Chapter 831 – I’ll Annihilate Your Entire Family!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye was about to hide himself once he entered the hall. However, a figure suddenly flashed over from afar. The figure seemed quite strange as it seemed to be flickering and would constantly vanish after moving a certain distance. Both he and the figure were only a few hundred meters apart, but the figure merely used less than half a breath of time to arrive in front of him!

To be more precise, the figure wanted to charge out of the door, which was just about to close, but his arrival had forcefully stopped the figure from leaving. Moreover, the figure had just stopped when it suddenly stretched out its hand and clawed at him. A strand of strange energy surged out, and it instantly caused the space in front of Yang Ye to warp.

Yang Ye was shocked by this. Because he actually felt like both his soul and blood were about to leave his body!

It was extremely shocking!

Yang Ye didn’t dare act carelessly. He hurriedly calmed himself, focused, and raised mental barriers within his mind. At the same time, he clenched his right hand and smashed it forward.


A muffled bang resounded, and then Yang Ye felt much better.

He raised his head to look at the figure. The figure before him was quite strange because the figure seemed like a shadow. It was completely pitch black and extremely thin, just like a shadow!

“Eh?” The black shadow exclaimed softly and was about to attack once more. However, the door was suddenly opened, and then 2 middle aged men appeared before them.

“How dare you! Who are the 2 of you…!?” One of them wasn’t even able to finish speaking when a red glow suddenly appeared before him, and then his voice stopped abruptly.

After that, Yang Ye watched with a solemn gaze as the middle aged man’s figure was sliced apart into over a thousand pieces and blood sprayed out from within him!

“The Dao Order! You’re from the Dao Order! You….” The remaining middle aged man hadn’t even finished speaking when his figure was sliced apart just like the other middle aged man, and it was an extremely bloody scene!

The Dao Order! Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly. He’d heard of this sect from Fan Meng. There were 5 Platinum Sects in Pine Prefecture, and they were the Sky Divine Hall, the Endless Devil Sect, the Ocean of Clouds Academy, the Ancient Sword School, and the Dao Order. These 5 powers controlled countless sects and clans throughout Pine Prefecture, and just a single order from them could shake the entire prefecture!

According to Fan Meng, the Endless Devil Sect and Sky Divine Hall were the strongest amongst the 5 sects. The Ocean of Clouds Academy was the most aloof and mysterious because the disciples of all powers could enter it to learn and cultivate. It could be said that all the other 4 powers had relationships with the Ocean of Clouds Academy, and it didn’t interfere in the fights between the 5 great powers. So, it had the most aloof status.

The Ancient Sword School was the sect which others feared to offend the most. Because while it had comparatively fewer members, all of them were top-rate and extremely powerful. Moreover, it had an ancient sword from outer space that even the Endless Devil Sect and Sky Divine Hall feared!

As for the Dao Order. It was the most terrifying power amongst the 5 great powers. If the Ancient Sword School was the sect which others feared to offend the most, then the Dao Order was the sect which they couldn’t afford to offend at all. Because the Dao Order was both upright and evil at the same time, and it was the cruelest. It slaughtered entire families for the slightest disagreements, and it could be said to be an even greater devil than the Endless Devil Sect!

Yang Ye remembered something that Fan Meng had told him ‘Yang Ye, if you encounter someone from the Dao Order, then you must not offend that person. Run as far as you can….’.

Yang Ye glanced at the black shadow and didn’t launch another attack. It wasn’t that he feared trouble, he just didn’t want to cause trouble for himself. The black shadow had clearly come for the monkey wine, and it was obvious that the black shadow had succeeded. Unless he killed the black shadow, it was impossible for him to obtain the monkey wine from the black shadow with the strength that the black shadow possessed.

Besides that, unless he paid quite a heavy price, it would be utterly impossible for him to kill the black shadow with the strength he possessed right now.

The black shadow walked over to the door, and then suddenly stopped upon arriving before it. After that, a jar made of white jade appeared before the black shadow, “You came for the monkey wine as well?”

It was the voice of a woman, and it carried a mocking tone.

Yang Ye nodded.

The woman said, “I’ll put it right here. Do you dare to take it?” Besides a mocking tone, her voice even carried a trace of ridicule.

Yang Ye was stunned.

“As expected, all men are trash, and they deserve….” She intended to say something but Yang Ye had suddenly vanished on the spot. At the same time, the jar in front of her had vanished. This time, it was the woman who was stunned.

An instant later, she suddenly said, “How interesting! Someone actually dared to fight for something with my Dao Order. How truly interesting….” As soon as she finished speaking, she suddenly vanished on the spot.

“Only an idiot wouldn’t take it!” Yang Ye dashed off after he took the jar. At this moment, he was truly overjoyed because he’d intended to give up. After all, she was a high rank Exalt Realm expert, but her strength was extremely shocking and was much stronger than Ling Xing. But he hadn’t imagined that she would actually put the jar out there and ask him to take it….

Yang Ye had never imagined that something great like this would actually occur to him!

