Chapter 842 – Yes Or No!?

Almighty Sword Domain


The middle aged man’s neck was instantly twisted!


All the horses in the surroundings howled!

“Human! You’re courting death!” Accompanying this furious roar was an old man who suddenly appeared in front of Yang Ye, and then he smashed his fist towards Yang Ye’s head.

Yang Ye didn’t choose to dodge, and he similarly smashed his fist forward instead.


An explosion resounded from the point of collision, and then countless fine cracks split open in space while both of them moved a few dozen steps back.

There was astonishment in the old man’s eyes because he hadn’t expected to be blasted back by the physical strength of a human at the Exalt Realm. After all, he was at the high rank of the Monarch Realm!

“Hum….” The old man was about to say something but Yang Ye had instantly arrived in front of him, and then his fist smashed swiftly towards the old man. The old man was shocked, but he felt even more rage. So, he didn’t dodge and similarly smashed his fist towards Yang Ye.


It was like a thunderclap resounded here, and their fists immediately split apart upon colliding. However, Yang Ye pressed forward once more in the next moment, and then his fist smashed forward again.

Bang! Bang!

Muffled explosions resounded incessantly. While Yang Ye and the old man had only fought for around 10 breaths of time, their fists had collided over 100 times. In the beginning, they were equally matched, but it didn’t take long for the old man to gradually fall into a disadvantaged position. Because Yang Ye had stopped colliding directly with him.

Once Yang Ye changed his strategy, the old man noticed to his astonishment that Yang Ye seemed like he could predict the old man’s every move. So, he’d suffered numerous blows. Fortunately, he possessed formidable physical defenses, so he’d been able to forcefully endure it. However, it caused him to be completely suppressed in the battle!

“Kill him!” Suddenly, the old man roared furiously, and then the pegasus horses in the surroundings started to attack Yang Ye again.

“With just that strength of yours?” Yang Ye laughed coldly, and then his figure pressed forward towards the old man before smashing his fist forward. The old man was slightly shocked and hurriedly moved his fist forward to collide with Yang Ye’s punch. Meanwhile, a wisp of ferocity flashed through the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth before a ray of cold light flashed on Yang Ye’s fist.


The old man’s fist instantly flew into the air.

“AH!!” A shrill cry resounded from the old man. Meanwhile, Yang Ye had arrived in front of him, and then a dagger was pressed against the old man’s throat!

The horses instantly stopped attacking and didn’t dare take another step forward!

“Human! You cheated!” The old man roared furiously. But he didn’t dare move because he was very afraid that his throat would be slit.

“Cheating?” Yang Ye laughed coldly, “You ordered that many pegasus to attack me, yet you still dare to say that I cheated?”

“You….” The old man intended to say something, but Yang Ye didn’t waste his breath on the old man at all. He just waved the dagger, and then one of the old man’s arms flew off into the air.

“Human! I’ll kill you!” The old man roared with fury.

Yang Ye waved his right hand again, and then a cold glow flashed before the old man’s other arm flew off as well.

“Human… human… human….” The old man howled incessantly, but it didn’t take long for him to be unable to make another sound. Because Yang Ye’s hand had clamped down on the old man’s throat, and then he waved his right hand once more, causing one of the old man’s legs to fly off.

The old man opened his eyes wide, and they were completely bloodshot. This time, there was a strong sense of terror within them. As for the pegasus horses in the surroundings, they were terrified to the point of moving backwards incessantly.

Right when Yang Ye was about to wave his hand once more, a voice suddenly resounded from deep within the mountain range, “Human! You’ve won!”

Yang Ye raised his head to look towards a mountain in the distance, “I want an explanation!”

A short moment of silence ensued before the voice resounded once more, “The Dao Order asked us to stop you here.”


Yang Ye suddenly waved the dagger, and the old man’s head flew into the air. Yang Ye looked towards the mountain and spoke fiercely, “Who do you think you are? You actually dared to interfere in the business of my Ancient Sword School and the Dao Order!?”

“Human! Don’t go too far!” The voice was quite gloomy.

“Too far?” Yang Ye laughed coldly, and then he flicked his wrist before a sword appeared in his grasp. He continued, “Didn’t you want to stop me here? Alright, I won’t leave today. Let’s see if I can slaughter all the demon beasts in this mountain range before the Dao Order’s experts arrive. Of course, you’re a Half-Saint, so you can attack as well. But would you dare?”

Presently, everyone took him to be a disciple of the Ancient Sword School, so he naturally had to use it well. Of course, he didn’t fear the Demon Commander even if he couldn’t use the Ancient Sword School’s name.

After all, if he was willing to pay a certain price, then his current strength was even sufficient to kill a Half-Saint!

“Human! Do you think my demon race is weak?” The Demon Commander’s voice carried a trace of killing intent.

“The Demon Race? Can you even represent the entire Demon Race? Was it the Demon Race that told you to interfere in the business of my Ancient Sword School and the Dao Order? Or do you think that my Ancient Sword School is weak?” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye waved the sword in his hand, and a ray of light sprayed out from it. Over 100 horses before him were instantly transformed into corpses!

