Chapter 822 – There’s A Demon In Him!

Almighty Sword Domain

“Are you trying to scare me?” Zi Xin grunted coldly as she waved her hand, and the 7 Exalt Realm demon beasts behind her howled before they leaped at Yang Ye’s group.

A cold glow flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes, and then he walked over to Fan Meng. He wrapped his left hand around her waist while he held her right hand with his right hand, and then he issued a command in his heart. The sword which was floating in the distance suddenly transformed into a ray of light that shot back into Fan Meng’s grasp.

This time, Yang Ye didn’t have to say anything as she knew what to do.

As soon as her profound energy and sword intent poured into the sky, a dazzling glow instantly erupted from it.

It didn’t take long for over a dozen demon beasts to enter the circle.

“Slash!” As soon as Yang Ye spoke, a ray of sword energy shot out from the sword in Fan Meng’s hand, and it shot through the air.


Over a dozen demon beasts were instantly slashed in half!

Zi Xin, Fan Li, and Li Qingyi’s pupils constricted when they witnessed this scene! It was especially so for Li Qingyi and Fan Li. They were beyond shocked right now. After all, all those demon beasts were at the Spirit Realm. Perhaps Fan Meng’s strength was sufficient to kill one or two, but it was absolutely impossible for her to instantly kill so many. Moreover, it was accomplished with such ease!

Who exactly is he? Is he really a disciple of the Ancient Sword School?

This time, it wasn’t just Fan Li and Li Qingyi who thought this way, the same thought had appeared in Zi Xin’s mind as well. After all, all the formidable sword cultivators of Pine Prefecture were at the Ancient Sword School!

While she was fearful, Zi Xin had no other choice but to continue the attack.

It didn’t take long for an Exalt Realm demon beast to enter the circle. It was immediately struck by a strand of sword energy when it entered the circle, and it howled as it flew backwards. It was still alive, but it was in terrible shape. Because that strand of sword energy had struck the weakest point on its body, so while it wasn’t dead, it was still heavily injured!

The other Exalt Realm demon beasts suffered the same fate. All of them were blasted flying by strands of sword energy! Besides the Exalt Realm demon beasts, all the other Spirit Realm and King Realm demon beasts were practically instantly annihilated!

It didn’t take long for the corpses of hundreds of demon beasts to pile up outside the circle!

Fan Li and Li Qingyi were dumbstruck….

It was a slaughter, a true slaughter!

They felt that they’d overestimated Yang Ye’s strength, but only now had they noticed that Yang Ye’s strength was much more terrifying than they’d imagined!

Who exactly is he?

This same question resounded incessantly within their minds. It wasn’t just Fan Li and Li Qingyi, even Zi Xin was shocked by the scene before her. Because she noticed to her astonishment that those strands of sword qi were always able to strike the weakest point on those demon beasts. So, besides Exalt Realm demon beasts that had comparatively stronger defenses, practically all the other demon beasts were instantly killed with a single swing of the sword!

How is doing that? Zi Xin was extremely shocked!

However, it didn’t take long for Fan Meng’s face to start turning pale, and Yang Ye frowned.

Fan Li and Li Qingyi did want to help. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to be of any help. Because Yang Ye had beaten them up without mercy just now, so their entire bodies still hurt until now!

After he blasted an Exalt Realm demon beast flying, Yang Ye released Fan Meng’s hand. Because her profound energy had been completely exhausted. If he were to continue using her as a medium, then it would overexert her body, and it would be extremely harmful to her future cultivation.

“I… I can still go on!” Fan Meng gazed at Yang Ye.

He shook his head and led her over to Fan Li and Li Qingyi. He said, “I know that both of you have trump cards, and you don’t have to use it. However, if anything were to happen to that little girl, then believe me, I’ll definitely make it impossible for both of you to leave this mountain range!” As he spoke, he took Fan Meng’s sword and walked towards Zi Xin.

“In his opinion, both of us aren’t even as important as a single finger on your younger sister’s hand!” There was a trace of a bitter expression on Li Qingyi’s face. She was once a genius, and no one from an area of hundreds of thousands of kilometers had ever treated her like that.

Fan Li glanced at Yang Ye, and then she took Fan Meng’s hand. In her opinion, the importance Yang Ye attached to Fan Meng was a good thing to the Fan Clan and Fan Meng. After all, the strength Yang Ye revealed now proved that he was definitely not an ordinary person. Moreover, he was even a sword cultivator while Fan Meng just happened to be a sword cultivator as well. So, in Fan Meng’s opinion, it was definitely a huge fortuitous encounter!

While many demon beasts were dead, there still were numerous demon beasts here. However, they didn’t charge forward, and they’d stopped on the spot and were looking at Yang Ye with vigilance. Obviously, the surviving demon beasts were greatly impacted by the slaughter than Yang Ye carried out earlier!


Suddenly, a white ape at the Exalt Realm roared furiously, and then it leaped up and descended down upon Yang Ye like a small mountain.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly. He flipped his palm as he swiftly stomped his right foot against the ground. He relied on the counterforce to shoot up into the air, and then he flicked his wrist. The sword in his grasp shot forward.


The sound of air being torn apart resounded as the sword left an afterimage behind while it shot through the white ape’s ‘chrysanthemum’. After that, it pierced through the white ape’s chest to leave its body, and it caused a torrent of blood to spray from the white ape’s chest!


The white ape’s enormous pupils constricted as it let out a shrill and miserable cry that shook the surroundings. Meanwhile, a fist smashed against its stomach.

