Chapter 847 – Half Saints? I Once Grew Tired Of Killing Them!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye withdrew his gaze, and then he walked over to Fan Meng before he took her hand and walked towards the city.

Suddenly, he stopped moving and looked at Ming Zhanxue, “Let’s end this matter between you and Stellar Sky City right now, alright?”

Ming Zhanxue’s face fell, and she said, “Young Master Yang, this is between me and the Li Clan. You….”

She hadn’t even finished speaking when the tip of a sword pressed against the center of her forehead. It merely pierced her skin a little and caused traces of blood to flow out incessantly, and it instantly turned her face red.

“What about now?” Yang Ye gazed at Ming Zhanxue with indifference.

“Brother Yang, please show mercy!” Suddenly, Li Maozhen leaped off the city walls and arrived by Yang Ye’s side, “It was I who caused all of this, so allow me to deal with it, alright?”

Yang Ye withdrew his sword, and then he made a casual tossing motion. A white jade jar appeared in front of Li Maozhen as he said, “I said that I would definitely save you if I could. While there isn’t much monkey wine in there, it should be sufficient to eliminate the poison within you.”

Li Maozhen’s hands around the jar trembled slightly when he heard this. A short while passed before he took a deep breath and bowed slightly to Yang Ye, “No words of thanks are sufficient to express my gratitude. I’ll remember this forever!”

Meanwhile, Li Qingyi and Li Xuanji appeared before Yang Ye. Li Qingyi bowed to Yang Ye, and her voice was filled with gratefulness and excitement, “Thank you!”

“Li Maozhen is right. No words of thanks are sufficient for this. Young Brother Yang, if you need my Stellar Sky City’s help for anything, you only have to say the word!” Li Xuanji cupped his fists to Yang Ye, and his face was covered in gratitude and excitement as well.

“Then I won’t hold back!” Yang Ye continued, “I intend to head to Martial Enlightenment City, and I need to use the teleportation formation in the city!”

“That’s naturally not a problem!” Li Xuanji said, “However, I’m afraid that you’ll have to wait for a day!”

Yang Ye’s brows knit together slightly, “Why?”

He replied, “When the Beastmaster Sect and Broken Saber Villa attacked my city earlier, they were afraid that we would use the teleportation formation to flee, so they used the spies they placed within my city to destroy it. However, you don’t have to worry because they didn’t destroy the core of the formation. So, I only need a single day to repair it!”

“A day?” Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment, and then he nodded, “Alright, I need to rest as well!”

Li Xuanji nodded, and then he gazed at Yu Cangping and Yun Renxing, “Both of you aren’t leaving yet? Do you want to stay for food?”

Yu Cangping and Yun Renxing’s faces were quite unsightly, and they shot their gazes towards Ming Zhanxue.

Li Maozhen gazed at Ming Zhanxue and sighed softly, “Miss Ming, this can be considered as something that’s between us, so why don’t we resolve it ourselves?”

Ming Zhanxue gazed at him for a short while before she said, “OK!”

Yu Cangping and Yun Renxing didn’t hesitate to lead their forces away when they heard her. Actually, they knew that they couldn’t breach the city while that fellow, Yang Ye, was here. So, leaving now was definitely the best outcome. While they’d lost quite a huge amount of forces, Ming Zhanxue would definitely compensate them!

Yang Ye wasn’t interested in the enmity between these forces, and the only reason he’d lent Stellar Sky City a hand was mainly because he felt that Li Maozhen was a good guy. He just happened to possess the ability to do it, so he’d just helped casually. After all, he didn’t mind helping a little when he could change a person’s fate, especially when it was someone whose character was agreeable to him!

Stellar Sky City. Within a room.

Yang Ye sat cross-legged on the bed while rows of extreme-grade energy stones laid before him.

Actually, while his strength hadn’t recovered to its peak, he’d recovered almost 70% of it. If it wasn’t for the problem with his meridians, he could still slaughter Half-Saints even without his sword intent!

It could be said that it wasn’t his realm of cultivation or sword intent that had placed chains upon his strength, it was his meridians! The only way to resolve this issue was to access the Primordial Pagoda, and the only way to access the Primordial Pagoda was to improve his realm of cultivation!

He had 20,000 extreme-grade energy stones now, but it was far from sufficient for him to charge into the Monarch Realm. So, the important matter at hand was to gain even more energy stones!

It was too troublesome to earn them slowly, so he’d decided to take them by force!

Four hours later, Yang Ye had absorbed the energy within almost 10,000 extreme-grade energy stones, and the violet profound energy that was converted from those energy stones had almost completely repaired the injuries caused by him when he forcefully utilized sword energy and techniques earlier.

“Hmm?” Suddenly, Yang Ye’s eyes opened wide, and then wild joy appeared on his face. Because he noticed that the tiny vortex had actually started spinning.

It was revolving!

Yang Ye almost leaped up with joy! He forcefully suppressed the excitement and happiness in his heart, and then he immersed his consciousness into his body. At this moment, the tiny vortex seemed to be in the same state as when he’d just obtained it. It was revolving slowly, and it completely absorbed all the profound energy within him. So, Yang Ye hurriedly withdrew some extreme-grade energy stones when he noticed that.

Another hour passed, and all the other 10,000 extreme-grade energy stones he had were completely exhausted. However, the Primordial Pagoda was still in the form of the tiny vortex.

Yang Ye’s face fell. His intuition told him that not just 10,000 extreme-grade energy stones were insufficient, even 100,000 would be unable to transform the tiny vortex back into the Primordial Pagoda!

