Chapter 821 – Cross This Line And Die!

Almighty Sword Domain

“No!” Fan Li’s eyes were filled with horror as her figure flashed towards Fan Meng and tried to grab her. Unfortunately, it was too late. Because they weren’t very far from the swamp, and there was only a little over 10m between them and the swamp. Coupled with the fact that Fan Meng had taken her by surprise, so Fan Meng and Yang Ye were less than 2m away from the swamp when she tried to grab Fan Meng!

Fan Meng held tightly onto Yang Ye while her tears flowed endlessly from the corner of her eyes. Actually, she didn’t want to die, but she had no other choice. She knew that was utterly incapable of changing her older sister’s decision. Coupled with Li Qingyi’s tacit approval, she was certain that they would definitely toss Yang Ye into the swamp.

Yang Ye could have left, but he’d stayed and even led both she and her older sister away. She knew that he’d done all of it because of her. So, besides feeling helpless when she couldn’t protect Yang Ye, she felt guilty. In the end, she impulsively grabbed Yang Ye and jumped down into the swamp.

They were about to fall into the swamp, and she could see the huge demon beasts within the swamp opening their mouths wide. At the moment before death, she gazed at Yang Ye and saw his seemingly ferocious face.

At this moment, Yang Ye was very ugly. He had pale white hair, and his face seemed as if it had been cut up with a knife. There were countless scars criss crossed all over his face.

“Alas, if only you were a little bit more handsome!” As soon as she finished speaking, Fan Meng placed her head on Yang Ye’s chest and closed her eyes as she waited for death to arrive.

“It isn’t good to judge a person by his appearance!” A voice suddenly resounded in her ear.

“I know, but you’re really too….” She shivered when she spoke up to this point, and then she opened her eyes to look at Yang Ye. At this moment, he’d opened his eyes and was smiling at her. Moreover, there was a sword below their feet, and they were standing on that sword.

“You… you’ve woken up?” Fan Meng was slightly dazed.

Yang Ye nodded. Actually, he’d regained consciousness when he attained the Spirit Realm. However, he was using the violet profound energy within his body to repair the meridians and bones within him. So, he hadn’t opened his eyes. But he hadn’t imagined that Fan Li and Li Qingyi would actually intend to throw him into the swamp as bait for the demon beasts there!

Fan Meng suddenly started crying while she struck Yang Ye’s chest incessantly, “Why didn’t you tell me that you regained consciousness? You scared me to death! I thought that… that I was going to die….”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

Fan Li heaved a sigh of relief when she witnessed this scene while her face returned to normal. On the other hand, Li Qingyi had an unsightly expression on her face. After all, Yang Ye could instantly kill Exalt Realm experts when he was at the King Realm. Now that he’d advanced into the Spirit Realm, wouldn’t killing Exalt Realm experts be as easy as slaughtering helpless chickens to him?

Fan Li had realized that as well, and her expression became unsightly as well while she gazed vigilantly at him.

Yang Ye gazed at Fan Li and Li Qingyi as well. If he really was unconscious, then he might have really died in the swamp with Fan Meng. Was he angry? He was, of course!

Yang Ye stretched out his hand and pointed at both Fan Li and Li Qingyi, “If you aren’t opposed to it, then I can instantly kill them with a single swing of my sword. Oh, wait. That woman, Li Qingyi, should have some sort of trump card. But it doesn’t matter. If one swing doesn’t end her, then 2 will!”

Fan Li and Li Qingyi were horrified!

Fan Meng quickly shook her head and held tightly onto Yang Ye as if she was extremely afraid that he would attack them, “Yang Ye, spare… spare them, alright?”

Yang Ye rubbed her head and said, “Fine, I’ll give you face! However, I would be letting them off too easily if I just let them go like that! Stand here on the sword and don’t move about. It’s not my fault if you fall down there!”

As soon as he finished speaking, his figure shot explosively towards Fan Li. Fan Li was horrified and was about to counterattack, but it was too late. A hand had wrapped itself around her throat and lifter her up.

Yang Ye gazed at Fan Li and said, “See? Killing you is really as simply as stomping an ant to death. The reason I’m not stomping you to death is because you have a younger sister who you think is very silly and naïve. If it wasn’t for her, then not to mention you, I’ll even annihilate your Fan Clan.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye released his grip on her neck before swiftly smashing his fist forward against her stomach. A muffled groan resounded from her as a mouthful of blood sprayed out of her mouth, and then her figure was blasted flying.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye instantly appeared in front of her, and then he smashed his fist against her stomach again.

Just like that, Fan Li’s figure flew endlessly while Yang Ye pressed forward without end. In just a few breaths of time, Fan Li’s figure had flown almost 3km, and her figure had arrived at the grasslands that laid outside the borders of the swamp.

At this moment, she could be said to be in a very sorry state. Blood was flowing from her mouth, and it dyed her mouth and throat red. Moreover, the injuries that covered her body felt like her muscles had been torn apart and bones were dislocated. It was extremely painful.

Yang Ye intended to continue, but Fan Meng stood before Fan Li with a pleading expression in her eyes.

Yang Ye shrugged, and then he turned to look at Li Qingyi. Li Qingyi’s expression changed, and she attacked before he could. She slapped her palm towards Yang Ye, and an energy pal surged through space and left a string of afterimages behind as it smashed down towards Yang Ye.

Yang Ye didn’t utilize his sword, and he just smashed his fist forward instead!


Li Qingyi’s energy palm was instantly dispersed, and it horrified her.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye had arrived in front of her, and then a fist smashed against her stomach. She immediately felt like her internal organs had shattered, and a mouthful of blood sprayed from her mouth as her figure flew backwards.

