Chapter 854 – Do You Intend To Take Me?

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye asked, “Based on the direction all of you are heading, are you going to Matchless City?”

Their expressions eased up slightly when they noticed that Yang Ye was a disciple of the Ancient Sword School, and the contempt and vigilance in their eyes reduced greatly as well. The leader of the cavalry said, “I’m the Vice Commander of the Royal Guard of Matchless City, Yu Gang. May I know which peak you’re from in the Ancient Sword School?”

The royal guard of Matchless City! Yang Ye was slightly stunned. He hadn’t expected them to actually belong to Matchless City. He immediately said, “The Heavenly Sword Peak, Ye Yang!”

“The Heavenly Sword Peak!” Yu Gang’s cold expression eased up, “So you’re a disciple of Daoist Gu. Is Brother Ye heading to Matchless City as well?”

Yang Ye nodded.

Yu Gang pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “If you’re not afraid of trouble, then you can come with us. Let me warn you in advance that our trip might not be very peaceful!”

Yang Ye smiled and said, “It’s fine. I’ll be the first to leave if there’s trouble!” Of course, the trouble he was talking about was the Dao Order. If the members of the Dao Order came looking for him, then he naturally couldn’t drag them down with him.

All of them felt speechless.

The expressions of Yu Gang and the others changed slightly when they heard him, and the other members of the cavalry even shot slightly cold gazes which carried a trace of disdain at him. Moreover, Yu Gang’s expression that had eased up just moments ago had become cold again.

As for those 4 fellows from the Ocean of Clouds Academy, their disdain wasn’t concealed at all, and all there was left was for them to express it with words!

Yang Ye smiled bitterly when he noticed their expressions. He knew that they’d misunderstood him. However, he couldn’t be bothered to explain because if he did explain now, they would think that he was just trying to cover it up!

While the impression they had of him had dropped greatly, they still took Yang Ye along. Yang Ye knew that they were giving face to the Ancient Sword School, but he didn’t care. In any case, he was just getting a free ride.

Once he got on a pegasus horse, Yang Ye didn’t travel with Yu Gang and the others, and he went to the back of the ground and kept a distance of almost 20m from them.

Besides his inability to fly right now, there was another reason why he was traveling with them. It was because he didn’t know the way. While he knew Matchless City was in that direction, he didn’t know its exact location. So, he would have to waste a huge amount of time if he traveled on his own!

Now, he had them to lead the way, so he naturally welcomed it!

Yang Ye glanced at Yu Gang and the others. The strongest amongst them was clearly Yu Gang as he was at the peak of the Monarch Realm. However, his gaze descended onto an old man in a luxurious robe who drove the carriage. The old man was only at the Spirit Realm and seemed extremely ordinary, but Yang Ye’s gaze had stopped on the old man for a long time.

Suddenly, the old man seemed to have noticed Yang Ye’s gaze and turned around to look at him. Their gazes collided for an instant, and then the old man nodded slightly to Yang Ye before looking ahead once more.

Yang Ye glanced at the carriage before a slight smile curled up on the corners of his mouth, how interesting!

In the end, Yang Ye shot his gaze towards the members of the Ocean of Clouds Academy. He’d gained a little information about them through their previous conversation. All of them were from the B Class in the academy. His opinion of the academy’s disciples’ strengths had changed when he saw them. Because while they were all only at the low rank of the Monarch Realm, they were the strongest besides the old man and Yu Gang!

One of the men from the academy spoke abruptly, “I heard that Senior Brother Xiao died at Yang Ye’s hands. I wonder if it’s true!”

Yang Ye was slightly stunned and couldn’t help but listen in.

“Xu Liang, are you looking for a beating?” The woman in a red dress suddenly glared angrily at the man while her eyes were filled with rage.

Xu Liang smiled with embarrassment and didn’t dare reply. However, the man by his side said, “Qian Jiao, we know that you like Senior Brother Xiao, but he’s dead. We know that you want to avenge him as well, but the academy has ordered that no one besides the disciples of the Ancient Sword School and Dao Order are allowed to interfere in the conflict between Yang Ye and the Dao Order!”

“So what? I’ll just withdraw from the academy if I have to!” She spoke coldly before glancing at the man and Xu Liang, “Xu Liang, Xu Wen, I know that both of you’ve fallen for me. Don’t say that I’ve never given both of you a chance. I’ll go with whichever one of you is able to kill Yang Ye! I’ll definitely keep this promise!”

Xu Wen spoke solemnly, “The Ancient Sword School has announced to the world that it’s a matter between them and the Dao Order. If anyone is to bully Yang Ye with a higher realm of cultivation, then that would be equivalent to going against the Ancient Sword School!”

Xu Liang remained silent.

“Are both of you me? Do you have any balls?” Qian Jian had a wisp of ridicule on the corners of her mouth.

Both of their faces became unsightly.

“Qian Jiao, don’t do that to them!” Meanwhile, the other woman by Qian Jian’s side spoke abruptly, “That fellow, Yang Ye, dared to destroy the Dao Order’s Hell’s Coffin, so he’s either too confident or it was planned by the Ancient Sword School. So, if an outsider were to interfere, it would definitely be no different than going against the Ancient Sword School. Not to mention Xu Wen and Xu Liang, even those geniuses in the A Class wouldn’t dare to act against him without permission!”

