Chapter 832 – A Huge Calamity!

Almighty Sword Domain

At this moment, Yang Ye’s consciousness was quite blurry, so he hadn’t heard the Spirit Ape King. But even if he had, his character wouldn’t have allowed him to stop.

The Spirit Ape King and the others watched as Yang Ye charged into a gorge that was filled with mist. The Spirit Ape King fell weakly to the ground when he witnessed this scene, and his eyes were filled with terror. The other demon beasts around him were in the same state. As for the comparatively weaker demon beasts, they started to howl with extreme sorrow.

The woman’s eyelids twitched when she witnessed this scene. She knew that it might become a serious issue. So, she didn’t dare stay any longer, and her figure shook slightly before it vanished on the spot.

However, the Spirit Ape King and the other Demon Generals paid no attention to her….

At this moment, Yang Ye felt like his entire body was on fire. Especially the flames of lust within him, it made even his mind become clouded.

Yang Ye swiftly bit the tip of his tongue, and the sharp pain he felt allowed his mind to clear up slightly.

No! I must find a safe place to recuperate! Yang Ye thought as he dashed. He knew that while the energy created by the monkey wine couldn’t destroy his body, the violet energy within him could definitely cause unpredictable damage to his body. Especially the flames of lust. If he didn’t do something about it, then he might die from it!

After he decided, Yang Ye sped up once more.


Suddenly, Yang Ye felt pain come from his head while his figure was blasted flying.

Once he got up, Yang Ye bit the tip of his tongue again, and he glanced at the surroundings once his mind cleared up slightly. He noticed that an energy barrier stood before him.

Yang Ye was afraid that the Spirit Ape King and the other demon beasts would catch up, so he charged forward decisively. At the same time, he flipped his palm, and a ray of light shot forward and blasted against the barrier.

The energy from his sword dispersed, yet the energy barrier wasn’t even shaken!

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted slightly, and then a cold glow flashed through his eyes. He flashed over to the barrier, and he slowly stabbed his sword against the barrier. A ruthless expression flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes when the sword came into contact with it, and he utilized the Decay Laws he possessed.

He’d only just utilized it when he felt that all the profound energy within him had instantly vanished without a trace. At the same time, he even felt that his newly repaired body had split open once more!

Yang Ye was astounded. He’d never imagined that utilizing the energy of the Laws would actually cause him to suffer such severe backlash! At this moment, Yang Ye knew that his current cultivation and body were still too weak. Regardless of whether it was his sword intent, Sword Domain, sword techniques, or the Decay Laws, all of them needed his body to support them. However, his body’s cultivation realm was already low, and coupled with the injuries throughout his body, he was utterly incapable of enduring the utilization of powerful energy!

I must restore my meridians as soon as possible! Yang Ye took a deep breath and restrained his thoughts, and then he looked at the barrier before him. At this moment, it was trembling violently, and it was growing thinner and thinner! A ferocious expression flashed through his eyes as he took his sword in both hands and spun it!


The barrier instantly exploded into pieces, and a powerful wave of energy swept out and blasted Yang Ye over 1km away!

“Who did this…?” At the moment the barrier shattered, the roar of a woman that carried boundless rage suddenly resounded throughout the gorge. Besides boundless rage, that voice was even slightly hysterical, ferocious, and filled with madness. It simply caused one’s heart to shudder with fear upon hearing it.

Outside the gorge.

The Spirit Ape King and the other demon beasts instantly turned pale when they heard that voice, and they fell weakly to the ground. Besides terror, there was deep sorrow in their eyes.


Suddenly, jet black clouds covered the sky while numerous thick black clouds appeared in the sky above the gorge.


A bolt of lightning emerged from the black cloud and tore through the sky as it descended towards the gorge!


The lightning struck the ground, and the entire gorge shook. Moreover, the shock surged through the mountain range and caused the homes of countless demon beasts to quake as well!

“AHHHH!” A seemingly miserable shrill cry resounded within the gorge.

Meanwhile, another bolt of lightning descended from the jet black clouds in the sky.

Yang Ye was flabbergasted by this scene. Because the lightning was so terrifying that it wasn’t inferior to the Divine Lightning of Obliteration which he’d faced that day!

Someone is overcoming their tribulation here? Such a thought had appeared in Yang Ye’s mind. However, he didn’t have the mood to pay any attention to it. Because the state of his body was severe to an extremely terrifying degree. He didn’t dare move about at random. He just sat cross-legged on the ground, focused, and then started to suppress the flames of lust within him!

Lightning descended in succession from the clouds in the sky. Once the 9th bolt descended, the jet black clouds finally dispersed from the sky, and the gorge was now an expanse of flat ground!

As for Yang Ye, he was still seated cross-legged at the side with his eyes closed tightly. The remaining force contained within the lightning wasn't able to affect him at all. After all, he hadn’t just seen Lightning of Obliteration in the past, he’d even destroyed it. While the might of the lightning was very powerful, it wasn’t as powerful as the Lightning of Obliteration. Moreover, only 9 bolts had descended, so why would he fear it?

“Thousands of years of cultivation destroyed in a moment. I’m not willing to accept this. I hate….” Suddenly, a voice resounded from within the area that was once a gorge, but it didn’t take long for it to vanish.

Yang Ye had heard the voice, but he forgot it in an instant. His body was in a very bad state right now, so he didn’t have the time to bother about anyone else!

