Chapter 855 – Sky Divine Hall vs Dao Order!

Almighty Sword Domain

The red robed man was Yang Ye, of course.

Actually, he had no intention of interfering with the conflict with Sky Divine Hall and Matchless City, and that was why he’d chosen to leave. Unfortunately, the Sky Divine Hall actually wanted to leave no one alive!

Of course, the most important reason was that he didn’t like Sky Divine Hall.

Not to mention that they’d imprisoned An Nanjing, they actually wanted to get her married to their Junior Sect Master! So, since the moment he found out that the Junior Sect Master of Sky Divine Hall wanted to marry An Nanjing by force, it was impossible for there to be any reconciliation between him and Sky Divine Hall!

So, he’d come back after he killed those 2 fellows from the Sky Divine Hall!

“Shadow Strike!” As soon as Yang Ye spoke, a ray of red light flashed, and then the heads of 2 Monarch Realm experts flew into the air.

Yang Ye was about to attack when a black robed man suddenly appeared before Yang Ye, “My Sky Divine Hall and your Dao Order have always stayed out of each other’s business. Why are you interfering in the business between my Sky Divine Hall and Matchless City?”

“I can’t stand the sight of Sky Divine Hall!” Yang Ye roared furiously as he stomped the ground with his right foot, and his figure shot forward explosively while the dagger in his grasp emanated a cold glow as it swept towards the black robed man’s throat.

“With the ability of you Dao Order?” The black robed man grunted coldly as he tapped his finger forward, and it just happened to tap against Yang Ye’s dagger. The dagger shook violently before shattering into pieces, and Yang Ye’s expression changed slightly beneath his cloak. Meanwhile, the black robed man had arrived in front of him. At the same time, two of the black robed man’s fingers had arrived not too far away from Yang Ye, and it was about to tap against Yang Ye’s throat!

Yang Ye’s reaction wasn’t slow in the slightest. He tapped the tip of his foot against the ground, and then he glided backwards. However, his figure shot forward like an arrow a moment later!

“Die!” As Yang Ye’s voice resounded, his foot whistled sharply through the air and it kicked at the black robed man!

“You’re not even qualified to do that!” As soon as the black robed man finished speaking, he tapped his finger forward again. A powerful gust of wind suddenly appeared around him, and the space in the path of the black robed man’s finger warped before it. It was an extremely shocking sight!


The leg and finger collided, and an explosion resounded. The formidable force of the collision caused space to instantly split apart at the point of collision! Moreover, they each took around 10 steps backwards!

“You’re from the Hidden Path or a Dao Order Steward!” The black robed man in a low voice that carried a trace of seriousness.

The Hidden Path? A Dao Order Steward? Yang Ye’s brows knit together beneath his cloak, and then he said, “Would someone from the Hidden Path or a Dao Order Steward even be needed to deal with your Sky Divine Hall? Just someone from my Mortal Path is sufficient!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye’s figure shot forward explosively once more.

Yang Ye and the black robed man fought for a while, and his expression had gradually become solemn. Because he noticed that the black robed man’s combat instinct was very formidable, and his finger techniques were extremely powerful as the black robed man was actually able to stop his physical strength by force. Even if he’d only utilized around 70% of his strength! But that was still comparable to the strength of a Monarch Realm demon beast!

As he fought the black robed man, Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings, and he noticed that the situation was quite bad. While Yu Gang and the others were elites amongst elites, they were still quite weak when compared to the black robed men. Coupled with the fact that the black robed men had the advantage in numbers, so the forces from Matchless City were being suppressed in the battle!

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment, and then he stopped staying locked in combat with the black robed man. He swiftly smashed his fist against the black robed man’s finger, and the powerful force it carried caused the black robed man’s finger to be bent. Moreover, the black robed man was blasted over 300m back!

As soon as he blasted the black robed man back, Yang Ye didn’t stay there for a moment longer. His figure flashed into the group from Sky Divine Hall and gave each a punch.

Everyone here was stunned!

Because anyone who came into contact with Yang Ye’s fist was killed on the spot, had their limbs broken, or suffered heavy injuries.

He was truly crushing them!

The situation instantly turned around once Yang Ye joined the battle.

However, that black robed man who fought Yang Ye just now had swiftly obstructed his path. But this time, the black robed man was blasted flying over 1km away instead!

In less than 20 breaths of time, Yang Ye had killed almost 30 members of Sky Divine Hall, and the forces of Matchless City gained the upper hand under Yang Ye’s lead!

“Retreat!” Suddenly, a voice resounded from the sky.

Those black robed figures didn’t hesitate to flicker off and vanish when they heard this. Only the black robed man who fought Yang Ye had stayed behind!

The black robed man stared at Yang Ye as he asked, “Who exactly are you!?”

Yang Ye replied, “Just a tiny disciple of the Dao Order!”

“Good! Very good! The Dao Order….” The black robed man spoke in a low voice, and then his figure vanished from their fields of vision.

“Dao Order! My Sky Divine Hall will remember this!” A voice resounded from high above in the sky.

“The Sky Divine Hall is nothing! Allow me to represent the Dao Order and say this, the north belongs to my Dao Order. So long as anyone from Sky Divine Hall dares to come here in the future, then I’ll kill every single one of them!” Yang Ye raised his head and looked up into the sky, and his voice was filled with disdain.