The woman who spoke these words was around the age of 20, and she was quite pretty. However, she was much more inferior when compared to Qian Jian. She couldn’t only be said to be not ugly but couldn’t be called beautiful!

Xu Wen and Xu Liang nodded in her direction when they heard this, and there was a trace of gratitude in their eyes.

Qian Jian glanced coldly at the two men and said, “I better not encounter Yang Ye or I’ll definitely cripple him. Let me see if the Ancient Sword School would dare to kill me after I’ve crippled him!”

Yang Ye glanced at Qian Jiao, and he’d just withdrawn his gaze when she suddenly looked at him, “What are you looking at? Have you never seen a woman? Right, someone like you who’s so ugly and weak would have probably never touched a woman in his life.”

When she spoke up to this point, she actually undid her dress a little to expose a little bit of the snow white skin beneath it, and she said, “Isn’t it a sight to behold? Are you very excited? Are you full of the desire to take me?”

Yang Ye was quite stunned by this.

As for the other members of the cavalry, they seemed to be accustomed to it and acted like they saw nothing.

Qian Jiao tidied up her clothes and spoke with ridicule, “Honestly, I’d rather do it with a dog than allow a member of your Ancient Sword School to touch me!”

Yang Ye shook his head, “I heard that there were some weirdos in the world, but I’ve never had the chance to meet such a person. Today, I’ve finally met one.”

When he spoke up to this point, he gazed at Xu Wen and Xu Liang, “I don’t understand this. Both of you aren’t blind, so why would you like her?”

Yu Gang and the others were on the verge of laughing, but they seemed to be worried about something and forcefully endured it.

“We don’t!” Xu Wen spoke involuntarily in a moment of anxiety.

“No?” Yang Ye nodded and said, “So she’s just a narcissist. Right, if such a woman really became yours, then one can only wonder how many ‘green hats’ she’ll make you wear! Moreover, it might even not be because of a human. After all, all of you heard that she would rather do it with a dog. Tsk, tsk. Such tastes!”

“Pfft!” One of the members of the cavalry wasn’t able to hold back his laughter, but Yu Gang glared fiercely at him. However, he truly couldn’t hold it back, so he said, “Commander Yu, I’m going to relieve myself for a moment….”

“I’m going to relieve myself as well….”

“Me too!”

In next to no time, over a dozen of them who were comparatively younger had gone to ‘relieve themselves’. It didn’t take long for roaring laughter to resound from afar.

Qian Jiao’s horse walked slowly towards Yang Ye. Yu Gang, Xu Wen, and the others frowned when they saw her go over to Yang Ye.

Qian Jiao spoke when she was 3m away from Yang Ye, “Do you want to die? Or perhaps you think I’m afraid of your Ancient Sword School? Trust me, the Ancient Sword School wouldn’t dare to say a single word if I kill you!”

Yang Ye replied, “If you’re that great, then why don’t you just go up to the heavens!?”

“You’re courting death!” She roared furiously and intended to attack. However, Xu Gang appeared in front of Yang Ye. He glanced at Qian Jiao and said, “Young Miss Qian, we only brought you along out of consideration for your grandfather. I hope you don’t make trouble for us.”

When he spoke up to this point, he turned around to gaze at Yang Ye, “It’s the same for you. I don’t want any trouble during our journey!”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “I don’t want any trouble as well!”

“I’ll make you kneel before me once we get to Matchless City!” Qian Jiao glanced coldly at Yang Ye before she turned around and rode her horse away.

Yu Gang suddenly said, “Her grandfather is the Vice Dean of the Ocean of Clouds Academy!”

Yang Ye asked, “A Saint?”

“A high rank Half-Saint. However, he’s only half a step away from the Saint Realm!” Yu Gang left after he finished speaking.

Yang Ye was about to speak. Suddenly, he glanced at the surroundings before his brows knit together. He gazed at the old man who was driving the carriage, and he noticed that the old man was frowning as well!

Suddenly, Yang Ye’s expression changed drastically, and his figure flashed and appeared around 1km away.

Yang Ye had just left when a huge palm that was over 1km long had torn through space and appeared above the group. The huge palm had just appeared in the air when the terrifying pressure it carried instantly caused the pegasus horses they rode to lie prostrate on the ground. At the same time, the forest in an area of over 600m around them had been instantly obliterated!

A high rank Half-Saint!

The expressions of everyone here changed drastically!

Suddenly, the old man who drove the carriage leaped up and smashed his fist towards the palm!


The huge palm trembled slightly before the formidable force from the collision caused the space around it to ripple violently.

“It’s the Sky Divine Hall! Protect the Third Young Miss!” As soon as he finished speaking, the old man’s figure vanished on the spot, and it didn’t take long for rumbling explosions to resound from the sky.

Suddenly, over 100 black clothes figures appeared around the group, and all of them were high rank Monarch Realm experts!

“Kill everyone besides Yu Wushuang!” A voice resounded, and then the black clothed figures charged at Yu Gang and the others.

Yang Ye glanced at them, and then he pondered deeply for an instant before flickering off and vanishing from their fields of vision.

“Don’t leave a single one of them alive!” A voice resounded abruptly, and then 2 of the black robed men chased after Yang Ye.

Around 20 breaths of time later, a man who wore a red robe and a black cloak appeared here.

“Sky Divine Hall! Who do you think you are to cause trouble in the territory of my Dao Order!?” As soon as the red robed man finished speaking, the head of one of those black robed men flew into the air!

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