Chapter 841 – I’ll Blast Your Head Apart!

Almighty Sword Domain

“We’ll arrive at Stellar Sky City once we pass through that mountain range!” Fan Li pointed towards the tall and precipitous mountain range in the distance, and there was a trace of a smile on her face.

Yang Ye who sat by Fan Li’s side frowned instead, and he stared at the mountain range while he spoke in a low voice, “Which mountain range is that? Does it have a Demon Commander?”

“A Demon Commander?” Fan Li shook her head and said, “It’s called Green River Mountain Range. There are demon beasts there, but I’ve never heard of Demon Commanders residing there. Why? Do you feel something is strange about it?”

Yang Ye asked, “How long would it take us to get to Stellar Sky City if we went around this mountain range?”

Fan Li’s face became solemn, and she pondered deeply for a short while, “It would take at least double the time! We can go around it if you think it’s dangerous!”

Yang Ye shook his head instead, “It’ll waste too much time. We’ll just go through it.”

Fan Li asked softly, “Is it really alright?”

Yang Ye smiled and replied, “I do indeed sense a feeling of danger here. However, the reason I asked was to find out if there’s a shorter path and not because of fear.”

After the battle against the Eye of the Heaven Dao on Profounder Continent, he really didn’t feel any reverence even if it was towards Saint Realm experts. Of course, it didn’t represent that he looked down on them. After experiencing that battle, there were truly very few things which could arouse fear within him. Perhaps he couldn’t defeat them, but he would absolutely not fear them!

Fan Li glanced at him when she heard this, and then she nodded.

“Yang Ye!” Meanwhile, Fan Meng suddenly walked out from within the carriage and sat on Yang Ye’s left. At the same time, she very naturally put her arm around Yang Ye’s arm and spoke softly, “Do you think that we’ll die?”

Yang Ye smiled, “Are you afraid of death?”

“I was very afraid before this!” Fan Meng spoke softly, “Yet now, I’m not. Because you’re here with me.”

Yang Ye was quite curious, “Why?”

Fan Meng raised her head to glance at him, and then she said, “I don’t know. In any case, I feel especially safe when I’m by your side!”

Yang Ye rubbed her head, “Don’t worry. We won’t die.”

Fan Meng nodded and said, “Yang Ye, can… can you tell me about your past?”

Fan Li’s gaze descended upon him as well because she was very curious about his past as well.

“A good man never speaks about his past glory. There’s nothing to tell!” Yang Ye smiled.

“Just tell me!” Fan Meng shook his arm and acted like a child, “We might die at any moment in this situation. I don’t want to die without knowing who you are.”

Yang Ye rubbed her head with a doting expression and said, “Since it’s like that, then I’ll start bragging.”

When he spoke up to this point, Yang Ye looked towards the distance while ripples flickered in his eyes, “In the past, many people feared me, and they called me the Sword Demon. At that time, the entire world would tremble when I went mad….”

“The entire world would tremble?” Fan Meng blinked, “Really?”

Fan Li shook her head slightly, and there was a trace of helplessness in her eyes as she gazed at Fan Meng, She even believes such nonsense?

“I really want to know if it’s true!” Suddenly, a figure appeared not too far from the carriage. The pegasus that pulled the carried howled with fear, and then it started trembling incessantly on the spot.

The black figure seemed like a shadow that was frozen in place, and it didn’t have a shadow of its own under the sunlight.

“You finally couldn’t restrain yourself from attacking? I’m really quite curious. Why didn’t you launch a surprise attack? I’ve been waiting for you to do that!” Yang Ye naturally recognized the shadow. It was that woman from the Dao Order, the person who the red robed man called Ying Sha!

She replied, “A surprise attack? Wouldn’t that be exactly what you wanted?”

Yang Ye stood up slowly, and then he leaped off the carriage and walked towards her, “Based on the state I’m in right now, I won’t be able to kill you if you flee. However, you’ll definitely die if you fight me. Do you believe me?”

She spoke in a low voice, “You haven’t comprehended sword intent, but you’re even stronger than those sword cultivators who’ve comprehended sword intent. Besides that, you aren’t any one of the 3 geniuses in the Exalt Realm from the Ancient Sword School. So, who exactly are you!?”

Yang Ye stopped moving and said, “Would the Dao Order stop if I told you who I am?”

“Impossible!” She continued, “You destroyed our Hell’s Coffin. So, it’s impossible for this to be resolved even if the Sword Master of the Ancient Sword School stepped forward and spoke on your behalf. That’s exactly why I’m very curious. I’m curious where you got the confidence to dare to do that! Trust me, even those 3 geniuses of the Ancient Sword School wouldn’t have dared to do so!”

Yang Ye replied, “If I didn’t, then could it be that I should just lie in there myself?”

“You have balls!” She spoke seriously, “You’re much braver than many men that I’ve seen. I can’t defeat you, so I won’t waste time with you. But it’s fine because the experts of my Dao Order are here. Don’t worry, both Liu Sha and that other fellow died in one on one battle with you, so my Dao Order won’t use numbers against you. My Dao Order wants the world to know that our disciples aren’t weaker to the disciples of the Ancient Sword School!”