She was beyond shocked. At the same time, she felt something flash before her eyes, and then a hand was wrapped tightly around her neck.

Yang Ye gazed at her as he gradually squeezed down on her throat, “Earlier, both you and that woman would have died a graveless death if it wasn’t for me. The laughable thing is that both of you actually intended to use me as bait while I was unconscious. What’s it like to be ungrateful and unscrupulous? I think both of you are the best example!”

As he spoke, Yang Ye slowly squeezed down on her throat, causing Li Qingyi’s beautiful face to turn purple.

Meanwhile, Fan Li who Fan Meng was supporting up spoke abruptly, “You can’t kill her!”

Yang Ye glanced coldly at her and said, “You really should feel fortunate that you have a younger sister, otherwise you’ll be a pile of dirt by now!”

Fan Li took a deep breath and said, “I know that you’re full of resentment towards us, and you want to kill us. However, I can see that you don’t want Little Meng to be harmed. But if you kill her, then Stellar Sky City will definitely attack my Fan Clan. My Fan Clan is absolutely not a match for them!"

“Stellar Sky City?” Yang Ye frowned and said, “Is it very strong?”

Fan Li spoke in a serious tone, “It has a Half-Saint expert!”

“A Half-Saint?” Yang Ye grunted coldly and said, “It’s just a Half-Saint. If they dare to look for trouble with Little Meng, then I’ll just kill them all!” He wasn’t boasting because he really didn’t take a Half-Saint serious.

Fan Li’s eyelids twitched when she heard him, and for the very first time, she felt terrified as she gazed at Yang Ye. Because she was able to discern that he wasn’t boasting!

Who exactly is he? Why was he reduced to such a state?

What the heck was I doing…. I actually completely offended such a terrifying person….

She turned her head to glance at Fan Meng. Just as Yang Ye had said, she felt very fortunate that she had Fan Meng as her younger sister. Because the Fan Clan might suffer calamity if it wasn’t for Fan Meng!

Yang Ye didn’t kill Li Qingyi in the end because Fan Meng begged for her life.

Yang Ye put Li Qingyi down, and then he walked over to Fan Meng and said, “I’ve recovered a little more of my strength, and I’m leaving now. This time, I’m taking you out of this mountain range whether you agree or not. If you continue following them, then they’ll get you killed sooner or later!”

At this moment, it wasn’t just his cultivation that had recovered to the Spirit Realm, even his physical body had recovered slightly. Its current strength was comparable to some Exalt Realm demon beasts! Of course, there were still problems with his meridians, and it wasn’t something that he could change right now. Because ordinary violet energy couldn’t repair his meridians at all!

According to his inference, he needed true Primordial Violet Energy at the very least. Fortunately, he had the ability to protect himself now even if he didn’t use his sword!

Fan Meng gazed at Fan Li. Fan Li nodded and said, “Let’s go!”

Perhaps they would have a chance at accomplishing their objective if the Beastmaster Sect hadn’t interfered. Yet now, they were being pursued by members of the Beastmaster Sect in this boundless mountain range, so they didn’t have even the slightest chance. Staying behind would be no different than giving their lives away!

Fan Meng suddenly gazed at Li Qingyi, “Big Sister Li, let’s leave together!”

Li Qingyi glanced at Yang Ye, and then she shook her head and said, “All of you can leave. I have to get that thing I need no matter what.”

“Let’s go!” Yang Ye didn’t hesitate at all. He grabbed Fan Meng’s hand and walked away. He had a slightly good impression of Li Qingyi in the past, but the incident that occurred earlier made that good impression instantly vanish without a trace.

Fan Meng sighed softly yet didn’t speak a word.

“Leave?” Suddenly, a furious howl resounded, “All of you aren’t going anywhere!”

As soon as that voice appeared, a wave of rumbling resounded.

The ground trembled violently as if an earthquake had occurred. After that, countless demon beasts appeared around them and completely surrounded them.

Zi Xin appeared before them while riding that flaming lion of hers.

This time, there were even more Exalt Realm demon beasts. There were a total of 9 here!

Fan Meng and Fan Li’s faces turned grim, and they instinctively moved closer to Yang Ye.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye’s expression became extremely solemn as well!

Zi Xin didn’t spare a glance at Li Qingyi. She gazed at Yang Ye instead and said, “Good, very good. I never expected that I, Zi Xin, would one day act so ignorantly and foolishly! Disciples of the Ancient Sword School usually carry a sword chest when they travel outside their school, and they would wear the emblem of the Ancient Sword School. Besides that, their sword intent is at the 6th level at least! You don’t fulfil any one of those points…. Needless to say, you really are audacious. You actually dared to pretend to be a disciple of the Ancient Sword School. Aren’t you worried that your entire family will be annihilated?”

Yang Ye glanced at Zi Xin and said, “Li Qingyi is who you’re after. I won’t stop you from capturing her!”

“Trash!” Zi Xin suddenly shouted furiously, “You’re even abandoning your own woman at a moment of life and death! You’re utterly trash!”

Yang Ye was dazed.

“All of you can dream of leaving today!” Zi Xin waved her hand, and then all the demon beasts around them howled before they charged at Yang Ye’s group!

The heavens and the earth quaked as a myriad of beasts dashed forward!


Suddenly, a sword howl shot into the air, and then Fan Meng’s sword shot forward. It circled around them from a distance of over 10m, and then a circle appeared around them!

“Cross this circle and die!” Yang Ye’s voice resounded, and it was cold and filled with ghastly killing intent!

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