Chapter 858 – The Hidden Path! A Dao Order Steward!

Almighty Sword Domain

Martial Enlightenment City. Outside the city gates.

The corpses of the disciples of the Dao Order were still hanging on the city walls, and those words Yang Ye left behind were still there as well. However, there was another string of corpses hanging by the side of those corpses, and all of them belonged to the Ancient Sword School. Moreover, there were over 60 of them hanging there. Besides that, 4 disciples of the Ancient Sword School were kneeling down below those corpses!

They were Lin Xiao and the others, but Wu Yanzhong wasn’t there. They were still alive, but their Dantians were broken, and their kneecaps had been shattered.

So, it was worse than death for the 4 of them!

A young man sat cross-legged at the entrance to the city. He wore linen clothes and had a string of fist-sized bones hanging on his neck. His eyes were slightly narrowed while he held a strange seal before his chest, and he seemed like he’d fallen asleep.

At the left of the city gates was a woman, Kong Lian. Besides that, Fan Meng and Fan Li were by her sides. At this moment, both of them had blank expressions in their eyes, and it was like they were dazed. It was truly quite a strange sight.

There was also a huge crowd all around the city gates. They were from Martial Enlightenment City, but most of them were from other cities.

“The Dao Order has come to take revenge….” Someone spoke softly from amongst the spectators.

“That young man’s strength is truly terrifying. Lin Xiao is said to be one of the 3 swordsmen of the Ancient Sword School, but he wasn’t even able to resist a single move from that young man. Such strength…. Do all of you think he’s the number one genius in the Dao Order, the Protector of Order?”

“That’s impossible. The Protector of Order stepped foot into the Half-Saint Realm a year ago, but this young man is only a high rank Exalt Realm cultivator. How could he possibly be the same person? Moreover, unless Yang Ye attains the Half-Saint Realm, otherwise, the Protector of Order’s pride would absolutely not allow him to step forward and deal with Yang Ye. If he did, he would target Lu Wan’er instead!”

“But this young man’s strength is truly terrifying! I’m sure all of you’ve witnessed the strength possessed by Lin Xiao and the others. While they are only at the Exalt Realm, even ordinary Monarch Realm experts are no match for them. However, they practically couldn’t even resist that young man. I think that Yang Ye is finished!”

“Not only Yang Ye is finished, I think that many disciples of the Ancient Sword School are finished as well….”

“Look! That black clothed fellow is dragging over more corpses….” Someone suddenly spoke loudly.

Countless people looked over towards the distance, and they saw a black clothed figure slowly dragging over a dozen corpses in their direction. All of these corpses had sword chests on their backs, and they wore the emblem of the Ancient Sword School.

The black clothed figure walked over to the city gates and casually tossed the corpses up before the iron chain in his grasp shot up to the city wall and hung them on the wall.

After that, he vanished on the spot!

“That black clothed fellow is from the Dao Order’s Hidden Path, and that young man seated cross-legged on the ground is probably a Dao Order Steward!” A man in luxurious robes spoke solemnly from a corner of the area.

“The Hidden Path? A Dao Order Steward?” The woman who stood by his side asked, “The 2 paths that are the most mysterious and strongest in the Dao Order?”

He nodded in response, “Alas, looks like the Dao Order is really serious now! Brother Yang is in danger!”

It was Li Maozhen and Li Qingyi. The Dao Order was determined to regain its lost honor, so it had spread the word throughout the north of Pine Prefecture that it had set up an arena outside Martial Enlightenment City to compete with the younger generation of the Ancient Sword School. No, it wasn’t a competition, it should be called a life and death battle!

After they heard of the news, Li Maozhen and Li Qingyi rushed over immediately. It wasn’t just them, countless other geniuses and cultivators in the north had rushed to Martial Enlightenment City.

This time, while a war hadn’t erupted between the Ancient Sword School and the Dao Order, they had no doubt that it was definitely the most severe conflict in the history of the two sects. It was even to the extent that it might escalate to war between these two Platinum Rank sects of the north.

If they were to enter into war, then the entire north of Pine Prefecture would be transformed into a battlefield. Because practically all the powers beneath the Platinum Rank throughout the north of Pine Prefecture were aligned with either one of these 2 Platinum Rank sects. It could be said that the attention of all the powers in the north were focused on Martial Enlightenment City.

Li Qingyi asked, “Has the Ancient Sword School not sent anyone here?”

Li Maozhen replied, “How could the Ancient Sword School be unaware when the Dao Order caused such a commotion? If I’m not wrong, then its geniuses should be on the way to Martial Enlightenment City. However, I don’t know if Lu Wan’er will come. If she does, then the Protector of Order will definitely come as well. If both of them come, then the younger generation of both the Dao Order and Ancient Sword School would definitely suffer heavy losses! In short, the situation is getting more and more out of control.”

“The Ancient Sword School has lost even more disciples….” Someone shouted.

They looked over and saw that over a dozen more corpses had appeared on the city walls, and all of them were disciples of the Ancient Sword School.

“Why hasn’t Yang Ye arrived until now? Could he be afraid?”

“It’s probably impossible. Yang Ye’s a ruthless fellow, so he probably wouldn’t be afraid. It might be that he was delayed by something!”