“Because of what you just said, all the disciples of the Dao Order within the south won’t ever be able to return!” The voice resounded once more from the sky. However, it was slightly soft. Obviously, its owner had left.

Yang Ye was delighted when he heard this. That’s really for the best. It’s best if the Dao Order and Sky Divine Hall fight to the death!

“Brother, thank you!” Meanwhile, Yu Gan suddenly walked over to Yang Ye and cupped his fists to Yang Ye.

The other surviving members of the cavalry which only amounted to over a dozen now cupped their fists to Yang Ye as well, and they had rather respectful expressions on their faces.

Suddenly, Qian Jiao walked over to Yang Ye and asked, “You’re a disciple of the Dao Order?”

Yang Ye paid no attention to Qian Jiao, and he gazed at the old man who’d suddenly returned to the carriage. The old man seemed to have noticed Yang Ye’s gaze, and he looked at Yang Ye as well before nodding slightly, “Thank you, Young Brother.”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he said, “I’m heading to Matchless City as well, are all of you going in the same direction?”

“That’s naturally for the best!” Yu Gang hurriedly said, “May I know your name?”

Yang Ye spoke casually, “Yang Yang!”

“Brother Yang, thank you for the assistance earlier” Yu Gang cupped his fists towards Yang Ye again, and then he said, “If it wasn’t for Brother Yang, then the consequences would have been unimaginable!”

“Hmph!” Suddenly, Qian Jiao grunted coldly and said, “Did all of you notice that trash from the Ancient Sword School immediately fleeing when those black robed men arrived? What an embarrassment.”

When she spoke up to this point, she suddenly gazed at Yang Ye and revealed a charming smile, “This disciple of the Dao Order was much more courageous, just like Brother Xiao. No, Brother Yang is much more courageous than Brother Xiao!”

Brother Yang…. Yang Ye felt disgusted, and he had the slight impulse to chop off her head.

Yu Gang shook his head and said, “I thought he was joking when he said that he would run upon encountering danger. But I never expected that…. Alas, I’ve never seen someone so afraid of death amongst the disciples of the Ancient Sword School that I’ve met in the past!”

Yang Ye shook his head and didn’t provide any explanation. The reason he’d lent a hand and killed those black robed men was mainly because Sky Divine Hall and Dao Order were both his enemies. It wasn’t for all of them at all. As for what they think, it wasn’t important to him at all!

“Thank you for the assistance just now!” Suddenly, a clear and melodious voice resounded from behind Yang Ye.

Yang Ye looked over to the source of the voice, and he saw a young girl standing behind him. She was very young, and just around 10 years old. There was even a tiny ponytail hanging behind her head. While she was young, there was a trace of maturity on her face, and it surprised Yang Ye a little.

“Third Young Miss!” Yu Gang hurriedly moved over to greet her, “What… what are you doing out here?”

The young girl waved her hand, and then she glanced at the corpses of the cavalry that had died in battle. After that, she bowed to those corpses and said, “All of you died for me, Yu Wushuang. I’ll remember this. Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of your families. Uncle Gang, remember to reward all these fallen soldiers with 10,000 extreme-grade energy stones and allow their families to enjoy the best protection and benefits in the city. As for the soldiers that are still alive, reward them with a year of their salary!”

“Thank you, Third Young Miss!” Yu Gang and the surviving members of the cavalry were instantly overwhelmed with gratitude, and they bowed to her.

“It’s I who should thank all of you!” There was a trace of sorrow in her eyes, “All along the way, I would have died countless times if it wasn’t for all of your sacrifice.”

“Everyone from Matchless City has the responsibility to protect Third Young Miss!” Yu Gang roared furiously.

“Everyone from Matchless City has the responsibility to protect Third Young Miss!”

The others roared furiously as well.

She’s really quite extraordinary! Yang Ye sized her up. Her methods were very extraordinary, but the even more extraordinary thing was that she was actually a Monarch Realm expert!

A Monarch Realm expert at the age of 10!

Yu Wushuang nodded, and then she gazed at Qian Jiao’s group, “I presume all of you’ve realized that the enemy of my Matchless City is Sky Divine Hall. I won’t hold it against all of you if you leave right now, and I won’t allow any word of this to be spread as well!”

Their expressions changed slightly. They did desire to leave because once they found out that Matchless City’s enemy was Sky Divine Hall, they really didn’t want to interfere in the matter. But if they left now and word of it were to spread, then the Ocean of Clouds Academy would expel them! After all it wasn’t just the Ancient Sword School and the Dao Order that cared about their honor, the Ocean of Clouds Academy was the same!

As for what the young girl said about not allowing any word of it to spread, they didn’t dare believe it!

Xu Wen laughed bitterly and said, “We can only blame ourselves for being too greedy and accepting this assignment….”

Yu Wushuang said, “Don’t worry, since Sky Divine Hall failed, then if I’m not wrong, it will definitely not attack again in a short period. So, perhaps our journey will be peaceful from now on!”

Xu Wen replied, “Then we’ll hope Third Young Miss is correct!”

Yu Wushuang turned around to gaze at Yang Ye, “Can we have a chat within the carriage?”

Yang Ye was quite unaccustomed to facing a young girl who acted so maturely. He hesitated for a moment before he nodded because he was really curious about what she intended to talk to him about!

In the carriage, the young girl sat cross-legged before a table made of jade, and then she said to Yang Ye, “Should I call you Yang Yang, Ye Yang, or perhaps… Yang Ye?”

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