Chapter 856 – 2nd Level Heaven Rank Battle Intent?

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye gazed at Yu Wushuang for a long time before he said, “When did you see through me!?”

Yu Wushuang waved her hand lightly, and a teacup floated over to Yang Ye and said, “Please have some tea!”

Yang Ye took the teacup and sat in front of her, and then he took a small sip before he said, “I’m a boorish man, and I’m unable to enjoy it!”

“Brother Yang really is a straightforward person!”

Yu Wushuang smiled, “As expected of the man who dared to destroy the Dao Order’s Hell’s Coffin!”

Yang Ye asked, “Why did you invite me in here?” Yu Wushuang was too mature, and he didn’t really like it. Because it felt like it was mostly all an act.

She said, “Brother Yang should have just come from Martial Enlightenment City. As for your objective, it should be Matchless City, and then utilize the teleportation formation there to return to the Ancient Sword School. Am I right?”

Yang Ye answered, “Yes!”

Yu Wushuang said, “Matchless City is my home, and that teleportation formation belongs to me clan as well!”

Yang Ye gazed at her and spoke in a very calm voice, “What are you trying to say!?”

“I can escort you back to the Ancient Sword School!” Yu Wushuang looked him in the eyes and spoke, and there was no smile on her quite immature face.

Yang Ye replied, “You wouldn’t even be able to protect yourself without that old geezer sitting outside there!”

She grinned and said, “Brother Yang, you seem to look down on women a little?”

“I don’t!” Yang Ye said, “I know two women who are very strong, and they are stronger than many men whom I’ve met. So, I’ve never looked down on women, and I’ve never looked down on you. I… am just stating a fact!”

Yu Wushuang’s eyes lit up, and she said, “I presume that women who even Brother Yang praises are definitely very extraordinary, right?”

Yang Ye waved his hands and said, “I don’t like talking with you, so just get to the point!”

She said, “Brother Yang, is it because you think that I’m young?”

Yang Ye didn’t speak. He just stood up and walked towards the door.

“I heard that Brother Yang has two lovers, and they are even beautiful sisters. I presume that Brother Yang definitely doesn’t want any mishaps to occur to them, right? I….”

Yu Wushuang didn’t finish speaking because something flashed before her eyes, and then Yang Ye was in front of her. After that, she instantly felt something press down upon her neck, and she felt almost suffocated!

Suddenly, the old man who drove the carriage appeared within it.

“Let her go!” The old man clenched both his fists slowly while killing intent flashed in his eyes.

Yang Ye paid no attention to the old man, he just tightened his grip on her neck and said, “I merely wanted to get a ride to the city, and I had no ill intent to Matchless City. Not only did I have no ill intent, but I even lent you a hand. However, not only did you not express any substantial gratitude, you even intended to use me. Moreover, you even threatened me for that purpose. Little Girl, do you think I wouldn’t dare to kill you? Do you want to give it a try? You just have to blink twice, and you’ll find out if I dare to kill you!”

“Yang Ye, if you dare to touch her….” The old man intended to say something, but Yang Ye interrupted him and said, “I’ll break her neck right now if you speak another word. Do you want to try me?”

The old man’s face fell, and his lips moved a little, but he didn’t speak in the end.

Yu Wushuang opened her lips that had turned slightly purple, but Yang Ye showed no signs of intending to loosen his grip. Meanwhile, the old man clenched his fists tightly but didn’t dare to attack.

Yang Ye gazed at her for a short while before he suddenly released her. Yu Wushuang fell straight to the ground and started gasping for air. The old man was about to attack when Yu Wushuang waved her hand, “Uncle Li, you can leave!”

The old man glanced at Yang Ye, and then he glanced at Yu Wushuang. In the end, he nodded and left.

“Looks like I made a mistake when evaluating your disposition!” Yu Wushuang continued, “And I underestimated your boldness as well. You were clearly aware that a high rank Half-Saint was right outside, yet you still acted against me. Needless to say, you really are bold!”

Yang Ye walked over to her and chuckled, “You were clearly afraid earlier, yet still insisted on acting like you weren’t afraid at all. Your life is really quite tiring!” Yang Ye walked out of the carriage once he finished speaking.

Yang Ye didn’t notice that Yu Wushuang’s figure had stiffened when he finished speaking, and it was like she was frozen on the spot.

As soon as he left the carriage, the old man was standing in his way.

Yang Ye said, “Just drop the act. Not to mention you, the Ancient Sword Sect wouldn’t even allow the Master of Sky Divine Hall to kill me right now. So, just save your strength and breath!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye’s figure flashed around the old man and descended onto his horse.

Yang Ye had just sat on the horse when Qian Jiao rode her horse over to his side.

Yang Ye truly didn’t want to waste his breath on her, so he said, “Shut up or I won’t be able to stop myself from slapping you!”

However, Qian Jiao wasn’t furious at all, and she started smiling instead, “As expected, all the men from the Dao Order are overbearing. I like overbearing men, just like Senior Brother Xiao.”

Yang Ye slowly clenched his right fist. Right when he was about to smash his fist against her face, Yu Wushuang had suddenly ridden a horse over to his side and smiled, “Brother Yang, you should give it some consideration. Young Miss Qian’s grandfather isn’t just a Quasi Saint, her grandmother is even one of the seven Saints of the Ocean of Clouds Academy. A true Saint Realm expert. Moreover, both her grandfather and grandmother are very protective. If anyone were to bully her, then her grandfather and grandmother would definitely stop at nothing to take revenge!”

