Chapter 823 – A Bandit!

Almighty Sword Domain

“AHHHH!” Zi Xin’s shrill cry of misery resounded from beneath the gauze that covered her face, and the sharp pain that came from her right shoulder almost knocked her unconscious.

Is he a demon? Zi Xin truly felt terrified at this moment.

Yang Ye moved closer to Zi Xin and said, “If that little girl suffers even the slightest harm, then I’ll tear off all your limbs. Do you want to bet whether I’d dare to do that?”

How could she possibly dare to make such a bet with him? She immediately howled, “Stop!”

The demon beasts stopped immediately when they heard her, and it allowed Fan Li and Li Qingyi to heave sighs of relief. While most of the demon beasts in the surroundings were only at the King Realm or Spirit Realm, there was a huge number of them. Coupled with the fact that they’d been beaten up by Yang Ye before this, they lacked the strength to hold on against the demon beasts.

Fortunately, Yang Ye had captured Zi Xin…. However, when they saw what happened to her, both their hearts trembled, and they couldn’t help but glance at Fan Meng at the same time. They knew that if it wasn’t for this little girl by their side, then both of them would have probably suffered the same fate!

That fellow wasn’t one to be kind to a beauty!

Yang Ye led Zi Xin over to Fan Li and Li Qingyi, “Watch her and don’t let her die!”

Even though he’d restrained her, the demon beasts in the surroundings hadn’t retreated, and they were howling incessantly on the spot and were prepared to charge forward at any moment.

While he wasn’t afraid of them, he didn’t want the trouble. Because there were too many of them. Coupled with the fact that he couldn’t utilize profound energy or overuse his physical strength right now, it was best to use Zi Xin to open up a path.

With Zi Xin in his hands, the demon beasts in the surroundings instantly became his bodyguards, and they didn’t encounter any formidable demon beasts all along the way. Even if they did, they were able to pass through smoothly with Zi Xin there to talk and negotiate with the demon beasts.

“I want to talk with you!” Suddenly, Li Qingyi walked over to Yang Ye.

“A person should know their own limits!” Yang Ye said, “Firstly, I don’t really know you, and I don’t want to speak with you about anything. Secondly, I know what you intend to say. You want to travel to Spirit Ape Mountain. I won’t stop you from going there, but I won’t go there with you.”

Li Qingyi said, “What if I provide compensation that you desire?”

Yang Ye shook his head, “It’s impossible for you to possess anything that I desire. At the very most, you have things that I need right now. Perhaps I really need those things, like extreme-grade energy stones. I really do need them, but I still wouldn’t go there with you.”

Li Qingyi spoke in a low voice, “Why?”

Yang Ye didn’t say anything, he just glanced at the boundless mountain rage with a solemn expression in his eyes. He sensed danger from deep within the mountains. He didn’t even fear high-grade Half-Saints when he was at his peak, but it didn’t represent that he was matchless.

Since he felt an aura of danger from there, it proved that a terrifying existence might reside there!

This made Yang Ye stop underestimating Radiant Dimension at all. After all, he hadn’t come into contact with the experts and geniuses of this world since he arrived here. So, in the beginning, he had the feeling that the Radiant Dimension was nothing special. But now he noticed that this world was far from being as inferior as he’d imagined it to be!

Underestimating one’s enemy would cause one to pay a price! Yang Ye naturally understood that principle. So, he’d corrected his mentality towards this world!

When she saw Yang Ye remain silent, Li Qingyi continued, “With your strength and coupled with the fact that we have that woman from the Beastmaster Sect, it wouldn’t be difficult at all for us to head to Spirit Ape Mountain.”

Yang Ye didn’t even pay an ounce of attention to her. He just walked over to Zi Xin instead.

Zi Xin’s eyelids twitched when she saw Yang Ye, and she instinctively took a step back. She was truly afraid of the man who stood before her.

Yang Ye stretched out his hand and said, “Extreme-grade energy stones and the inner cores of Exalt Realm demon beasts. Hand them all over!” He’d forcefully utilized his physical strength and sword energy earlier, and it had caused numerous problems to arise within his meridians and body once more. So, he urgently needed energy stones to recuperate!

Is he a bandit? All the other women were shocked.

Yang Ye frowned when he saw Zi Xin staring blankly at him and said, “What? You want me to search myself?”

Zi Xin recovered from her shock. She glanced at Yang Ye and very unwillingly withdrew her spatial ring. Yang Ye took it, and then his spiritual energy surged into it. A slight smile arose on the corners of his mouth when he saw its contents. There were around 1,000 plus extreme-grade energy stones and over 100 Exalt Realm inner cores!

All of that wouldn’t just be able to let him recuperate quickly, it would even be sufficient for him to rise to the mid rank of the Spirit Realm!

All of them watched as he took a few extreme-grade energy stones and pushed them into his mouth. Fan Li and Li Qingyi reacted comparatively better because they’d witnessed such a scene in the past, but Zi Xin opened her eyes wide while disbelief covered her face.

Two hours later, Yang Ye’s body felt better, and he’d advanced to the mid rank of the Spirit Realm!

“Yang Ye!” Fan Meng suddenly ran over to Yang Ye and said, “How do you make swords fly on their own? It doesn’t even fly when I use it!” She’d desired Yang Ye’s magnificent sword control technique for a very long time, and not that they weren’t in trouble anymore, she’d hastily run over to ask about it.

“You want to learn how to do it?” Yang Ye smiled.

