Chapter 851 – The Dao Order Is Nothing!

Almighty Sword Domain

As soon as the voice finished resounding through the air, Man Ba and the Beasts of Desire instantly vanished without making a single sound.

They were dead!

They were obliterated by a strange form of energy. Not only were they dead, even their souls had been completely obliterated!

“The Ancient Sword School has gained a great disciple. But the game has just officially begun!” The voice sounded out slowly from the sky.

“I’ll be waiting!” Yang Ye glanced at the sky, and then he turned around and walked towards the tied up corpses. He waved his sword swiftly for a moment, and it didn’t take long for a row of words to appear on the wall below the corpses — The Dao Order is nothing.

Yang Ye sheathed his sword, and then he walked over to Fan Meng and took her hand before walking back into the city.

Yang Ye asked, “How many spatial rings did you get?”

Fan Meng replied, “Over 30!”

“How many extreme-grade energy stones were there?

“Around 200,000 plus!

“Did you take some for yourself?”

“How could I possibly do that? I… how could I possibly do something like that. I… I….”

The others were speechless.

When Yang Ye’s group returned to the streets from before, Kong Lian was gone, and only Wu Yanzhong remained there. At this moment, Wu Yanzhong was supporting himself with a single knee against the ground, and there were quite a few bone deep injuries throughout his body.

“Senior Brother Wu!” Lin Xiao and the others were shocked, and they hurried over to Wu Yanzhong’s side and helped him up.

“Kong Lian!” Wu Yanzhong took a deep breath, and then he gazed at Yang Ye and said, “I know that you’re very strong, but you must not be careless if you encounter her!”

“Of course!” Yang Ye nodded. The reason he hadn’t executed Heavenrend against Kong Lian earlier was because he wasn’t confident in his ability to kill her. She was very strong, and very mysterious. Of course, while he wasn’t confident in his ability to kill her, he didn’t fear her. Even if he was still in an injured state!

Wu Yanzhong nodded slightly when he saw that Yang Ye showed no signs of being arrogant, and he couldn’t help but think even more highly of Yang Ye. After all, geniuses were usually very arrogant and conceited. Yang Ye’s natural talent and strength could be described as terrifying, yet he didn’t sense any arrogance or conceit from Yang Ye!

“Martial Uncle took a good disciple in!” Wu Yanzhong glanced at Yang Ye and said, “You must pass through Matchless City to get to the Ancient Sword School because only the teleportation formation over there is capable of instantly teleporting you to the Ancient Sword School! In order to get to Matchless City, you must first pass through Tempest Mountain Range and Lionroar Plains.”

Yang Ye frowned, “I can’t teleport straight to Matchless City from Martial Enlightenment City?”

Wu Yanzhong shook his head and said, “Martial Enlightenment City and Matchless City aren’t allies. So, they didn’t establish a teleportation formation between the two cities. So, you have to traverse Tempest Mountain Range and Lionroar Plains!”

Yang Ye asked, “Can I fly through?”

“No!” Wu Yanzhong gazed seriously at Yang Ye, “Because there are Demon Kings in both Tempest Mountain Range and Lionroar Plains. If you fly through those places, it would be considered disrespectful to them. So, you have no choice but to walk.”

“Demon Kings!” Yang Ye’s pupils constricted slightly. Demon Kings were Saint Realm experts! His current strength was naturally insufficient to fight Saint Realm experts. Unless he recovered all of his sword intent, and then the Sword Spirit recovered and helped him execute the Intent Ignition technique before utilizing Heavenrend, otherwise, he would be unable to fight a Saint Realm expert even if his peak strength was restored.

Wu Yanzhong spoke solemnly, “Don’t worry, the Demon King on Tempest Mountain Range is an old friend of our Supreme Elder, so he probably won’t make things difficult for you. What I fear is Lionroar Plains because the Demon King on Lionroar Plains is an old friend of the Dao Order’s past Sect Master. Of course, he would naturally not bully you, and even if he does try to bully you, our Ancient Sword School would definitely lend you a hand. However, I do fear that he might act in secret!”

Yang Ye spoke seriously, “I’ll destroy anything that blocks my path!”

Wu Yanzhong nodded and said, “That’s all you can do now. Right, it’s best if you pay a visit to the previous City Governor of Matchless City once you get there. He’s a very good friend of your master’s, and he’s a sword forget as well. Perhaps he might give you an Immortal Rank sword!”

“Master’s good friend….” A wisp of bitterness arose on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth. Needless to say, it was getting more and more complicated and problematic. Because once Daoist Gu left his closed door cultivation, then he would be completely exposed. At that time, it would truly be fun. However, he had no other choice now, and he could only brace himself and continue with this act.

After all, he had to use the Ancient Sword School’s name!

Yang Ye suddenly asked, “You won’t be coming with me?”

Wu Yanzhong shook his head and said, “If I do, then it’ll make the situation even more complicated. Because once I do follow you, then it might become a fight to the death between the younger generation of our Ancient Sword School and the Dao Order! Moreover, if you travel alone, then the Dao Order would only send its disciples in succession to take revenge!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he pulled Fan Meng over, “Brother Wu, my only worry is these sisters. Can they go with all of you? I hope that Brother Wu can take them to the Ancient Sword School because only the Ancient Sword School can guarantee their safety!”

