Chapter 846 – No Insult Is Tolerated!

Almighty Sword Domain

“Yang Ye!” Fang Meng was almost scared out of her wits when she saw Yang Ye covered in blood, and she immediately leaped off the city walls and ran madly towards Yang Ye!

“Little Meng!” Fan Li was horrified. She leaped off the city walls as well and hurriedly chased after Fan Meng.

Fan Meng arrived before Yang Ye, and her tears surged out like a torrent as she gazed at the horrifying state Yang Ye was in. It only took an instant for her face to be covered in tears.

“It was all my fault. It was all my fault. This wouldn’t have happened to you if it wasn’t for me. It was my fault, it was all my fault…. I… I’ll come accompany you right now!” She suddenly drew her sword and swung it towards her throat.

“No!” Fan Li was overwhelmed with sorrow when she witnessed this, and it was like even her soul had been taken from her body.

Right when her sword was about to slit her throat, a pair of fingers suddenly clamped down on her sword. At the same time, a voice resounded in her ears, “Don’t do anything silly. I’m still alive!”

“AHHH!” Fan Meng was stunned for a moment, and then she completely disregarded the blood that covered Yang Ye as she wrapped her arms around him and cried with absolute sorrow.

Fan Li slumped to the ground when she saw this, and it felt like her entire body was completely without a shred of strength.

Once they saw that Yang Ye was still alive, all the others looked towards the white robed woman who sat on the city walls.

A white robe!

They had no doubt that she was from the Dao Order, and she was a disciple of the Heavenly Path who wore white robes!

Fear suffused all of their eyes as they gazed at her, and it even included the Half-Saints like Yu Cangping and Li Xuanji.

They naturally knew of the Dao Order, and they’d heard of the Dao Order’s Heavenly Path, Earthly Path, and Mortal Path. They frequently came into contact with members of the Earthly Path and Mortal Path, but the members of the Heavenly Path were quite mysterious. They’d thought that the strengths of those in the Heavenly Path were just slightly superior to the Earthly Path at most, but the facts of the situation told them that it wasn’t just a little, it was a huge amount instead!

That disciple of the Earthly Path, Xiao Yu, was very strong, but Yang Ye had crushed him with a single attack. Yet now, Yang Ye had been heavily injured by a single attack from the woman.

At this moment, many people here felt even more reverence towards the Dao Order.

The white robed woman stood up while carrying the zither in her arms, and she spoke slowly, “That song was called Peace and Tranquility. I once used it to kill a Half-Saint without making a sound. I’d thought that it would be absolutely easy to kill you with it. However, I never imagined that your body is actually strong to such an extent. The tune of my zither broke through the defenses of your flesh, but it couldn’t break your bones. I’ve seen a few body cultivators, but besides those in the demon race, I’ve never seen a single human who has cultivated their body to such a terrifying extent while at the Exalt Realm!”

Yang Ye patted Fan Meng on the head and said, “Stand aside for now, alright?”

“How… how about we flee?” Fan Meng spoke softly while tears still hung at the corners of her eyes. She was truly terrified of the white robed man’s strength.

Yang Ye smiled, “We can run when I can’t win, alright?”

Fan Meng hesitated for a while before she nodded, “You… you must remember to run if you can’t win….”

Yang Ye chuckled and pushed her away lightly before walking slowly towards the white robed woman with his sword in hand, “Your attacks were very unusual, unusual to the point that it struck me before I could react. If I’m not wrong, then you’ve comprehended Wind Intent, right?”

She replied, “Wind intent at the 1st level of the Heaven Rank!”

Yang Ye spoke as he walked towards her, “With the wind to cover and conceal it, the soundwaves of your zither are capable of moving soundlessly, and it’s like the spring breeze when it strikes your opponent. Needless to say, it’s really quite extraordinary.”

Her attack was slightly similar to his 3rd level Heaven Rank sword intent. But it was only similar. Its might and unpredictability were far inferior to 3rd level Heaven Rank sword intent. After all, his 3rd level Sword Intent could merge directly into space and teleport through space to attack his opponents!

Sword intent! Yang Ye knew that he had to think of a way to restore his sword intent. Because if he had sword intent to protect himself earlier, then her soundwaves wouldn’t have been able to injure him at all!

She said, “You’re very extraordinary as well!”

“Is that so?” Yang Ye stopped moving while a trace of a cold smile could be seen on the corners of his mouth, “Needless to say, at this point, the Dao Order has finally sent someone who is capable of slightly arousing my interest. Come! Try a swing of my sword instead!”

Yang Ye vanished on the spot once he finished speaking, and he was already in front of her when he appeared again. His sword pierced straight through her, but it was only an afterimage that he stabbed.

Yang Ye wasn’t surprised. He turned around and swung his sword again.