“That may not necessarily be the case. He would be considered to have won if he arrives at the Ancient Sword School, and the Ancient Sword School would protect him as well. If he returns here, then he might die here. After all, the Dao Order has even sent members of the Hidden Path and a Dao Order Steward!”

“Don’t worry, even if Yang Ye doesn’t come, other disciples of the Ancient Sword School would still come to fight the Dao Order. The Dao Order suffered such a humiliation earlier, so if Yang Ye doesn’t come, then it would be the Ancient Sword School which loses face instead!”

Suddenly, someone exclaimed, “Is that Yang Ye?”

All the others looked over, and they saw a man who wore a green robe and carried a sword chest on his back walking slowly towards the city gates.

Li Maozhen and Li Qingyi had looked over as well, but they frowned slightly because it wasn’t Yang Ye.

“He isn’t Yang Ye!” Some of the people here could recognize Yang Ye, so they immediately determined that it wasn’t Yang Ye when they saw him.

Meanwhile, the young man who sat before the city gates suddenly opened his eyes, and he glanced at the man before he said, “You’re not Yang Ye!”

The green robed man replied, “Didn’t you Dao Order want to challenge the younger generation of my Ancient Sword School? So, it doesn’t matter if I’m Yang Ye or not, right?”

The young man nodded, “You’re right, so attack then!”

Om! A sword howl shot into the sky from his sword chest, and then a strand of terrifying sword intent erupted from within him!

“1st level Heaven Rank sword intent!” Someone exclaimed.

However, the sword intent suddenly dispersed, and then everyone watched as the green robed man just fell to the ground.

The surroundings fell silent, silent to the point even a falling needle could be heard!

Everyone gazed at the young man at the city gates. He was still seated cross-legged, and he showed no signs of having moved.

“Too weak!” The young man shook his head before closing his eyes.

Too weak…. A sword cultivator with Heaven Rank sword intent was too weak….

Everyone here was beyond shocked. At the same time, they felt even more reverence to the Dao Order.

“How formidable!” Li Qingyi’s eyes were filled with shock because she hadn’t even seen how he attacked.

“Indeed!” Li Maozhen had a solemn expression in his eyes.

“Big Brother, were you able to see how he attacked?”

“I only saw a shadow!” Li Maozhen said, “His speed had surpassed the speed of a peak Monarch Realm expert, and it’s at least 10 times the speed of sound. Actually, that sword cultivator was dead since the moment his sword intent surged out. However, even he hadn’t noticed his death because it was too quick. He’s the fastest person I’ve seen in my lifetime. If Brother Yang’s strength is still the same as that day, then he’ll absolutely not be a match for that young man!”

“Will he come?”



Li Maozhen smiled but remained silent.

While another disciple of the Ancient Sword School had been instantly annihilated, there were still more disciples of the Ancient Sword School who came over and challenged the young man.

However, there was no exception, and every single one of them hadn’t been able to resist a single move. So, more than 40 corpses had been added to the corpses hanging on the city wall.

The young man who sat cross-legged there spoke abruptly, “If Yang Ye still doesn’t come in 15 minutes, then cripple one of the younger woman’s hands. If he doesn’t come in 30 minutes, then cripple all her limbs!”

Kong Lian had a savage expression on the corners of her mouth as she said, “No, I have a better idea!”

Tempest Mountain Range.

At this moment, Yang Ye had quite an unsightly expression because almost 100 Monarch Realm eagles were around him. Not only were they enormous to the point that they blotted out the sky, but they were also covered in electricity. Moreover, they were extraordinarily swift. So even if he executed Horizon Warp, he still hadn’t been able to shake them off.

Most importantly, the eagle in the lead was at the Half-Saint Realm!

The black eagle which led the group gazed at Yang Ye as it spoke in a low voice, “Human! Flying is prohibited on my Tempest Mountain Range. Don’t you know that? Or perhaps you’re looking down upon my Tempest Mountain Range?”

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings, and then a wisp of ferocity surged into his eyes. He really didn’t want to waste any time here. But right when he was about to attack, a voice suddenly resounded from behind him, “Seniors, I’m Yu Wushuang from Matchless City, and this is my friend. He has urgent matters to attend to, so can you excuse him this time?”

Yang Ye turned around and saw that Yu Wushuang had suddenly appeared not too far behind him with the old man.

“Matchless City?” The black eagle’s gaze descended onto Yu Wushuang.

Yu Wushuang nodded, and then she waved her hand. 5 Monarch Realm inner cores appeared before the eagle as she said, “It’s just a small token of my gratitude, I hope you’ll accept it!”

The black eagle pondered deeply for a moment before it opened its mouth and sucked in those inner cores. After that, it glanced at Yang Ye and said, “Only this time!”

Yang Ye turned around to glance at Yu Wushuang and said, “Thank you!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye stomped his foot against the ground, and then his figure shot up explosively and vanished into the sky.

However, he hadn’t even traveled 50km one someone else obstructed his path. It was none other than the black robed man who led the group that attacked Yu Wushuang’s group earlier.

“Because of certain reasons, I hadn’t been able to utilize my true strength earlier. Come, let’s have a proper fight!” As he spoke, the black robed man pressed together the fingers on his right hand before slowly moving them in Yang Ye’s direction.

“Fuck off!” Accompanying this furious shout from Yang Ye was a sword howl that shot into the sky!

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