She hurriedly nodded, “Yes, I want to, I really want to!”

Yang Ye smiled, “It’s called the Sword Control Technique, and it was….” Yang Ye suddenly stopped speaking while the smile on his face slowly vanished.

It was Elder Mu who’d given him the Sword Control Technique all those years ago.

Elder Mu, Lu Yan, Xu Qianye, the Hallowed Lord, Supreme Exalt He, Qin Bufan, Xiao Ying…. The images of countless people flashed within Yang Ye’s mind. Many of them were once his enemies, but they’d all united and worked together at the critical moment and resisted the Eye of the Heaven Dao!

It could be said that he wouldn’t be alive today if it wasn’t for their sacrifice. Heavenrend was extremely strong, but if the Eye of the Heaven Dao hadn’t been heavily injured by the self-detonations of so many experts, then he would have probably been unable to slash through it even if he’d attained the Saint Realm!

Yang Ye took a deep breath and looked up into the sky while ghastly killing intent filled his eyes.

“What… what’s wrong?” Fan Meng spoke softly when she saw Yang Ye reveal such a hostile expression and emanate fierce killing intent.

Meanwhile, Li Qingyi and Fan Li pulled Zi Xin along with them as they moved backwards a little. They seemed to be very afraid that Yang Ye would attack and kill them.

Yang Ye withdrew his gaze and shook his head, “It’s nothing. I just recalled some scenes of the past. If you want to learn this technique, then I can teach it to you. One you gain mastery over it, then it’ll still be very useful to you even after you attain the Half-Saint Realm!” He wasn’t lying because when the Sword Control Technique was cultivated to its limits, then one could control at least 10,000 swords!

“You… you’re really willing to teach it to me?” Fan Meng opened her eyes wide, and her voice carried pleasant surprise and excitement.

Yang Ye nodded, “Of course!”

Fan Meng clapped when she heard him, and she even started jumping with joy. Meanwhile, Fan Meng had a happy smile on her face as well. After all, all the sword techniques within Pine Prefecture were practically in the possession of the Ancient Sword School. Especially the comparatively superior techniques. So, while her Fan Clan was wealthy, it still couldn’t purchase such sword techniques!

The sword technique Yang Ye executed was clearly extraordinary. So, since Yang Ye was willing to teach it to Fan Meng, then it was definitely a great opportunity for her, and Fan Li who was her older sister was naturally happy for her younger sister.

As he taught the Sword Control Technique to her, Yang Ye noticed that her natural talent in the sword was actually not weak at all. The reason she was still at the 4th level of sword intent was mainly because she lacked real combat experience!

After all, a tiger that was raised in a cage might even be inferior to a wild dog!

When he thought up to this point, Yang Ye suddenly looked at Fan Li and said, “Come over here!”

Fan Li’s eyelids twitched when she heard him. Meanwhile, Fan Meng even shot a pleasing gaze at him because she was really afraid that he would beat her older sister up.

Yang Ye was quite amused when he noticed her expression, and he shook his head, “Even if it’s just because of you, I still wouldn’t hit her anymore! I only want to tell her a few things!”

As he spoke, he walked over to the side. Fan Li hesitated for a moment before following him there. After all, if Yang Ye wanted to do anything to her, she wasn’t able to resist at all!

Fan Meng gazed at her older sister with slight worry in her heart. However, she didn’t choose to follow them.

Yang Ye stopped after walking over 30m away, and he said, “Fan Meng’s natural talent in the sword is pretty good. However, her character is truly a little too weak and gentle. Moreover, she lacks real combat. If that continues, then her natural talent in the sword will be completely wasted!”

“Please take her as your disciple!” Fan Li suddenly bowed to Yang Ye.

Yang Ye shook his head, “I’ll teach her, but I won’t take her as my disciple. Moreover, I’ll be leaving once we get out of this mountain range. I can’t take her with me. You should be aware how dangerous it would be to follow me!”

Fan Li said, “It’s even more dangerous for her if she stays at Skywind City! The reason I wanted her to join the Ancient Sword School was that I hoped she would be able to obtain its protection. Unfortunately, she hasn’t reached the minimum requirements to join the Ancient Sword School….”

“It’s because of the Ye Clan?” Yang Ye frowned.

She nodded and explained, “If it was just the Ye Clan, then the Ye Clan wouldn’t dare bully my Fan Clan while we are determined to fight them to the death. However, the Ye Clan somehow became connected to Broken Saber Villa, and it’s a Silver Rank sect. My Fan Clan is utterly incapable of resisting the Ye Clan while it’s assisted by the Broken Saber Villa! The reason I came to Broken Sky Mountain Range with Li Qingyi today was because I wanted her to help speak to Broken Saber Villa on our behalf. However….”

“You want to use me to help you deal with the Ye Clan and Broken Saber Villa?” Yang Ye suddenly looked at her with a slightly cold gaze.

Fan Li’s heart shivered as she hurriedly shook her head, “I don’t dare dream of such a thing. I only hope that you can help Little meng!”


Suddenly, an ear piercing cry resounded from the sky, and then around 10 enormous eagles appeared in the sky above them.

Every single one of those eagles was at the high rank of the Exalt Realm!

“It’s the Beastmaster Sect!” Li Qingyi cried out involuntarily.

“Martial Uncle Xu!” Zi Xin was overjoyed instead.

In next to no time, an old man and 10 middle aged men appeared before them.

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted slightly while Fan Li’s face instantly turned pale.

Because the old man was at the Monarch Realm!

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