Chapter 824 – I Once Cut Through The Heavens!

Almighty Sword Domain

Besides the old man, all the other 10 middle aged men were at the high rank of the Exalt Realm!

Fan Li and Fan Meng instantly felt despair when they saw such a force. They knew that Yang Ye was very strong, but they didn’t think that he could defeat a Monarch Realm expert and 10 high rank Exalt Realm experts. After all, Yang Ye was only at the Spirit Realm.

Li Qingyi’s expression was quite unsightly as well. Stellar Sky City and the Beastmaster Sect were enemies. So, it was utterly impossible for them to spare her, and if she were to fall into their hands, then the consequences she faced would be absolutely horrible!

Yang Ye and Fan Li moved over to Zi Xin’s side while the ancient sheath appeared in Yang Ye’s grasp. Ordinary sword energy and techniques were utterly useless against Monarch Realm experts. While executing Heavenrend might cause him to suffer severe consequences, how could he be bothered about all of that?

The old man glanced at Yang Ye and the others before his gaze descended onto Zi Xin, and his face instantly turned ferocious when he saw that Zi Xin’s right arm was gone, “Who did that!?”

“I did!” Yang Ye immediately stepped forward. After all, it was impossible to lie about it, and he didn’t have to.

“How dare you! You actually dared to act against a member of my Beastmaster Sect!” A strand of killing intent surged out from the old man and pressed down upon Yang Ye and the others.

However , it instantly vanished without a trace when it arrived before Yang Ye. What a joke! How many had Yang Ye killed? The old man’s killing intent was nothing to him!

The old man was shocked when he witnessed this scene. He hadn’t expected that his killing intent would actually be useless against this fellow who was only at the Spirit Realm! It made him feel both humiliated and furious. He was just about to attack when Li Qingyi’s voice suddenly resounded, “If you dare to attack, then this junior of yours will be leaving her life here!”

The old man looked over and saw that Li Qingyi had her hand wrapped around Zi Xin’s throat.

“Don’t you dare!” The old man was furious.

Li Qingyi grunted coldly and said, “Try me!” As she spoke, she squeezed down slightly, and it caused Zi Xin’s eyes to instantly open wide.

Suddenly, the old man said, “Goldstriped Snakes!”

Yang Ye was puzzled. Meanwhile, numerous rays of golden light shot explosively from Zi Xin, and they struck Li Qingyi.

“AHH!” She cried as she let go off Zi Xin, and then Li Qingyi moved backward repeatedly before swiftly swinging her right palm.

At this moment, everyone here noticed that those rays of golden light were actually a few tiny golden snakes that were as thick as fingers!

Meanwhile, Li Qingyi’s countenance had turned purple!

She was poisoned!

Li Qingyi’s expression changed drastically as she hurriedly withdrew a few pills and swallowed them. Meanwhile, Zi Xin was already by the old man’s side.

“The poison of the Goldstriped Snakes possesses extreme yin qualities, and even Monarch Realm experts may not be able to overcome its poison.” When she spoke up to this point, Zi Xin suddenly pointed at Yang Ye and said, “I’d intended to use them against him. Unfortunately, he was very vigilant towards me even after he restrained me, so I never had a chance. Since it was like that, I had no choice but to let Young Miss Li enjoy them! What a pity! You actually have so many medicinal pills which cure poisons!”

Yang Ye waved his hand and Fan Meng’s sword flew into his grasp, and then he said, “Run towards the depths of this mountain range!”

Fan Meng quickly asked, “What about you?”

“I’ll catch up soon!” As he spoke, he glanced at Fan Li. The latter pondered deeply for a moment before she pulled Fan Meng and ran towards the depths of the mountain range with Li Qingyi.

“Run?” The old man laughed coldly, “How truly laughable!” He was about to attack once he finished speaking.

However, Zi Xin suddenly said, “Martial Uncle Xu, you must be careful. His strength is extraordinary. He killed Exalt Realm demon beasts with just a swing of his sword just now, and even my Black Armored Rhino suffered the same fate!”