“How presumptuous of you!” A furious roar resounded from within the mountain range, and then a huge palm tore through space, and it smashed down towards Yang Ye.

“You’re the one who’s being presumptuous!” Suddenly, another furious shout resounded, and then a ray of light flashed out from the space in front of Yang Ye. It stabbed the enormous palm, and then the palm was instantly sliced into 2!

“The Ancient Sword School!” The voice which came from within the mountain range sounded astounded.

Yang Ye had a solemn expression on his face as well. Because he wasn’t the one who released that strand of sword energy. It was someone else who’d torn space open and teleported it over here. He’d once possessed the 3rd level of the Heaven Rank in sword intent, and he could accomplish that in the past, but he couldn’t now. He was far from being capable of that right now! So, he knew that it belonged to at least a high rank Half-Saint!

“You’re the disciple that old man Gu took recently? Not bad, not bad, that old fellow really does have quite the discerning gaze. Your master is forging a sword behind closed doors, so he can’t care for you right now. While we don’t know why you’ve entered into conflict with the Dao Order, you don’t have to worry. It’s a matter between our Ancient Sword School and the Dao Order. If a third party dares to interfere, then my Ancient Sword School will definitely slaughter them without mercy. Kid, so long as you’re able to return to the Ancient Sword School with your life intact, then the Ancient Sword School will definitely protect you!” A voice resounded from within the spatial rift, and it didn’t take long for the rift to close once more.

Yang Ye had a rough understanding of the Ancient Sword School’s intentions. It had definitely taken him to be Daoist Gu’s disciple, and that was why that Half-Saint from before had lent him a hand. Besides that, if he wanted to survive, then he had to return to the Ancient Sword School.

Why did the Ancient Sword School act in this way?

Actually, Yang Ye knew the answer. Now, this matter wasn’t just something between him and the Dao Order, it was something between the Ancient Sword School and the Dao Order. His life and death were related to the honor of the Dao Order and Ancient Sword School. If he returned alive to the Ancient Sword School, then it proved that the younger generation of the Dao Order was inferior to the Ancient Sword School. So, the Ancient Sword School would gain face while the Dao Order would lose face. Moreover, once he died at the hands of the Dao Order’s disciples, then it would be the Ancient Sword School who had its face slapped!

It could be considered to be a battle between the Ancient Sword School and the Dao Order, and he’d become the key to the battle.

He fully understood what that expert from the Ancient Sword School meant. If he wanted to live, then he had to return to the Ancient Sword School, and he had to bring honor and glory to the Ancient Sword School!

It was a path to life, but it was no easy path. Because under such circumstances, the Dao Order would definitely dispatch its extraordinary geniuses to kill him.

Besides that, he had another huge problem, and it was that he wasn’t a disciple of the Ancient Sword School at all.

I wonder how they would look if they found out that I’m pretending to be a disciple of their sect…. Yang Ye laughed bitterly, and then he restrained his thoughts. He didn’t have any choice right now because he intended to head there and look for Lu Wan’er as well.

Yang Ye tightened his grip on his sword, and then walked towards the depths of the mountain range.

“Human! What are you doing!?” The Demon Commander’s voice carried a trace of rage when he noticed that Yang Ye seemed to have no intention to stop, but there was even more fear in his voice.

“Didn’t you want to keep me here? I’ll stay here right now. Isn’t that exactly what you wanted?” Yang Ye laughed coldly.

A short moment of silence ensued, and then the Demon Commander’s voice resounded again, “Since you’re a disciple of the Ancient Sword School, then we naturally wouldn’t stop you again. You can leave!”

“I should leave just because you said so?” Yang Ye stomped his right foot against the ground, and the entire ground quaked, “All I’ll say is that if you can’t satisfy me today, then I won’t leave!”

The Demon Commander spoke in a low voice, “Human! My Demon Race isn’t something you can just bully!”

“It was you who tried to bully my Ancient Sword School first!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye flashed into the group of horses, and then he swung his sword swiftly. A ray of light flashed before numerous pegasus horses were slashed into 2.

“Human! Stop!” The Demon Commander’s roar resounded from within the mountain range.

However, Yang Ye showed no signs of stopping, and another few hundred of them perished.

The Demon Commander’s voice resounded once more, “100 Exalt Realm inner cores!”

Yang Ye stopped and said, “Are you trying to give alms to a beggar? 100 Monarch Realm inner cores. Otherwise, I’ll come take it myself!”

“100!?” The Demon Commander was exasperated, “Do you think they are rocks? Human! I’m telling you! You better not go too far!”

Yang Ye replied, “Yes or no!?”

The Demon Commander spoke in a low voice, “10, 10 is my limit!”

Yang Ye made a counteroffer, “50!”

“20!” The Demon Commander’s voice was trembling slightly, “If you refuse, then just kill them. Kill as many as you can!”

“20 Monarch Realm inner cores and 100 Exalt Realm inner cores! If you try to bargain with me again, then I’ll really do it!”

The Demon Commander fell silent!


A ray of light flashed, and then a few dozen horses crashed to the ground again.

“Yes or no!?” Yang Ye’s sword was trembling violently, and a ray of light was flickering incessantly on it.

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