Chapter 839 – A Coffin In The Way!

Almighty Sword Domain

Accompanying the sword howl was a ray of sword energy that tore through space and smashed against the enormous palm.


It was instantly slashed into half!

“The Ancient Sword School!” At the exact same moment when that spatial rift closed, a furious howl resounded from within it.

Yang Ye moved his gaze away and gestured. The spatial ring on Liu Sha’s hand instantly flew into his palm, and then he flashed into the carriage. As soon as he did, he repeatedly spat out numerous mouthfuls of blood, and it almost scared Fan Li and Fan Meng to death.

Fan Meng was about to speak when Yang Ye flicked with his finger, and a strand of powerful wind struck the pegasus outside, causing it to instantly transform into a ray of white light that vanished on the spot.

“Yang Ye, are… are you alright?” Fan Meng was terrified to the point she started crying when she saw the blood that covered Yang Ye’s mouth.

Yang Ye shook his head lightly, and then he gazed at Fan Li, “Do you have more extreme-grade energy stones?”

Fan Li waved her hand and a spatial ring appeared before Yang Ye, “There are over 5,000 in there!” When she spoke up to this point, she hesitated for a moment before producing another white pill and said, “This is a high-grade Blood Recovery Pill. It’s used to heal injuries, so it should be useful to you!”

Yang Ye didn’t refuse it and immediately swallowed it. After that, he sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes.

Actually, he was in an extremely dangerous situation earlier. If Liu Sha and Ye Zhan had joined forces just now, then he would at least have to pay a price that was a few times worse that the price he’d just paid in order to kill them. After all, Ye Zhan was a high rank Monarch Realm expert. So, besides the Mortal Sword and Heavenrend, his other methods of attack like his sword energy and physical strength were utterly insufficient to kill him!

As for Liu Sha, while he was only an Exalt Realm expert, his strength wasn’t inferior to a Monarch Realm expert. So, if they were to join forces, then he would have to execute Heavenrend twice at the very least. Moreover, if they took precautions against him, then even Heavenrend might not be able to instantly kill them. After all, he wasn’t able to overlap them right now!

In the end, it was his wit that had allowed him to attain victory while paying such a small price.

During this period where his strength had weakened, Yang Ye had gained understanding over a huge number of things. One of them was that he should really use his head sometimes. Because if he used it well, then he could achieve numerous things with half the effort.

If he hadn’t instantly killed Ye Yue and Duan Lang earlier, and then deterred Liu Sha, the consequences would be unimaginable. After all, he had Fan Meng and Fan Li with him. He could run if he couldn’t win the battle, but could they?

If it was just Fan Li, then he wouldn’t have interfered in the matters between the Ye Clan and the Fan Clan. But since Fan Meng was involved, he had no choice but to interfere. Actually, there wasn’t a very deep and long relationship between him and Fan Meng. After all, he’d only known her for just half a month of time. However, when Fan Meng had blocked Fan Li’s whip for him and jumped down to the swamp with him in her arms, he knew that he couldn’t just stand by idly when things were related to her.

Perhaps he would have to pay a certain price for helping her, but it might be able to save her entire life. After all, if he didn’t save her, then the fate that awaited her was obvious!

Utilizing Heavenrend against that Half-Saint from the Dao Order caused problems to arise within him again. Not only had his meridians cracked apart even more, there even were cracks on his internal organs. Fortunately, he was at the Exalt Realm now, and his physical body was much stronger than before. So, it wasn’t lethal to him for now!

Two hours later and after he absorbed the medicinal pills and energy stones which he got from Fan Li, the injuries within him had finally been suppressed for now.

Yang Ye slowly opened his eyes. As soon as he did, he noticed both Fan Li and Fan Meng squatting before him while staring at him.

Fan Meng was shocked when she saw Yang Ye open his eyes, and she asked in a slightly nervous tone, “Are… are you alright?”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “I’m fine for now!”

Both of them instantly heaved sighs of relief.

“I’m sorry!” Fan Li suddenly said, “It was something between my Fan Clan and the Ye Clan, yet you were dragged into it….”

Yang Ye shook his head. He knew that he was courting death a little by interfering in the Fan Clan’s business while he was in such a state. However, could he just watch as that little girl, Fan Meng, fall into the fire pit that’s the Ye Clan? He couldn’t!

Moreover, he really didn’t take the Ye Clan and Broken Saber Villa seriously!

Yang Ye suddenly asked, “Do you know where Lu Wan’er is?” His goal was to find Lu Wan’er. Because if he did, then he might be able to find out about An Nanjing, Xiao Yuxi, and the others’ whereabouts.

“The Sword Emperor, Lu Wan’er?” Fan Li had a trace of surprise in her eyes, “You…. Aren’t you Daoist Gu…?” She seemed to have thought of something when she spoke up to this point, and there was astonishment in her eyes. At this moment, she understood that Yang Ye wasn’t a disciple of the Ancient Sword School, and he was just pretending to be one! Fan Li’s face turned ghastly pale when she thought up to this point.