Yang Ye was amused when he heard this, “As expected of the Dao Order, I truly admire such ways!”

Actually, he’d thought about what would happen if the Dao Order’s disciples swarmed him. Besides awakening the 2 little snakes, he had no other way to deal with them. But he had never imagined that they would actually refrain from using numbers against him out of considerations for their honor. That was definitely an extremely good thing for him!

When it was a one on one battle, especially a one on one battle with someone in the same realm of cultivation, Yang Ye had really never feared anyone!

“You’ll definitely die if the Ancient Sword School doesn’t act. But if it does, then it represents that the Ancient Sword School intends to declare war with my Dao Order. At that time, you won’t be the only casualty.” As soon as she finished speaking, her figure shook slightly and vanished on the spt.

Yang Ye turned around and returned to the carriage, “Speed up!”

He knew that the next disciples to come from the Dao Order would definitely be strong. He would naturally not fear them if he was all alone, but he was traveling with Fan Li and Fan Meng. So, he had to take them somewhere safe as soon as possible!

Fan Li had realized how severe the situation was as well. She immediately tossed an extreme-grade energy stone to the pegasus. As soon as it finished consuming the energy stone, the carriage departed once more.

This time, Yang Ye didn’t enter the carriage. He leaped up onto its roof while the ancient sheath appeared in his grasp.

It didn’t take long for them to enter Green River Mountain Range.


Suddenly, the pegasus raised its head and howled. After that, it seemed like it had encountered something terrifying and started howling madly on the spot.

Fan Li and Fan Meng’s expressions changed, and they simultaneously shot their gazes towards Yang Ye. Meanwhile, Yang Ye’s figure flashed onto the pegasus’ back, and he placed his right hand on it. Threads of profound energy entered the pegasus, and it didn’t take long for the pegasus to calm down under the effects of his violet profound energy.


Suddenly, the entire ground started to quake violently.

Fan Li and Fan Meng were shocked. They raised their heads to look ahead, and their faces instantly turned ghastly pale when they saw the scene in the distance.

Over 10,000 pegasus horses were galloping madly towards them from afar. How terrifying was such a scene? Not to mention anything else, just the aura they emanated was sufficient to horrify an Exalt Realm expert!

A ferocious expression flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes as he walked towards them with his sword in hand. Fan Li and Fan Meng were shocked when they saw him do that, and Fan Meng was even about to charge over. However, Fan Li held her firmly. Fan Li embraced Fan Meng tightly and said, “Don’t… don’t go over there. We’ll only be a burden to him!”

The gap between Yang Ye and the stampede was growing shorter and shorter, and it was only around 100m now.

Suddenly, Yang Ye vanished on the spot.


At the same instant that he vanished, a few dozen pegasus were instantly slashed into 2. Fan Li and Fan Meng focused their gazes and noticed that Yang Ye had charged into the horde of horses.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

3 rays of light crisscrossed through the horde, and then over a thousand pegasus fell to the ground. Yang Ye didn’t stop. His sword left his grasp, and it flickered incessantly through the surroundings. Every single time it flickered through the area, it took the heads of a few dozen pegasus with it.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye ceaselessly smashed his bare fists against the horses, and every single swing would transform over a dozen into mush.

It was a slaughter, a true slaughter.

Fan Li and Fan Meng were flabbergasted. After all, most of the pegasus were at the Exalt Realm. However, they actually didn’t even have the strength to fight back against Yang Ye. While pegasus were mostly docile and gentle, and they didn’t possess formidable combat strengths, there were still over 10,000 of them!

“Human! Stop!” Suddenly, a howl resounded, and then a middle aged man appeared here. As soon as the middle aged man arrived, all the pegasus instantly stopped attacking Yang Ye and ran behind him.

Yang Ye stopped attacking and turned around to gaze at the middle aged man, “You’re the Demon General of this mountain range, right? I don’t think there’s any enmity between us, and I was only passing through, so why are you attacking me like this? I’ll blast your head apart if you don’t give me a reasonable explanation!” Earlier, that stampede clearly intended to kill them.

If he wasn’t someone who didn’t fear the imposing aura emanated by such a group of pegasus, then all 3 of them would have definitely been trampled to death. So, Yang Ye was furious.

“How presumptuous!” The middle aged man pointed at Yang Ye and roared angrily, “A tiny little Exalt Realm cultivator actually dares to speak like that before me….”

“Since you refuse to talk properly, then just fucking die!” Yang Ye interrupted the middle aged man. As soon as he finished speaking, he’d arrived in front of the middle aged man, and it was so quick that the middle aged man hadn’t even been able to react before Yang Ye’s hand had clamped down on his throat.

“Stop! Human! I’ll definitely give all of you a graveless death if you dare to kill him!” Suddenly, another furious roar resounded.

“Just watch me!” Ferocity appeared in Yang Ye’s eyes as he squeezed down!

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