him. Let’s see if he wakes up from that….” Li Qingyi spoke in a low voice.

Fan Meng searched Yang Ye for a moment before she finally found that spatial ring. After that, she withdrew its contents and started to feed all of it to Yang Ye.

After another 15 minutes passed, Yang Ye still hadn’t woken up, but he was at the Spirit Realm!

This time, the 3 of them were shocked speechless!

After all, they’d used a huge amount of time to advance from the King Realm to the Spirit Realm all those years ago. Especially Fan Meng, she’d used quite a few years of time to advance from the First Heaven Realm to the Spirit Realm. But Yang Ye just advanced from eating energy stones…. If it hadn’t occurred right before her eyes, then she would never believe it!


Suddenly, a torrent of dirt shot up from within the swamp, and then a bloody mouth bit at them.

A cold glow flashed through Li Qingyi’s eyes as she flipped her palm, and a huge energy palm flashed down. The palm caused ripples to sweep through space before it finally smashed against the bloody mouth. A howl of pain resounded as the mouth fell back into the swamp.

However, right when they heaved a sigh of relief, the entire swamp started to roil while countless huge figures started to move about within the swamp!

Their expressions changed, and Li Qingyi swiftly said, “Move! Quickly!”

They raised their speed to its limits. But even then, demon beasts were still charging out incessantly from the swamp below and attacking them. While most of those demon beasts were at the King Realm, their numbers caused a great amount of trouble for the 3 of them.

Fan Li suddenly said, “It’ll take an hour at least for us to escape this swamp. We’ll definitely be unable to persist for that long based on the current situation!”

Li Qingyi spoke solemnly, “Young Miss Fan, do you have any ideas?”

A ferocious expression flashed through her eyes as Fan Li said, “Those demon beasts below us love fresh blood. We’ll definitely be able to draw their attention away if we throw someone down there. In that way, we’ll be able to temporarily escape this danger we face!”

Fan Meng’s expression changed. She naturally knew who her older sister was talking about, so she immediately said, “You can’t do that, Big Sister. Yang Ye even saved our lives earlier. How… how can you throw him down there? Big Sister Li, aren’t I right?”

Li Qingyi remained silent.

Fan Li paid no attention to Fan Meng, she just gazed at Li Qingyi, “Young Miss Li, you should have realized that he isn’t an ordinary person, and his original strength was definitely extremely formidable. However, he has fallen to such a state now. That proves that he definitely has a powerful enemy. If we save him, then it’s very likely to bring calamity to our clans.”

When she spoke up to this point, she glanced at Yang Ye and continued, “Moreover, he’s a ruthless and decisive person, and he’s very vengeful. Our prior attitudes towards him weren’t very good, so we can’t guarantee that he won’t act against us when he wakes up.”

“He won’t!” Fan Meng quickly said, “I guarantee that he won’t. Big Sister, don’t throw him down there. I’m begging you!”

“Shut up!” Fan Li suddenly shouted, “You guarantee that he won’t. On what basis are you making such guarantees? How long have you known him? Let me ask you something. What will you do if he does attack us? Or if he attacks our Fan Clan? At that time, we’ll become sinners of the clan!”

When she spoke up to this point, she gazed at Li Qingyi and said, “Young Miss Li, even if we’re judging him like that without any proof, we can’t be bothered about that. We can’t be sure that he won’t become a threat to us if he’s allowed to live! Moreover, once he does act against us, then it’ll definitely be a calamity to both the powers that we represent!”

Li Qingyi had hesitance on her face.

Suddenly, Fan Meng said, “Let’s just toss him down!”

Li Qingyi and Fan Li gazed at Fan Meng with astounded expressions on their faces. Fan Meng’s face was slightly pale as she flew over to Li Qingyi, and then she took Yang Ye from Li Qingyi and said, “I was the reason why he stayed behind just now, so let me toss him down myself!”

Fan Li nodded, and her voice became much more gentle, “Little Meng, it’s for the best that you are able to….”

Her voice suddenly stopped abruptly, and then her eyes opened wide as horror and panic filled them. Because Fan Meng had actually shot down towards the swamp with Yang Ye in her arms!

“Big Sister, I’m sorry. I can’t save him, so I can only die with him….”

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