Right when Yang Ye and the woman fled out the door, countless demon beasts charged towards them, and many were even at the Exalt Realm. However, Yang Ye didn’t fight them to dead. He just rose his speed to its limits and flashed past them. While he couldn’t utilize his profound energy, his physical strength wasn’t inferior to a Monarch Realm expert. So, even the speed he gained from his physical strength far surpassed those Exalt Realm demon beasts.

But he wasn’t able to shake off the women. She was like a shadow that followed closely behind him and was only around 20m away!


Suddenly, a furious howl resounded from the sky, and then a ray of white light shot over from the horizon.

The Spirit Ape King! Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched. His figure turned swiftly before he stomped his right foot on the ground, and he relied on the counterforce to shoot explosively towards the right. At the same time, he took out the jar of monkey wine, opened it, and started gulping it down!

It would only truly belong to him once it was in his stomach. Otherwise, it was very likely to become someone else’s. So, Yang Ye decisively started to drink it.

As soon as it entered his mouth, Yang Ye felt his throat and stomach burn as a strand of burning energy appeared within him. After that, the burning energy started to burn the internal organs within him. However, it was simply nothing to someone like him who’d suffered being burned by the Nether Ghostflame!

Yang Ye had only drunk a few mouthfuls when he noticed huge amounts of violet energy being produced endlessly within him. This made him feel overjoyed, and then he started gulping down even more….

“I’ll annihilate your entire family!” The woman’s ferocious roar resounded from afar.

“Human! I’ll burn your bones and scatter your ashes! AHHHHH!” The Spirit Ape King’s eyes almost split apart from rage when he saw Yang Ye start gulping the monkey wine down, and his eyes had turned crimson red. The wine was something he’d brewed over the course of dozens of years and utilized countless treasures to brew! Even the Spirit Ape King himself was usually unwilling to take a single mouthful, yet now, Yang Ye was gulping it down like water. So, how could he endure it?

Thus, the Spirit Ape King roared furiously without end, and his voice was like muffled thunderclaps that shook the boundless mountain range.

Roar! Roar!

The furious roars of countless demon beasts resounded throughout the mountain range, and then the mountains started quaking as countless demon beasts rushed madly in Yang Ye’s direction from all over the mountain range.

Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched because he noticed a few extremely powerful auras rushing over from different directions. All of them were at the Monarch Realm at least!

Of course, that wasn’t the worst. The worst was that he noticed he actually felt slightly dizzy. Moreover, his body felt like it was burning up from within….

Am I getting drunk? Yang Ye didn’t dare drink more. He hurriedly put the jar away, and then he circulated the energy within him to charge into the next rank of cultivation!

Yang Ye faced no difficulty and instantly advanced into the mid rank of the Exalt Realm. Moreover, more and more violet profound energy was being formed within him, and he showed signs of charging into the high rank of the Exalt Realm. However, he noticed an even more severe problem. It wasn’t just his head that felt dizzy, even his vision had actually started to warp, and he felt like flames of lust were burning up within him!

What the fuck is going on? Yang Ye’s expression changed drastically when he noticed the state his body was in.

Roar! Roar!

Meanwhile, 2 colossi suddenly appeared on his left and right, and then smashed down towards him like 2 hills!

He didn’t know what was wrong with his body, so how could he dare to let himself become locked in battle with them? He immediately shouted, “Horizon Warp!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he transformed into an afterimage that shot towards the distance!

The women didn’t hesitate to chase after him, and the Spirit Ape King was about to do the same as well.

Suddenly, the Spirit Ape King’s expression changed drastically, and he roared with fury, “Human! Fucking stop! You can’t go there! You can’t fucking go there!”

At this moment, there was cold sweat all over his face, and there was even terror in his eyes. It was the same for the other demon beasts around him.

How could Yang Ye possibly listen to him? Not only did Yang Ye refuse to stop, he even sped up to his limits. All he knew was that he had to shake off both the woman and the Spirit Ape King’s group. Otherwise, he would definitely die a graveless death!

The Spirit Ape King roared furiously, “Human! That’s the forbidden area of the demon race of Broken Sky Mountain Range. If you enter that place, then we’ll never stop until we kill you. Even if you’re from one of the 5 great powers!”

The woman stopped when she heard the Spirit Ape King. While there were no Demon Kings on Broken Sky Mountain Range, there were Demon Commanders. Moreover, there were more than one of them here. While the Dao Order didn’t fear them, she still didn’t dare go forward. Because not to mention her, even the entire Dao Order didn’t dare cause a war between the human race and the demon race!

Of course, a war would definitely not erupt between the 2 races. However, if the situation between them became tense because of her, then she would definitely be sacrificed!

She raised her head to look at Yang Ye. However, she noticed that Yang Ye didn’t stop and had even sped up!

Meanwhile, the Spirit Ape King stopped, and he was horrified when he saw Yang Ye grow faster, “Human! Quickly stop! I won’t kill you! I… I… I’ll give the wine to you! Just… just fucking stop right now! Do you hear me!? I’m begging you!”

At this moment, the Spirit Ape King was on the verge of tears.

However, Yang Ye had vanished from his field of vision!

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