Chapter 843 – Selling Lives!

Almighty Sword Domain

“Human! I’ll remember this!” As soon as the Demon Commander finished speaking, 20 Monarch Realm inner cores and 100 Exalt Realm inner cores appeared in front of Yang Ye.

“You’ll remember this?” Yang Ye laughed coldly and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely pay you a visit in the future!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye didn’t speak another word. He just took the inner cores and entered the carriage. He smiled when he saw Fan Li and Fan Meng staring at him, and the viciousness on his face had vanished, “Why are you looking at me like that? Is it because you think I’m very strong?”

Fan Meng hurriedly nodded while Fan Li nodded slightly as well.

The scene from before where Yang Ye slaughtered the horde of pegasus horses, killed 2 Demon Generals, and even threatened a Demon Commander was undoubtedly extremely shocking to the 2 of them.

At this moment, Yang Ye seemed even more mysterious to them.

Fan Li glanced at Yang Ye while a trace of bitterness could be seen on the corners of her mouth. She said to herself, How laughable. I actually treated him like that in the past…. If it wasn’t for Little Meng, I would probably be dead by now!

She didn’t know anything about Yang Ye’s past, but based on their time together, she knew that Yang Ye was definitely a ruthless person. Especially towards his enemies. So, she felt very fortunate right now. Because if Yang Ye didn’t have a good impression of Fan Meng, then not to mention her, even Fan Meng might have been implicated because of her!

In the carriage, Yang Ye withdrew the 20 Monarch Realm inner cores and 100 Exalt Realm inner cores.

Fan Li explained, “The pure energy contained within the Monarch Realm inner cores are comparable to 5,000 extreme-grade energy stones. As for the Exalt Realm inner cores, they are comparable to around 1,000. However, their value is far from that. For example, it would take at least 10,000 extreme-grade energy stones to buy a single Monarch Realm inner core. After all, it’s very rare!”

Yang Ye nodded and put them away. Inner cores from demon beasts weren’t like energy stones, and it was truly quite a waste to just absorb them. Moreover, he didn’t want to just swallow them. After all, they weren’t tasteless like energy stones. They carried a dense smell of blood, and he didn’t want to torture himself like that.

Of course, the most important reason was that he’d temporarily given up on charging into the Monarch Realm.

According to the woman from before, the Dao Order wouldn’t dispatch experts above his realm of cultivation in order to regain the face it had lost. In other words, the Dao Order’s experts who came for his life would only be Exalt Realm cultivators. But if he attained the Monarch Realm, then it would be Monarch Realm experts that came after him. His strength would improve upon attaining the Monarch Realm, but it wouldn’t be very helpful in the end. After all, he couldn’t use too much of his profound energy right now!

So, he’d decided to improve his physical body instead and restore his physical body to the Half-Saint Realm.

Opponents at the Exalt Realm were much easier to deal with than Monarch Realm experts. That didn’t represent that he feared the Monarch Realm experts of the Dao Order. It was because he was very clearly aware of his objective, and it was to take Fan Meng and Fan Li somewhere safe before meeting Lu Wan’er.

Yang Ye withdrew 5,000 extreme-grade energy stones and started absorbing them like a madman.

Outside the carriage, Fan Li and Fan Meng sat side by side.

Fan Meng wrapped her hand around Fan Li’s arm as she asked softly, “Big Sister, do you think the Fan Clan will be fine?”

Fan Li looked towards the direction of the Fan Clan. While both of them had been used by the Fan Clan and even abandoned. But it was still their home in the end, so how could they just cut it off from their lives just like that?

However, Fan Li wasn’t an indecisive person as well. She quickly restrained her thoughts and said, “In the past, I felt that grandfather and the others really intended to allow us to take control of the Fan Clan. But what happened that day completely jolted me awake. The reason they let me manage the Fan Clan was because of my ability in management of the clan. But once I had a better use, they didn’t hesitate to throw me away. In short, the Fan Clan isn’t our home from now on!”

