Chapter 830 – A Thief!

Almighty Sword Domain

In the end, Yang Ye extorted another sword chest from Ling Xing. Of course, the sword chest didn’t really matter to him, but Ling Xing’s sword chest was from the Ancient Sword School, and that was equivalent to a symbol of status as a disciple of the Ancient Sword School.

He’d done all the lying, and it was too late to stop now. So, he intended to stick with it until the end!

In any case, it would be a waste not to!

“Senior Brother, I’ll personally deal with the Beastmaster Sect. Farewell.” As he spoke, Ling Xing seemed to be very afraid that Yang Ye would ask for more things, and he turned around and vanished into the sky.

“Am I that terrifying?” Yang Ye shook his head as he watched Ling Xing who’d ran away hastily, and then he turned around and walked to Fan Meng. He passed once of the mid-grade Dao Rank swords to her and said, “This is for you!”

“Thank you!” Fan Meng didn’t refuse and just took it, and her face was covered in happiness as she waved it about.

“So you really were a disciple of the Ancient Sword School. Right, only the Ancient Sword School is capable of fostering a genius in the Sword Dao like you!” Meanwhile, Li Maozhen spoke abruptly, “Qingyi has told me about what happened between the two of you, and it really was mostly her fault!”

When he spoke up to this point, he flicked a spatial ring towards Yang Ye and said, “There are 1,000 extreme-grade energy stones in there. Please do accept it!”

Yang Ye took it, and then he glanced at Li Qingyi before flicking it back. The spatial ring flew over to Li Maozhen while he said, “I won’t be accepting it. Help me do something and we’ll consider it as resolved.”

Li Maozhen pondered deeply for a long time before he said, “What do you need?”

Yang Ye pointed at Fan Meng and said, “Fate brought us together, and her clan just happens to have encountered some problems. I can’t step forward and resolve it due to certain reasons, so I hope that Brother Li will be able to take care of her.”

Li Maozhen nodded and said, “That’s not a problem!”

“Yang Ye….” Fan Meng suddenly said, “Are… are you leaving?”

Yang Ye nodded, “I have some things to deal with. Don’t worry, I’ll come visit you once I’m done.”

Fan Meng glanced at him and didn’t say another word.

Yang Ye nodded, and then he walked over to her and rubbed her head. As he gazed at her, he missed Little Yao, Lei Lin, and the others even more.

Besides them, he missed Xiao Yuxi, An Nanjing, and the others as well…. The reason he hadn’t utilized a fake name upon arriving here was because he hoped that An Nanjing and the others would be aware of his arrival in the Radiance Dimension and come look for him.

However, he also knew that it was very risky. Because Lu Yuanhao was at the Radiant Dimension as well. If news of him were to enter into Lu Yuanhao’s ears, then the latter would definitely spare no cost to get him. So, the important matter at hand was to recover his strength as quickly as possible!

Yang Ye shook his head, restrained his thoughts, and then turned around and walked away.

Fan Meng suddenly cried out, “Yang Ye….”

Yang Ye stopped moving, but he didn’t turn back around.

“I’ll definitely join the Ancient Sword School! I definitely will!” Fan Meng’s face was covered in a firm expression.

Yang Ye nodded, and then he vanished before them.

Li Qingyi suddenly asked Li Maozhen once Yang Ye had left, “Big Brother, is he really from the Ancient Sword School?”

“It isn’t important!” Li Maozhen said, “His natural talent has far surpassed many disciples of the Ancient Sword School. Even if he isn’t a disciple from there, it wouldn’t be difficult at all for him to join it. Moreover, I sense a horrifying aura coming from him. He was definitely a ruthless person in the past.”

Li Qingyi nodded with agreement, “He really intended to kill me just now!”

Li Maozhen said, “Qingyi, if you encounter such a person in the past, then either become friends with him or stay far away from him. If we can’t afford to offend someone, then we’ll just hide from them!”

“Big Brother, you would definitely not be inferior to him if you weren’t poisoned!” A wisp of unwillingness and rage flashed through Li Qingyi’s eyes because she’d succeeded earlier.

Li Maozhen chuckled and remained silent. However, there was a trace of unwillingness in his eyes as well…. In the past, he was a genius as well. Yet now, he’d become a sick man. So, how could he be willing to accept such a fate?

After Yang Ye left them, he randomly chose a quiet place and sat cross-legged there. He’d gained a huge amount of extreme-grade energy stones earlier, so he naturally intended to absorb all of them and improve his strength.

The reason he’d left them was because he wanted to increase his strength. Besides that, there was also another reason, and it was that he was pretending to be a disciple of the Ancient Sword School in the end. If they discovered that he was lying, then Fan Meng and the others would be dragged down with him. So, he’d taken the initiative to stay away from them.

