Chapter 825 – The 12 Demon Kings Of Pine Prefecture!

Almighty Sword Domain

After the 10 middle aged men and Zi Xin had left, cracking sounds suddenly resounded from within Yang Ye while countless strands of blood seeped out from within him and instantly dyed his clothes red.

Yang Ye knew that his body had cracked open once more!

There was bitterness in his eyes. He knew that executing Heavenrend would come with severe consequences, but he hadn’t expected that it would actually cause even his body to crack open!

“Yang Ye!” Suddenly, Fan Meng’s voice resounded from behind him, and then Li Qingyi, Fan Li, and Fan Meng appeared within his field of vision.

“All of you still haven’t left?” Yang Ye frowned, but this action caused a trace of blood to flow out from his forehead.

All 3 of them were stunned on the spot when they noticed the state Yang Ye was in. At this moment, his clothes were completely drenched in blood as if they were made of blood itself. The even more terrifying part was that a huge number of cracks actually densely covered his face. Coupled with the scars that already existed on his face, Yang Ye seemed even more terrifying than a ghost!

“What… what happened to you?” Tears couldn’t help but stream down Fan Meng’s face.

Yang Ye shook his head lightly and said, “Let’s ignore that for now. They’ll be back soon. Let’s leave first!”

Li Qingyi didn’t speak a word and immediately carried Yang Ye on her back before running towards the distance. Fan Meng and Fan Li hurriedly followed behind her.

“Why did all of you come back?” asked Yang Ye.

Fan Li glanced at Fan Meng and said, “She refused to leave you, so….”

Yang Ye glanced at Fan Meng, and he noticed that the little girl was still crying. Yang Ye felt quite touched and said, “Stop crying. I’ve suffered even worse injuries in the past. Such injuries are nothing to me!”

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry….” Fan Meng shook her head repeatedly while her tears flowed like torrents.

She knew that she was the main reason that Yang Ye had fallen into such a state. Because it wasn’t difficult for Yang Ye to leave the mountain range with the strength he possessed, but he’d chosen to stay behind to take her with him, and that was exactly why Yang Ye was even taking her older sister and Li Qingyi along with them.

If it wasn’t for her, Yang Ye wouldn’t be in such a state.

So, when she thought about that, she grew even more guilty, and her tears poured even more.

Yang Ye suddenly thought of Little Yao, Bao’er, Lei Lin, Yin’yin, Nianxue, and the others when he saw her act like that.

The Primordial Pagoda was closed, and he didn’t know how to open it again. However, based on his inference, it would definitely be opened once more when his strength arrived at a certain level.

After that incident where he slashed apart the Eye of the Heaven Dao, Yang Ye realized that his strength was still absolutely too weak. So, besides reopening the Primordial Pagoda and looking for An Nanjing and the others, he intended to dedicate this ‘new’ life of his to becoming stronger to the point that no one in the universe could pose a threat to him!

In this world where only the strong were respected, one who lacked strength lived a life that was worse than a dog’s!

That was something which he’d understood a long time ago before he’d even joined the Sword Sect. Unfortunately, as his strength grew stronger, he’d gradually forgotten it as well. However, his arrival at the Radiant Dimension allowed him to gain a deeper understanding of the consequences of lacking strength.

He didn’t seek to be unmatched in the universe, he only sought to possess strength that no one dared to bully!

Yang Ye took a deep breath and glanced at Fan Li, “Do you have anymore energy stones? If you do, then lend them to me!” 

He needed a huge amount of energy stones right now because only energy stones could heal his injuries and improve his strength.

Fan Li shook her head and said, “But I do have them at home!”

Li Qingyi added, “You’ve eaten all the energy stones I brought with me. I don’t have any more as well!”

Yang Ye frowned. At this moment, he couldn’t absorb spirit energy like a normal person. So, if he didn’t have energy stones of inner cores, then he didn’t know when he could finally recover from the injuries he suffered. There were countless demon beasts throughout this boundless mountain range and coupled with the fact that they were being pursued, he didn’t have the strength to protect himself while he was in his current state!


Suddenly, a sharp cry resounded from the sky behind them, and it caused their expressions to change slightly.

Yang Ye glanced ahead and said, “Head towards the right and enter that gorge.”

Li Qingyi and the others didn’t hesitate to do as he said and charge in that direction.

Fan Meng suddenly asked when they entered the gorge, “Why did we head here?”

Yang Ye replied, “I sensed the auras of formidable demon beasts ahead and on our left just now. They were at the peak of the Exalt Realm at the very least. If we were to head in those directions, then we would definitely be unable to avoid a bitter battle. If that happened, then they’ll definitely catch up to us as well.”

“Oh,” said Fan Meng before she continued, “Is… is that old geezer at the Monarch Realm… dead?”

Fan Li gazed at Yang Ye as well. Meanwhile, while Li Qingyi who was carrying him hadn’t turned to look at him, her ears had perked up. Because they were actually prepared for the worst when they went back just now. However, the old man, the middle aged men, and Zi Xin had vanished when they got back.

Now, the old man wasn’t amongst the group that was pursuing them. Because the group behind them would have caught up a long time ago if the old man was amongst them!

Yang Ye nodded and said, “He is!”

As soon as he finished speaking those words, he clearly felt Li Qingyi’s body stiffen slightly while Fan Li and Fan Meng gazed at him with astonishment.