A long time passed before Yang Ye shook his head. He knew that he couldn’t be impatient. In the end, it was still a good thing. Because the Primordial Pagoda had started to react to the profound energy within him, and this allowed him to see hope. Now, it was only a matter of time!

“Brother Yang, may I come in?” Li Qingyi’s voice suddenly arose from outside the door.

Yang Ye opened the door and Li Qingyi was standing right in front of him. At this moment, she was still wearing a green dress. She was gorgeous, and her bearing was tranquil and elegant.

Li Qingyi asked, “Did I disturb you?”

Yang Ye shook his head and walked into the room, “How are Little Meng and her sister?”

She answered, “They’ve fallen asleep, very sound sleep!”

Yang Ye fell silent. He knew that they’d been worried and anxious every single day throughout this period. Not to mention sleeping, they didn’t even dare doze off! He’d thought about leaving them here at Stellar Sky City, but he’d discarded such a thought in the end. The Dao Order was aware that they were with him, so if he were to leave them here, then Stellar Sky City’s strength would be utterly insufficient to protect them. Moreover, it might bring calamity down upon Stellar Sky City!

The only power that could protect them was the Ancient Sword School. So, he had no choice but to take them there!

“Thank you for helping my brother!” Li Qingyi continued, “You didn’t just save him, you saved my Li Clan as well!”

“It was nothing!” Yang Ye gazed at her and said, “You didn’t come here just to thank me, right?”

She said, “Can’t I just come visit you?”

Yang Ye gazed at her for a short while before he said, “Actually, I felt quite a bit of admiration towards you when I found out that you didn’t hesitate to steal the monkey wine to save your older brother. That was also the true reason why I showed mercy that day.”

Li Qingyi asked, “Why?”

He replied, “I have a younger sister. I would definitely stop at nothing to save her as well. Alright, let’s stop this here and get to the point!”

She glanced at him and said, “Do you want to change the path you are taking and avoid Martial Enlightenment City?”

Yang Ye frowned, “Why?”

She pondered deeply for a long time before she said, “We received information that the members of the Dao Order are waiting for you there, and it might not just be one. Moreover, all of them wear white robes and might be stronger than the white robed woman from before. Their true motive might not be to kill you but to delay your journey and wait for a person to arrive there!”

Yang Ye asked, “Who?”

She replied, “The Executioner, Man Ba! You should have heard of him, right?”

Yang Ye shook his head, “No!”

Li Qingyi was at a loss for words.

A short while passed before she took a deep glance at Yang Ye and said, “He’s very famous in Pine Prefecture. He joined the Dao Order while at the Spirit Realm, and he became a member of the Mortal Path. Once he attained the Exalt Realm, he was instantly promoted to a member of the Earthly Path, and he even became the number one expert here. Not only is his strength formidable, he’s a very violent and vicious person as well. In the past, minor conflict arose between him and a Gold Rank power called Allheaven City, and he slaughtered the entire city in response. He killed almost a million people during that battle!”

“Oh!” Yang Ye started walking forward as he spoke. Li Qingyi was stunned by this, and then she quickly followed him and said, “Aren’t… aren’t you going to ask about his strength?”

Yang Ye asked, “How strong is he?”

She gazed at him for a short while before she smiled bitterly, “Do you know that Man Ba would definitely tear you up into pieces if he found out about the disregard you just displayed!?”

Yang Ye stopped, and then he turned around to look at her, “I think he wouldn’t even dare to face me if he knew of my past accomplishments!”

“I don’t believe that!” Li Qingyi said, “I know you’re very strong, and I’ve personally witnessed that. But no matter how strong you are, are you stronger than the Sword Emperor, Lu Wan’er? She attained the Heaven Rank in sword intent a very long time ago, and she might have even attained the 2nd level by now! After all, an expert of the Ancient Sword School once said that if Lu Wan’er and Man Ba were in the same realm of cultivation, then Lu Wan’er might not be able to defeat him!”

Lu Wan’er….” A slight smile appeared on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth. He hadn’t imagined that the little girl who would seek guidance from him every single day in the past would be thriving so well in the Radiant Dimension.

Li Qingyi said, “Why are you smiling!?”

“I’m thinking how Lu Wan’er would look if she saw me….” Yang Ye smiled.

Li Qingyi was shocked, “You know her?”

Meanwhile, Li Xuanji suddenly appeared in front of Yang Ye. He glanced at his granddaughter, and then gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Young Brother Yang, the teleportation formation has been repaired. However, I presume you’re clearly aware that Martial Enlightenment City is…. Why don’t you go around it?”

“It’s fine!” Yang Ye gazed at Li Qingyi and said, “Help me bring Fan Meng and Fan Li over!”

Li Qingyi gazed at him for quite a long while, and she sighed softly when she saw Yang Ye’s gaze that seemed to allow no refusal. She turned around and left.

It didn’t take long for Li Qingyi to bring Fan Li and Fan Meng to Yang Ye.

Yang Ye took Fan Meng’s hand, and then walked over to the teleportation formation under Li Xuanji’s lead. It didn’t take long for them to arrive at a teleportation platform.

Li Xuanji spoke solemnly, “Young Brother Yang, while Man Ba is only at the Exalt Realm, he has killed Half-Saints in the past!”

“Half-Saints?” A faint smile curled up on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth, “I once grew tired of killing them!”

As he spoke, he’d pulled Fan Meng along and entered the teleportation formation with Fan Li.

A ray of light flickered, and then they vanished on the spot.

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