Chapter 852 – They Won’t Allow It? Then Die!

Almighty Sword Domain

It was a woman who stood at the entrance. Her feet weren’t touching the ground as she was floating instead. She wore a pure white dress, had skin that was white as snow, and a pair of eyes that were clear as the springs during autumn. As she stood there, she naturally emanated an elegant, cold, and proud bearing, and it caused others to feel inferior in comparison and afraid to disrespect her in the slightest.

Of course, most importantly, she was at the Saint Realm!

An even more important point was that Yang Ye knew her. She was the founding ancestor of Flower Palace, Mu Hanshan!

“I never expected you to still be alive!” She spoke with an icy cold voice that carried a trace of killing intent.

Yang Ye spoke indifferently, “I seem to have disappointed you?”

Mu Hanshan replied, “A little!”

Yang Ye remained silent for a long time before he spoke again, “Why have you come here to see me?” It was naturally impossible that she'd come to kill him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have the chance to speak a single word.

Mu Hanshan gazed at him for a short while before she said, “The heavens and the earth collapsed, and that entire world was destroyed. How exactly did you survive?”

Yang Ye said, “Would you believe me if I told you that I didn’t know?”

Mu Hanshan gazed silently at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye continued, “That day, I fell unconscious upon slashing the Eye of the Heaven Dao into pieces. I….”

“You destroyed the eye of the Heaven Dao?” Mu Hanshan had suddenly interrupted him.

Yang Ye nodded.

“Impossible!” She spoke in a low voice, “Even I would never stand a chance at even shaking that Eye of the Heaven Dao. You were only at the Monarch Realm then, so no matter how heaven defying you are, it’s impossible for you to destroy it!”

Yang Ye stood up abruptly and walked over to her, “Do you know how many experts died on Profounder Continent that day? Over a thousand Saint Realm experts. Over a thousand of them detonated themselves. Besides that, there were countless other Half-Saints and Monarch Realm experts who perished that day….”

Even though the Hallowed Grounds and defiant profounders were once his enemies, Yang Ye was very clearly aware that if it wasn’t for their sacrifice and the sacrifice of Elder Mu and the others, then it would have been utterly impossible for him to destroy the Eye of the Heaven Dao!

“Over a thousand Saints?” Mu Hanshan frowned, “Impossible. It’s impossible for them to attain the Saint Realm without Quintessence Violet Energy!”

Yang Ye said, “Why would I lie?”

Mu Hanshan gazed at him for a long time before she said, “Looks like you have other secrets!”

Yang Ye walked to the side and sat down cross-legged, “You probably didn’t come here to have a chat. Do you need something?”

Mu Hanshan suddenly asked, “Why didn’t you go with me that day!?”

Yang Ye said, “There were people there whom I wished to protect. While I wasn’t able to protect them in the end, I stayed behind and tried my best.”

“Do you know?” Mu Hanshan said, “I would have killed you if you chose to leave with me!”

Yang Ye asked, “Why?”

She answered, “A man can be weak, ugly, or even without any authority or power. However, I man can absolutely not lack backbone, honor, and a sense of responsibility! I look down upon any man who doesn’t have any backbone, honor, and a sense of responsibility. I didn’t have any good intentions when I asked you to come with me that day. Because I would be able to kill you with a clear conscience if you did. Unfortunately, you didn’t!”

Yang Ye asked, “What are you trying to say!?”

Mu Hanshan replied, “No matter how cold and calm we act towards each other, the fact that we have a shadow of each other in the depths of our hearts cannot be changed. Those red threads that little girl placed within us surpass the Laws of the Heaven Dao. So, I can’t do anything about them. It has troubled me until now and caused my cultivation to be unable to advance at all. I came here to resolve the matter!”

“I can’t do anything about it as well!” Yang Ye gazed at her and said, “I’m telling the truth!”

She asked, “What about that little girl?”

Yang Ye answered, “Something happened to her and she can’t show herself for now!”

Mu Hanshan gazed silently at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye was looking at her as well, “I can’t deny that you’re very beautiful, and you’re extremely strong as well. However, I’m not stupid enough to act shamelessly and try to stick with you.”

Mu Hanshan said, “If you’re weak, then you should keep a low profile and act humbly!”

Yang Ye said, “Would you rather I use a fake side of me or the real me when we talk?”

She gazed at him for a long time, and then she finally said, “We can be said to be in an impasse. I don’t want to continue staying in this state, but I’m unable to kill you as well. How about we do this? Let’s make a bet. If I lose, then I’ll be yours; but if I win, then you die. Alright?”

Yang Ye asked, “Isn’t it better if we keep it like how we are right now, and we both don’t disturb each other?”

Mu Hanshan replied, “At my realm of cultivation, the slightest disturbance to my thoughts while charging into a higher realm of cultivation might lead to my death. So, this problem between us must be resolved!”