He was able to instantly annihilate Exalt Realm demon beasts!?

The old man’s eyelids twitched, and the contempt in his eyes became much lesser as he said, “Who are you!?”

Yang Ye slowly sheathed the sword into the ancient sheath. While the sword wasn’t at the Dao Rank, it was at the high grade of the Heaven Rank. With his grasp and control of Heavenrend, it wasn’t a problem for him to execute Heavenrend once with such a sword. However, its strength would definitely be far inferior to a Dao Rank sword. Moreover, he could only execute a single Heavenrend and couldn’t overlap them!

After he sheathed the sword, he looked up at the old man and said, “The Ancient Sword School. Heavenly Sword Peak. I’m the strongest beneath the Saint Realm!” He really didn’t want to execute Heavenrend because no one knew what the consequences would be! So, he had no choice but to use the Ancient Sword School’s name and hope to be able to scare the old man away!

The best strategy was to make the enemy surrender without a fight!

The Ancient Sword School!

The expressions of the old man and the 10 middle aged men changed drastically when they heard these words, and the old man cried out involuntarily with shock, “You… you are from the

Ancient Sword School…?”

The Ancient Sword School was a Platinum Rank sect, so destroying the Beastmaster Sect only took an instant for such a sect. The old man and the others were instantly in panic when they heard that Yang Ye was from the Ancient Sword School. After all, weren’t they courting death by offending a disciple of the Ancient Sword School? The old man’s hands had even started to tremble.

“He isn’t from the Ancient Sword School!” Zi Xin quickly spoke when she noticed their reactions, “The disciples of the Ancient Sword School carry sword chests on their backs, and they wear the emblem of the Ancient Sword School. Besides that, all of them possess 6th level Heaven Rank sword intent or above. He doesn’t conform to any one of those conditions. So, he isn’t a disciple of the Ancient Sword School!”

All of them became calm and composed once more when they heard her. They sized Yang Ye up carefully, and they noticed that he really didn’t conform to those conditions. This made the old man’s face instantly turn gloomy. “Good, very good. I never expected that someone in this world would actually dare to pretend to be a disciple of the Ancient Sword School. Needless to say, you’re much braver than I imagined!”

Yang Ye took the hilt of his sword and said, “I’ll speak a word of truth. This attack of mine is very strong, and it once shattered the heavens. Why don’t all of you just leave, and I won’t draw my sword. Then, perhaps we might be able to meet each other again in the future. Otherwise, once I draw my sword, then we might be separated by the world of the living and the dead!”

“It’s very strong? It even shattered the heavens? We’ll be separated by death? HAHAHAHA!” The old man and the others roared with laughter. Even Zi Xin had a slight smile on her face. Obviously, all of them were amused by what he said.

“Why does no one ever believe me when I tell the truth?” Yang Ye shook his head. He felt that he really was quite a failure. After all, it was a rare moment that he acted so sincerely towards his enemies.

“Alright, let’s deal with him quickly so that we can capture Li Qingyi!” The old man stopped laughing, and then he walked over to Yang Ye, “I’ll act arrogantly and carelessly this time. Come, execute that technique of yours and let me see it. I’m really very curious exactly what sort of attack could actually even shatter the heavens!”

“Are you really not going to consider what I said?” asked Yang Ye.

The old man was furious, “I asked you to draw your sword, so do it! What’s with all the crap?”

Yang Ye took a deep breath and said, “I’ll count to three so that you’re mentally prepared. Otherwise, I would truly be bullying you….”

“Alright, go ahead and count!” The old man placed his hands behind his back while a faint smile appeared on his face. He simply seemed to be acting like an expert.


The old man nodded. Right when he was waiting for Yang Ye to continue the countdown and shout 2, a sword howl suddenly shot into the sky. Shrill cries resounded from the enormous eagles in the sky, and they fled madly in all directions. At the same time, the old man watched with astonishment as a dazzling ray of light erupted from Yang Ye’s sword sheath, and then it flashed before his eyes….

The old man’s figure stiffened on the spot, and his eyes were opened wide, “What happened to 2?”