Yang Ye gazed at Fan Meng and smiled, “Don’t be so surprised. It’s just a Monarch Realm expert. Work hard on your cultivation and you’ll be able to do the same!”

Fan Meng nodded, but she didn’t ask him how he’d accomplished it. Even though she was usually quite carefree, she was no fool.

Because they had Yang Ye by their side, so they didn’t encounter any formidable demon beasts as they ran towards the depths of the mountain range. However, they hadn’t been able to shake off their pursuers. According to Li Qingyi, unless they possessed strengths that far surpassed their pursuers or killed all the demon beasts in an area of a few km, otherwise, it was impossible to shake off members of the Beastmaster Sect within this mountain range!

After all, the demon beasts would be the eyes and ears of the Beastmaster Sect if they didn’t annihilate all of those demon beasts!

“Why is the Beastmaster Sect only a Silver Rank sect when it possesses such ability?” asked Yang Ye.

Li Qingyi explained, “This ability of theirs is formidable indeed, but it has its limits. They aren’t able to sign agreements with demon beasts at the Half-Saint Realm and below. After all, demons and humans live alongside each other in Pine Prefecture, and the Demon Kings are extraordinary experts. So, they would absolutely not allow demon beasts at the Half-Saint Realm and above to sign agreements with humans. Unless it was under some sort of special circumstances!”

“Demon Kings?” Yang Ye was quite puzzled.

She explained, “There are 12 Demon Kings in Pine Prefecture, and every single one of them is at the Saint Realm. Moreover, they have countless Demon Generals and Demon Commanders under their command. It can be said that the demon race isn’t inferior to the human race at all within Pine Prefecture. Fortunately, there’s an agreement between our races, and it’s one that allows us to live in harmony within the Prefecture. While humans and demon beasts frequently kill each other, they are all battles that are tacitly allowed by the higher-ups. Because regardless of whether it’s the demon beasts or us humans, all of us need to experience battles of life and death.”

12 Saint Realm experts! Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched. Unless he ignited 13 levels of sword intent again and executed the true Heavenrend, he wouldn’t have a chance in a battle against a Saint Realm expert. Even if he’d comprehended the Sword Domain and the energy of the Laws.

Yang Ye suddenly seemed to have thought of something, and he hurriedly asked, “Are there Demon Kings in this mountain range?”

Li Qingyi was slightly stunned and said, “There should be none.”

“What do you mean? Should be?” Yang Ye frowned. He constantly felt an indistinct yet formidable aura while he was in this mountain range, and it was absolutely not something that a Half-Saint should possess. However, it didn’t seem like the aura of a Saint Realm expert. Because if it was a Saint Realm expert, then he wouldn’t have been able to sense it at all.

“Broken Sky Mountain Range is only an insignificant place, and Demon Kings would absolutely not come to such a place!” Li Qingyi continued, “Because if they did, then the human sects and clans in an area of hundreds of kilometers would have to move. Unless it’s a Platinum Rank power, otherwise, no one would dare to live near a Demon King!”

“Is it not a Demon King?” Yang Ye looked towards the distance, but it was still only endless mountains which entered his field of vision. The powerful aura still remained deep within the mountain range. However, it was quite obscure to the point that he would be utterly incapable of noticing the aura if his spiritual energy and divine sense weren’t slightly special.

“Spirit Ape Mountain is up ahead!” Fan Meng suddenly stopped moving and pointed at the mountain ahead of them.

Fan Li glanced at the mountain, and then she gazed at Li Qingyi.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly and said, “Young Miss Li, you really are amazing. You actually led us here without us noticing it!”

Li Qingyi placed Yang Ye down and Fan Meng immediately took him from her. After that, she took Yang Ye with her as both she and Fan Li kept their distance from Li Qingyi.

Li Qingyi glanced at them and said, “Brother Yang, Young Miss Fan, I’m sorry. I had to come here. Brother Yang, thank you for leading the way and allowing me to avoid a huge amount of trouble!”

When she spoke up to this point, she tossed a bottle of pills to Yang Ye and said, “These are Energy Recovery Pills. There are only 3 in there, and they can instantly recover some of your profound energy. Take it as my compensation for leading the way. Farewell!” As soon as she finished speaking, her figure flashed and vanished before their fields of vision.

Meanwhile, Zi Xin’s group appeared within their fields of vision.

Yang Ye laughed with ridicule as he gazed at the medicinal pills in his hand. She hadn’t given him the medicinal pills because he’d led the way, she’d done that because she wanted him and the Beastmaster Sect’s members to kill each other.

“How… how could she do this….” Fan Meng was quite angry because she’d treated Li Qingyi as a friend just now.

“You’re dead!” Meanwhile, Zi Xin spoke ferociously. After all, being tricked once could be considered as carelessness, but being tricked twice was stupidity. She’d been tricked twice by this fellow who stood before her, so it was undoubtedly an unbearable humiliation to her!

Yang Ye swallowed one of those pills, and then he walked over to Fan Meng, “Do you have another sword?”

Fan Meng hurriedly nodded, and then she gave him another sword.

Yang Ye took it and sheathed it. After that, he turned around, gazed at Zi Xin’s group, and said, “This attack of mine once slashed the heavens apart. I’m really not trying to scare all of you. Which one of you wants to give it a try? Right, the consequences won’t be too bad. Worse comes to worse, you’ll just end up like that geezer. I’m really not trying to scare all of you….”

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