As Yang Ye swallowed energy stone after energy stone which he got from Li Maozhen and Ling Xing, Yang Ye’s cultivation finally broke through into the Exalt Realm!

Once he advanced into the Exalt Realm, there was quite a bit of violet profound energy stored within his body. However, he didn’t keep all of it and utilized it to repair his body. The violet energy wasn’t capable of restoring his meridians, but they could repair his body. He couldn’t utilize profound energy right now, so he just used all the violet energy to repair his body.

After all, so long as his physical body was strong, then it would still be sufficient for him to protect himself!

Now that he’d advanced into the Exalt Realm, he finally realized how severe the injuries to his body were, and the scans he initiated with his divine sense allowed him to discover that even the tissue within his muscles had split apart!

What happened after I fell unconscious that day? Yang Ye’s brows were knit tightly together. After all, his body was even stronger than a Half-Saint demon beast. Under such circumstances, ordinary harm would be practically useless against him. However, he’d noticed that his entire body was paralyzed when he woke up in the Radiant Dimension!

How did I get to this dimension? A string of questions flashed through Yang Ye’s mind, but he wasn’t able to figure anything out in the end. So, he just stopped thinking about it and concentrated on utilizing the violet energy to repair his body.

An hour later, Yang Ye stood up and smashed his fist forward. The powerful force it carried warped the space in front of it to the point a vortex formed! It was an absolutely shocking sight!

A slight smile curved up on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth, “My current physical strength is comparable to a low rank Monarch Realm demon beast. Now, I can defeat the Spirit Ape King even without utilizing sword techniques!”

When he spoke up to this point, a thought suddenly crossed his mind, “That monkey wine was clearly extraordinary. If I’m able to consume it, then perhaps I’d even be able to rise to the mid rank of the Exalt Realm….”

He’d noticed a problem upon attaining the Exalt Realm, and it was that he needed at least 10,000 plus energy stones to improve his strength further!

Yes! It was many times more than the last advancement!

Until he could resolve the problem that plagued his meridians, the only way he could cultivate was to eat extreme-grade energy stones or other treasures that contain pure energy. Monkey wine was undoubtedly a very good treasure of that kind.

Yang Ye immediately put his thoughts into action and rushed towards Spirit Ape Mountain.

It didn’t take long for him to arrive there. Of course, he wasn’t foolish enough to just attack it right away. While he wasn’t weaker than the Spirit Ape King, the Spirit Ape King had a huge number of forces on his side. So, even if Yang Ye wasn’t killed in battle, he would be exhausted to death. Moreover, he couldn’t fight a drawn out battle at all. After all, he would definitely suffer backlash if he overexerted himself!

Thus, the best method was to do as Li Qingyi had done! Steal it!

Even though he was only at the Exalt Realm now, the strength of his soul and spiritual energy weren’t inferior to a high rank Monarch Realm expert, so it didn’t take long for him to locate the Spirit Ape King’s abode.

The Spirit Ape King didn’t live in a simple cave, he lived like a human in a palace! Moreover, it was an extremely luxurious one. While Yang Ye didn’t notice any demon beasts around it, he sensed over a dozen auras that weren’t weak at all. All of them were at the high rank of the Exalt Realm at the very least!

It’s so heavily guarded. I presume the monkey wine is stored there. Even if it isn’t, there’s definitely some sort of treasure in there! Yang Ye thought in his heart. At the same time, his gaze sized up the surroundings without end as he was looking for a way to get into the palace.

The entrance to the palace was closed tightly, so it was utterly impossible to break in by force. Since he couldn’t use force, he had to use his wits.

A short while passed before Yang Ye thought of a way.

But that way would be quite painful because he had to utilize profound energy!

Yang Ye hid in the shadows, and he just waited from day until night….

Finally, in the middle of the night on the next day, the door to the palace was suddenly opened, and then Yang Ye saw the Spirit Ape King leave the palace. After that, he glanced at the surroundings before his figure flashed and vanished in the sky.

Right after the Spirit Ape King vanished, and when the door to the palace was about to close, Yang Ye suddenly said, “Horizon Warp….”

As soon as he spoke, he vanished on the spot, and the palace door closed right after.

Suddenly, 2 middle aged men appeared before the entrance.

One of them frowned, “I felt like something went in just now!”

The other asked, “Are you sure?”

“I’m not. It was only a moment, but I think I sensed the aura of a human….”

“Let’s go in, just to be safe….”

As they spoke, both of them opened the door of the palace and walked in!

“How dare you! Who are the 2 of you!?” A furious roar suddenly resounded from within the palace, and then the mountain range quaked!

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