Qian Jiao smiled proudly, “Of course. Would anyone even dare to bully me within Pine Prefecture? Right, as for that Yang Ye. Hmph! He actually dared to kill my Senior Brother Xiao. He better not let me see him, otherwise I’ll definitely cripple him and make him live the life of a eunuch!”

“Qian Jiao, who bullied you!?” Suddenly, roaring laughter resounded from afar, and then a man who wore a white robe strode over from the sky in the distance. In the beginning, the man was over 3km away, but it only took a moment for him to arrive before Yang Ye and the others.

“Senior Brother Xu Wusheng!” The others from the academy were shocked when they saw the white robed man.

As for Qian Jiao, she’d charged over immediately and embraced Xu Wusheng, and then she kissed him on the lips before everyone.

The members of the academy were quite embarrassed, but they didn’t dare say anything about it.

“Xu Wusheng!” There was a trace of surprise in Yu Wushuang’s eyes when she saw the white robed man, and then she glanced at Yang Ye, “Xu Wusheng is an extraordinary genius in the younger generation of the academy, and he can be ranked in at least the top 10 of its younger generation!”

“Miss Yu, you’re too kind!” Meanwhile, Xu Wusheng had suddenly walked over to Yu Wushuang while holding Qian Jiao’s hand, and she said, “It’s just some undeserved reputation. I’m much more inferior when compared to the Ancient Sword School’s Lu Wan’er, the Dao Order’s Protector of Order, the Endless Devil Sect’s Void Lord, and the Junior Sect Master of Sky Divine Hall.”

Yu Wushuang smiled slightly and said, “Young Master Xu, you’re too humble. Young Master Xu came here to take Miss Qian and the others, right?”

Xu Wusheng nodded and said, “Besides that, there is one other thing, and it’s to seek help from Young Miss Yu!”

“Oh?” Yu Wushuang was slightly surprised, “May I know what it is?”

Xu Wusheng said, “The Yu Clan’s network of information is peerless in the world, and I hope to gain Young Miss Yu’s help in finding someone!”


“Yang Ye!”

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly as he gazed at Xu Wusheng. Meanwhile, Yu Wushuang was slightly stunned and said, “May I know why you’re looking for him?”

“To teach him a lesson, of course!” Xu Wusheng spoke flatly, “He killed disciples of my Ocean of Cloud Academy and looked down on my academy. As a disciple of the Ocean of Clouds Academy, how could I tolerate something like that?”

Yu Wushuang replied, “But Young Master Xu seems to be at the Monarch Realm?”

“Don’t worry!” Xu Wusheng said, “I won’t bully him, and I’ll fight him with a single hand!”

A single hand? Yang Ye glanced at Xu Wusheng, and then he shook his head. Xu Wusheng’s strength was probably slightly stronger than Man Ba. However, if they really did fight, then he would probably lose to Man Ba because Man Ba was ruthless!

“A single hand….” Yu Wushuang’s face stiffened slightly, and then she glanced at Yang Ye and said, “Err, Young Master Xu, it looks like you’ve very confident!”

She didn’t know what Yang Ye’s true strength was like, but based on how Yang Ye fought earlier, she could only describe it as unfathomable.

Perhaps Yang Ye’s accomplishments in the battle within Martial Enlightenment City hadn’t spread or perhaps either the Ancient Sword School or Dao Order had stopped it from spreading. But she was aware of it. What a joke! She was very clearly aware of the strength that those white robed disciples of the Dao Order possessed, and it could be said that any one of them would be sufficient to defeat all these elite guards she had with them. But even such figures weren’t able to resist a single swing of Yang Ye’s sword.

Yet now, this fellow before her intended to fight Yang Ye with a single hand.

“Actually, even using one hand is too much for him!” There was a wisp of ridicule on the corners of Xu Wusheng’s mouth as he said, “He only knows how to bully those weak disciples of the Dao Order, and he hasn’t encountered me. If he did, then annihilating him would only take an instant! I know that Young Miss Yu might think that I’m being conceited, but all I want to say is that it’s really not difficult for me to kill him!”

When he spoke up to this point, a strand of terrifying pressure erupted from within him, and the expressions of Yu Wushuang and the others changed drastically!

Battle Intent! 2nd level Heaven Rank battle intent!

There was a trace of interest in Yang Ye’s eyes because he hadn’t expected Xu Wusheng to possess 2nd level Heaven Rank battle intent. He really had failed to discern it this time.

“2nd level Heaven Rank battle intent!” Qian Jiao was stunned for a moment, and then she embraced him with excitement before whispering in his ears, “I’ll take very good care of you tonight!”

Xu Wusheng glanced at Yu Wushuang and the others, and he had slight embarrassment on his face. But it didn’t take long for his expression to return to normal.

“Young Master Xu is qualified to be arrogant!” Meanwhile, Yu Wushuang spoke abruptly.

Xu Wusheng chuckled and said, “I heard that Yang Ye has two lovers? Please help me locate their whereabouts as well. It’s best if you can find them before you find Yang Ye. I want Yang Ye to watch as his women are humiliated before his eyes. I want the world to know that those who dare to offend my Ocean of Clouds Academy will suffer a fate that’s 10 times worse than what they would suffer from offending the Dao Order!”

Yu Wushuang’s expression changed, and she looked at Yang Ye. However, Yang Ye had vanished from his horse!

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