A gust of wind dispersed while Yang Ye’s sword trembled slightly instead. Moreover, quite a few cracks appeared on it. Yang Ye raised his head to look over, and he saw that the white robed woman was standing where he stood just a few moments ago.

She bent her legs slightly before resting the jade zither on her thighs, and then she pinched one of its strings and slowly pulled it up. After that, she immediately let go.


The space around her instantly split apart while numerous spatial rifts started spreading like a spiderweb all around her.

At the same time, a blade of wind that was fine like a dagger suddenly appeared in front of Yang Ye. As soon as it did, countless other blades of wind suddenly and mysteriously appeared around Yang Ye in an instant. In just a moment, Yang Ye was completely drowned beneath countless blades of wind.


A sword howl resounded, and then all the blades of wind instantly dispersed. They transformed into specks of energy that fell down from the sky.

“Shadow Strike!” As soon as Yang Ye spoke, a ray of blood red light shot towards the woman.

However, the blood red ray of light stopped when it was less than 2m away from her because a barrier of wind had appeared before her.

“Break through!” Yang Ye’s voice resounded once more, and then the barrier was instantly blasted apart while the ray of blood red light shot through her. This time, it was still an afterimage, and the woman was over 300m away. At the same time, she pulled on another string. But right when she was about to let go, Yang Ye had suddenly appeared in front of her.

Her pupils constricted slightly as a sword rapidly enlarged within her vision.


It pierced through her head, but it still struck nothing more than an afterimage.

As for her body, it had appeared over 300m away again.

The tune of her zither resounded once more, and then a blade of wind that was over 30m long and 10m wide tore through the air as it slashed towards Yang Ye.

Yang Ye turned around and swung his sword.


The blade of wind exploded into pieces.

“How could that be possible!?” There was a trace of astonishment in her eyes, “The strength of your attacks suddenly multiplied….”

“In my entire lifetime….” Yang Ye walked towards her as he continued, “Amongst those in the same realm of cultivation, there have only been 2 so far who have been able to make me take them seriously. As for you, allow me to say something that isn’t arrogant at all. You’re still too weak!”

As soon as he finished speaking, his sword transformed into a ray of light that flashed forward.

It was swift! Very swift! So swift that even the 3 Half-Saints here hadn’t been able catch a trace of his sword.

This time, Yang Ye hadn’t held back. The might of his attack had suddenly multiplied earlier because he’d utilized the Critical Strike Technique. Now, his sword had become this swift because he’d executed Lightspeed. While executing 2 techniques in succession caused the meridians in his body to crack open a little more, he really didn’t want to waste any more time on her.

After all, her speed was too shocking, and he couldn’t gain an advantage over her even if he utilized the Horizon Warp technique. So, he had no other choice but to utilize these techniques.

As soon as Yang Ye’s attack flashed through the air, the surroundings suddenly fell silent.

An instant later.


The jade zither in the woman’s hand cracked apart, and then another instant passed before it transformed into powder!

“What a strong and fast attack….” As soon as she finished speaking, a stream of blood seeped out from the corner of her mouth, and it instantly dyed her veil red. Meanwhile, Yang Ye had appeared in front of her again. He didn’t strike another blow, and he asked instead, “Where’s your spatial ring?”

He’d intended to just take hers. Unfortunately, he noticed that she wasn’t wearing one on her hand.

She just gazed at him without speaking a single word.

Meanwhile, the tip of Yang Ye’s sword pressed against her throat.

Yang Ye gazed at her while he spoke with a completely emotionless voice, “Give me something precious in exchange for your life. Otherwise, you’ll be losing your head.”

He really yearned for even more extreme-grade energy stones. After all, regardless of whether it was the improvement of his physical strength or cultivation, both required a huge amount of extreme-grade energy stones. Especially when he intended to charge into the Monarch Realm now. The extreme-grade energy stones he would need to consume was a terrifying number.

She gazed at him for quite some time upon hearing him. Right when Yang Ye’s sword had slit open a small cut on her throat, she finally moved.

However, she didn’t withdraw any treasures. She grabbed Yang Ye’s sword instead and said, “The disciples of the Dao Order can be killed, but no insult is tolerated!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she suddenly pulled Yang Ye’s sword towards her throat.


A stream of blood sprayed out from her throat!

Yang Ye withdrew his sword and gazed at her corpse for a long time before he said, “You can be killed, but no insult is tolerated. You’re an opponent who was worthy of respect!” Yang Ye turned around and walked towards Fan Meng.

She was worthy of respect, but not pity or regret. Because he was very clearly aware that she would definitely not hold back if she had the chance to kill him!

“We’ll never stop until you die!” Suddenly, a voice resounded from the sky, and the white robed woman’s corpse vanished along with the voice.

Yang Ye stopped moving, and then he looked up into the sky and said, “Bring it on!”

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