When compared to the size of the white ape’s body, YY’s fist seemed like the fist of an ant that was striking a human…. However, it was precisely such a tiny fist that blasted the white ape flying, and it smashed many trees apart before it crashed to the ground.

Yang Ye didn’t follow up with another attack after he blasted the white ape flying. Because his body felt uncomfortable. While he hadn’t utilized any sword energy and merely used his physical strength, his body hadn’t recovered completely. So, his body still couldn’t endure him using its strength too much!

At this moment, he faintly felt pain coming from his internal organs!

“Who are you!?” Zi Xin stared fixedly at Yang Ye.

Li Qingyi and Fan Li were looking at Yang Ye as well because they too wanted to know the answer.

“The Ancient Sword School!” Yang Ye spoke casually. While he didn’t know the Ancient Sword School, it seemed to be formidable in Pine Prefecture, so he didn’t mind using its name!

“Do you think that I’m 3!?” Zi Xin spoke in a low voice, “You don’t have the Sword Token of the Ancient Sword School, and you haven’t attained 6th level sword intent!”

“So would you kneel down, apologize, and beg for mercy if I do produce the Sword Token of the Ancient Sword School?” Yang Ye gestured and the sword returned to his grasp. After that, he started walking towards Zi Xin.

Zi Xin spoke coldly, “Do you know what the consequences for pretending to be a disciple of the Ancient Sword School is? Someone tried it once, and he was pursued for 3 days and night by the disciples of the nine peaks. In the end, not only was that fellow killed, even his entire family was annihilated. Do you know how strong that fellow was? He’d comprehended 2 types of Intent, and both had attained the Heaven Rank. Besides that, he was even at the Half-Saint Realm!”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched slightly. It really is quite overbearing! Looks like I’ve caused trouble for myself again….

But at this moment, it was too late for him to deny it. So, he said, “I said I am, so I am. What’s with all the crap?”

As soon as he finished speaking, he charged at Zi Xin. However, he’d merely taken a few steps when an Exalt Realm demon beast obstructed his path. This Exalt Realm demon beast wasn’t as large as the white ape, and it was only double the size of an adult. It was completely covered in black scales, and it was shaped like a cow. However, it had the legs of a man, causing it to seem quite strange!

“It’s a Dark Armored Rhino. Watch out….” Fan Meng warned, “Its skin is extremely thick and tough!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he glanced at the Dark Armored Rhino. In the end, his gaze stopped on its eyes. He didn’t hesitate to attack immediately. He flashed over to it, and then the sword in his hand swept towards its eyes. It was so swift that it seemed like a bolt of lightning!

However, Zi Xin suddenly appeared on the rhino, and then its body moved slightly to the side. Yang Ye’s sword which would have struck its eyes instantly struck one of its scales instead, and sparks flew!


The sword he held instantly shattered into pieces while Yang Ye was blasted a few steps back by the huge force of the collision!

“It’s Beast Assimilation!” Li Qingyi spoke abruptly, “Her heart is one with the Dark Armored Rhino. They’d joined as one, and they can bring forth strengths that’s a few times greater than what they were previously capable of!”


Suddenly, the rhino roared furiously, and an explosive roar that rumbled like a divine thunderclap struck Yang Ye’s ears, causing him to feel dizzy. Yang Ye was shocked and hurriedly shook his head before he used profound energy to seal his ears. Meanwhile, the rhino had made use of the instant that Yang Ye was distracted to arrive in front of Yang Ye, and its horn stabbed at his head!

“You’re courting death!” Yang Ye roared furiously as he smashed his fist against the horn.


The horn instantly broke apart while the rhino itself was blasted back by the powerful force that Yang Ye’s fist carried. However, Yang Ye had taken around 10 steps back as well!

“Kill!” Zi Xin who sat on the rhino’s back suddenly waved her hand, and then a strange fluctuation surged out from her hand. After that, all the demon beasts in the surroundings howled as they charged towards Yang Ye and the others!

A trace of ferocity flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes as he suddenly stomped his right foot against the ground, and his figure shot forward.

Meanwhile, Zi Xin’s expressions changed when she witnessed this scene. She slapped the rhino’s back, and the latter roared and charged at Yang Ye.

“Slash!” Yang Ye pressed his fingers into the form of a sword and swiped it at the rhino, and then a strand of sword energy flashed!

When the sword energy struck the rhino, the rhino’s scale armor seemed like tofu as the sword energy slashed through it with ease. Zi Xin’s expression changed drastically when she witnessed this scene, and her figure flashed to the side.


The sword energy flashed through the rhino, and it was immediately split into 2!

Zi Xin’s face turned grim. She gestured with her right hand, and the flaming lion in the distance instantly rushed towards her. However, Yang Ye suddenly appeared in front of her, and then he grabbed her by the throat!

Yang Ye spoke coldly, “Make them stop!”

“Let me go or all 3 of them will die!” Zi Xin stared fixedly at Yang Ye, and there wasn’t a trace of fear in her eyes. Because Li Qingyi and the others were being attacked by the group of demon beasts, and they were on the verge of being eaten alive!

A savage expression appeared on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth, and he grabbed Zi Xin’s right arm.

Zi Xin was shocked by this and said, “What are you….”

She hadn’t been able to finish speaking before Yang Ye suddenly pulled, and then Zi Xin’s entire arm was torn off from her shoulder!

Blood sprayed out like a fountain!

“There’s a demon in him….” Li Qingyi spoke softly.

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