“I want to follow you!” Fan Meng immediately refused and quickly wrapped her hands around Yang Ye’s arm.

Fan Meng’s lips moved slightly, yet she didn’t say anything in the end.

Yang Ye rubbed Fan Meng’s head and said, “You’ll only be a burden to me if you come. Understand?”

“I….” Fan Meng felt so aggrieved that tears welled up in her eyes.

Yang Ye continued, “You’ve seen it yourself all along the way here. My enemies are very strong, and I don’t know who they will send next. But I have no doubt that they’ll definitely send someone strong. While I’m confident in my ability, I’m still just a single person. So, what if you fall into their hands. What would I do then?”

Fan Meng lowered her head.

Yang Ye continued once more, “You’ve experienced many things during this time, and you should have understood some things. If you want to live and live well in this world, then the only way is to rely on your own strength. You’ve very weak now, extremely weak. You’re weak to the point that you need me and your older sister to protect you. Don’t tell me you want to stay this way forever?”

A short while passed before Fan Meng raised her head and looked at Yang Ye. However, there were two lines of tears on her face, “You… Promise me that you’ll definitely come to the Ancient Sword School. You… you must!”

“I promise!” Yang Ye smiled, and then he gazed at Fan Li and said, “Stop pampering her after the two of you get there. Allow her to suffer a little. Right, if Lu Wan’er emerges from her closed door cultivation, then take Little Meng to her. Just say that it was I who told you to go to her. She’ll take care of both of you!”

Fan Li nodded and said, “Stay… stay alive!”

Wu Yanzhong asked abruptly, “Brother Yang, you know Senior Sister Lu?”

Yang Ye said, “More or less!”

Wu Yanzhong glanced at Yang Ye and said, “Senior Sister Lu’s background is rather mysterious. No one knows where she came from, and I’ve never heard of her having any friends. I never expected Brother Yang to actually know her!”

Yang Ye smiled and didn’t linger on this topic, “I’ll be troubling Brother Wu with them!”

“It’s not a problem at all!” Wu Yanzhong hesitated for a moment before he said, “Brother Yang, do you not have a sword of your own for now?”

Yang Ye nodded. To be honest, he really hadn’t found a suitable sword until now. The Sword Precursor was formidable, but the problem was that he couldn’t utilize it for now!

Wu Yanzhong waved his right hand when he saw Yang Ye nod to him, and a black sword chest appeared in front of Yang Ye, “Brother Yang, within this sword chest are all the swords that I’ve gathered over the years. There are 100 Dao Rank swords in there. I hope they’ll be useful to you!”

Yang Ye glanced at Wu Yanzhong, and then he took it and said, “Thank you. I’ll remember this kindness!”

Wu Yanzhong chuckled and said, “I’m not giving it to you for free. Remember, you must return it to me. I’ll be waiting for you to return it to me!”

“Of course!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye glanced at Fan Meng before turning around and walking towards the city gates. Meanwhile, Fan Meng wanted to say something, but Yang Ye’s figure vanished from her field of vision.

Fan Meng was stunned, and then she said, “Big Sister, he’ll definitely be able to survive, right?”

Fan Li nodded and said, “Of course!”

Lin Xiao suddenly asked, “Senior Brother, who do you think is stronger between him and Senior Sister Lu?”

Wu Yanzhong fell silent for a short while, and then he answered, “I can’t see through him. Even you’ve noticed that he hasn’t comprehended sword intent, but his sword energy isn’t the slightest bit inferior to all of us who’ve comprehended sword intent. He’s very mysterious and very strong. As for Senior Sister Lu, she should have attained the 2nd level of Heaven Rank sword intent by now. Moreover, she should be on the verge of attaining the Half-Saint Realm. So, they can’t be compared at all!”

Fan Meng spoke abruptly, “Yang Ye is definitely stronger than Lu Wan’er!”

Wu Yanzhong seemed to be interested and asked, “Why?”

She replied, “My intuition!”

Wu Yanzhong and the others exchanged glances, and then they shook their heads and smiled.

After he left Martial Enlightenment City, Yang Ye shot into the depths of the mountain range around the city, and he found a cave there.

Yang Ye sat cross-legged within the cave while blood flowed out incessantly from the corner of his mouth.

While he seemed to have killed them like he was slaughtering chickens just now. He’d actually paid a huge price for that. Because he’d executed Heavenrend earlier, and he’d overlapped it at least 10 times. Moreover, he’d enhanced it with Critical Strike and Lightspeed! That was why he could kill them with a single swing of his sword.

So, he was naturally suffering from backlash now. The cracks on his meridians grew wider while numerous cracks even appeared throughout his body. It wasn’t just his body, even his internal organs had started to crack apart.

It could be said that his entire body was covered in injuries now. However, he’d forcefully endured it and hadn’t allowed it to be exposed!

Yang Ye withdrew the extreme-grade energy stones he possessed and started to absorb them like a madman!

However, Yang Ye’s eyes suddenly opened up, and he looked towards the entrance of the cave. A person was suddenly standing there.

“It’s actually you!” Yang Ye’s pupils constricted!

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