Fan Meng remained silent for a long time before she said, “Big Sister, then where will we go?”

Fan Li rubbed Fan Meng’s head and said, “Your natural talent in the Sword Dao isn’t bad. You didn’t have someone to guide you in the past, and that was why your natural talent was buried. So, you must work hard and join the Ancient Sword School. Only then would I be truly able to rest at ease.”

Fan Meng hesitated for a while before she said, “Big Sister, why… why don’t we just stay with Yang Ye, alright?”

Fan Li shook her head, “Little Meng, don’t ever have such thoughts from now on.”

Fan Meng was puzzled, “Why?”

“Perhaps, we… are just people transient acquaintances in his life….” Fan Li spoke softly. Actually, she was very clearly aware that it wasn’t just a possibility, it was definite. She was able to discern that Yang Ye didn’t have any feelings of attraction towards Fan Meng. All he had was the feelings of an older brother to a younger sister. However, it did allow her to heave a sigh of relief because she didn’t want Fan Meng to stay with Yang Ye. Yang Ye was someone who was too dangerous…. Moreover, she didn’t feel that her younger sister could keep him by her side.

If Yang Ye didn’t die, she believed that a person like Yang Ye would definitely rise up in the world!

“Transient acquaintances….” Fan Meng understood what her older sister meant. A long time later, she raised her head and gazed at her older sister, “I don’t want to be that!”

Fan Li replied, “Then work hard on becoming stronger!”

Fan Meng nodded while determination covered her little face.

Night. The air was still while moonlight rained down from above, and it covered the mountains in a thin silver glow.

The carriage stopped.

“Big Sister, why is it so quiet?” Fan Meng sized up the surroundings. At this moment, they were in a forest that was covered in ancient trees, and only a sliver of moonlight could pass through the gaps between their leaves. So, the visibility here was quite low, and they could only see a blurry image of the surroundings.

Fan Li said, “We’ll arrive at Stellar Wind City once we pass through this forest. Looks like someone doesn’t want us to get there!”

“We heard that a disciple of the Ancient Sword School destroyed a Hell’s Coffin from the Dao Order. We were very curious, so we came here just to have a look!” Suddenly, a voice resounded in the quiet forest, and then 2 young men and a woman appeared within their fields of vision. There was a small ‘’ character embroidered on their chests.

“The Ocean of Clouds Academy!” Fan Li exclaimed. She hadn’t expected that they would actually be from the Ocean of Clouds Academy!

The eyes of the young man who led the group lit up when he saw Fan Meng and Fan Li, and he said, “Tsk, tsk. I never expected that there would actually be 2 goddesses like these in such a remote place.”

When he spoke up to this point, he took a step forward and bowed slightly to them, “I’m Lin Shuhai from the Ocean of Clouds Academy. It’s nice to meet you, Goddesses!”

“We dare not accept such praise!” Fan Li didn’t dare act disrespectfully. She immediately walked off the carriage with Fan Meng and bowed in return before she said, “Greetings Young Master Lin, I’m Fan Li and this is my younger sister.”

“Fan Li?” Lin Shuhai sized them up, and then he grinned, “What a nice name. I wonder what’s your relationship with Yang Ye who’s within the carriage right now?”

Fan Li’s beautiful brows knit together slightly because it made her feel slightly uncomfortable.

Lin Shuhai hurriedly spoke when he saw her frown, “Miss Fan, don’t misunderstand, I wasn’t trying to imply anything. It’s just that you should be aware that Yang Ye has irreconcilable enmity with the Dao Order. If both of you continue staying by his side, then you’ll definitely be dragged down into it. Why don’t you leave with us instead? Don’t worry, I, Lin Shuhai, will definitely keep both of you safe!”

Fan Meng was about to speak when Fan Meng suddenly spoke coldly, “We belong to Yang Ye!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Fan Meng blushed. While she was young, she was no fool. Lin Shuhai’s gaze towards her made her feel very comfortable, so she naturally knew what he wanted.