Yang Ye stated, “Don’t worry, I’ll leave once I’ve taken both of you to somewhere sage. I won’t allow both of you to be dragged down with me!” Even though he didn’t have a good idea of the Ancient Sword School’s strength and didn’t know how terrifying it was, based on his current knowledge, it was definitely an enormous power that was absolutely not something he could fight right now!

Fan Li shook her head and said, “If it wasn’t for you, then both Little Meng and I would have become toys for the Ye Clan by now. I know that I really was very selfish in the past, you really hate me, and you wouldn’t have interfered in the business of my Fan Clan and the Ye Clan if it wasn’t for Little Meng. All I want to say is that you saved both our lives. So, no matter how bad it is, we’re still willing to face it with you!”

Yang Ye glanced at Fan Li. He hadn’t expected that this selfish woman before him would actually speak such words. In his opinion, once she found out that he was pretending to be a disciple of the Ancient Sword School, then she should have immediately taken Fan Meng with her and stay away from him.

Fan Li suddenly asked, “You intend to go look for Lu Wan’er?”

Yang Ye nodded.

Fan Li fell silent for a short while, and then she said, “It’s quite difficult!”

Yang Ye frowned, “Why?”

She spoke in a low voice, “Lu Wan’er should be in the headquarters of the Ancient Sword School, and it’s at least over 500,000km away from here. We would have to go through over a dozen mountain ranges in order to get there, and there’ll definitely be formidable demon beasts on these mountain range. There might even be Demon Commanders amongst them. In short, it’ll definitely be an extremely dangerous journey!”

500,000km! Yang Ye frowned. If it was in the past, then such a distance would be nothing to him, and he could traverse it on his sword in just half a month of time. Yet now, not to mention traveling on his sword, he didn’t even dare to try and fly for a while. After all, it consumed a huge amount of profound energy. On the other hand, if he relied solely upon the carriage, then not to mention the time it would take, even their safety would be a huge problem!

“I have an idea!” Fan Li suddenly said, “Silver Rank sects usually have teleportation formations. While it’s impossible for there to be any teleportation formations around here that can transport someone 500,000km away. However, we can teleport to the large cities, and then utilize the teleportation formations there!”

Yang Ye quickly asked, “Where can I find one?”

“Stellar Sky City!” Fan Li continued, “It has a teleportation formation that can teleport us to Martial Enlightenment City that’s 50,000km away! But Stellar Sky City is probably facing quite a bit of trouble right now. According to the information I received, the Beastmaster Sect joined forces with Broken Saber Villa and another Silver Rank sect to attack Stellar Sky City. If it’s destroyed, then….”

Yang Ye understood what she intended to say. If it was destroyed, then he would be walking into a trap if he went there. After all, there was quite a bit of enmity between him and both the Beastmaster Sect and Broken Saber Villa!

“We’re heading to Stellar Sky City!” In the end, Yang Ye decided to go there because he didn’t want to take a huge circle.

Fan Li glanced at him before she nodded.

After their destination was decided, Fan Li started to guide the carriage because she knew where Stellar Sky City was.

In the carriage. Fan Meng had fallen asleep. After all, she hadn’t slept well for the last few days because of the matter with the Ye Clan.

Yang Ye withdrew Liu Sha’s spatial ring, and it didn’t take him too long to break open the Spiritual Brand on it. He was overjoyed when he laid eyes on its contents because there were actually almost 10,000 extreme-grade energy stones within it. Besides that, there were 3 mid-grade Dao Rank daggers!

While he was a sword cultivator, it didn’t represent that he couldn’t use daggers. After all, daggers were the best weapon to take an opponent by surprise during close-quarters combat.

Yang Ye noticed a scroll within it as well, and he was slightly stunned when he opened it up. Because it was actually a Dao Rank technique, and it was even one at the high-grade.

“Shadow Strike, condensation of baleful energy and slaughter intent….” Yang Ye gradually revealed a smile as he looked over its description. Because he noticed that it really suited him. Most importantly, it didn’t require any profound energy! All it needed was baleful energy and slaughter intent! Moreover, the stronger one’s baleful energy and slaughter intent were, the stronger it would be!

As for the difficulty to cultivate it successfully. Perhaps it was very difficult for others because it was very difficult to control baleful energy and slaughter intent. After all, the slightest mistake might cause the user to suffer backlash. However, Yang Ye didn’t have to worry about that at all. Because he possessed the Enlightened Sword Heart! Moreover, his attainments in the Sword Dao far exceeded his attainments in the Dao of Slaughter. So, unless he truly killed too many one day, and it was to the point his Enlightened Sword Heart couldn’t suppress it any longer, then he might suffer backlash from utilizing this technique. But for now… it was far from that!

It took less than 4 hours for Yang Ye to master the Shadow Strike technique, and he instantly became much more confident once he had this Dao Rank technique which didn’t need profound energy to be utilized.

Suddenly, the carriage stopped moving.

Yang Ye frowned and left it. Meanwhile, Fan Li was pointing ahead as she said, “Look… look!” Her voice was trembling slightly.

Yang Ye looked over and saw 3 pitch black coffins lying on an empty expanse of the ground not too far away from him. All 3 coffins were laid down horizontally and just happened to obstruct their path.

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