“I swallowed it!”


As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, the old man’s body exploded apart and transformed into pieces that rained down to the ground.

The 10 middle aged men and Zi Xin were petrified on the spot. All of them stared fixedly at Yang Ye while disbelief filled their eyes….

A Monarch Realm Expert!

A mid rank Spirit Realm cultivator annihilated a Monarch Realm expert in an instant! My god! Is that real? Is that real?

At this moment, all of their minds had gone blank. Because that scene which just occurred before them was truly too shocking, and it was so unreal like a dream!

Yang Ye shook his head as he gazed at the pieces of the sword in his grasp. He shook his palm and tossed those pieces to the ground. After that, he placed his right hand behind his back.

Meanwhile, a gust of wind blew by and caused Yang Ye’s robe to flutter while he gazed at them, and his eyes were completely tranquil.

All of them instinctively took a few steps back. At this moment, Yang Ye seemed like a peerless sword cultivator to them, a peerless sword cultivator who could even pierce a hole through the sky!

Yang Ye suddenly looked up at the sky and said, “The heavens are benevolent…. All of you can leave. Go back and tell your sect master that I’ll definitely pay your sect a visit in the future!”

All of them still remained on the spot.

Yang Ye’s gaze turned icy cold as he said. “What? All of you want to go and accompany him?”

Zi Xin and the others shuddered when they heard him, and then they turned around and ran. In less than a breath of time, they vanished from Yang Ye’s field of vision.

After they ran madly for almost 500km, Zi Xin suddenly stopped and said, “Something’s not right!”

All of the others stopped as well. One of the middle aged men spoke angrily, “Something’s not right? Zi Xin, you caused the death of our Martial Uncle, and you even made our Beastmaster Sect offend a disciple of the Ancient Sword School! You… you’ve caused great trouble for the sect!”

The other middle aged men gazed at her with hostile gazes as well.

She shook her head and said, “He’s definitely not from the Ancient Sword School. Because if he is, then he would only have to use his command token to prove it, and we would definitely not dare to cause trouble for him. However, he never did that until the end. Most importantly, did all of you notice that his sword shattered after he drew it? Moreover, I even noticed that his body seemed to be trembling!”

One of them spoke in a low voice, “What are you trying to say?”

She replied in a serious tone, “I fought him before all of you arrived. He really is very strong, but he was far from being that strong. He definitely executed some sort of powerful secret technique to improve his strength, and that’s why he was so strong just now. All of you should be aware that such techniques will usually cause the user to suffer backlash!”

One of the middle aged men spoke in a low voice, “You mean that the reason he let us go wasn’t because he didn’t want to kill us, it was because he couldn’t? It was because he was suffering from backlash? Right?”

Zi Xin nodded while ferocity appeared in her eyes, “He’s very strong. If he’s allowed to live, then he’ll become a calamity for our sect. So, we must seize this opportunity to annihilate him.”

“What if he’s really a disciple of the Ancient Sword School?”

“Then it's even more reason to kill him!” Zi Xin spoke in a ghastly tone, “If he really is a member of the Ancient Sword School, then just think about what the consequences would be if he’s allowed to return alive?”

All of them were at a loss for words.

Zi Xin took a deep breath and said, “Senior Brother Ming Ruo, go investigate in secret and find out if the Heavenly Sword Peak has a disciple called Yang Ye. If there isn’t one, then immediately notify the Ancient Sword School that someone is pretending to be a member of their sect. If there is someone named Yang Ye there, then immediately notify the sect master and ask him to personally resolve this matter. Because he absolutely can’t be allowed to leave Broken Sky Mountain Range alive!”

All of them exchanged glances, and then one of the middle aged men said, “It’s decided!”

The middle aged man called Ming Ruo flashed off while the remaining group traveled back to where they confronted Yang Ye earlier. It didn’t take long for them to arrive where Yang Ye stood just now.

At this moment, Yang Ye was nowhere to be seen, and there was a puddle of blood where he was standing just now.

“Fuck! We were tricked!” One of the middle aged men cursed when he saw the puddle of blood!

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