Chapter 826 – Another Act!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye was just intimidating them, of course. While he’d consumed one of those Energy Recovery Pills, it had merely created some profound energy within him. As for the injuries he suffered both internally and externally , it would take at least 15 minutes to recover. Moreover, even if he recovered slightly, he still wouldn’t dare draw the sword. Because his body would definitely explode into pieces if he were to draw it again!

So, all he could do was put on an act, an act that was to the best of his ability….

Zi Xin and the others couldn’t help but take a few steps back when Yang Ye acted like he was about to draw his sword. After all, they’d personally experienced how terrifying Yang Ye’s sword drawing technique was just now. A Monarch Realm expert had been killed in an instant. So, how could they not fear it?

Zi Xin suddenly said, “He’s just putting on a show of strength but is actually in a weakened state. We don’t have to fear him!”

“I’m in a weakened state?” Yang Ye grunted coldly. His left hand moved slightly, and then a sword howl shot into the sky. Meanwhile, Yang Ye took a step forward and glanced at them with disdain, “Are all of you going to attack one by one, or will you be joining forces?”

Zi Xin and the middle aged men’s expressions changed slightly, and they took 2 more steps back. It wasn’t that they were cowardly, it was because the scene of Yang Ye killing a Monarch Realm expert with a single swing of his sword was truly too terrifying. It was precisely that scene which caused them to instinctively feel fear and even a trace of terror towards Yang Ye.

“He’s just trying to scare us!” Zi Xin spoke solemnly. Even though she’d said that, she was still quite hesitant in her heart. Because she’d personally experienced how terrifying and cruel Yang Ye was.

“Then why don’t you come over and give it a try?” Yang Ye stood there with the ancient sheath in his left hand while his right hand held the hilt of his sword. The ancient sheath was trembling incessantly in his grasp, and the sword within it seemed like it would emerge at any moment.

Even cold sweat had appeared on their faces, and some of the middle aged men couldn’t help but arouse the intent to flee when they recalled the scene of the old man’s death.

While Zi Xin was quite nervous and fearful, she forced herself to stay calm, and she said, “Just think about it. If he has the strength to instantly annihilate us, then would he waste his breath on us? His actions are sufficient to prove that he’s actually in a weakened state and only putting on a show of strength. We only have to attack, and we’ll definitely be able to kill him!”

The middle aged man exchanged glances when they heard her, and they felt that she made sense.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye started walking slowly towards them, and it caused their expressions to change once more.

Fan Meng was horrified when she saw Yang Ye walking towards them. After all, she knew the current state Yang Ye was in. He wasn’t even able to walk just now. She was about to go pull Yang Ye back, but Fan Li stopped her. Fan Li knew that Yang Ye was intimidating Zi Xin’s group, and his efforts would be wasted if Fan Meng was allowed to pull him back!

“You think I don’t have the ability to kill you?” Yang Ye’s gaze descended upon Zi Xin, and he walked step by step towards her. It was very slow, but Zi Xin and the others felt like those footsteps were stepping on their hearts, and an oppressive feeling that pressed down upon their hearts assaulted them.

Yang Ye advanced incessantly while Zi Xin’s group retreated incessantly. Such a scene caused Fan Li and Fan Meng to be flabbergasted!

Needless to say, Zi Xin and the others were on the verge of collapse. Even if they knew that Yang Ye was mostly putting on an act to trick them and intimidate them, they still didn’t dare step forward or attack…. Because every single time they wanted to, the scene where Yang Ye instantly and suddenly annihilated the old man appeared in their minds!

“AHHH!” Zi Xin suddenly roared with fury. Everyone here was stunned by this while Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched. He stopped moving and thought to himself, Has she gone mad?

An imposing aura suddenly erupted from her. She gazed at Yang Ye with blood red eyes that were filled with madness. She was truly unable to endure it anymore. So, she was prepared to take Yang Ye down with herself, and her profound energy started surging madly!

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched. She really is mad.

“I’ll kill you!” Zi Xin roared furiously and was about to attack.

However, they suddenly felt the ground quake, and it felt like the ground was about the collapse.


A mountain not too far away from them exploded into pieces.

They were flabbergasted by this scene, and even Yang Ye was stunned. What’s going on?

Suddenly, Li Qingyi appeared before Yang Ye and the others. At this moment, her face was covered in terror and anxiety. Besides those 2 emotions, Yang Ye noticed a trace of happiness and excitement mixed within there.

“Let’s leave! Quickly!” Li Qingyi immediately carried Yang Ye on her back before transforming into a gust of wind that shot towards the distance. Fan Meng was still stunned on the spot when Fan Li had recovered from her shock, and she pulled Fan Meng along with her as she went after Li Qingyi.


Right at this moment, the ground trembled violently. Zi Xin and the others looked over and saw an enormous ape that was the size of a small mountain running in their direction. The enormous ape was almost 30m tall while all 4 of its limbs carried it across the ground, and the ground quaked every single time its limbs struck the ground.

“A Demon General!” Zi Xin and the others turned pale, and they didn’t hesitate to turn around and flee madly. While their Beastmaster Sect could command beasts, it depended on the beast. They couldn’t control Demon Generals! Moreover, it was clearly in an enraged state, so trying to subdue it would be no different than courting death!

So, Zi Xin and the others hadn’t hesitated at all before choosing to flee!