Yang Ye asked, “What’s the bet!?”

She replied, “I’ll give you 2 years of time. Come find me and defeat me then, and I’ll go with you!”

Yang Ye shook his head.

She said, “You refuse?”

“I refuse!” Yang Ye stared her in the eyes and said, “I don’t like to be threatened or forced. Moreover, there are no feelings between us. The only thing that ties us together are those red threads. It’s pointless to force ourselves to be together!”

Mu Hanshan said, “You make it seem like you’ll definitely defeat me!”

Yang Ye said, “If you want to resolve the problem caused by those red threads, then it’s not a problem. Because I want to resolve that problem as well. Just give me some time. Perhaps it wouldn’t even take 2 years for me to resolve that problem!”

She suddenly said, “Am I that unworthy of you?”

Yang Ye was stunned, and then he said, “Then do you love me?”

“What do you think?”

“All I know is that you want me dead!”

Mu Hanshan said, “Actually, I really admire you! You’re decisive and really ruthless. Unfortunately, you’re too weak!”

“How many years have you cultivated for?” Yang Ye continued, “How many years have I?”

The corners of Mu Hanshan’s mouth twitched slightly.

Yang Ye said, “Actually, it isn’t necessary for us to kill each other. Even if we can’t become lovers, we can still become friends, right?” Yang Ye wasn’t a pedantic person. If he could become friends with a Saint Realm expert, then he felt that only an idiot would refuse to do so.

“Friends?” Mu Hanshan was slightly stunned and seemed to have never expected Yang Ye to speak such words.

Yang Ye nodded, “As for what happens in the future, let’s just allow nature to take its course. Alright? You should be aware that forcing things usually makes the situation even more complicated!”

Mu Hanshan suddenly said, “If a friend is in need, then a friend should lend a hand, right?”

Yang Ye replied, “Of course!”

Mu Hanshan nodded and said, “Alright, then let’s be friends for now!”

Yang Ye was delighted and said, “Since we’re friends, then I won’t hold back. See, the Dao Order refuses to let me go, so shouldn’t you….”

“I can’t help!” Mu Hanshan interrupted him, “If I lend you a hand, then they will send Saint Realm experts. So long as that happens, you’ll definitely die unless 3 other Saint Realm experts protect you at all times. Now, the conflict between you and the Dao Order can only be considered as a fight between the juniors, so both sides won’t dispatch Saint Realm experts. So, it’s much more advantageous to you now!”

Yang Ye laughed bitterly, “I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’m in quite a bad situation. How about you lend me 100,000 extreme-grade energy stones?”

He’d only just finished speaking when a spatial ring appeared before him, and he saw that there just happened to be 100,000 extreme-grade energy stones within it.

Mu Hanshan asked, “Are we friends now?”

Yang Ye nodded with a slightly blank expression, Isn’t she a little too easy to convince?

Mu Hanshan said, “I was betrothed to the son of Sky Divine Hall’s Master. If nothing unexpected happens, then I’ll be married in 2 years from now, but I don’t want to marry him. So, I hope that you’ll come save me 2 years from now. As a friend, you wouldn’t refuse such a trivial matter, right!?”

I was tricked! Yang Ye’s face instantly became very colorful!

She continued, “I know that it’s quite difficult. After all, the Master of Sky Divine Hall is at the Saint Realm, and his son is a high rank Half-Saint who’s called a Quasi Saint. However, it shouldn’t be difficult for you, right?”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

“Why is your face so unsightly?” She continued, “You wouldn’t be unwilling right? You yourself said that friends should help each other!”

Yang Ye remained silent for a long time. Refuse her? But he’d just said that friends should help each other. Moreover, he’d taken her energy stones. Don’t refuse her? While he didn’t know the exact strength of Sky Divine Hall, it was obvious that it was definitely not simple.

Yang Ye asked, “Are you being serious or are you teasing me?”

“I’m serious!” She continued, “Right, I forgot to tell you that besides me, he wants to marry your little lover as well. In other words, An Nanjing!”

An Nanjing! Yang Ye’s expression changed slightly, and he said, “She’s at Sky Divine Hall?”

Mu Hanshan nodded and said, “She is. However, she has been restrained because the son of Sky Divine Hall’s Master has taken a liking to her. But don’t worry, she’s considered as my disciple for now, so she’ll be fine for now while under my protection. However, once he attains the Saint Realm, then not to mention protecting her, I wouldn’t even be able to protect myself!”

Yang Ye took a deep breath and said, “Two years from now…. No, one year from now! No, it’ll take half a year at most! I’ll come get both of you in half a year from now!”

Mu Hanshan said, “Sky Divine Hall has Saint Realm experts, and there are more than one!”

“I’ll still take both of you from there even if it has a thousand Saints!”

Mu Hanshan said, “They won’t allow it!”

“Then I’ll kill them!”

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