Chapter 840 – A Coffin That Blocks The Path To Life!

Almighty Sword Domain

“The Dao Order’s Hell’s Coffin….” Fan Li’s face had instantly turned ghastly pale when she saw those coffins, and she even subconsciously grabbed Yang Ye’s sleeve with her left hand.

“What is that?” Yang Ye sized up the surroundings, and a slightly cold smile curled up on the corners of his mouth.

Fan Li’s eyes were closed tightly while her left hand held tightly onto Yang Ye’s sleeve, “Yang Ye, I’m sorry. I’m truly sorry. It was only my Fan Clan’s business, but you’ve been dragged into it as well. I’m truly sorry. Don’t worry, even if you die, both Little Meng and I will accompany you in death!”

Yang Ye was slightly surprised. He turned around to look at Fan Li, and he noticed that her eyes were filled with terror, despair, and a trace of resolve. Yang Ye frowned and said, “Is there something about these coffins?”

She explained while despair filled her eyes, “The Hell’s Coffin of the Dao Order doesn’t block the path ahead, it blocks the path to life! Once the Dao Order uses it, then it proves that the person being obstructed must die. At such a time, the person who’s being obstructed has 2 choices. The first is to take his or her own life and enter the coffin. In that way, the enmity would be resolved. The second would be to destroy the coffins. Once that was done, it represents that this enmity will only be resolved when one side dies!”

When she spoke up to this point, she suddenly frowned, “Based on the Dao Order’s style, there’s entirely no need to utilize Hell’s Coffin if they want to kill us. What are they worried about?”

Suddenly, she gazed at him and said, “I understand now. They’ve taken you to be a disciple of the Ancient Sword School. So, they only want to kill you and not enter into conflict with the Ancient Sword School!”

The Dao Order was very overbearing in Pine Prefecture, and it was very cruel as well. However, the Ancient Sword School wasn’t weak at all. Moreover, all its disciples were sword cultivators who’d comprehended sword intent. So, the Dao Order did hold some fear towards the Ancient Sword School. Similarly, the Ancient Sword School feared the Dao Order a little as well!

“A disciple of the Ancient Sword School?” Yang Ye shook his head. Looks like that expert I repulsed earlier really took me to be a disciple of the Ancient Sword School.

As for why the Dao Order hadn’t sent someone to just kill him, it wasn’t because the Dao Order was worried about him, it was worried about the Ancient Sword School!

However, he was very well aware that he didn’t belong to the Ancient Sword School. So, it was utterly impossible for him to seek help from the Ancient Sword School!

Fan Li understood that as well, and that was why despair still filled her eyes.

Yang Ye leaped off the carriage and walked towards the coffins.

Fan Li suddenly shouted, “Yang Ye!”

Yang Ye turned around to look at her, and then she said, “You… you really intend to do that?” Her voice was trembling slightly.

Yang Ye smiled and said, “Don’t tell me you want me to take my own life and fit myself into a coffin?” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye turned around and flashed over to the coffins. He said, “Even the heavens weren’t able to kill me, so you think you can obstruct my path? Dream on!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye kicked the coffin with his right leg!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

All 3 coffins instantly transformed into powder!

“Hehehe….” Gloomy laughter resounded abruptly, and then a man in a red robe suddenly appeared here. Not only was his clothes red in color, even his hair and eyeballs were scarlet red. There were 2 scarlet red sabers hanging on his sides. The sabers were very long, they were over 1m long, and they didn’t have a sheath.

After he arrived here, a pungent smell of blood instantly suffused the surroundings.

“The disciples of the Ancient Sword School have been growing more and more arrogant in the past few years. Even a tiny little Exalt Realm cultivator actually dares to destroy my Dao Order’s Hell’s Coffin!?” The red robed man spoke slowly, and his voice sounded like he was holding a mouthful of spit and sounded quite hoarse.

“I’m really curious about someone!” Yang Ye said, “Why do the members of the Dao Order love to wear red robes?”

The red robed man said, “Are you mocking me?”

“The Dao Order has 3 paths. The Heavenly Path, Earthly Path, and Mortal Path. Each of these paths possess varying strengths, and so their dressing is different as well. The Heavenly Path’s members wear white robes, the Earthly Path’s members wear black robes, and the Mortal Path’s members wear red robes. He’s wearing a red robe, so he’s from the Mortal Path!” Fan Li explained. She knew about Yang Ye’s situation, so while she didn’t know who exactly Yang Ye was, she knew one thing, and it was that everything within Pine Prefecture was unfamiliar to Yang Ye. According to her estimations, Yang Ye might not even be someone from Pine Prefecture.

“So that’s why!” Yang Ye nodded and said, “No wonder that black robed woman from before was much stronger than Liu Sha. So she was from the Earthly Path!”

“A woman who wore a black robe!?” The red robed man was shocked, “You… you’ve met someone from the Earthly Path?”

Yang Ye replied, “I did. She was very strong. Right, she was much stronger than both you and that fellow, Liu Sha. Especially her movement technique. Right, I still remember it. It seemed to be called Shadow Flash. It really was very swift.”

“You….” There was shock in the red robed man’s eyes as he said, “You… you’ve actually met Ying Sha…. You….”

“Not only did I meet her, I almost killed her!” Yang Ye walked slowly towards the red robed man while he spoke, “I’m really quite puzzled. Both you and Liu Sha are from the Mortal Path. Even he was killed by me, so why has the Dao Order still sent someone from the Mortal Path? Are you here to give your treasures away to me?”

As he spoke, Yang Ye’s gaze descended onto the red robed man’s spatial ring, and he said, “How many extreme-grade energy stones have you brought with you?”