At this moment, Yang Ye saw the enormous ape behind them as well, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but twitch. It wasn’t just at the Monarch Realm, its build and skin made it like a city wall! Based on his current state, he wouldn’t be able to kill that enormous ape even if his physical strength had recovered slightly now. Because the ape’s skin was too thick, and it was too huge…. It was utterly impossible to annihilate with just a few strands of sword energy!

Yang Ye spoke in a low voice, “What exactly did you do!?”

Li Qingyi remained silent, but Fan Li suddenly spoke solemnly, “That’s a Demon General. Normally, it won’t attack humans unless humans offend it. Now, it’s so violent and enraged….” When she spoke up to this point, she stared fixedly at Li Qingyi and said, “Young Miss Li, did you steal that Spirit Ape King’s Monkey Wine?”

“Yes!” Li Qingyi didn’t conceal the truth.

Fan Li’s face instantly turned pale.

Yang Ye asked in a solemn tone when he noticed her pale countenance, “What’s that?”

Fan Li didn’t say a word, and it was Fan Meng who took over, “It’s what the monkey species amongst the demon race love the most, and it’s extremely important to them. Because it isn’t just capable of improving their strength, it’s also capable of allowing the females of their species to become fertile! So, every single monkey type demon beast would brew their own monkey wine. For the sake of that, they would gather countless treasures throughout the mountains, all sorts of spirit springs, and spirit treasures to brew it. Normally, it takes around a few dozen years to brew monkey wine. But she… she actually stole it. That big fellow behind us will definitely not let us live!”

Yang Ye’s face fell when he heard this. He immediately wrapped his right hand around Li Qingyi’s neck and said, “You have 2 choices now. The first is to return the wine. The second is to put me down and flee by yourself.” He’d thought that Li Qingyi had brought him together out of the kindness of her heart. But now it would seem like it wasn’t kindness at all. She intended to bring him along to die with her!

Li Qingyi’s expression remained calm and composed, and she continued dashing madly as she said, “Yang Ye, I know that you definitely have some sort of trump card, and you’re definitely able to deal with that big fellow. So long as you help me do that, then my Stellar Sky City will definitely reward you greatly.”

“What the fuck! I’m already in such a state, yet you actually want me to deal with that big fellow?” Yang Ye couldn’t help but curse, “Open your eyes and have a good look! I can’t even walk right now!”

“You definitely have a trump card!” Li Qingyi spoke in a low voice.

“I don’t!

“Then we’ll die together!” Li Qingyi’s voice suddenly turned savage. At the same time, Yang Ye felt her hands which were supporting him squeeze down on him. It caused blood to seep out once more from the cracks throughout his body.

A cold glow flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes. He lowered his head and moved his mouth close to Li Qingyi’s ear before he said, “Do you believe that I’ll kill you first, and then slaughter Stellar Sky City?”

“I do!” Li Qingyi said, “I know that while you’re in such a state, you’re definitely able to kill me. Besides that, I believe that you’ll absolutely be a threat to Stellar Sky City once you recover. However, I dare guarantee that even if you can escape, those 2 girls from the Fan Clan won’t be able to escape!”

“Are you threatening me?” Yang Ye’s grasp tightened. Li Qingyi instantly felt suffocated, and her face turned purple.

“We should join forces against our enemies right now!” Meanwhile, Fan Li spoke abruptly. While she was quite annoyed by Li Qingyi’s actions and words, she was very clearly aware that Li Qingyi couldn’t be allowed to die. Otherwise, Stellar Sky City might vent its rage on her Fan Clan.

Yang Ye’s hand stopped squeezing down, and he glanced to the back. The enormous ape was growing closer and closer to them, and he noticed that the entire mountain range was shaking as countless demon beasts were rushing over from all directions.

“That Spirit Ape King is the Demon General of Broken Sky Mountain Range, and he can command all the demon beasts in the mountain range that are weaker to him. We… we won’t be able to escape….” Fan Meng gazed at the surroundings with horror, and then she went over to Li Qingyi’s side and grabbed the corner of Yang Ye’s sleeve out of fear.

“I’ve notified the experts of my Stellar Sky City, and they’ll be here soon!” Meanwhile, Li Qingyi said, “We only have to buy time!”

Yang Ye spoke in a low voice, “Why didn’t you notify them earlier?”

“Because I hadn’t obtained the monkey wine then. If I were to have notified them in advance, then the enemies of my Stellar Sky City would have definitely followed them here. At that time, it would definitely alarm the Spirit Ape King. Once that happened, I wouldn’t have the slightest chance to steal the monkey wine.” When she spoke up to this point, Li Qingyi stopped fleeing because a dense expanse of demon beasts had appeared around them. At this moment, they were surrounded by demon beasts.

“Human! Hand the monkey wine over and I’ll leave your corpse intact!” Suddenly, a robust middle aged man walked out slowly from the ocean of demon beasts.

Obviously, he was the Spirit Ape King.

Li Qingyi asked Yang Ye, “What do we do now?”

Yang Ye replied, “I’ve recovered a little!”

Li Qingyi was delighted. However, right at this moment, she felt something squeeze down on her neck. Yang Ye held her neck in his grasp as he said, “I don’t like being used and threatened. No matter what your objective was, it ends here!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly squeezed down!

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