Fan Li glanced at Fan Meng, and then she shook her head slightly but didn’t refute it. Since Fan Meng had been able to discern, she naturally had been able to do the same. However, she didn’t want to offend Lin Shuhai because he was from the Ocean of Clouds Academy.

Lin Shuhai’s face stiffened slightly when he heard her, whereas the man by his side started roaring with laughter, “Shuhai, they already belong to someone. You lost before it even began. HAHAHA!”

Lin Shuhai spoke flatly, “Du Xiuya, we were betting on whether they would become mine. It doesn’t matter whether they belong to someone else or not!”

“Then continue. Continue. Let me witness the ability of the number one lady killer in the academy!” Du Xiuya roared with laughter.

“We didn’t come here to tackle girls!” Meanwhile, the woman spoke abruptly, “Once Senior Xiao Yu gets here and deals with Yang Ye, then wouldn’t both of you be able to play with them as you wish?”

“Qing Yin is right. Hahaha….” Lin Shuhai chuckled, and then he gazed at Fan Li and Fan Meng, “I cherish beauties. So, if you’re willing to come over to my side, then I guarantee your safety. If you insist on staying with Yang Ye, then hehehe…. Once Yang Ye is dead, based on how the Dao Order does things, your lives will be beyond miserable!”

“The heavens are benevolent!” Fan Meng suddenly said, “It’s… it’s best for all of you to leave right now. Otherwise… otherwise, your heads will be separated from your bodies!” She’d noticed that Yang Ye loved to behead his enemies.

“We’ll lose our heads?” Lin Shuhai roared with laughter, “If Senior Xiao Yu hadn’t told us that he intends to take Yang Ye’s head on his own, I would have killed him right now!”

Fan Meng intended to say something, but Fan Li took Fan Meng’s hand and shook her head. They hadn’t witnessed how terrifying Yang Ye was, so they wouldn’t believe Fan Meng no matter what she said.

“How about we deal with them first?” Du Xiuya spoke abruptly, “While Senior Brother Xiao Yu told us not to touch Yang Ye, he didn’t tell us not to touch these women. To be honest, I haven’t touched a woman for half a month, and I can’t take it any longer!”

“That’s exactly what I was thinking! Hahaha!” Lin Shuhai’s figure flashed as soon as he finished speaking, and he instantly arrived before Fan Meng and Fan Li. After that, he stretched out his hands and grabbed at them.


A muffled bang resounded before a figure went flying, and it just happened to descend before Du Xiuya and Qing Ying.

Both of them were instantly stunned because while Du Xiuya wasn’t dead, his current state was worse than death. His stomach had warped severely, and shattered internal organs were spraying out incessantly from his mouth!

Both of them looked up, and they’d just done so when a black shadow flashed before them, and then they felt something press down on their throats!

“Yang Ye! Stay your hand!” Suddenly, the space in the distance trembled, and then a middle aged man walked out from within it. “Yang Ye, it was their mistake to interfere in the business of your Ancient Sword School and the Dao Order. Hand them over to me, and I’ll definitely punish them upon taking them back to the academy!”

Yang Ye glanced at the middle aged man and spoke indifferently, “10,000 extreme-grade energy stones for a life!”

The middle aged man’s face fell, “I’m an instructor of the academy. I….”

“Yes or no!?” Yang Ye interrupted the middle aged man and said, “Don’t try to threaten me. I dared to destroy the Dao Order’s Hell’s Coffin, so there’s nothing I wouldn’t dare to do!”

The middle aged man spoke gloomily, “Yang Ye, do you know what you’re doing!?”


Suddenly, the sound of bones breaking resounded.

Yang Ye relaxed the grip of his left hand, and then Du Xiuya’s figure fell to the ground. However, his head was still in Yang Ye’s grasp. Yang Ye turned around to gaze at the middle aged man and said, “Now, it’s 20,000 extreme-grade energy stones for a life. Yes or no?”

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