Chapter 857 – I’ll Head To The Dao Order!

Almighty Sword Domain

In the beginning, Yang Ye wasn’t interested in Qian Jiao and Xu Wusheng at all, and he’d never thought about offending them, let alone the Ocean of Clouds Academy. After all, he wasn’t a madman.

However, he hadn’t expected that Xu Wusheng would Actually intend to target Fan Meng, and it was absolutely not something he could tolerate!

Yang Ye was extremely swift, and coupled with the fact that he’d struck abruptly, Xu Wusheng wasn’t even able to react before Yang Ye’s fist arrived before him. Xu Wusheng was shocked, but his reaction wasn’t slow. He spun the tip of his foot against the ground, and his entire figure curved in a strange way to avoid Yang Ye’s fist. Moreover, his right leg even kicked at Yang Ye’s face.

However, his right leg had only just been raised when Yang Ye’s foot stomped it down, and then a fist smashed against his chest. A muffled groan resounded from Xu Wusheng as a mouthful of blood sprayed from his mouth, and his figure was blasted flying.

Yang Ye didn’t just stop after this. His figure flashed while Xu Wusheng’s figure was flying backwards, and he instantly arrived in front of Xu Wusheng. After that, he swiftly stomped his right foot towards Xu Wusheng’s stomach. Another mouthful of blood sprayed from Xu Wusheng’s mouth, and his figure curved like a bow as it flew over 1km away!

“Stop him!” Meanwhile, Xu Wen and the others recovered from their shock, and their expressions changed when they noticed that Yang Ye showed no signs of stopping. They intended to lend Xu Wusheng a hand because he was a disciple of the academy at any rate, so they absolutely couldn’t just stand by idly. However, Qian Jiao stood in their path, “What do you mean stop? Let them fight!”

As she spoke, Qian Jiao gazed at Yang Ye while a glow of excitement filled her eyes.

Xu Wen and the others were at a loss for words.

As for Xu Gang and the others, they gazed at Yu Wushuang instead. Yu Wushuang pondered deeply for a moment before she shook her head. At this moment, Yang Ye was clearly in an angry state, and she didn’t want to bring such misfortune upon herself. He seems harmless when he’s calm, but once he gets mad, he’s a complete and utter madman!

This time, Xu Wusheng didn’t give Yang Ye another chance to strike another punch against him, and he immediately stood up once he fell to the ground. At this moment, his clothes had split apart, and there was a pitch black leather armor beneath his clothes. However, even the leather armor had split apart.

“You aren’t even a match for me, yet you intend to look for Yang Ye. Does your Ocean of Clouds Academy know how weak you are?” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye took a step forward, and just this step allowed Yang Ye to instantly arrive before Xu Wusheng. Meanwhile, a strand of terrifying battle intent erupted from Xu Wusheng. The battle intent pressed down onto Yang Ye like a mountain, but Yang Ye smashed it apart with a single swing of his fist. After that, Xu Wusheng felt a hand clamp down on his throat.

Xu Wusheng was horrified, and terror filled his eyes!

“2nd level Heaven Rank battle intent?” Yang Ye laughed with ridicule, “Your battle intent is superficial, and it can’t even be considered to be at the 1st level of the Heaven Rank. How laughable!”

“Yang Yang!” Suddenly, Qian Jiao spoke, “You’ve won, so let him go!”

Yang Ye asked, “Would I gain anything from doing that?”

Qian Jiao was slightly stunned and said, “He’s a member of the Ocean of Clouds Academy, you….”

“AHH!!!” Xu Wusheng suddenly let out a shrill cry. The expressions of the others changed drastically because one of Xu Wusheng’s arms had flown off into the air.

As for Qian Jiao, she was stunned for a moment before growing even more excited, and she seemed as if she wanted to eat Yang Ye as she gazed at him.

Yang Ye spoked indifferently, “100,000 extreme-grade energy stones!”

“Do you know who I am? I’m the Ocean of Clouds Academy….” Xu Wusheng gazed resentfully at Yang Ye.

However, he hadn’t even finished speaking when Yang Ye suddenly pressed his palm down upon Xu Wusheng’s other shoulder, and he said, “Do you have them, or do you not?” As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, he shook his head and said, “I know people like you quite well. So, I’ve decided to use force before trying to talk about it!”

“AH!!!” A shrill and miserable cry resounded.

The expressions of Yu Wushuang and the others changed again when they witnessed this scene, and their gazes had even more fear within them as they gazed at Yang Ye.

“Qian Jiao, save me, save me….” Xu Wusheng gazed at Qian Jiao with a pleading gaze.

Qian Jiao glanced at Xu Wusheng, and there was a trace of pity and ridicule in her eyes. After that, she waved her right hand, and a spatial ring appeared before Yang Ye, “There are 100,000 extreme-grade energy stones in there, so let him go.”

Yang Ye took the spatial ring and released Xu Wusheng, and the latter immediately slumped weakly to the ground. Yang Ye waved his hand and the spatial ring on Xu Wusheng’s severed arm flew into his grasp as well, and he noticed that there were only a few thousand extreme-grade energy stones within it.

Xu Wusheng suddenly asked, “Why… why?” He knew that he’d encountered an expert, and it was even an extraordinary expert. However, he didn’t understand why such an extraordinary expert would attack him.

“I can’t stand the sight of you!” Yang Ye spoke casually.

Xu Wusheng’s expression became extremely unsightly. He stared fixedly at Yang Ye and said, “Good! Very good indeed! The disciples of the Dao Order are truly overbearing beyond comparison! I’ll remember this!”