After around 4 hours passed, Yang Ye slowly opened his eyes, and his eyes were much clearer than before. He spat out a mouthful of foul air before he stood up slowly.

He was at the high rank of the Exalt Realm!

After he finished absorbing the energy of the monkey wine that remained within his body, he’d instantly advanced into the high rank of the Exalt Realm. Moreover, his body was in a much better condition now, and it was on par with all Monarch Realm demon beasts now.

Even though his strength had increased greatly, Yang Ye had quite the headache. Because he noticed that he would need countless extreme-grade energy stones to advance into the Monarch Realm. He hadn’t counted the exact number because it was an astronomical number at any rate!

Yang Ye shook his head and stopped thinking about that headache inducing problem. He glanced at the surroundings, and his expression gradually became solemn when he saw the collapsed remains of the gorge.

Looks like an expert was definitely overcoming his or her tribulation in the distance. I wonder if that person succeeded! Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment, and then he walked towards the depths of the area. He’d decided to take a look. Because he suddenly recalled the voice from before, and based on what the voice said, its owner seemed to have failed.

Such an expert would definitely possess a huge amount of treasures. If that expert had failed, then a huge amount of treasures would have definitely been left behind, and even if that expert hadn’t failed, that expert would have definitely suffered a heavy injury from such tribulation lightning!

Needless to say, Yang Ye was walking towards the treasures.

After all, he was utterly poor!

Yang Ye’s face grew more and more serious as he walked forward. Because the ground he stood on was actually scarlet red like blood. Obviously, it had been dyed red by blood!

Suddenly Yang Ye stopped moving because a small multicolored snake was curled up not too far away from him. The small snake was very tiny. It was only as thick as a finger, and it coiled up to the size of an adult’s clenched fist. Injuries densely covered the entire snake’s body, and the injuries seemed like they’d been cut open with sharp blades, causing the scarlet red flesh within to be revealed. It was quite a pitiful sight.

“Were you injured by the remaining energy of the lightning?” Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment, and then he walked over. He actually had no ill feelings towards demon beasts because of the violet mink. Of course, demon beasts which intended to kill him were excluded from that!

Yang Ye walked over towards the small snake. Meanwhile, it suddenly opened its eyes, and then it just stared at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye was shocked and said, “Little Fellow, you don’t even seem to possess a cultivation, yet you actually possess intelligence of your own?”

With his discerning ability, he was naturally able to discern that the small snake before him was just an ordinary demon beast that didn’t possess a cultivation. However, its eyes were very much alive, and Yang Ye was extremely surprised by it.

The small snake was still staring at him….

“Interesting!” Yang Ye smiled, and then he stretched out his hand, picked it up, and placed it on his palm.

At this moment, there was a trace of anger in its eyes.

“You’re angry? Hehe. I just advanced today, and it put me in a great mood. So, you’re lucky today!” Yang Ye placed the tip of his finger against its head, and then a strand of violet energy flowed from the tip of his finger and entered into the small snake. Making his profound energy leave his body would cause his meridians to hurt like they were being minced apart. However, if it was only a small amount of profound energy like the tiny bit that he was providing the small snake right now, then it wouldn’t cause any problems for his meridians, and it would merely cause him to feel slightly uncomfortable.

The snake’s eyes suddenly opened wide when his profound energy entered it, and disbelief had appeared there.

After a few breaths of time passed, the injuries on the small snake had almost completely vanished. Yang Ye withdrew his finger and said, “It’s alright now. Go on quickly. The energy from the heavenly lightning still remains here, and the slightest mishap might instantly cook you!”

As he spoke, he placed the small snake on the ground, and then he turned around and walked away.

At the moment Yang Ye turned around, a cold glow suddenly appeared in the small snake’s eyes, and then it opened its mouth. Meanwhile, Yang Ye had suddenly turned around to look at it!

Just like that, both of them stared at each other, and time seemed like it was frozen still.

Cold sweat gradually appeared on Yang Ye’s forehead. At the same time, a sword appeared in his grasp.


The small snake suddenly roared with fury, and then it transformed into a multicolored python. At this moment, their roles were reversed, and Yang Ye seemed as tiny as how the small snake seemed before him just moments ago!

“What… what exactly have I done?” As he gazed at the python that was clearly at the Half-Saint Realm, Yang Ye knew that he’d courted death….

“After thousands of years of cultivation, I was only a step away from becoming a Saint. Yet all is lost now. Human! It was all your fault!” The python spoke the human tongue, and its eyes were filled with ferocity.

Yang Ye gulped and said, “I… I didn’t do anything…. Are you sure you haven’t mistaken me for someone else?”

“Mistake you for someone else? I would recognize you even if you’ve transformed into ash!” The python opened its huge mouth and was about to swallow Yang Ye alive. However, its figure suddenly shook slightly before Yang Ye was rendered utterly dumbstruck. Because another enormous figure had flashed out from the python and appeared by its side. When Yang Ye focused his gaze on it, he noticed that it was actually another python!

Two pythons! Both of them looked exactly the same! Moreover, both of them were at the Half-Saint Realm!

Yang Ye’s face twitched fiercely as he flipped his left hand, and the ancient sheath appeared in his left hand’s grasp. After that, he sheathed his sword in it and said, “Hey, err… I think that we should talk properly. Please don’t attack as it’ll harm the friendly relationship that we have….”

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