Yang Ye wasn’t one who liked to waste his breath. If he did things according to his character, then he would absolutely not waste his breath on the red robed man. The reason he was doing it now was that he was striking a psychological blow against the red robed man.

If fear or terror were to arise in a person’s heart, then the strength that person could summon would definitely be greatly reduced!

Of course, the reason he was doing this was mainly because of his current strength. If he possessed his past strength, then there would naturally be no need for him to play such tricks. After all, just a swing of his sword would be sufficient. Yet now, he had to try his best to preserve his strength!

“The Ancient Sword School has 3 geniuses in the Exalt Realm. Which one are you!?” The red robed man stared fixedly at Yang Ye while a solemn expression filled his eyes.

Yang Ye didn’t speak, and he just continued walking towards the man. However, he walked very slowly this time. But every single step he took caused the ground to tremble violently!

The red robed man was astounded again when he witnessed this scene!

As Yang Ye took step after step towards the red robed man, the mental defenses of the red robed man was crumbling bit by bit. Actually, after he found out that Yang Ye had met someone from the Earthly Path, he’d aroused the intent to retreat. However, he couldn’t do that because he’d brought the Hell’s Coffin here, and he was representing the honor of the Dao Order right now!

He could die, but the Dao Order couldn’t be allowed to lose face. Otherwise, he would suffer a fate worse than death!

The red robed man took a deep breath as his right hand grabbed one of the sabers on his waist, “They say the disciples of the Ancient Sword School are formidable in one on one battles. Allow me to experience it for myself today!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he swung his saber, and a blood red ray of light instantly slashed down towards Yang Ye.

Yang Ye stopped moving. He smashed his fist forward, and then the blood red ray of light was instantly dispersed. At the same time, Yang Ye had arrived before the red robed man, causing the red robed man’s pupils to constrict and immediately swing the saber on the left side of his waist. However, it had only just been swung when Yang Ye’s fist smashed it into pieces. After that, Yang Ye’s fist continued forward and shot towards the red robed man’s chest.

Meanwhile, the red robed man suddenly opened his mouth, and then a tiny blade shot out from within his mouth. It instantly struck Yang Ye’s chest, but Yang Ye’s fist smashed against his chest as well.


The red robed man spat out numerous mouthfuls of blood while his figure was blasted flying. At the same time, Yang Ye took a few steps back as well!

Yang Ye looked down and saw a blood red mark on his chest. Moreover, blood was seeping out slowly from there.

His defenses had been penetrated!

Yang Ye raised his head again and looked at the red robed man. At this moment, he was still lying on the ground. Yang Ye merely glanced at him before he gestured with his right hand, and then the red robed man’s spatial ring flew over into his grasp. After that, he turned around and walked towards the carriage.

Fan Li reminded, “He… he… he seems to still be alive!”

“Just a moment longer!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye entered the carriage.

Fan Li shot her gaze towards the red robed man once more, and she saw his body twitching violently. It didn’t take long for the red robed man to go completely still.

She withdrew her gaze, turned around, and walked into the carriage.

Yang Ye sat cross-legged in the carriage with his eyes closed, and he was recalling what happened earlier. He hadn’t expected the red robed man to be able to penetrate his defenses. That final attack of the red robed man was extremely powerful, and if his physical strength hadn’t recovered to the Monarch Realm, then just that attack would have been sufficient to instantly kill him. Because it had been on the verge of entering his body, but it hadn’t been able to slice through his bones.

Looks like I have to be more careful from now on! Yang Ye opened his eyes, and his gaze descended onto the spatial ring in his grasp.

He’d gained quite a bit this time. The red robed man’s spatial ring actually had over 10,000 extreme-grade energy stones within it! Coupled with the energy stones he obtained from Liu Sha, he had almost 20,000 extreme-grade energy stones now!

After that, all Yang Ye did was absorb energy stones like a madman. He was in quite a bad situation right now, and he had to attain the Monarch Realm in order to have the slightest chance at keeping himself alive!

Fan Li knew Yang Ye was cultivating when she saw him start eating extreme-grade energy stones again. She sat by the side of Fan Meng who was still in deep sleep and softly stroked Fan Meng’s hair while a trace of sorrow lingered in her eyes. While Yang Ye had killed that red robed man from the Dao Order, she knew that it wasn’t the end, and it was only the beginning!

The Dao Order had lost 2 disciples in succession, and its Hell’s Coffin had even been destroyed. Such an incident hadn’t occurred in Pine Prefecture for a very long time. Especially when it was an Exalt Realm sword cultivator of the Ancient Sword School who’d killed them. Moreover, that same sword cultivator had destroyed the Dao Order’s Hell’s Coffin. That was absolutely intolerable to the Dao Order. Because it was equivalent to the Ancient Sword School slapping the Dao Order in the face. So, some of the Dao Order’s higher-ups were alarmed by it.

However, the Dao Order didn’t dispatch its experts right away. Because if it did send a Half-Saint or even a Saint after Yang Ye, then the Dao Order would have lost even if it could kill Yang Ye. So, the Dao Order issued its Dao Command.

As soon as it was issued, practically every single disciple of the Dao Order who was at the Exalt Realm had set out to kill Yang Ye!

Meanwhile, the Ancient Sword School didn’t stand by idly as well. After it found out that one of its disciples had killed members of the Dao Order, its higher-ups were shocked. After all, it was no trivial matter. If the 2 Platinum Ranks were to fight to the death, then it would only benefit others! So, the higher-ups of the Ancient Sword School immediately ordered that disciple called Yang Ye to return to the Ancient Sword School. But in the end, they noticed that the Ancient Sword School didn’t have such a disciple!

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