“You won’t have another chance!” A ray of cold light flashed, and then Xu Wusheng’s head flew into the air.

At this moment, everyone here was petrified, including Yu Wushuang’s group.

“You didn’t keep your word!” Qian Jiao gazed at Yang Ye with a slightly unsightly expression on her face.

Yang Ye said, “I released him, but he just had to threaten me. I’m a person who likes to crush all potential danger before they can amount to anything.”

Qian Jiao spoke in a low voice, “You won’t live long with such a character!”

Yang Ye smiled, “So, I work hard to make myself stronger.” He knew that he was too inflexible, and he knew that it made him bring calamity down upon himself with ease and make numerous enemies everywhere. However, he didn’t want to change it. Should he make himself suffer injustice to please others? No, he liked to make others feel aggrieved while he was pleased!

For example, he knew that killing Xu Wusheng might offend the Ocean of Clouds Academy, but he would feel very annoyed if he didn’t kill Xu Wusheng. Because when it came to some people, making the slightest compromise would make that person think you could be bullied. So, all you would get in return was even more aggravated revenge.

Of course, Yang Ye knew that only formidable strength would allow him to act as he pleased. So, just as he’d said, he’d constantly worked hard on becoming stronger!

The hands of the strong controlled their own destiny, the mouths of the strong had the right to speak, and the fists of the strong were the law!

If he was strong, then no one would dare to disagree even if he said a rock was a piece of gold!

Qian Jiao suddenly said, “Be my man!”

“I’m not interested in the slightest in things that have been used by many!” Yang Ye glanced coldly at her before turning around and leaping up onto his horse.

Qian Jiao’s expression was slightly unsightly, “What are you trying to say!?”

Yang Ye paid no attention to her and gazed at Yu Wushuang instead, “Young Miss Yu, I think we can set out now!”

Yu Wushuang glanced at Qian Jiao who had an unsightly expression on her face, and then nodded, “Brother Yang, please come meet me within the carriage. Don’t worry, it’s because I’ve received some information, and you should be interested in that information.”

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment before he nodded.

“Yang Yang! What’re you trying to say!?” Meanwhile, Qian Jiao obstructed Yang Ye’s path and said, “So only you men can play with women, but we women can’t play with me? You….”

Yang Ye suddenly appeared in front of Qian Jiao, and then a hand clamped down on Qian Jiao’s throat, “Firstly, you’re free to kill anyone you want to play with. I’m not interested in paying any attention to that. However, can you not make noise in front of me? I really want to punch your head into pieces, but I didn’t in the end because I truly don’t want to kill the young and be chased by a few of the older generation later. I’m really too busy right now, and I really don’t have time to play with that grandfather and grandmother of yours. However, I’m truly afraid that I wouldn’t be able to stop myself if you continue making noise like this!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye relaxed his grip slightly, and Qian Jiao instantly slumped down to the ground.

“You… you actually dared to treat me like that!?” Qian Jiao had a savage expression on her face, but Yang Ye paid no attention to her and just entered the carriage.

Yu Wushuang said, “Aren’t you afraid she would take revenge for humiliating her like that? While she isn’t strong, she had many men in the academy. After all, both her grandfather and grandmother have high posts in the academy, so forming a relationship with her is very beneficial in the academy. Moreover, she really is quite beautiful!”

Yang Ye said, “Let’s just get down to business!”

Yu Wushuang grinned and said, “Alright, we’ll do that. There are 2 things I have to tell you. The 1st is that Sky Divine Palace suddenly acted against the Dao Order in the south, and almost a thousand disciples of the Dao Order were annihilated. Not a single one of them was left alive. For the sake of taking revenge, the Dao Order annihilated many members of Sky Divine Hall in the north as well. Congratulations, you plan succeeded. Now, Sky Divine Hall and the Dao Order are enemies!”

Yang Ye suddenly asked, “Why is Sky Divine Hall trying to kill you?” He knew that the reason Sky Divine Hall was taking revenge on the Dao Order was because he’d spoiled their plans. In other words, she was very important to Sky Divine Hall, and that was why Sky Divine Hall was taking revenge.

Yu Wushuang’s face turned slightly grim, “Because I have a unique physique, so the Junior Sect Master of Sky Divine Hall wants to capture me and make me his cultivation furnace!”

“A cultivation furnace!” Yang Ye’s expression changed slightly. Could the Junior Sect Master of Sky Divine Hall be planning to do the same when he decided to marry An Nanjing and Mu Hanshan?

Yang Ye couldn’t help but reveal ghastly killing intent when he thought up to this point!

Yu Wushuang shook her head and said, “Let’s not talk about this anymore. There’s one more thing, and it’s related to you as well. Don’t act impulsively once I tell you about it.”

Yang Ye frowned, “What is it?”

Yu Wushuang fell silent for a long time before she said, “Those two women of yours are probably in danger. Because according to the information I obtained, there are experts of the Dao Order who intend to act against those two women of yours. As for the reason, you should know why….”

Suddenly, Yu Wushuang’s brows knit together slightly, and she seemed to be listening to something. A short while passed before she looked up at Yang Ye and said, “10 breaths of time ago, those two women of yours fell into the grasps of the God of Death, Kong Lian!”

Yang Ye slowly closed his eyes and said, “Looks like I wasn’t ruthless enough. Where are they!?”

She replied, “Martial Enlightenment City!”

“I owe you a favor!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye turned around and left.

Yu Wushuang quickly asked, “Are you not returning to the Ancient Sword School anymore?”

“I’m not. I’ll be heading to the Dao Order once I’m done!” His voice resounded, but his figure was over 1km away.

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